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Car Choice

The choice of a car is completely up to you but for countersteer, belt is the type of car you should
lean to, dont get me wrong shaft cars are great but belt cars are alot easier to countersteer and
play with. There is an option for countersteer for shaft cars made by yokomo which can be
modded to be made into gears that fit most cars or if someone has a yokomo SD then no
modding needed. The other maker of cs gears for shaft cars is Active hobby, they primarily make
cs gears for the TT01. Another thing you want to look for is a car that has alot of spares avaliable
on the market because theres no point getting a great car then when or if it breaks theres no
solution but to sell it for spares, i personally own a ta05 VDF and even though the VDF is
discontinued i can still get parts for it because tamiya uses alot of parts from different cars to
make one awesome car. The best brands for countersteer cars include



-Alex Racing



-Street jam


For countersteer hard compound tires are the best, why? because harder compound tires give you
less friction and you dont have to spend so much time on yours suspension to get your car
sliding! there are 2 categories to drift tires plastic and rubber tires, stick to plastic compound, The
best brands of drift tires are-

-Hpi (t drifts)

-Streetjam (45* hard compound)


-Drifter street (CS F2)

Motors are one of the most important parts for a functional drift car, in my opinion brushless
motors are the way to go- not only are they powerful they are less maintainence and that means
no changing motors every 6 months! they are also cheap you can score an ezrun drift combo for
about 60 - 100 dollars shipped! for drifting sensord motors are a good choice because their
ability to respond to throttle response. sensorless are also good but not as good as sensord. some
the best brushless brands include.



-Castle creations



brushed motors are ok but for countersteer its not ideal scince you are going to be chaning the
amount of throttle of your car alot! and that means the motor will get hot and that means new
motor every 2 months! lol


Any servo is great but for countersteer scince the car tends to be more twitchy you will need to
catch the drift rather quickley and this calls for a fast servo, any speed from 0.15 and under is
great, another thing to look out for is metal geared servos as they last alot longer than plastic
geared. Some of the best brands include -Savox




Setup Gearing

For counter the ideal ratio for normal smooth countersteer drifting is between 1.6 (60%) and 1.9
(90%) anywhere above 90% it becomes a whole new thing and alot more technical things to do.
the best countersteer gear selling companies include

-Speedway pal

-Active hobby



The best setup for countersteer drifting would be-

Front: Oneway Rear: Spool (locked diff)

why? because the spool (locked diff) adds more oversteer as both wheels are spinning at the
same time whereas the ball diff will just dampen when you turn. The front oneway acts like a
handbrake and helps quite abit when your drifting in tight areas and so i love having them, i bit
of a defect with them is that you cannot use them on large tracks as your car will unexpectedly
turn 180 degrees causing you to lose a drift

Suspension setup

suspension oil- the oil setup ideally is thicker oil in front anywhere from 50# to 900# and the rear
anywhere from 10# to 70#

Springs- for countersteer the best combo of springs are hard front soft rear because scince the car
is overdriven the rear will tend to kick out so soft springs in the rear will dampen that where as
the front stiff springs will help kickout the front.

Dampers- You want the adjustable type because c clips just aint gonna cut it! ;D

Toe- You want exactly 0*on the front and somewhere around 1* to 3* in the rear

Camber- again this is up to personal choice on how the car handle but if you ask me for the
following ratios

60 to 70% CS- you want -7 front -3 rear

70 to 80% CS- you want -8 front -4 rear

80 to 90% CS- you want -9 front -6 rear

90 to 100% CS- you want -10 front -6 rear

Caster- most cars come with around 4 degrees of stock caster this should be left alone unless you
add kickup, caster makes the tires roll with postive camber on one wheel whereas the other
comes out with negative camber.
Kickup- i like mine to be around 3mm so for me i have 4 degrees of caster + 4mm of kickup = 8
degrees of caster