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Basic VIII

American English File

Book 1
Unit 3 y 4

Answer Key
1. It's twenty after eight. / It's eight twenty. 39. travel
2. It's (a) quarter after twelve. / It's twelve fifteen. 40. talk
3. It's half past six. / It's six thirty. 41. use
4. It's ten to eleven. / It's ten fifty. 42. run
5. It's nine o'clock. / It's nine. 43. play
6. in 44. call / catch
7. on 45. sing
8. at 46. A
9. in 47. B
10. on 48. A
11. B 49. A
12. A 50. B
13. A 51. they
14. A 52. job
15. A 53. third
16. theirs 54. low
17. you 55. white
18. it 56. B
19. yours 57. B
20. his 58. A
21. 1) studying 59. A
2) eating 60. A
3) cooking 61. C
4) going 62. A
5) seeing 63. B
6) doing 64. B
22. May 65. C
23. twenty-first 66. Maegan
24. summer 67. Hannah
25. fifth 68. Maegan
26. rich 69. Hannah
27. full 70. Tom
28. short 71. Answers will vary.
29. safe 72. C
30. dry 73. A
31. C 74. B
32. B 75. B
33. C 76. A
34. C 77. C
35. B 78. E
36. help 79. B
37. tell 80. A
38. hear 81. D
FULLNAME: ____________________________________________________ DATE:___________
Teacher: ___________________
Mark: ________________

1. Write the time. (5x1=5 points)

Example: 2:45 It's quarter to three .

1. 8:20 It's twenty after eight. / It's eight twenty.

2. 12:15 It's (a) quarter after twelve. / It's twelve fifteen
3. 6:30 It's half past six. / It's six thirty.
4. 10:50 It's ten to eleven. / It's ten fifty. .
5. 9:00 It's nine o'clock. / It's nine.

2. Complete the sentence with a preposition. (5x0,5=2,5 points)=7,5

Example: My new job starts on Wednesday.

6. The office closes in the evening.

7. Her party is on Friday.
8. I often have pasta at lunchtime.
9. It's very warm in August.
10. Her birthday is on September 12th.

3. Choose the correct phrase. (5x0,5=2,5 points)=10

Example: Do you like ___? 13. He has ___.

a) food Chinese a. an old car
b) Chinese food b. a car old

11. It's a ___. 14. They ___ on time.

a. book fantastic a. aren't always
b. fantastic book b. are always not

12. That's a ___. 15. She ___ tea.

a. cheap cell phone a. never drinks
b. cell phone cheap b. drinks never

4. Complete the sentence with a pronoun from the list. (5x1=5 points)=15

me mine them theirs his her you yours it

Example: That's mine ! Give it to me.

16. That dog isn't theirs. They don't have a dog.

17. Can you repeat that? I don't understand you.
18. It isn't a good book. I don't like it.
19. This book's yours. Look! Here's your name.
20. It isn't his. He has a blue jacket.
5. Complete Susan's email. Use the -ing form of the verbs in the list. (6x0,5=3 points)=18
be cook do eat go see study

Hi Chuck,
My name's Susan, and I'm a student. I like being a student, but I don't like (1) studying. I do four
hours of homework every evening. I live in a house with my friend Laura. We like (2)eating good
food, but Laura hates (3) cooking. She only makes pasta. We often go to fast-food restaurants. It's
really unhealthy. I love (4)going home and eating my mom's food. On the weekend, we like (5) seeing
friends. We love music and singing. What do you like (6)doing?

Write soon,


1. Complete the sequence. Write the correct word. (4x1=4 points)=22

Example: August, September, October, November .

22. February, March, April, may

23. eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first
24. fall, winter, spring, summer
25. second, third, fourth, fifth

2. Write the opposite adjective. (5x1=5 points)=27

cheap rich difficult dry full low safe short young

Example: easy difficult . 28. tall short

26. Poor __ rich 29. dangerous safe
27. empty full 30. wet dry

3. Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word. (5x0,5=2,5 points)=29,5

Example: We take the dog for a walk ___ a day. 33. He ___ dinner every evening.
a) two a. does
b) times b. goes
c) twice c. has

31. She ___ work at four thirty. 34. Jack usually ___ for eight hours at night.
a. goes a. does
b. does b. has
c. finishes c. sleeps

32. I ___ to the gym in the evenings. 35. I often ___ up early on Saturdays.
a. have a. start
b. go b. wake
c. take c. go
4. Complete the phrase with a verb from the list. Use each verb only once. (5x1=5 points)=34,5

hear tell wait draw travel help talk play

Example: wait for a bus 38. hear a noise

36. help your sister with her homework 39. travel by plane
37. tell someone a secret 40. talk to a friend

