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Forward Planning Document


Procedures Year 5/6



General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural Understanding
thinking Competence
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australias engagement with Asia Sustainability

Lang Literacy Literature
W6/Lesson Plan, draft and publish Students will: - Observational notes Familiarising:
1: imaginative, informative and 1. Establish lesson objectives for the - Writing books.
Familiarisati persuasive texts, choosing State the lesson.
on (WRB. P and experimenting with text organisational 2. Read a book introducing the topic
30) structures, language structure of a procedures. Let students guess
features, images and digital procedure. what the topic is about.
Thursday resources appropriate to 3. Brainstorm on the board what
1/6/17 (1 purpose and audience List examples of students know about procedures.
hour). (ACELY1714) different types of Can refer to this at the end of the
procedures. unit to see what students have
Select, navigate and read learnt.
texts for a range of 4. Explain what a procedure is and
purposes, applying the language
appropriate text processing features/organisational structure
strategies and interpreting and purpose (to instruct).
structural features, for 5. Ask students to give you some
example table of contents, examples of procedures and
glossary, chapters, where they can see procedures in
everyday life.
headings and subheadings
6. Start a word wall on
7. Introduce poster to help students
remember parts of a procedure
and watch the short clip. Discuss
the different parts of a
8. Show students examples on the
board of procedures and
different text forms and students
will have to write yes or no if it is
a report.
9. Read a procedure to the class:
discuss the content and the
10. Wrap up lesson with questioning.
W6/Lesson These SCSA links will follow Students will: Traffic light strategy is Analysing: - Class procedure
2: Analysing throughout the whole unit of implemented at the end of 1. Establish lesson objectives. - 12 x laminated folders
(WRB. P.32) work. Arrange a the lesson. Students will 2. Start the lesson with Simon says, - Craft
procedure into the stick the sticker that to get students to understand the
Friday correct represents their importance of instructions.
2/6/17 (30 organisational understanding on the back 3. Label parts of a procedure as a
mins) order. of their brainstorms. class together.
4. In pairs, students will then get a
Explain the Red = I do not understand. laminated folder each with a
importance of procedure that they will need to
instructions in Amber = I have some put in the correct organisational
procedures. understanding. order.
5. Select a pair that has done it
Green = I understand. correctly to come and arrange it
on the board and then read the
procedure together as a class.
6. If have time, do a 5 minute craft
activity, where students have to
follow your instructions.
7. Wrap up lesson with traffic light

W7/Lesson - Checklist: Analysing:

3: Analysing Students will: Sequencing/questioning. 1. Establish lesson objectives. - Sequencing bags
(WRB. P. 32) 2. Start reading Georges
Correctly sequence Marvellous Creation: Explain to
Thursday steps.
students that towards the end of
8/6/17 (1
hour). Make their own our topic on procedures, students
instructions. final assessment will be on
making their own Marvellous
3. Students will be given sequencing
bags and they will have to put the
steps into correct order (eg:
Make PB + J, Plant flowers, put
your shoes on, etc). Sequence
bags can be levelled to cater for
4. In partners, students will make
their own sequences, orally, by
telling their partner how to do
something. For eg: how to draw
a star, or how to do a handstand.
Students will choose what they
are good at.
5. Pick students to share their how
tos with the class.
6. Wrap up lesson with questioning.

