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TRY OUT SPENDA 2 The following text is for questions 4 to 6.

To : refanny_vt @ id
The following text is for question 1. From
WARNING! Subject : Reply
Thank you for your letter. Im very happy to
1. Who is the warning addressed to? that youre planning to come to Manado this
A. The government. There are nice places to visit in my hometown.
B. The construction company. Theres a beautiful beach called Boulevard
C. The construction workers. It is a very suitable place to hang out with
D. All road users. friends
or family, especially in the afternoon when the
The following text is for questions 2 and 3. sets in the west. If you like diving or
Dear Rasti, we have Bunaken Marine Park. I bet youve
Congratulations on your achievement in of that name before. Yeah, this place is very
winning Best Photograph of the Year! well
We are proud of you. known for its coral reefs and sea animals.
Keep up the good work and continue to There
shoot livelier photographs! are many more that I cant describe
Your beloved siblings, individually. Please come and Ill show you
Randy and Sruti places. I guarantee that youll have a great
during your stay here.
2. What is the purpose of the text?
I very much look forward to seeing you.
A. To support Rasti. Your best friend,
B. To wish Rasti luck.
C. To encourage Rasti.
D. To congratulate Rasti. 4. From the e-mail, we can conclude that
3. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE A. Fanny will visit Donita
based on the text? B. Fanny lives in Manado
A. Rasti and Randy are sister and brother. C. we can see the-sunrise at Boulevard Beach
B. Rasti won Best Photograph of the Year. D. Fanny and Donita will go to Manado on a
C. Sruti wishes Randy to be a good vacation
photographer. 5. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
D. The senders are proud of Rastis success. A. The best diving site in the world.
B. A good place for diving and snorkeling.

C. The best view of Boulevard Beach, at Green Park Villas

Tastefully designed as your ideal vacation
D. Interesting places in Manado. retreat in a mountainous area.This place is
6. . . . youll have a great time during your stay ideal for large groups with our lavish 3-
bedroom and 4-bedroom villas which are fully
here. (Last paragraph) air conditioned. The living and dining rooms
The word here refers to and kitchen are elegantly designed and
exquisitely fitted with all the necesities. Jump
A. Fannys hometown into the private swimming pool at your
B. Donitas hometown convenience. There is also a special barbeque
area where you can party with your family or
C. Bunaken Marine Park friends.
D. Boulevard Beach
Reservation: Green Park Villas, Jalan Permai,
Bukittinggi, telp. 9988800
The following text is for questions 7 and 8. E-mail:
For further information, please log on http://
Dear Sonya,
9. The following are the facilities of the villas,
Im really sorry for my late reply. I was in the
middle of cooking, so I wasnt aware of your EXCEPT ....
message. Anyway, I have confirmed with Dito
A. a meeting hall
about our next study club. He said that he
didnt mind if we study at his house. So, Ill B. a barbeque area
see you at Ditos house tomorrow afternoon.
C. a dining hall
Ridwan D. a private swimming pool
10. The purpose of the text is ....
7. What is the purpose of the message?
A. to inform about how to reserve a room
A. To ask for a friends confirmation.
B. to advertise the villas
B. To invite a friend to go somewhere.
C. to describe the villas
C. To inform a friend about the next study
D. ' to tell us the facilities of the villas
The following text is for questions 11 to 13.
D. To inform about who will join a study club.
8. From the message we know that
Teens Photography Community (TPC) is
A. the message is sent to Ridwan pleased to announce its first photo contest with
the theme Our Beloved Earth. This contest is for
B. Ridwan, Sonya and Dito will study together junior and high school students only. All entries
must be received by Teens Photography
C. the study club will be held this afternoon
Community, by 31st July 2013. The winners will be
D. the sender cannot join the study club announced on 17th August 2013. There will be
many prizes to be won.
Please log on to
The following Text is for questions 9 and 10.
test for contest details, eligibility information and
entry forms.

