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Online RTI application 27/11/2017

Public authority
Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi.

1.The applicant, a victim of institutional corruption*, seeks

information of the name of Rules, regulations since 2007 till date
in terms of which CVC attempts protection to whistle blowers.
Month/Year Name of whistle blowers
protection Rule/regulation

2. Yearly number of whistle blowers as per the Record of CVC since

CVC initiated practice of issuing Office Memorandum for
protection of whistle blowers.
Year No. of whistle blowers as per
CVC records

e.g. In terms of Public Interest disclosure and protection of Informer

3. Information of order/circular on the basis of which CVC stopped the

practice of making public the names of corrupt/doubtful integrity public


Shri Gopal Soni

C-231, Panchsheel Nagar, Ajmer-305004


*Annexure to RTI:- Standard of Discipline in the NIACL is historically in

favour of those who keep a record of doubtful integrity ; e.g.

RC26(A)/1991 CBI Case Number As per the Record of the CBI,

accused, one Ranjan Sharan the then cashier alleged of
Saxena , One of the doubtful criminal act (financial
integrity officers enjoys status wrongdoing) is awarded
of branch incharge major penalty of a warning .
02/2003 ACB Jaipur case; NIACL salary no. 26019
An NIACL senior is caught red handed by ACB, in the
Page No.2 RTI 27/11/2017

act of extorting bribe;

It is explicit evidence , with the NIACL as seen

on 20072012 that white collar fraudster(s), are
under suspension only for a few days, that is,
they are arrested by a law enforcement agency.
Mr. A. R. Sekar, chairman ex-
officio of NIACLs {as on the award of Penalties of
November 2009 against the applicant}, in the
company of the aforesaid senior one.

30.7.2007 High court, Jaipur Bench hears the writ Stay orders are
application no. (Civil) 4575/2007 granted with
It is submission of the Applicant that despite directions not to
being senior, despite keeping the advanced effect the transfer
qualifications he is discriminated . order 5.6.2007

Applicant completes twenty years services without Applicant holds a

stigma, neither any audit query nor any vigilance record without
report. stigma

Instead of sanction of pending leave; a so called

memorandum is communicated to applicant altering
his designation as assistant alleging only one Applicant , writes a
24 February grave violation of company rules of leaving provisional reply
2008 Headquarters. letter asking English
It is alleged that due to aforesaid (no specific date of version of so called
leaving headquarters ) he tarnished the integrity . gyapan and /or so
called rules ;

10/3/2008 NIACL written submission to High Court,

accompanied with the Managers affidavit who Rajasthan High

21/10/ issued penalties including dismissal :- it is a state Court

2011 under article 12 of the constitution of India; S. B. Civil Writ
Page No.3 RTI 27/11/2017

applicant was initially appointed on the post of Application No.

hindi translator; regularized on the post . 4575/2007
Reply to grounds: The applicant is definitely

holding the post of Hindi Translator;

can further be promoted to the Officer cadre.

10/12/2008 Central Information Commission records NIACL Ethics is that no

( F. No.CIC/ AT / A/2008 /00535) :- purpose /
Appellants* purpose is only to cause motive/reason
harassment and loss to the public authority. He can be attributed to
cannot be allowed to carry on his activities. an RTI application
* Applicant

11/02/2009 Bribe taking reported at Jaipur NIACL, no one is The NIACLs are
put to suspension. Jealous with applicant
NIACLs RTI reply to Applicant :- as he is a prolific writer
of RTI against their
applicant has expressed his opinion about state
institutional support to
of corruption in its confirmation asked
dis-honest officials &
information about third party, hence denied. the CVC Office
The ethics is that even a law Memorandum exists to
enforcement body, e.g. CBI cannot deny info of protect applicant
corruption of employees lawfully

It is published in
the news that
well known
bribe takers
enjoy services
in the Public

27.06.2009 NIACL order :-issued by A. R. Sekar (the GM Act of seeking

seen with a bribe extortionist in photo of Page transparent
No.2 of this Application) RTI forwarded by
reply is a crude
National Human Rights Commission: -
attempt to
It is a crude attempt to confuse the different
authorities and an attempt to escape from the due

process of law

16.11.2009 dismissal as penalty order; though memorandum A bad precedent in

under 1975 GICDA rules alleged only grave act the history of Public

of leaving headquarters. Sector discipline