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Complete the dialogue below (for questions number c.

I wish I had a nice house

1 and 2) d. I like a nice house
Rafasya: Do you know, my new roomate is very Diah : How was is your work?
choosey. I dont like her character. Ana : I have finished my first novel
Gilang : Really? Diah : Wow...
Rafasya: Embarrassing. He just talks big! Ana : Thank you
Gilang : Mmmmhh. a. Well done! You did it
Rafasya: She is only concerned with herself and told b. Thank you
about his branded things. c. I hope it's fine
Gilang : Really? d. Oh my God!
Faiz : Whats up? You look so sad.
1. The underlined word is showing Rizki : My brother got sick and he is still
A. Showing interesting news hospitalized
B. Responding Admiration Faiz : Thats too bad. Im so sorry to hear
C. Asking Attention that. How is he now?
D. Showing Attention Rizki : He is getting better now
Faiz : Oh, .
2. Why Rafasya very angry with his new girlfriend? Rizki : I hope so
A. She is annoying The suitable expression to complete the dialogue
B. She is generous above is
C. She is very talkaktive a. I hope he will get well soon
D. She is very kind b. I hope he looks so sad
c. I hope he is still hospitalized
Complete the dialogue below (for question number d. I hope he gets sick
Lukman: A terrible thing happened to me yesterday. Complete the following dialogue to answer questions
My mom was very angry to me. 7 and 8!
Ikhsan: Oh my God. Why? Gina: Hi, Jean. How are you doing?
Lukman: I lost my motorcycle when I parked it in Jean: Bad.
front of the bookstore. Gina: What's wrong?
Ikhsan: Oh No !! ____________. Jean: My father got sick. He has to stay in the
3. Why Ranggas mother was very angry? hospital for a few days to get medical care.
A. Rangga had lost his motorcycle Gina: What happened to him?
B. Rangga has stolen a motorcycle Jean: He got cancer.
C. Rangga was parked in front of the bookstore Gina: I'm sorry to hear that. But you still go to
D. Rangga told Riadi that his motorcycle was lost school?
Jean: Yea, my mom told me that I have to go to
4. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue school. She is in the hospital to accompany my dad.
is Gina: I (8) .. your dad will get better soon.
A. It sound nice Jean: Yea, (9) ..
B. Buy a new one 8. a. congratulate
C. I am really happy to hear that b. talk
D. Im sorry to hear that. c. hope
d. try
Complete the dialogue below (for questions number
4 and 5) Kate : Well have a long holiday next month. What
Mr. Iqbal: Hello students, Can I have your attention, are you going to do?
please? In this part of the test, you will hear some Yani : ....
dialogues and questions spoken in English. The Kate : I hope you have a nice trip
questions and the dialogues will be spoken twice. 1. Complete the dialogue above ....
They will not be printed in your test book, so you A. I am thinking of going to Bali Sorry
must listen carefully to understand what the B. Sorry, I cant tell you
speakers are saying. After you listen to the dialogue C. Its not your business
and the question about it, read the five possible D. I have nothing to do
answers, and decide which one would be the best
answer to the question you have heard. Now listen to Alex : What do you think about the film ?
a sample question. Bram : I think .......................
Students: Thats alright, Sir. 2. Complete the dialogue above ....
5. The underlined expression expresses .... A. I like it
A. Expressing satisfaction B. Thank you
B. Making an appointment C. I cant hear you
C. Asking Attention D. You forget it
D. Giving Attention
Eric : I think our city is very hot at the moment.
Choose the following sentences which expression of Era : I dont think so ................ Our city is much
Hope ..... cooler than other cities in this country.
a. I need a nice house 3. Complete the dialogue above ....
b. I would like to have a nice house A. I know it
B. I am thinking of b. Let's
C. He forget it c. Why don't
D. In my opinion d. Would you
____________________ the washing , if you like.
Bowo : I feel tired and I feel dizzy. a. Can I
Sri : I think . Dont leave the bed if it is not b. Would you
necessary. c. I'll do
4. Complete the dialogue above .... d. Let's
A. You must sing Carly: I submitted my essay to the teacher few days
B. You should lie down and have some rest ago, but I haven't received any response from her.
C. You can see the doctor tonight Edo:____________________ go and ask her?
D. I will take you to the hospital a. Shall us
b. I'll do
Dave: So what do you think of my singing? c. Why don't you
John: It's really good, but I suggest to try singing in d. I propose
a high tune.
Dave: Thanks, John.
John: No problem, Dave! H: Shall we go camping this weekend?
5. From the dialogue above, John is... N: Sorry, man. I don't really fancy it.
A. Asking for help _______________
B. Giving an opinion a. I'd prefer going skiing
C. Asking for an opinion b. I prefer to go skiing
D. Giving help c. I'd love to go skiing
d. I'd rather go skiing
Chandra : Besides English, what language can you
speak? How about _____________ surfing?
Indi : _____ a. go b. going c. do d. doing

A. I can speak Javanese fluently 3. X: Let's throw a party this Friday. What do you
B. I could speak Javanese fluently say?
C. I want to speak Javanese fluently C: Yes,___________
D. I will speak Javanese fluently a. we can b. that would be great.
c. thank you d. I do.
Maya : Do you know that cheetah ...
Hasan : Wow! that's amazing! 4. ____________ we go to the cafe? It's still too
A. can run 120 km/h early to go into the cinema now.
B. can walk 120 km/h a. why not b. shall we do c. what shall
C. can jump 120 km/h d. why don't
D. can't run 120 km/h
5. _________ order some food? I'm starving now.
Ery : ______ a. Why b. let's c. shall we d. by
Kevin : Yes, I could play the piano since I was the way
A. Can you teach me playing piano? 6. E: How shall we go to the party?
B. Can you play the piano? B: Shall we take my car?
C. You are great pianist E: ___________
D. I love your music a. That'll be great b. I think it's nice.
c. I suppose you're right d. I'll have a look at it.
Hey Siti, ____________________ go star gazing
tonight. 7. R: What about going fishing?
a. are you K: Sorry, ____________.
b. how about a. I'll be busy b. I'm not really into it.
c. shall them c. I can't play it. d. I think it's not okay.
d. would you like to
8. L: What time shall we meet?
Sam: Would you like to go watch a movie this P: What ___________ two pm?
weekend? a. on b. of c. is d. about
Carly: I can't, I am low on cash right now.
____________________ stay at home and watch TV
a. How about
b. Let's
c. What about
d. I think

What shall we do today?____________________ we

go to the library.
a. Shall I