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Mr. and Mr. Smith would like to visit Europe this summer. At the moment they are talking to their
travel agent, Mr. Winkle.
_ We have three European tours, he says. Our Grand Tour will be perfect for you. Would you like to
see our brochure?
_ Yes, we would, says Mr. Smith. These pictures are lovely. Will the tour include all the Europe, Mr.
_ Of course, And youll have a lot of free time in each country?
_ Id like to know more about the hotels, says Mr. Smith. Are they first class?
Naturally. Youll stay in the best hotels in Europe. They all have great locations,
excellent rooms and fine cuisine
_Tell us more about the food, said Mr. Smith. We like to eat well.
_Youll be happy to know that all the restaurants on the Grand Tour are famous for the cuisine,
says Mr. Winkle. You can dine where and when you like, even in your room. At no extra charge.
_What about tipping? asks Mr. Smith. Is the service included?
_You dont have to worry about tipings, says Mr. Winkle. The tour manager pays all the waiters,
drivers and guides.
_ Can the tour manager translate for us? asks Mr. Smith. We dont speak any foreign languages.
_ All the tour managers speak several languages. They can help you with anything you need.
_Thats wonderful. What do you think Simone? Shall we go?
_Sure, my darling. We can take the tour in June .
_ Shall I make your reservations now? asks Mr. Smith.
_Yes. Would you like a deposit?
_ Yes, thank you. That will be 200$. I know youll enjoy your trip.

A) Answer the questions B) Underline and translate the unknown words

C) Sum-up the dialogue D)Continue the dialogue with four more lines

1. What would Mr. and Mrs. Smith like to do this summer?

2. Who are they talking to right now?
3. How many European tours does Mr. Winkle have?
4. Which tour does he think it will be perfect for The Smiths?
5. Will the Grand Tour include all of Europe?
6. Will they have much free time in each country?
7. Will they stay in the first-class or in the second-class hotels?
8. What do the best hotels have?
9. Do all the tour members have to eat together at the same time?
10. Is it necessary to tip the waiters, drivers and guides?
11. Do the Smiths need a translator? Why?
12. When would Mrs. Smiths like to take the tour?
13. Will Mr. Winkle make their reservations today?
14. How much is the deposits?
. Fill up the gaps with the missing letter:

a) I dont __now who ar__ yo__.

b) My name __ s George and I __ m 14 __ears ol__.
c) Whe__ e are my paja__ as?
d) C__ n you tel__ me whe_ _ the__ come to the s__ ho__l ?
e) I li__ e to lear __ Engl__ s__ from my English tea__h__r.
f) W__ drove in the par__ __ng to find a pl__ce for our c__r.
g) It is __ aining outs__ de.
h) My dog is alwa__ s bar__ ing when we ha__ e guests.
i) Mother coo_ _s the bes__ cookie__ in the wo__ ld.
j) Tell me ho__ can I find the str__ et I look f__ r?
k) Special pla__ es need sp__ c__ al peo__ le.
l) Hanks go in hol__ da__ in sum__ er.
m) Dont pl__ y with ba __ boys, Billy
n) I remem__ er they were n__ ce to me.

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