11. When should the participants submit their A. Information about how to join the softball
photos? competition.
A. On 31st July 2013. B. An invitation to take part in the softball
B. After 31st July 2013. competition.
C. Before 1 st August 2013. C. Information about the First Nusa Persada
D. On 17th August 2013. Softball Cup.
12. ... for contest details, eligibility information D. An invitation to attend the celebration of
and entry forms. The underlined word means the schools anniversary.
A. qualification C. probability 15. From the text we can say that
A. the competition will be held for a week
B. disability D. prediction
B. the games will only be conducted in the
13. The announcement tells us about.... morning
C. it is free of charge to participate in the
A. Our Beloved Earth
B. the 1st photo contests winners D. the school has been established for fifty
C. TPCs first photo contest
The following schedule is for questions 16 and
D. Teens Photography Community
The following text is for questions 14 and 15. No Coach Details Departing Transit Arrival Departure
Station Station
Students Organization of SMP Nusa Persada 1 R407 DEPOK- DEPOK DEPOK 04:10 04:10
Jalan Pemuda number 13, Balikpapan

Dear Sir/Madam, 2 R407 DEPOK- DEPOK CITAYAM 04:15 04:16

To celebrate the golden anniversary of our school BOGOR
and Independence Day, we would like to hold the 3 803 BOGOR- BOGOR BOGOR 04:22 04:22
First Nusa Persada Softball Cup. Furthermore, the JAKARTA
competitions goal is to introduce and develop
softball itself which seems to be a popular game
amongst many students. 4 R407 DEPOK- DEPOK BOJONG 04:21 04:22
Therefore, we would like to invite your softball BOGOR GEDHE
team to participate in the competition that will be 5 R407 DEPOK- DEPOK CILEBUT 04:26 04:27
held on 20th-28th July 2013. The games will be
conducted at the city sport centre twice a day,
between 8 and 10 a.m. and 3 and 5 p.m. 6 403 BOGOR- BOGOR BOGOR 04:29 04:29
Meanwhile, the due date for registration is 8th July JAKARTA
2013 and each participating team has to pay KOTA
Rp100,000 for registration. There will be many 7 803 BOGOR- BOGOR CILEBUT 04:29 04:30
prizes to be won.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you. KOTA
Balikpapan, 13th April 2013 8 R407 DEPOK- DEPOK BOGOR 04:34 04:34
Diana Burhan
9 405 BOGOR- BOGOR BOGOR 04:36 04:36
Secretary OSIS Chairperson

14. What is the text about? Adopted from:

Commuter.html (16th November 2012)

16. What is the purpose of the schedule? 18. Why should we mop backwards?
A. To describe kinds of commuter lines. A. It is much easier to mop backwards than to
B. To explain how to reach certain places by mop forwards.
commuter lines. B. Mopping the floor backwards will save our
C. To provide information about the time time and energy.
schedule of commuter lines. C. We wont step on the cleanly mopped floor.
D. To tell the readers about the destination of D. It is safe to mop backwards.
commuter lines. 19. From the text above, we can conclude that....
17. How many trains depart from Bogor and A. we may scrub stubborn marks on the floor
transit in Bogor? using sharp equipment
A. Two. C. Four. B. we should change dirty water to avoid
B. Three. D. Five. getting dirty streaks on the floor
C. to dry the floor, we can use a ball of
The following text is for questions 18 to 20. newspapers
How to Clean Dirty Floors D. mopping the floor, with a mixture of cold
1. Give the floor its daily brush, before you mop water and floor cleaner will give the best
it. result
2. Check to see whether there are any stubborn 20. ... stand on it with both feet and shuffle
marks on your floor that your daily brush across the floor until it is dry. (Step 6)
cannot remove. Spray all purpose cleaner on The underlined word refers to ....
them and scrub them with a scrubbing brush. A. an old towel C. the floor
3. Fill your bucket with hot water mixed with the B. a kitchen D. the mop
quantity of floor cleaner specified on the label.
4. Mop backwards rather than forwards so you The following text is for questions 21 to 23.
dont step your cleanly mopped floor. Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the
5. Empty and refill your water bucket as soon as United States. We can find many skyscrapers at
the water starts to become dirty and to avoid every corner of the city. There are many
getting dirty streaks on the floor. interesting spots worth-seeing. One of the most
6. If you are mopping a room that is used popular attractions for both locals and tourists in
frequently, such as the kitchen, you may not Chicago is Cloud Gate. This interactive sculpture is
want to wait for the floor to dry. Just use an essentially a giant stainless steel bean that acts as
old towel, stand on it with both feet and a mirror. It reflects 80% of the citys skyline on its
shuffle across the floor until it is dry. surface.
Adopted from:
cleaning-tips/ (5th March 2012)

