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vismusic & chaos

Mam m
hi- tec h paganism
clear-channel mind-parasites and screaming memes.
The Reality Hackers Media House is a Simultaneous-
Translation Plagiarism-Vortex where agents from the
aditorial ever-stretching Edge meet to cross-pollinate, lift, and
transfer things from one medium to another a de-
crypting and encoding station for polysensory depre-

"The lovely human beast always seems to lose its
high spirits when thinks well; it becomes 'serious.'
and 'Where joy and laughter are found, thinking Have you ever wondered about the numerological
doesn't amount to shit': that's the prejudice of this se- we know you have-
significance of "7-11" stores? Yes,
rious beast against all 'joyous science." Well then, let's -in your private moments. You know, of course, who

prove that this is a prejudice!"~Friedrich Nietzsche operates these twenty-four-hour surveillance bureaus?
Un-huh. That's exactly right. And you thought you
"A hacker... is someone who enthusiastically probes picked up this magazine by accident mistaking it for

and explores and plays with anything out of love and People. That's right we send all our magazines out
intellectual excitement, with strong initiative and per- with double covers. Deep-cover double-agents, they
sistence. "--Ted Nelson are. Time, Sports Illustrated, PC World are on the out-
side, but we're insiders.

RECESS TIME! We have impregnated this magazine with phero-

Where does one go to play these days? What jungle mones. It is both physically and psychologically addic-
gym for the mind & spirit in sapless suburbia? in be- tive. It is too late now to put it down. You will fol-
nighted holes where only a "7-11" sign beckons on the low our Three-Point Plan:
horizon? To the magazine racks! And to the benevo- 1) Subscribe to Reality Hackers by filling out the en-
lent beaming Illuminatus Eye of Reality Hackers*. closed card.
2) Now, plunge into a deep
HACKING theta state and firmly im-
Reality Hackers hacks playfully yet merci- print the full contents
lously at static notions or fossil models of of this magazine on
"Reality." We
commit unspeakable acts of your neo-cortex.
mayhem and violence on your pet reali- 3) Await fur-

ties. Playful yet serious messing. ther instructions!

Games with no fixed rules.
Grapple with the wildly thrashing "Excuse me,
multi-tentacled interdisciplinary crea- my friends if I
tions of rogue scientists! Explore have ventured
black-hole tubes with overalled quan- to paint my
tum mechanics! Float in a neuro- happiness on
nutrient-rich Petri dish in animated sus- the wall."
pension of belief! Experiment on your- Friedrich
self and friends with ever-sharper instru Nietzsche
ments of inquiry! We offer no dilute
solutions--we are part of the problem! We'll take Yes, we've gone to the
you to the Edge-it's your turn from there. YOU'RE wall for you, kind readers,
"IT!" and we're really enjoying ourselves
so, grab a copy of Reality Hackers and a spraycan and
MIND-PARASITES AND SCREAMING MEMES show us what you think, America.
Reality Hackers is actively conspiring with hologra-
phers, video-artists, musicians, software designers, car- -Morgan Russell
Hidden Masters, Hidden Mistresses,
toonists, mystics,

and kept muses. We have formed a Media House to

bombard unsuspecting America with broad-bandwidth
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THINKING Four programs on one videocassette (Quartet #Q184)


Reknowned author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Magi-
cal Child compares the guru-disciple relationship to the bond-
ing relationship which occurs between parent and child. The
guru teaches, says Pearce, not through the intellect but by
opening the heart to spiritual experiences. (Single *S347)


Noted and author of The One Quest, The Heal-
ing Journey and Techniques of Gestalt Therapy compares
western psychotherapeutic methods with the approaches of
Sufism and Buddhism and describes his Arica training experi-
ences with Oscar Ichazo, a Chilean Sufi teacher. (#S055)


The Sufis are inheritors of a tradition which has influenced
many world religions. Their work, according to 80-year-old Sufi
teacher and author of Daughter of Fire, is to further the evolution
of humanity by offering deep intuitive training to select individu-
als. (*S057)


