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24/9/2017 to 27/9/2017

This is my first week in Ajman Academy school. I dont have enough words to express my feeling. Its
such a great school and Im very glad to be there. Without a doubt I will be learning and gaining
experience from expert teachers. The teachers are a paradigm of how to be professional. I get grade
two students to teach and add the experience to my teaching practice. Im very excited to teach them. I
start teaching them math. The students were engaged and participated even it was my first week with

Teaching the whole class without the teacher.

I spend the first three days, observing the students and be close to them. I noticed, the teacher uses the
same strategies for different classes. Such as, keep students organized, attentive, and focused during a
class. Thats when the teacher applied different activities in the class, depending on the theories. She
used group activities so, the students help and support each other according to Vygotsky. Adding to
that, having individual activities which help the students to build their knowledge according to Piaget
(Discovery learning). On Wednesday, I asked to teach the students individually, without the teacher
because, my MST was absent. When I entered the class, I greeted the students and introduce myself. I
followed my MSTs way when she lets the students move to the carpet. And, there I remained the
students of the rules that my MST gave it to them before, and then I add rules that I want them to
follow. I teach mathematics and science class. In math lesson, I complete solving the questions with the
students and help the lower ability, by explaining the lesson in a different way.

However, in a science lesson, I present the lesson with different games and make sure that the students
get the idea about the body system.

Having the whole lesson is an adorable experience. I felt Im closer to the students and Im able to
handle the class, and explain the lesson with confidence. Its also, show me my weak and strong points.

This week, give me a chance to know the teacher and the students. Adding to that, I learned many
strategies I can use in classroom management. Through my observing , I noticed that the teacher has
more than one role. For instance: teach the students, support and scaffold the children, facilitate the
information, and to build the positive behavior of the students. And thats happened in every school,
private or government school. However, in this school (private school) the students have one teacher
for three subjects (Literacy, Math and Science). In this way, the teacher will know the students more,
which help her to know how to deal and treat each student. On the other hand, as the teacher has role
in the classroom, the students also have a big part of the class. For example: the students should listen
to the teacher, ask when they need to, understand the lesson, construct their knowledge, and express
their previous knowledge. The strategies that my MST applied are really successful and Im absolutely
will use them while Im teaching.