5. Complete the phrase with the correct verb. (5x1=5 points)=39,5

Example: fly by plane 43. play soccer

41. Use a computer 44. call/catch a taxi
42. run a race 45. sing a song


1. Which is the stressed syllable? Choose the correct answer. (5x1=5 points)=44,5

Example: Which is the stressed syllable in

November? 48. Which is the stressed syllable in difficult?
a) November a. difficult
b) November b. difficult
c) November c. difficult

46. Which is the stressed syllable in twentieth? 49. Which is the stressed syllable in practical?
a. twentieth a. practical
b. twentieth b. practical
c. twentieth c. practical

47. Which is the stressed syllable in 50. Which is the stressed syllable in creative?
September? a. creative
a. September b. creative
b. September c. creative
c. September

2. Write the word with the same sound. (5x0,5=2,5 points)=47

low clean third white they job

Example: easy clean .

51. other they
52. shopping job
53. birthday third
54. home low
55. high white

1. Read the article. Choose True, False, or Doesn't say. (10x1=10 points)=57
Article by Jim Knowles

Maegan Campbell is a 32-year-old actress from Los Angeles, but right now, she's living in Paris. She lives in an
apartment that overlooks the Seine River. Maegan's mother is French, which means Maegan can speak the language
perfectly. Maegan is very talented. She likes acting in movies, but she can also sing and dance well, and she has a
leading part in a French musical right now. She can also play the piano very well. In her spare time, Maegan likes to
relax at home by watching romantic movies. She doesn't have plans to return to the US.

Tom Hammond is from Dallas, but he lives in Tokyo. He's 18, and he's a music student. Tom can play the piano and
the guitar very well. He also writes songs with his friend Toshi. Tom writes the music and Toshi writes the lyrics. When
they're happy with a new song, they usually perform it to students at their college. They love to have an audience and
would really like to be in a band. When he isn't composing, Tom downloads his favorite music from the Internet.

Hannah Brown is a writer. She's from New York, but she lives in Mexico. Hannah is 25 and likes writing romantic
novels. Her goal, of course, is to be a published writer, so she writes every day for at least four hours. Her favorite time
to write is early in the morning, but she sometimes writes late at night, too. In the afternoons, Hannah works as a
waitress in a cafe. She doesn't really enjoy this part of her life, but it helps her learn Spanish.

Example: Maegan is French.

a) True
b) False
c) Doesn't say

56. Maegan lives in Los Angeles. 61. Tom can sing very well.
a. True a. True
b. False b. False
c. Doesn't say c. Doesn't say

57. Maegan doesn't act in movies. 62. Hannah works in a cafe.

a. True a. True
b. False b. False
c. Doesn't say c. Doesn't say

58. Maegan can sing and dance well. 63. Hannah likes writing in the afternoon.
a. True a. True
b. False b. False
c. Doesn't say c. Doesn't say

59. Tom studies in Tokyo. 64. Hannah never writes at night.

a. True a. True
b. False b. False
c. Doesn't say c. Doesn't say

60. Tom writes songs with his friend. 65. Hannah is always busy at work.
a. True a. True
b. False b. False
c. Doesn't say c. Doesn't say
2. Read the article again. Write Maegan, Tom, or Hannah. (5x1=5 points)=62

Example: Tom lives in Tokyo. 68. maegan sometimes works in the theater.
66. maegan watches movies at home. 69. hannah doesn't play the piano.
67. hannah works in the afternoon. 70. tom is a student.


1. Read the notes and write 75-100 words about Susana. (3 points)=65

work / German company
very tall / short hair / blue eyes
can play / guitar / piano
love / romantic movies
like / buy / clothes / hate / go to supermarkets
always / go shopping / Saturday
not smoke
favorite time / Sunday morning / drink / coffee / read / newspaper

Susana lives in Berlin. She


1. [AEF1 T8] Listen to the interview. Choose the correct answer. (5x1=5 points)=70

72. Fran can speak Spanish.

a. not well 75. Fran can paint.
b. well a. not well
c. very well b. well
c. very well
73. Fran can play soccer.
a. not well 76. Fran can drive.
b. well a. not well
c. very well b. well
c. very well
74. Fran can dance.
a. not well
b. well
c. very well

2. [AEF1 T9] Listen to five people talk about shopping. Choose the correct answer. (5x1=5 points)=75

A) ... doesn't like shopping with friends.

B) ... likes malls.
C) ... likes trying on clothes.
D) ... likes shopping on the Internet.
E) ... doesn't like busy stores.

77. In conversation 1, Mary ...___c__

78. In conversation 2, David ... ___E__
79. In conversation 3, Sue ... __B___
80. In conversation 4, Paul ... __A___
81. In conversation 5, Carla ... _D____