LEADING DG OF Founder of the California Institute for Transpersonal Psychol-
KNOWLEDGE & DISCOVERS ogy shares his wide experience as a student and participant in
diverse spiritual traditions, including yoga in the school of Par-
with DR. JFFRV MISHIOVE amahansa Yogananda and Aikido under the tutelage of
Osensei, the system's founder. (#S050)

Produced and Directed by Arthur Bloch

>1988 Thinking Allowed Productions

Spend an evening with the r "i

Thinking Allowed
CA 9461
most inquiring minds of our 5966 Zinn Dr., Oakland,
(415) 339-0466

age... Single tape $29.95; Quartet tape $69.95

Tape # Qty. Tape Name Price

An extraordinary library of more than 150 in-depth,
intimate conversations with the writers, explorers
and spiritual leaders who shape modern ideas and
opinions. D VHS Calif. Sales Tax (6%)

D Beta Shipping'
$2.50/ 1st tape. $1.50/ea. two or more Quartet counts as one tape.
week on Public Television. Check Make check payaPle to Thinking Allowed
with your local PBS station for day and MC/Visa# Exp.

time. Signature

Additional feature Joseph Campbell, Fritjof
City State Zip
Capra, Stanislav Grof,
Patricia Sun, Kevin Ryerson,
Rupert Sheldrake and many others. Write for a Please send me your complete video catalog. (HF)

complete catalog. L J


Morgan Russell,
Alison Kennedy,
Ken Goffman
by Jas. Morgan and accomplices
R. U. Sirius
Queen Mu
ART DIRECTOR Letters to the Editor
Roger Raupp

Uncle St. Nunzio columns
Judith Milhon, Morgan Russell
by Nick Herbert
MUSIC EDITOR The master of quantum reality says that the Universe is
Jas. Morgan
made of music.
Nancy Schorr by Terence McKenna
Logomagician turned travel editor finds "mellow" in
Southeast Asia.
Loona Vermont, Dagen

David Flattery,
Marc Franklin, Eric
by Michael Hutchison
Gullichsen, Carol O'Connell, Adam Zakin,
Ed Ellsworth & Pinnacle Type in S.F., A new column presenting the latest "nautilus machines
Paul & Tim at California Arts in Oakland. for the brain."

by Bruce Eisner & Peter Stafford
The opening of the Albert Hofmann Library and the
Progressive Magazines, Inc.
P.O. BOX 423 latest on the legal status of MDMA.
Montvale, N.J. 07645
megabytes & minibytes
The Science of Music & Consciousness
Contents Copyright 1988
High Frontiers/Reality Hackers
Published quarterly. All rights reserved. No part
of this publication may be printed in part or whole by Tom Erikson
without written permission from the publishers,
High Frontiers/Reality Hackers is not responsible
for claims made by advertisers or opinions
by Ralph Abraham
Chaos theory meets VisMusic
High Frontiers/Reality Hackers
BERKELEY, CA. 94704 by Alexander T Shulgin
Single issues are $5 ppd. $7 Overseas Weird drug distorts music on the inside.
By Queen Mu
Icaros, or magical shamanic melodies, of the ayahuasqueros


by Grade & Zarkov



Eno interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian


by Faustin Bray and Brian Wallace/Sound


Sun Ra interviewed by Ira Steingroot


by Faustin Bray


by Grade & Zarkov
Heavy Metal, according to Z & G, is "nothing less than
the Shadow of Western Civilization."


by Rich Young
A resource guide to esoteric & non- Western music.


by Timothy Leary & Eric Gullichsen
Modern alchemy for the cyber-set.


by Michael Synergy
Computer Viral Protection 101


By Gully Jimson
"The era of doing mathematics by hand and brain has now ended


by Hakim Bey
We present the winner of our Peak Experience Contest.
The personal computer revolution has vastly em-
soapbox powered the individual. Yet it is a fragile and vulnera-
ble system. Individuals have at their command the
means to capriciously misuse' the technology. Those
Information is true capital. Grain rots, you can't who hoard, damage, or destroy signals are committing
eat gold, you might not need medicines. All of these a crime against Species Intelligence. The hacker is a
commodities, capital, have been used for centuries as true Promethean and the guardian of personal liber-

