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Report on


Master of Technology
Structural Engineering

Submitted By


Department of Civil Engineering

G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur
(An autonomous Institute under UGC act 1956 & Affiliated to Rastrasant Tukadoji Maharaj
Nagpur University, Nagpur)
We the students of 2nd year Structural Engineering have attended an International
conference which was organized by Indian Concrete Institute. The organizers named it Infracon -
2017. The conference was held in Centre pointHotel Nagpur. It was of two days from morning 9
AM to 9 PM including breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was based on Innovations in Concrete for
Infrastructure Challenges. To it many Scholars, Professors showed their presence. Some of them
have came from abroad too. The conference was too useful for we the Civil Engineers.

First day of the conference has started with inauguration ceremony at morning where all the
chief guests has been introduced and felicitated. After a short break , technical sessions has been
started where in each session there were a Chairman and a Co-chairman to control or to host the

The very first technical session of first day has started at 11.30 AM where the Chairman was
Er. Avinash Surve and Co-Chairman was Dr. A.D. Pofale. They have been provided a bell to
indicate that the time has been ended.

1. The first lecture has been delivered by Prof. Mahesh Tandon. His topic was Large
underground construction for Metro station.
2. After that Dr. A.K. Mullicks lecture was about Confluence of requirement for
sustainable and durable Concrete.
3. Er. P.L. Bongirwars topic was Cost effective solution for Urban Roads.
4. After that Dr. Toshimi Mastumoto who has came from Japan delivered lecture about A
new class Chemical Admixture to improve Concrete Rheology.
So these where the Speakers of the first session of the conference . The
remaining time of the session has made reserved for Techno Commercials to advertise
their firms. So in this way the first session has ended up.

Next we have been provided lunch break of 45 minutes before the starting of second session.
The Chairman of second session was Dr.A.K.Mullick and Co-Chairman was Er. K.V.L
Subramanium and the names of speakers and their topics are as follows :-

1. Dr. Manmohan Kalgals topic was Pushing at the Frontiers Innovation in Concrete.
2. Dr. Florian Krenns topic was Approaches to Concrete Lining Design .
3. Er. Bhate has delivered lecture on PIIPLs Patented Facade-Beam Connection For
Metro Station with decorative precast wall solution.
4. Er. Nemys topic of discussion was Digitalisation of Infrastructure with smart material
and sensional network.
5. And finally at the end as usual, remaining time were for Techno Commercials.

After that we had a short tea break .The third session has been started at 4.10 PM . This time
they had arranged two parallel sessions. The listeners may sit to any session as per their interest.
The Chairman and Co- Chairman of the one session were Dr.V Ramchandra and Er. K.C. Tayad
respectively. The speakers of that session and their subjects are as follows :-
1. Mrs B.V. Bahoria has delivered lecture on the topic Mineralogy study of quarry dust and
waste plastic as a natural sand replacement concrete.
2. Dr.Swanil Wanjaris topic was Replacement of natural sand by Geopolymer fly ash sand
in Concrete.
3. Dr. Malathys topic was Self curing concrete using BIO ADMIXTUREs for
Infrastructure developement.
4. Prof. Rameshwar J. Vishwakarma has given lecture on Influences of different
parameters on critical stresses in concrete pavement.
5. Prof. Sushilkumar Magades topic of discussion was Comparative study of Moments
with Plate and Solid elements for and isolated footing under axial Load .
6. Miss Greata Mariyam Jessys topic of discussion was Behavioral study of Concrete
Hollow Bridge Pier.

One the other hand, parallel the Chairman Prof. Mahesh Tandon along with Co-Chairman
Prof. M. V. Aswanth has conducted parallel session. The speakers and their topic of discussions
are :-

1. Er. Chetan Raikar topic of discussion was Challenges on Metro construction and
serviceability Case studies on NDT and testing of Metro Structures.
2. Mr. Gaurav Shrivastavas topic of discusson was Conceptualisation of Peculiar
Construction Practices for Precast Prestressed Spine and Wing Segmental Construction.
3. Er. Ram Matle has given lecture on Demolition warranted due to failure during
4. Er. S.B.Kulkarnis topic was Durability of Concrete material for components of High
Rise Structures
5. Er. Manish Mokal has given lecture on Designing sustainable concrete with service life
of 100 years.

So in this ways the technical session of first day has ended.

The preceeding programme was a Cultural Programme which has been started at 7.00 PM.
The performance was famous Gazal singer Padmshree Penaz Masani. The day has been ended up
eith dinner. So this was the schedule of the first day of ICI Conference .

The second of the conference has started with technical sessions.The first technical session
has been started at 10.00 AM. In the presence of Chairman DR.Chetan Raikar and Co-Chairman
Dr. Florin Krenn, various speakers delivered the lectures and they are :-

1. Er. Vinay Guptas topic was Elevated Corridors for road Connectivity.
2. Dr. Bhattacharya has given lecture on Concrete for affordable housing and building
energy effeciency.
3. Er. Kaizads topic of discussion was Application of sensor based civionics Technologies
to hard Infrastructure for assessment, Structural integrity and health monitoring.
4. Er. S.A.Khadilkars topic was Innovation concept in Cement for improved Concrete
5. In remaining time Techno-Commercials session has completed.

In second session of second day, the Chairman and Co-Chairman were Dr. Bhattacharya and
Dr. Dilip Mase respectively. The session has started at 11.50 AM.The speakers and and their
topic of discussion are as follows :-

1. Er. K.V.L Subramanium topic was Improved Load response with blended
macrosynthetic and steel fibre reinforcement.
2. Dr. Subrato Choudhary has given lecture on Innovative methodology for mixture
Proportioning of self-compaction concrete with high volume fly ash.
3. Er.Samir Surlakars topic of discussion was Construction chemical system-practical
consideration and latest innovative technologies.
4. Er. V.V.Aroras topic was Studies on the effect of using manufactured Sand as a
replacement of natural sand in Concrete.
5. Next lecture has been given by Dr. Nadeem whose topic was Mass Concrete Thermal
Control Plan to Handle the Heat.

The third session has been conducted by the Chairman Er. Vinay Gupta and Co-Chairman Er.
Narendra Kaware.They have conducted over the following speakers :-

1. Dr.Rakesh Kumar has delivered lecture on the topic A study on influence of polyester,
polypropelene multifilament and pp fibrillated fibre on a pavinf concrete.
2. Er. Amol Patils topic was Extending service life to reinforced concrete structure with
ne corrosion inhibitor technology for fresh concrete .
3. ER KRS Narayans topic was recrons Reinforced concrete pavement Bangalore-
Mysore corridor NICE project Indias longest white topped road.
4. Dr. Rakesh Patel has given lecture on Reinforced concrete beams for sustainable
5. Dr. R. V Ralegaonkar topic of discussion was Infrastructure project management using
five dimensional information modeling.

Till this, the technical session has been ended up. After this we had a motivational lecture bt Shri
Gour Gopal Das followed by ICI National Award function.