Spectators can see their images distort as diving sites like the fabled Sea Garden on Rubiah
they walk around the sculpture or underneath its Island. Divers enjoy
9-foot arch. The best viewing time is at night, delightful sea creatures, most notably manta
when the lights from Chicago skyscrapers rays, whale sharks, dolphins and sea turtles.
illuminate the beans surface. There are many fascinating sites on the
Adopted from: island, like beautiful beaches, a waterfall, volcano
03/best- architecture-cities-in-the-world.html.(12th
November 2012) and hot springs; plus the Zero Kilometre
21. The text mainly tells us about....
Monument, the Japanese bunkers from World
A. the interesting places in Chicago
War II, the historical graveyard, Durian Keramat
B. the view of Chicago city at night
and Sabang town. Water Front Resort is also
C. the description of Cloud Gate
interesting if you like to see diversified marine
D. the attractions of Cloud Gate
22. Why is the best time to visit Cloud Gate, at
We can reach the island from Banda Aceh by
boarding a morning ferry from Ulee Lheue Sea
A. There is a firework show.
Port and arriving at Gapang Beach. The trip will
B. There are many stars in the sky.
only take a couple of hours, or 45 minutes by
C. There will be many people visiting the
To explore the island, there are different
D. The lights from skyscrapers will illuminate
kinds of land transportation, such as minibuses,
the beans surface.
motorcycles and three-wheeled pedicab or becak.
23. Spectators can see their images distort as
For a more comfortable journey, rent a car.
they walk... (Paragraph 2)
Adapted from:
The underlined word is similar to world- best-diving-and-snorkeling-in-indonesia.jsp (12th

A. form C. create November 2012)

B. change D. reflect
24. ... if you like to see diversified marine life.

The following text is for questions 24 to 26. (Paragraph 3)

Weh Island is often referred to by the name What does the underlined word mean?

of its capital, Sabang. It is the westernmost island A. Varied. C. Amazed.

of the Indonesian archipelago. Situated at the B. Divided. D. Unique.

mouth of the Malacca Strait is a sea passage for 25. What is the main idea of the second

many yachts and cruise ships. paragraph?

Weh Island is well known as the world best A. The fabled Sea Garden on Rubiah Island.

diving and snorkeling spot in Indonesia. Diving B. Many fascinating sites on the island.

masters and instructors are ready to offer various


C. Weh Island as the world best diving and She continued on her trip and stopped at
snorkeling spot in Indonesia. Merdeka Square. There are many important and
D. Delightful sea creatures, like manta rays, historical
whale sharks, dolphins and sea turtles. buildings near the place, such as Jemek
26. From the text, we can conclude that Mosque and St. Mary Church. Then, her next
A. we can find cold springs on the island x destination was
B. the island has a few interesting places to Petronas Towers. She was amazed by the
visit sixth tallest building in the world. Her final stop
C. our countrys border starts from the island was Kuala Lumpur Tower. Luckily, there was a
D. boarding a morning ferry to reach the festival held there. She also had a chance to
island is faster than by speedboat go to the observation deck, to see Kuala Lumpur
from above.
The following text is for questions 27 to 29. She will never forget her experience that day.
Donna has just returned from her vacation in 27. Donna took a trip around Kuala Lumpur by....
Kuala Lumpur. She was really happy. One of the A. car C. train
best moments was when she explored Kuala B. bus D. monorail
Lumpur in one day by boarding the KL Hop-on 28. What is the main topic of the text?
Hop-off. For your information, KL Hop-on Hop-off A. Donnas holiday experience in Malaysia.
is a semi-glass-roofed double decker bus, which B. A semi-glass-roofed double decker bus
will stop at over 40 tourist attractions. So, called KL Hop-on Hop-off.
passengers can get on board and alight at places C. Donnas trip in Kuala Lumpur in one day,
they like to visit. * using the KL Hop-on Hop-off.
She started her trip from bus stop 6 in Bukit D. Interesting places in Kuala Lumpur.
Bintang district and alighted at bus stop 8. She 29. Donna visited the following places, EXCEPT . . .
then walked to Chinatown, along Petaling Jaya A. Little India
Street. It is the place where we can buy goods at B. Chinatown
lower prices. She bought T-shirts and a wallet. C. Merdeka Square
Then, she continued walking to the bus stop 9. D. Kuala Lumpur Tower
Her second stop was National Palace. During
the .trip, she passed by Little India where there The following text is for questions 30 to 32.
are many Indian stores. In that place, she Let me tell you about one of my terrible
witnessed the exchange of the palace sentry on experiences. It happened during my first year of
duty. junior high school.