barter. But what makes doctors, genetic engineers ties. Yet the hacker must forge a new ethic to guide
and, for that matter, plumbers, wealthy? Knowledge, himor he's in danger of being scapegoated for what
information, data. You can learn to grow crops, mine is mostly inter-corporate sabotage. The computer virus
gold, practice alchemy. Proudhon stated the crux of issue is likely to rage over the coming months. Send
the matter in three simple koans: "Property is theft. us your thoughts!
Property is freedom. Property is impossible." Infor- The communication of ideas is the very essence
mation equals property. of this magazine. We promote and endorse maximum
Property is theft. All that we know, we have neural fluxibility. A continuous stream of data allows
learned. All that we have discovered has been extra- you to integrate new models into your self-created re-
polated. We have simply stolen and built upon the ality, and discard outmoded ones. There are those
ideas of those who have gone before us, from lan- who cling tenaciously to the security of their present
guage to the lever, from agriculture to the atom bomb. belief system. And there are the intellectual faddists
Property is freedom. No one can steal your who will exchange their current model in favor of any
ideas. While others may utilize your concepts for their new model. model
Reality Hackers believes the best
own gain, you can still profit from them as well. Ein- is what works
more importantly, what works for
stein articulated the concept of General Relativity and you.. But be aware. We attempt to widen the band-
atomic theory, which much to his chagrin was used to width and present as many and varied ideas as possi-
develop nuclear weaponry. Nobody owns ideas and ble. We are willing to entertain nearly any notion pro-
nobody can control them. vided that it's resonant and interesting. So don't
Property is impossible. Information is free. In believe everything you read. Think for yourself.

fact information is com-

taken for granted, as we daily
municate with symbols and concepts developed by
people other than ourselves. We build the tools to -Jas. Morgan and accomplices
build the tools to build the tools. The Zen meditation
on Proudhon's concepts is left to the reader.

History of Underground Comics

by Mark J. Estren
$17 95 ISBN 0-014171-11-0 336 pp
"An interesting read" -High Times
"Every ma|or underground comic artist
TOT) Rotxrt Crumb is represented" -California Magazine

History of Underground Comics has tha most lavish collection of

"comix* (ovar 1,000 drawings) svar to appaar In ono book, plus
tha history behind tha stories, put together by Mark Estren with
DID YOU KNOW?!?! You can not see the stars
tha halp of tha cartoonists. Includes: R. Crumb, Gilbert Sheldon,
in space!? We live in the interior of the Bill Griffith, S. Clay Wilson, Richard Corban, and many mora.
hollow sun!? Electricity is our external- "Vital documentation ... enthusiastic and intelligent homage to
ized soul force!? Colors are not contained tha scabrous, anarchic outrageous adults only comics ... an
in light!? AIDS is not a virus!? These excellent slice of 1960's Americana as wall as unique pop
ideas + much more (including the Cosmic cultural history" -Booklist

Weather Report) are explored in THE Order by phone with VISA/MC or UPS-COD, call day or night
JOURNAL OF BORDERLAND RESEARCH, issued to To order by mail send $17.95 per book plus $4 shipping
Members of Borderland Sciences Res. Found. 800/858-2665 USA 415/548-2124 C A/Info
Membership in BSRF is $20/year (6 JBRs)
Books-by-Phone A
Box 522 Berkeley CA 94701

Sample JBR $5 * Book Catalog/ JBR Info $2 [= Ask for our FREE 24 page Catalog
B.S.R.F., PO Box 429, Garberville CA 95440

