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(Understanding & Using E. Gr. page 202)

0. Friends are people .Bclose to us.

A. who is B. who are C. which is D. which are
1. Who is eligible for the scholarship?
Anyone.scholastic record is above average can apply for the scholarship.
A. who has a B. has a C. whos a D. whose
2. Dr. Sales is a person..
A. in whom I dont have much confidence B. in that I dont have much confidence
C. whom I dont have much confidence in him D. I dont have much confidence
3. Is April twenty-first the day..? - No, the twenty-second.
A. youll arrive then B. when youll arrive
C. on that youll arrive D. when youll arrive on
4. The severe drought..occurred last summer ruined the corn crop.
A. that is B. which is C. it D. that
5. Florida,the Sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year.
A. is B. known as C. is known as D. that is known as
6. The new shopping mall is gigantic. Its advertised as a placeyou can find just about anything you
might want to buy.
A. where B. which C. in where D in which
7. Lolas marriage has been arranged by her family. She is marrying a man
A. that she hardly knows him B. whom she hardly knows him
C. she hardly knows D. she hardly knows him
8. People who exercise frequently have greater physical endurance than those..
A. who doesnt B. that doesnt C. which dont D. who dont
9. Is this the address toyou want the package sent?
A. where B. that C. which D. whom
10. Ann quit her job at the advertising agency, .surprised everyone.
A. which B. that C. who D. that is
11. That book is by a famous anthropologist. Its about the people in Samoa.for two years.
A. that she lived B. that she lived among them
C. among whom she lived D. where she lived among them
12. The missing mans family is desperately seeking anyone.information about his activities or
A. has B. having C. who has D. have
13. The publishers expect that the new biography of Simon Bolivar will be bought by peoplein
Latin American history.
A. who they are interested B. are interested
C. interested D. they are interested
14. I have always wanted to visit Paris, ..of France.
A. is the capital B. which the capital is
C. that is the capital D. the capital
15. The chemistry book..was a little expensive.
A. that I bought it B. I bought that C. what I bought D. I bought
16. Have you ever met the manover there? - No. Who is he?
A. stands B. standing C. is standing D. who he standing
17. Do you have the bookthe teacher? Yes, I do
A. that it belongs to B. to which belongs to
C. to which belongs D. that belongs to
18. The voters were overwhelmingly against the candidateproposals called for higher taxes.
A. who is B. whose C. whom he had D. that his
19. Do you remember Mrs. Goddard, taught us English composition? I certainly do
A. who B. whom C. that D. which
20. I have three brothers, ..are businessmen.
A. that all of them B. who they all C. all of whom D. who all of them
21. Where you able to locate the personwallet you found?
A. which B. that his C. whose D. thats
22. Some fish are frozen, best.
A. fish is fresh B. fresh fish C. fish fresh D. fresh fish is caught
23. Why do you get up at 4.00 AM ?
Because its the only time.without being interrupted.
A. when I can work on my book B. when I can work on my book at
C. when I can work on my book then D. at when I can work on my book
24. You seem so happy today
I am. You are looking at a personhas just been accepted into medical school
A. who B. who she C. whom she D. whom
25. The movie.last night was terrific. Whats about it?
A. I went B. I went to it C. I went to D. that I went
26. Many people lost their homes in the earthquake. the government needs to establish more shelters to
care for thosehave homes.
A. who doesnt B. who dont C. which doesnt D. which dont
27. The problemnever occurred.
A. I had expected it B. who I had expected
C. that I had expected it D. I had expected
28. I had to drive to the factory to pick up my brother, wouldnt start.
A. who his B. who C. whos D. whose
29. I read a book about Picasso, ..
A. is a Spanish painter B. a Spanish painter
C. who a Spanish painter is D. that is a Spanish painter
30. The people..the acrobat turn circles in the air were horrified when he missed the outstretched
hands of his partner and fell to his death.
A. watched B. watch C. watching D. were watching
31. My writing has improved a lot in this class.
Mine has, too. All the students . do well in writing
A. whom Mr. Davis teaches them B. which Mr. Davis teaches
C. that Mr. Davis teaches them D. Mr. Davis teaches
32. Have you ever seen the place.the graduation ceremony will be held?
A. in that B. where C. is where that D. which
33. I have seventeen students, most of . speak English very well.
A. who B. those C. whom D. which
34. Will everyone like the book?
No. Only people.interested in anthropology.
A. are B. who are C. in whom are D. that is
35. How did you enjoy your dinner with Mr. Jackson?
It was boring. He talked only about himself, . almost put us to sleep.
A. which B. that C. who D. that he
36. My grandfather, a wise man, has greatly influenced my life.
A. is B. that is C. who is D. who he is
37. Is Dr. Brown is the person .you wish to speak?
A. that B. whom C. to that D. to whom
38. In the movie, the persuade a singing career meets resistance from his strong-willed
A. wants B. wanted C. wanting D. who want
39. Excuse me, but there is something about..immediately.
A. which I must speak to you B. which I must speak to you about it
C. that I must speak to you about D. that I must speak to you
40. Little woman,in 1868, is my sisters favorite book.
A. is a novel published B. a novel published
C. a novel was published D. was a novel published