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(Northern Quezon Cooperative College)

Brgy. Comon, Infanta, Quezon 45
Midterm Examination

I. True or False. Write True if the statement is correct and write the correct word or phrase on the blank if
the statement is incorrect. (2 points each)
1. Piaget used the term schema to refer to the cognitive structures by which individuals adapt to
and organize their environment.
2. Electra Complex was referred as the developing feelings when boys then see their father as a
rival for her mothers affection.
3. A malignancy involves too much of the positive and too little of the negative disposition on the
psychosocial crisis.
4. Fidelity means loyalty, the ability to love by societies standards despite their imperfections and
incompleteness and inconsistencies.
5. Culture opens the door for learners to acquire knowledge that others already have.

II. Multiple Choice. Select the best answer from among the choices given in each of the following questions.
Shade the box that corresponds to the letter of your answer.

1. The Piagetian stage characterized by the ability to develop goal-directed behavior, means-end thinking,
and object permanence.
A. Concrete operations C. preoperations
B. Formal operations D. sensorimotor
2. The Piagetian stage characterized by the ability to use symbols and words to think, intuitive problem-
solving, but thinking limited by rigidity, centration, and egocentrism.
A. Concrete operations C. preoperations
B. Formal operations D. sensorimotor
3. The Piagetian stage by the development of logical operations for seriation, classification, and
conservation. Thinking is tied to real events and objects.
A. Concrete operations C. preoperations
B. Formal operations D. sensorimotor
4. Piagetian stage characterized by the development of abstract systems of thought that allow them to
use prepositional logic, scientific reasoning, and proportional reasoning.
A. Concrete operations C. preoperations
B. Formal operations D. sensorimotor
5. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a concrete operational thinking?
A. Ability to think abstractly
B. Ability to conserve
C. Ability to think logically about real things and events
D. Ability to engage in matrix classification

6. What did Piaget believe children are incapable of during the preoperational stage of development?
A. conservation C. abstract thought
B. hierarchical classifications D. all of the above
7. Which of these theorists believed that people develop through a series of stages related to age?
A. Jean Piaget C. Lawrence Kohlberg
B. Erik Erikson D. All of the above
8. Mark stole a bar of chocolate from a convenience store when he was very hungry. He doesnt think he
did anything wrong since no one noticed him stealing. Mark is probably in which of Kohlbergs stages of
moral development?
A. Preconventional level C. Postconventional level
B. Conventional level D. None of the above
9. What is likely the main conflict faced by an adolescent, according to Erik Erikson?
A. Autonomy vs. shame and doubt C. Identity vs. role confusion
B. Generativity vs. role confusion D. Integrity vs. despair
10.Pre-natal development begins from conception to birth when a sperm unites with an ovum to form a
single cell called __________.
A. chromosomes C. mitosis
B. embryo D. zygote
11. During this time, cells begin to differentiate into various body systems. This defines the
A. Embryonic Stage C. Fetal Stage
B. Germinal Stage D. Stage of Development
12. The stage in which the individual is complete with face, arms, legs, fingers, toes and some calcification of his
bones, is known as the ________________.
A. Embryonic Stage C. Fetal Stage
B. Germinal Stage D. Stage of Development
13. Mr. and Mrs. Dela Cruz gives their children the freedom to run, go bike riding, skate and side. What is the couple
allowing their children develop?
A. autonomy C. initiative
B. inferiority D. guilt
14. Every morning, Mrs. Rodriguez would scold her son for not fixing his beddings claiming that her son was old
enough to do so. But when Mrs. Rodriguezs son asked permission to attend a party, she claimed that he was still too
young to do so. What could be the effect of the situation to Mr. Rodriguezs son?
A. guilt C. role confusion
B. initiative D. self-esteem
15. Which refers to Kohlbergs moral development theory?
A. Autonomous morality C. Psychological crisis
B. Moral dilemmas D. Concrete operational

III. Identify the stage of moral development shown in the following by writing the letter of your answer on the
blank before the number. (2 points each)
A. Stage 1 Punishment/Obedience D. Stage 4 Law and Order
B. Stage 2 Mutual Benefit E. Stage 5 - Social Contract
C. Stage 3 Social Approval F. Stage 6 Universal Principles
1. Joy allows her classmates to copy her homework so that they will think she is kind and will like her
to be their friend.
2. Ricky does everything to get passing grades because his Mom will take his play station away if he
gets bad grades.
3. A civic action group protests the use of pills for family planning, saying that although the
government allows this, it is actually murder because the pills are abortifacient (causes abortion).
4. Jinky lets Hannah copy during their math test because Hannah agreed to let her copy during their
sibika test.
5. Karen decides to return the wallet he found in the canteen so that people will praise her honesty
and think shes such a nice girl.
6. John decides to return the wallet he found in the canteen because he believes its the right thing
to do.
7. Lyka wears her ID inside the campus because she likes to follow the school rules and regulations.
8. A jeepney driver looks if theres a policeman around before he u-turns in a no u-turn spot.
9. Liza volunteers to tutor children at-risk children in her community for free so they will learn to
love school and stay in school.
10. Little Riel behaves so well to get a star stamp from her teacher.

ESSAY: Answer briefly. (5 points)

Why are pregnant-mothers advised not to smoke, not to drink alcoholic drinks, not to take in any
medication without doctors advice?

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out
why. Mark Twain