"The Ultimate in Light and Sound Stimulation"
Undue stress will reduce your ability to experience the four states of mental activity
think clearly, relax, or perform effectively. A while awake. Light and sound coming to the
new brain technology machine that is on the brain at the user chosen rate tends to produce
cutting edge of scientific advances is now a type of copying effect, " Following Response"
allowing people to relax and accelerate their or entertainment effect. The brain tends to
learning abilities. This product has just synchronize with the frquency being
recently become available to the public at an transmitted from the device. This can be
affordable price.OPEN MIND ENTERPRISES shown through the use of an EEG Graph. The
has the pleasure of providing the most EEG for most individuals goes to the same
innovative brain relaxation technology ever frquency as the machine in a matter of
The Innerquest.
invented, minutes. A person could use the Innerquest
The human brain is a mass of neuron cells and choose a particular Brain State and within
storing, retrievingand transmitting tiny a few minutes could create a state of profound
electro-chemical impulses between themselves meditation, heightened
and the whole body by creativity or other
means of the central similar brain states.
nervous system. Each Don't be confused
burst of electro- by the variety of similar
chemical energy yet cheaper light and
generates an electro- sound devices. OPEN
magnetic field at MIND ENTERPRISES
frequencies ranging has researched and
from one to thirty Hertz found the Innerquest to
(cycles per seconds). be far superior to any
These combined signals other similar products.
form "Brain Waves" It is a two person unit
which can be recorded with sixteen programs
on an EEG Graph and and a built in cassette
divided into four player to provide your
groups. These groups choice of background
are divided by their frequency rates. Beta music. To order this product or for more
waves (12-30 Hz) occur when a person is information call OPEN MIND ENTERPRISES'
awake and alert, with the highest frequency toll free number 1-800-552-8868.
indicating more intense mental activity. Alpha OPEN MIND ENTERPRISES is currently
waves (8-12 Hz) occur during relaxation, seeking new distributors throughout the
especially in the twilight state just before United States and Europe. If you are
sleep. Theta waves (4-8 Hz) are emitted interested please contact OPEN MIND
during deep sleep or deep meditation when the ENTERPRISES at 1-800-552-8868.
subcoscious is being tapped. Delta waves (1-4
Hz) occur during deepest sleep and are seldom,
if ever experienced by the conscious mind.
This new Innerquest allows a person to Portions of this article can be found in
"The Ultimate Machine" by Ken Freed

> r "s r


'Developers of Tools for the Human Potential
^ '.;; .,:>/ /:

Bruce Eisner: Bruce began writing for the

hacker Underground Press back in the 1960's. He is
known to readers for his work in Oram and
High Times. His forthcoming book, Ecstasy:
profiles The MDMA Story (Ronin Press, Berkeley) is
scheduled for a January '89 release. Affiliated
with the Saybrook Institute in San Francisco
and manning the helm at Mindware Inc., a
distributor of psychoactive software, Bruce
Ralph Abraham: Ralph has been a profes- always finds time to participate in marathon
sor of mathematics at UC Santa Cruz for encounter sessions with the Federal Govern-
(gasp!) nearly twenty years, and has been a ment over the legality and ethics of certain
student of Classical Indian Music for nearly as Entheogenic substances. Mindware is at 1803
long. He has also become, of late, an intel- Mission Street, Suite 414, Santa Cruz, 95060-
lectual historian of great power and subtlety, 5296.
and a popularizer of the abstruse ideas of
Non-Linear Dynamics, of Fractals, and Chaos. Tom Erikson: Tom Erikson teaches interac-
His four volume set, Dynamics: The Geome- tively at the San Francisco Exploratorium and
try of Behavior, is a graphic feast for the believes in it. His photos have appeared on
mind (Aerial Press). He is currently working a number of arcane record albums. Latest
on a popular book on Chaos for Harper & one: Ex-Dead Kennedy Klaus Flouride's solo
Row. He can be reached at Box 7920, Santa album (Alternative Tentacles, S.F.). His inter-
Cruz, CA 95061 or UUCP: view and photos of John Cage appeared in
!ucbvax!ucscc!D:abraham. Conversing with Cage (Limelight Editions,
N.Y. 1988). He is currently writing a book of
Charles Amirkhanian: Charles joined interviews and live portraits of musicians. He
Laurie Anderson, Yoko Ono, and John Cage listens to Captain Beefheart and his Magic
in "The Guests Go in to Supper (Burning Band and sees creative forms of communica-
Books, 1986). Not merely a composer, he is tion as HOPE.
music director at Berkeley's KPFA, and heads
the San Francisco Exploratorium "Speaking Gracie and Zarkov: An over-educated
of Music" series. He also founded the enor- couple with advanced degrees in psychology,
mously successful Composer-to-Composer philosophy, anthropology, natural science,
Festival in Telluride, Colorado. The first CD and international finance they are perhaps
of his work was released in September by the most colourful and exotic dyad around.
Perspectives on New Music (music DN-10, U. Gracie is a belly dancer in her "on" moments
of Washington, Seattle, WA
98195-$15 pp.). and Zarkov is financial adviser to the Vatican.
His latest commissioned work includes Music remains one of their three favorite ob-
Tibetan gongs and talking parrots with sessions (guess the other two). They juggle
Synclavier. an amphibious existence as high-tech invest-
ment bankers weekdays, and designer heads
Faustin Bray and Brian Wallace: Faustin on weekends. They spend their quality time
and Brian are cutting edge, pure signal trans- luxuriating in the pleasures of Magick Thea-
missions. Their company Sound Photosyn- tre.
thesis constitutes one of the great cultural
resources of the New Age community. They Eric Gullichsen: Eric notes: "Dynamic
produce a vast array of "New Ideas" audio/ interaction with cyberspace computer inter-
video tapes and CDs. Having studied with faces can be of arbitrary dimensionality, in a
Indian sarod master Ali Akbar Khan, they ap- phase space of the user's choosing. The per-
ply their musical skills to their band Intuit!, ceptual experience of living in the world is 3-
They can be reached at P.O. Box 2111, Mill D. Imagery projected on paper, or the com-
Valley, Ca. 94942. puter screens common today, is 2-D. Any

