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Fluid Mechanics

GATE Questions (CE)

Subject: Heat Transfer
Topic: Thermal Radiation

1. Let x and y components of velocity for steady 2D flow of an incompressible fluid be linear
functions of x and y such that V = (ax + by)i + (cx +dy)j. Where a, b, c and are constants.
Then what is the condition for irrotational flow?
[GATE-CE-1994, 2-Marks]

2. The x component of velocity for 2D flow of an incompressible fluid is given as u = y 2 + 4xy. If

the y component of velocity v equals zero at y = 0, then the expression for v is
(A) 4y (B) 2y 2 (C) 2y 2 (D) 2xy
[GATE-CE-1996, 1-Marks]

3. Two flow patterns are represented by their stream functions 1 and 2 as given below
1 = x2 + y2 &
2 = 2xy
If the two patterns are superimposed on one another, the resulting streamline pattern can be
represented by
(A) A family of parallel straight lines (B) A family of circles
(C) A family of parabolas (D) A family of hyperbolas
[GATE-CE-1997, 1-Marks]

4. A flow is said to be ir-rotational if

u v u u
(A) =0 (B) =
y x y x
2 u 2 v u v
(C) 2 + =0 (D) =
x y 2 y x
[GATE-CE-2000, 1-Marks]

5. For a 2D ir-rotational flow, the velocity potential is defined as = loge(x2 + y2). Which of the
following is a possible stream function () for this flow?
(A) ()tan-1(y/x) (B) tan-1(y/x)
(C) (2)tan (y/x)
-1 (D) (2)tan-1(x/y)
[GATE-CE-2003, 1-Marks]

6. A velocity field is given as V = 2yi + 3xj where x and y are in meters. The acceleration of a
fluid particle at (x,y) = (1,1) in the x direction in m/sec2 is
(A) 0 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 8.48
[GATE-CE-2004, 2-Marks]

7. The velocity in m/sec at a point in 2D flow field is given as V = 2i + 3j. The equation of
streamline through a point is
(A) 3dx - 2dy = 0 (B) 2x + 3y = 0 (C) 3dx + 2dy = 0 (D) xy = 6
[GATE-CE-2004, 2-Marks]

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Fluid Mechanics

8. An inert tracer is injected continuously from a point in an unsteady flow field. The locus of
locations of all the tracer particles at an instant of time represents
(A) Streamline (B) Streakline (C) Pathline (D) Stream tube
[GATE-CE-2005, 1-Marks]

9. A stream function is given by

= 2x2y + (x + 1)y2
The flow rate across a line joining points A (3,0) and B (0,2) is
(A) 0.4 units (B) 1.1 units (C) 4 units (D) 5 units
[GATE-CE-2005, 2-Marks]

10. The circulation around a circle of radius 2 units for the velocity field u = 2x + 3y and v = 2y is
(A) 6 (B) 12 (C) 18 (D) 24
[GATE-CE-2005, 2-Marks]

11. For a 2D flow field, the stream function is given as = (3/2)(y2 x2). The magnitude of
discharge occurring between streamline passing through points (0,3) and (3,4) is
(A) 6 units (B) 3 units (C) 1.5 units (D) 2 units
[GATE-CE-2013, 1-Marks]

12. A planar flow has velocity components u = x/T1, v = -y/T2 and w = 0 along x, y and z
directions respectively, where T1, T2 are non-zero constants having the dimensions of time.
The given flow situation represents an incompressible flow if
(A) T1 = -T2 (B) T1 = -T2/2 (C) T1 = T2/2 (D) T 1 = T2
[GATE-CE-2014, 1-Marks]

13. A particle moves along a curve whose parametric equations are x = t3 + 2t, y = -3e-2t and
z = 2sin(5t), where x, y and z show variations of the distance covered by the particle in cms
with t in secs. The magnitude of the acceleration of the particle in cm/sec2 at t = 0 is __________?
[GATE-CE-2014, 2-Marks]

14. In a 2D steady flow field, in a certain region of x-y plane, the velocity component in x-
direction is given by vx = x2 and the density varies as = 1/x. Which of the following is a valid
expression for the velocity components in the y direction, vy?
(A) vy = x/y (B) vy = x/y (C) vy = xy (D) vy = xy
[GATE-CE-2015, 1-Marks]

15. The velocity components of a 2D plane motion of a fluid are

u = y3/3 + 2x x2y and v = xy2 2y x3/3.
The correct statement is
(A) Flow is incompressible and irrotational
(B) Flow is incompressible and rotational
(C) Flow is compressible and irrotational
(D) Flow is compressible and rotational
[GATE-CE-2015, 2-Marks]

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