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Exploring Italian 16

The word tutto has different meanings in Italian. It can mean:

the whole
completely / fully

Tutto has different forms when it refers to masculine, feminine and plural nouns:
tutto lappartamento
tutta la casa
tutti I mobili
tutte le sedie

Look at these examples

Anna: Mi piace questo appartamento perch molto luminoso!

(I like this apartment because there is a lot of light! )
Mike: Ah, tutto arredato!
(Oh, it is fully furnished!)
Anna: S, ci sono tutti i mobili.
(Yeah, it is.)
Anna: Quando ceniamo?
(When are we having dinner?)
Mike: Un minuto! tutto pronto.
(One minute! Everything is ready.)
Lisa: Non trovo il libro. Ho cercato in tutta la libreria.
(I cant find the book. Ive searched the whole bookcase for it.)

Mike: Diciamo a tutti della festa!

(Lets tell everybody about the party!)

PLEASE NOTE: Tutto with the meaning of completely / fully is used in spoken Italian