words I can write here are prisoners of the Terence McKenna: Logomagician and phi-
single-dimensional printed line, of the tyran- losopher, is author, with his brother Dennis,
ny of conventional typography." Specific of The Invisible Landscape. In California he
questions can be addressed to him at Auto- is and managing
currently writing, lecturing,
desk, Inc. in Sausalito where he writes soft- Lux Natura, facility which dis-
a publishing
ware systems to permit greater intimacy with tributes his Timewave computer software,
computer appliances (electronic mail code: books, and numerous audio tapes including a
acad !egullich@sun com). talking book, True Hallucinations. In Hawaii
he is secretary-treasurer of Botanical Dimen-
Nick Herbert: One of the original "Dancing sions, a non-profit research facility which cul-
Wu Li Masters," and long time student of the tivates and preserves plants of ethnophar-
Quantum Mechanics of Everyday Life, Nick's macological value.
writing has spanned the whole of Fringe
Science from Nikola Tesla, Bell's Theorem, Alexander T. Shulgin: Affectionately
and the physics of Psi Phenomena, to Houdi- known as "Sasha," Shulgin is one of the fore-
ni, the Metaphase Typewriter, and the sexing most researchers in the area of psychoactive
of quartz crystals. His book Quantum Reali- drugs. A
ready resource and gentle advisor
ty: Beyond the New Physics (Doubleday, for young researchers in ethnopharmacology,
1985) has been translated into six languages. he is also one of the chief authorities on that
His latest book on time travel, Faster Than class of compounds known as "empatho-
Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics is gens." His book, The Controlled Substances
just out (New American Library, hardcover, Act (Fall '88), is the definitive manual on the
$18.95). current status of federal drug laws. An ex-
haustive compilation, organized by drug
Michael Hutchison: Michael wrote the name, structure, & code numbers, it includes
book on isolation tank techniques, The Book drugs, solvents, vitamins, foodstuffs, "and
of Floating, which sparked a fascination with even things unrecognized." A must! (383
mechanical mind expansion equipment and pp. Available through mail order from A.T.
methods. His most recent book is the best- Shulgin, 1483 Shulgin Rd., Lafayette, CA
selling Megabrain (Beech Tree Books). 94549. $24.95 plus $1.62 CA tax and $1.60
Mike travels extensively, giving exposure to postage).
these "Nautilus machines for the mind" in his
Megabrain Workshops. Those interested in Peter Stafford: Peter Stafford, P.I. (Psyche-
his workshops or his soon-to-open Brain Re- delics Investigator) and Circuit Rider, co-
search Institute, should contact him at 193 authored LSD: The Problem-Solving Psyche-
Stanford Ave., Mill Valley, Ca. 94941; 381- delic, was advisor on psychedelics for Life
1731. magazine, and authored Psychedelic Baby
Reaches Puberty. Currently rewriting his En-
Timothy Leary: As Cyberdelic Guru of the cyclopedia of Psychedelic Substances (3rd ed.
'80's, he is now computers and soft-
utilizing due from Tarcher Books next spring). He is
ware His Future His-
to effect brain change. also writing two new books: Experiments in
tory Series is enjoying a renaissance through Short Term Memory Loss and Be He Male or
a new release by Falcon Press, who's also Female. He can generally be spotted in Hol-
scheduled to publish his latest Millennium lywood wearing one of his favorite T-shirts:
Madness: The Cyber Society. Tim's software "Everything's Peculiar," "Communist Party
company, Futique Inc., is progressing to- Animal," or "Absolutely NOT BUSH." He will
wards Head Coach. A newly-released anno- accept alms, volunteer project assistance, or
tated bibliography of his work (Shoestring royal patronage. Contact him at: 1625
Press, hardcover, $37.50) should once and Woods Drive, Los Angeles. CA 90069; (213)
for all establish him as MVP (most valuable 650-7512.
philosopher) of the twentieth century! (continued on page 80)