W7/Lesson Students will: - Observational notes Analysing: - Verb Charades on the

4: - Self-reflection 1. Establish lesson objectives. whiteboard.
Modelling/G List what is checklist. 2. Read Georges Marvellous - 3 text samples.
uiding expected in a Medicine for motivation to - Writing task
(WRB. P. 35) procedural writing
lesson. expectations/blank
Friday 3. Verb activity: Charades. Also paper/graphic organiser.
9/6/17 (30 Make their own explain the importance of using
mins). procedures. verbs when students will write
their own procedures.
4. Together as a class we will rank 3
text samples by effectiveness. As
a result of this student will know
the standard of work that is
expected and the framework
they should follow.
5. Students will be given their first
individual writing task: They will
have to write a procedure on
how to be a 5th grader/6th
grader. Students will only have
time to plan during this lesson.
Throughout the rest of the unit,
students will be able to work on
this as an early finishers or an
extension piece at the end of the
lesson if there is time. Those
students who finish can type up a
published version using ipads and
give it to the year below.
6. Wrap lesson.
W8/Lesson Students will: Modelling/Applying:
5: Rubric 1. State lesson objectives.
Applying/Sh Create their own 2. Read Roald Dahls Georges - Game template
aring (WRB. games using a Marvellous Medicine as an intro - Rubric
P. 36) procedural format. - Equipment/resources
for the first 5 minutes of the
lesson. per group.
15/6/17 (1 3. Teacher will model on the board
hour) how to write a procedure.
4. Using think-alouds.
5. Students will have to make their
own game in groups: Teacher will
place a selection of
resources/equipment on the
floor. Children can pick 3 items
and come up with a game to play.
Making sure they include the
title, aim of the game, materials,
and instructions.
6. Select students to share their
games with the class.
7. Wrap up lesson.
1. State lesson objectives.
W8/Lesson Students will: 2. Read Georges Marvellous - Ipad
6: Applying Medicine for motivation to - Procedure template
(WRB. P. 36) Make a procedure Checklist/Reflection
lesson. - Checklist
based on a game. Observational notes.
Friday 3. Students will be arranged
16/6/17 (30 into groups. Each group will
mins) an get ipad, and will have to
watch a pre-loaded game on
their ipads and then do a
collaborative procedural
write up.
4. Each group will get a checklist
and complete a self-

7: Guiding 1.Students will need to do a
- Test per student
quick test in the first part of
Thursday Students will: - Origami craft
the lesson. Students will get
22/6/17 (1 Test instructions.
hour) List and label Checklist blank paper and they will
organisational have to draw up the
features of a framework for a procedure
procedure. and also what you put in each
part. Eg: Under the materials
Follow a set of section, you list all the
instructions to
materials you will need.
make a craft.
2. Go through the answers
together as a class.
3. Read Roald Dahls
Georges Marvellous
4. Students will get given a
procedure to make
origami and students will
have to follow the steps
to make an origami craft,
to see if they can follow
instructions. At the end
of the lesson students
will have to state why it is
important to have simple
and specific instructions
in their procedures.

1. Read Roald Dahls Georges

Marvellous Medicine. - Letters per student
Students will:
Observational notes 2. In a think, pair, share students will - Graphic organiser.
W9/Lesson Plan their own discuss what they would put in their - Teacher models.
8: Applying Marvellous Marvellous medicines. Select
Friday Medicine recipes students to share their ideas.
23/6/17 (30 using a graphic 3. Students will be asked to go to their
mins) organiser. drawers and check for a letter.
4.Students will each open up their
letters and it will be a letter from
Roald Dahl asking for their help to
create a Marvellous Medicine. (Their
final task that will be marked will be
on creating a procedure for a
Marvellous Medicine).
5.Students will plan using a graphic
organiser a procedure their
marvellous creations.
6. Teacher will model how to plan the
procedure first.
- Draft paper.
Students will: - Feedback forms
W10/Lesson 1.In this lesson students can draft - Checklist.
9: Applying Draft their their procedures.
procedures. Feedback forms 2.Students will present their work to a
Observational notes
peer to get feedback and the teacher
Thursday Self-reflect on their
will call up students 1 at a time for a
29/6/17 (1 work using teacher
hour) and peer feedback. teacher conference to give tips and
feedback to students.
3.Students will be given a checklist to
make sure they include everything.

- Good copy templates

- Self reflection
1.In this lesson, students will produce - Ipads
their good copies of their procedures
10: Students will:
Publishing and come up with a way to add
Publish their good Rubric creativity to their finished product. Eg:
Friday copy procedures. Self reflection Add a monster to their background.
30/6/17 (30 2. Students will share to the class
mins). their finished procedures.
3. Early Finishers: Complete their self-
reflection for their procedures.
4.Extension students can use digital
technology to make a picture of what
their marvellous medicines would
look like.