One day at first break, I went to the canteen A. The teachers office.
for lunch, with my friends. While having lunch we B. The ringing bell.
were chatting about the test that we had just C. The writers step.
done. D. The incident of stumbling.
Time seemed to run so fast. Suddenly we
heard The following text is for questions 33 to 35.
the bell ring which meant that break time Once upon a time, all the birds were invited
was over. My friends and I rushed back to the to a feast by the people of the sky. Tortoise was
class. Unluckily, I didnt watch my step. I stumbled very clever and very hungry and as soon as it
and fell down. To make it worse, it happened in heard about the great feast, it began to plan how
front of the teachers office. Many students and it would travel to the sky.
teachers noticed the incident. Spontaneously, Tortoise went to the birds and asked if it
they helped me stand up. Luckily, I was okay, only could go with them. The birds agreed and they
a little brush on my left knee. Then, my friend each gave it a feather, with which it made a pair
took me to the sickbay. of wings.
30. When did the incident happen? The great day came and Tortoise and the
A. During lesson time. birds set off on their journey.
B. At second break. There is one important thing which we must
C. When the writer was in the Seventh Grade. not forget, they said, as they flew. When people
D. During the writers second year of junior are invited to a great feast like this, they use new
high school. names. So, they each used a new name and so
31. Which of the following statements is NOT did Tortoise. It was to be called All of you.
TRUE about the speaker? Finally, the birds and Tortoise arrived at the
A. The people who saw the incident helped party. The people of the sky invited the birds to
him/ her at once. eat the delicious food they had prepared, but
B. He/she stumbled and fell down in front of then Tortoise asked, For whom have you
the teachers office. prepared this feast?
C. He/she entered the class late because he/ For all of you, replied the people of the sky.
she didnt hear the bell. Tortoise turned to the birds and said,
D. Teachers saw what had happened to Remember that my name is All of you. You will
him/her. eat after me.
32. To make it worse, it happened in front of the The birds waited angrily as Tortoise ate and
teachers office. (Paragraph 3). What does the drank most of the feast. Then they came forward
word it refer to? to eat, but a few of them were too angry to eat.

Before flying home, each bird took back the A. The Tricky Tortoise
feather it had lent Tortoise. So, there Tortoise B. The Parrot and the Tortoise
stood in its hard shell full of food and drink, but C. The Tortoise and the Birds
without any wings to fly home. It asked the birds D. The Ungrateful Birds
to pass a message to its wife, but they all refused 35. What can we learn from the text?
except Parrot. A. We shouldnt envy others.
Parrot, my good friend, said Tortoise, B. We should respect others.
please ask my wife to bring out all the soft items C. We should care for others who are in need.
from our house so that I can jump down from the D. We shouldnt be greedy and ungrateful,
sky safely.
Parrot flew away, but when it reached The following text is for questions 36 to 38.
Tortoises house, Parrot asked Tortoises wife to Two sons worked for their father on the
bring out all the hard items from the house. familys farm. The younger son had been given
Tortoise looked down from the sky and saw its more responsibility and reward than the elder one
wife, but it was too far to see what its wife was for a few years. So, one day the elder son asked
bringing out. When everything was ready, it his father to explain the different treatment.
jumped. It fell and fell and fell and landed with a The father said, First, please go to Kellys
great crash on the ground. It wasnt hurt but its farm and see if they have any geese for sale. We
shell broke into pieces. However, there was a need to add to our stock.
good doctor in the neighbourhood. Tortoises wife The elder son soon returned with the
sent for him and he collected all the bits of answer, Yes, they have five geese they can sell to
Tortoises shell and stuck them together. That is us.
why, Tortoises shell is not smooth. The father then said, Good. Then, would you
Adopted from: Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2005. T. ask them the price?
Clementson, Natural English: Reading and Writing Skills
33. What can we conclude from the text? The son returned with the answer, The
A. Parrot lied by asking Tortoises wife to bring geese are $10 each, Dad.
out all the hard items from the house. The father said, Okay. Now could you ask
B. The birds asked Tortoise to attend a feast them whether they can deliver the geese
held by the people of the sky. tomorrow?
C. The birds and Tortoise had a really good The son duly returned with the answer, Yes,
time during the feast. they can deliver the geese tomorrow.

