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Ceci McGalliard

My Nursing Philosophy

In my eyes, nursing is a profession based both in art and science. Pharmacology,

pathophysiology, anatomy, and physiology make up the backbone of the scientific aspect

of nursing. Nurses require extensive knowledge based in assessment. Understanding a

disease process in order to recognize status changes and anticipate orders takes the mind

of a scientist with an abstract mind in order to think critically. Nurses must stay current

in practice and not only be competent in skill, but also in knowing why. All this is just

skimming the surface of the science of nursing.

However, nursing takes on more than science. Empathy, integrity, and

compassion fabricate the art of nursing. Nurses must look beyond the disease process

and the diagnosis. Nurses must look at the patient. Heart failure, pulmonary

hypertension, or a broken leg does not define a patient. But rather, these diagnoses are

just a single aspect of the patient, allowing a nurse to become empathetic with the

individual. Mere sympathy is not enough in the nursing role. In addition to empathizing,

providing compassionate care is an integral aspect in the art of nursing. In being able to

put themselves in patients positions, nurses must then act upon this by providing care

based in true concern for the patient. Finally, integrity ties together the art of nursing.

Nursing care is based in integrity, as a true patient-nurse relationship cannot be created

without the ability to trust.

In the end, the nurse must assume an endless number of roles. In this respect, the

nurse is a bridge for the patient in every aspect of their care. As I embark on my journey
of my own practice, I will remember to always act as this bridge in order to reach my

ultimate goal of providing genuine holistic care.