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To improve maternal health

Sub topic:
Teenage pregnancy

1. To protect the female teenager in sexual abuse
2. To implement ongoing awareness of teenage pregnancy prevention
3. To reduce teenage pregnancy

Pregnant teenagers face many of the same pregnancy related issues as other
women. There are, however, additional concerns for those under 15 of age as they
are less likely to be physically developed enough to sustain a healthy pregnancy or to
give birth.
Read and Learn:
Teenage pregnancy may be linked to things such as lack of education and
information about reproduction, peer pressure and early engagement of sexual
activity. Although some teenage pregnancies are intentional, the majority of them
are unintentional and lead to many negative outcomes for the teenage mother, the
child as well as other family and peers. Teenage mothers generally do not have the
resources to care for a child and often they are not able to sustain healthy habits
throughout pregnancy to ensure they produce a healthy baby. These young females
often do not complete their education and they begin a perpetual cycle in which
their child may further go on to become a teenage parent as well. During
adolescence, teenagers may drink and experiment with drugs frequently with their
friends at social gatherings and parties. Teens, however, do not realize the impacts
alcohol and drugs have on the functioning of their brain, especially the effects of
binge drinking which is consuming large amounts of alcohol during one sitting.
Drinking excessively as well as experimenting drugs may lead to unwanted and
unintentional pregnancy. These substances greatly affect a teens ability to logically
think and carry out general thinking processes, thus increases the chances they will
engage in unprotected and unsafe sexual activity.
Sexual abuse is also another reason why teens may become pregnant. Early sexual
abuse has been linked to later teen pregnancies. Some children have unfortunately
been sexually abused may predators or even family even prior to entering puberty.
These young kids often are unable to inform a trusted adult about the situation due
to fear of being harmed by their predator. These situations, further effect the child
as they enter adolescence and increases chances of teen pregnancy.

Guide Questions:
1. what will you do to prevent and to minimize the teen age pregnancy?
2. what is your advice to the female teenagers has being pregnant?


Born: 19 October 1833, Faial Island, Portugal

Died: 24 June 1870, Melbourne, Australia
Education: Royal Military Academy, Woolwich
He married Margaret Park in October of 1862. The couple's infant daughter died in
1868.. the only son (adam lindsay gordon) of Adam Durnford Gordon, a retired
captain of the Bengal cavalry and teacher of Hindustani, and his wife Harriet Gordon,
who were cousins.

Poetry collections[edit]
Sea Spray and Smoke Drift (1867)
Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes (1870)
Poems of the Late Adam Lindsay Gordon (1879)
Racing Rhymes and Other Verses (1901)
Selected individual works[edit]
"A Song of Autumn" (1868)
"The Sick Stockrider" (1870)
"The Swimmer" (ca. 1881) committed suicide by shooting himself in the scrub near
the Brighton beach.