success rate for technically complex government pro-

reality jects.

My hope is that Timothy and Eric are simply

writing pop cyberpunk in contrast to their having de-
hecklers cided that any government project should be support-
Hagbard Celine
Reality Hackers: Gold & Apfel Transfers
What gives with the name-change? One day I

go to the kiosk and can't find a single copy of High Reality Hackers,
Frontiers. What I do find is Reality Hackers . . . be- Recently on the Usenix newsnet an accusation
tween Soldier of Fortune and True Detective. Obvious- was leveled at Timothy Leary as being popish and Re-
ly the newsie thinks Reality Hackers is some S & M ality Hackers for being stupid and parasitical. This
sicko mass-murder magazine ... I tell him to check it piece referred to Leary and associates as a "semi-
out, that it doesn't belong there. Next time I come by underground culture" and accused you folks of fool-
it's been moved. It's in with Apartment Life and the ishly thinking that computers are "miracle machines."
real estate guides. He thinks Realty Hackers is a jour- He also referred to you as "junkies" and accused you
nal for real estate sharks and subdividers. Are you of having too much fun..

guys having an identity crisis or just fucking with my I fail to perceive anything "underground" about
heads? Leary these days. Leary's commentaries on social,
Quizzically, technical, and political issues have recently appeared
Eddie Esposito in such mainstream publications as Rolling Stone, Atlan-
NYC tic Monthly, and the LA Times.
Computers aren't miracle machines? Webster's
Reality Hackers: defines a miracle as: "an extremely outstanding or un-
Artificial Reality Technology by Leary and Gul- usual event, thing, or accomplishment." Today, my
lichsen in Issue 5 makes me question the motives of personal computer permits me to interactively view re-

the esteemed authors. alistic 3-D scenes, efficiently communicate around the
The article brings up the issue of devices, some- globe, rapidly explore mathematical hypotheses, and
times known as waldos (Heinlein), battle armor (Hein- store, search, and organize vast amounts of diverse in-
lein and Haldeman), telefactoring units (Zelazny), or formation. Continuing growth in processor speeds
full body prosthetic appliances (medical science). make sensory-encompassing interfaces seem an inevit-
Humans need not be sent into the vacuum of able next step. Where else to put the user, who is to-
space or the eye of the battlefield, except virtually. day in direct control of the internal processing of the
page 26, issue 5 of RH. machine, than "through the looking glass."

While the major emphasis in fiction has been the Finally, as a recent advertisement for RH pro-
military use of such devices, and the major funding for claims, Reality Hackers are bringing together forces to

biocybernetics (man/machine interfacing) comes from create a future of abundance, individual freedom, crea-
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), tivity, and novelty. As one who believes in this goal, I

the warping of such technology to military ends support and applaud this effort.

