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TO: Artificial Intelligence Department

FROM: Doug Rattmann (Software Development Team Member)

SUBJECT: Morality Core Malfunction
DATE: 9/11/2017

Problem: GLaDOS Morality Cores Malfunctioning

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that there is a fatal code malfunction in the Mortality Core that is
currently keeping our GLaDOS AI non-hostile. This issue is of the utmost importance, as the
morality core was put into place in order to prevent GLaDOS from releasing deadly neurotoxin
throughout our companys facilities.

As the graph below shows, the morality cores have grown more and more unstable as their
code has continued to iterate. Similar AI technology used in Aperture products such as the
Aperture Science Automatic Turret suffered a much lower failure rate.

In order to expedite the process of solving this issue, I have included a few possible solutions
that the Software Development Team has compiled to solve this problem. They are:

More Morality Cores

Benefits: The addition of multiple morality cores could supplement the existing
core and prevent the imminent failure of the single core. The addition of multiple
cores would also add a safety net in the event that one of the cores does fail.
Downfalls:The cost of purchasing the needed morality cores mould be great.
Accounting may not approve the funding.

Improve Morality Core software

Benefits: Improved software will lead to Morality Cores malfunctioning less often.
Less Morality Cores will need to be built due to a lower malfunctioning rate.

Downfalls: Bugs in Morality Core code that causes more malfunctions within the
system. More likely for Ai to take over with improved Morality Core software.

Shut GLaDOS down

Benefits: This solution would be the quickest of the three proposed here.

Downfalls: GLaDOS may resist to being shut down, if aware. Especially with
morality core malfunction, this could be a dangerous solution. Additionally,
GLaDOS oversees and controls the testing facilities, and a total shutdown could
result in catastrophic losses.

Proposed Solution: More Morality Cores

We, the software development team who have found this fatal bug, concluded that adding more
Morality cores is the best solution out of the top 3 solutions we have came up with. Its the most
efficient, greatest longevity and most cost efficient out of all other solutions. We hope that your
team can implement our solution and get GLaDOS back to its normal docile behavior.
Submission Page:

Dylan Kreutzer -
Assisted with Header
Section between Header and Possible solutions (not including graph)
Shut GLaDOS Down solution

Kaleb Hill - Wrote part of the downfalls of improving the morality code software, Added text to
the subject line, fixed some spelling errors of other sections, and added text to the problem line.

Riley Janik
More morality cores bullet point.
Aperture Science product failure rate graph.

Chris Flowers
Added a downfall to improve morality cores solution

Justin Baker
3 Solution Ideas
Improve Morality Core Benefits
Proposed Solution