D. Tortoise fell from the sky and landed on the Then, the father asked his elder son to wait
soft items prepared by its wife. and listen and called the younger one from a
34. The best title for the text is ... . nearby field and asked, Would you go to

Davidsons Farm and see if they have any geese There are 375 species of sharks.They live
for sale? We need to add to our stock. mostly in warm seas. Their torpedo-shaped
The younger son soon returned with the bodies make them very fast swimmers. Sharks
answer, Yes, they have five geese for $10 each, have a skeleton made of rubbery cartilage. Most
or ten geese for $8 each and they can deliver other kinds of fish have bony skeletons.
them tomorrow. I asked them to deliver five The worlds biggest fish is the whale shark. It
unless they heard otherwise from us in the next can grow well over 12 metres long. Unlike other
hour. They also agreed that if we want the extra sharks, the whale shark and the basking shark
five geese, we can buy them at $6 each. mostly eat planktons and are completely
The father turned to his elder son, who harmless.
nodded his head in appreciation-he now realized Sharks main weapons are its teeth. They are
why his younger brother was given more powerful enough to bite through a steel plate.
responsibility and reward. The killing machine of the shark world is the great
Adopted from: white shark. This shark is responsible for most man-
advertising-sign-story (12th November 2012) attacks on humans.
36. What was the elder brother like? Adopted from: John Farndon, 1000 Facts on Animals, Essex,
A. He was lazy. Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd, 2002.
39. What is the text about?
B. He was channel-minded.
A. Sharks.
C. He was a coward and unfair.
B. Whale shark.
D. He was irresponsible and mean.
C. Sea creatures.
37. According to the younger son, how much
D. Predatory fish.
should they pay for ten geese?
40. Based on the text, what differentiates whale
A. Eight dollars.
sharks from other sharks?
B. Ten dollars.
A. Whale sharks have bony skeletons.
C. Eighty dollars.
B. Whale sharks are the fastest swimmers.
D. A hundred dollars.
C. Whale sharks mostly eat planktons.
38. The son duly returned with the answer...
D. Whale sharks live in warm and cold seas.
The word duly means ....
41. Which statement is TRUE about sharks?
A. amazingly C. carefully
A. Basking shark is the most feared shark.
B. rightfully D. quickly
B. The great white shark is the worlds biggest
The following text is for questions 39 to 42.
C. The 375 species of sharks can grow up to 12
Sharks are the most fearsome predatory fish
metres long.
of the seas.

D. Their torpedo-shaped bodies allow sharks cover with foil and cook at a high temperature ...
(48) 2-4 minutes. Stir once. You can also try to
to swim fast.
saute mushrooms.
42. Sharks are the most fearsome predatory fish 46. ....
A. cook C. cooking
of the seas. (Paragraph 1)
B. cooks D. to cook
The word fearsome has the closest meaning 47. ....
A. placing C. to place
to ....
B. place D. being placed
A. poisonous 48. ....
A. as C. since
B. frightening
B. for D. before
C. attractive
49. Arrange the following words to form a
D. gigantic
gone - astray - the - had - because of - traveller
For questions 43 to 45, choose the correct words
1 2 3 4 5 6
to complete the text. - his - losing - map
7 8 9
A. 3 5 6 4 1 2 8 7 9
A hunter, not very bold, ... (43) for the tracks of B. 3 5 6 8 4 1 2 7 9
a lion. He asked a man felling oaks in the forest if C. 3 6 4 1 2 5 8 7 9
he had seen any marks of its footsteps or knew .. . D. 3 6 4 2 5 8 1 7 9
(44) its lair was.
I will, at once show you the lion himself, said 50. Arrange the following sentences to form
the man. a meaningful paragraph.
The hunter, turning very... (45) and with his (1) Then, we boarded the monorail to Bukit
teeth chattering from fear, replied, No, thank Bintang where our hotel was located.
you. I did not ask that; it is only its tracks I am in (2) Last year my friend and I went to Kuala
search of, not the lion himself. Lumpur by plane.
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words. (3) It was around 7:15 p.m. when we arrived at
Adopted from: the hotel. What a long trip!
fables.htm (12th November 2012) (4) The plane departed at 12:30 p.m. and two
43. ... hours later landed at Kuala Lumpur airport.
A. to search C. will search (5) The bus headed to Kuala Lumpur Sentral
B. is searching D. was searching where all kinds of transportation modes are
44. ... set and arranged.
A. where C. when (6) Having had my documents checked, we
B. what D. how walked out of the airport, in search of a bus.
45. ...
A. glad C. pale A. 2 3 5 4 1 6
B. envious D. angry B. 2 4 6 5 1 3
C. 2 5 6 4 1 3
Questions 46 to 48, choose the correct words D. 2 6 4 5 1 3
to complete the text.

Here are ways . . . (46) mushrooms in a

Do The Best To Be The Best
microwave. First, clean and cut the mushrooms
into thin slices or halves as required. Second,...
(47) them in the bowl greased with butter. Next,