should be resisted. Eric Gullichsen

I understand it makes good copy, but I would Autodesk, Inc
like to see waldos used to allow paraplegics and quad- Sausalito, CA
raplegics to walk and function as well as I do, not as a
better weapons system.
Making life better for the handicapped, or appli- Dear Reality Hackers:
cations in space/planetary exploration, or those areas Hello from Down Under! We are and remain
dangerous to life (chemical/biological/nuclear hazards, deeply impressed by your magazine we received an
firefighting, et al) should be the main focus for the de- autographed copy from Anton Wilson. Accord-
signers. ing to our mindset, your mag is most aptly named and
Devices such as waidos should be developed by certainly top of our list of inspiring and encouraging
the free-market for free-market use, as we know the ( continued am page 78)

Is your life extension program really
A glaring shortcoming in almost all of the popular life

extension books is the absence of a method to test the

effectiveness of proposed anti-aging regimens. Without
such testing there is no way to evaluate the beneficial
claims made for high dose multi-vitamin, anti-oxidant,
nutritional, and exercise programs.

Now, Ward Dean, MD, tells

you how to measure your
biological age and evaluate
your life extension program in
his new book, Biological
Aging Measurement:
Clinical Applications
(8 1
/2 x 11 inches, 440 pages).
Dr. Dean is a leading life exten-

sion physician, scientist,

author,and the world's lead-
ing authority on aging

Here's what others say about this book:

Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, authors of Life Extension:

"This is a greatly needed book which will be of particular value to individuals wishing to make
practical use of available life extension technology."

Roy L Walford, MD, Professor of Pathology, UCLA and author of Maximum Life Span:

"Highly recommended for anyone involved in anti-aging therapy or experimentation."

John A. Mann, author of Secrets of Life Extension.

"This book is an absolute must for anyone on a life extension program. ..the most pertinent life

extension book available."

For readers of Reality Hackers Send check or money order for

$39.95 ($59.95 after 12/31/88) (Paperback) or

$12.95 value -Free with your book order: $95.00 (Hardback) + $3.00 P&H to:

Live Long and Well audiotape by Dr. Ron Klatz, The Center for Bio-Gerontology
President of the American Longevity Research P.O. Box 7837
Institute, contributor to The Life Extension Weight Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
Loss Program, and co-author of The E Factor. (805) 529-6665
magine a world made of plicated in an infinite num-
I music instead of solid ber of ways corresponding
objects. fringe science to the infinite number of
The essence of music- waveform families that ex-
world is vibration. There is B Nick Herbert ist. For instance, a proper
nothing in this world that combination of triangle
isn't vibrating, buzzing, ringing, clanging, self- waves could produce the sound "music" complete
possessed by its own rhythm. Taken together, these with all the subtle intonations peculiar to your own
numerous rhythms sometimes harmonize, sometimes vocal tract. Music synthesizers work on this principle,

clash, but never does the clamor cease. Since it is the commonly using either impulse waves or sine waves
very substance of the world, as long as the world ex- to duplicate the sounds of various musical instruments
ists so does the rhythm. The music goes on forever. and to create entirely new sounds.
The science of music-world is not tinker-toy me- Performing the synthesis operation in reverse, any
chanics but a science of vibration, a deep appreciation wave may be analyzed, broken down into elementary
of the ways that waves work. The first chapter in the waveforms belonging to any one of the various wave-
book of undulatory wisdom is a catalog of basic wave- form families. Here is the most important difference

forms. The number of possible between music-world and a clock-

waveforms is infinite, so only the work-style universe made of ordi-
most interesting and useful waves nary objects. A clock comes apart in
are pictured here. In chapter one only one way, separating into its

the wave scientist can find the waves unique pieces. But a wave has no
produced by organ, cello, cymbals, parts it can be broken apart in an
piano, saxophone, tuba, violin, infinity of different ways, corre-
drums, human voice, and hundreds sponding to the infinite number of
of other musical instruments. Waves waveform families one might choose
created by electronic circuitry are as a basis for waveform analysis.

here as well: the square wave, saw-

/ Now imagine that music-world
tooth wave, triangle wave, the quick / has just been discovered by a race
digital blip called "impulse wave," the "Exxons".
of intelligent beings
and the mathematically perfect oscil- These beings are completely deaf
lation named "sine wave" after the they cannot hear the music
familiar trigonometric function. Each of these waves but their technology is sufficiently advanced to have
stands not only for itself but for an entire waveform produced a variety of spectrum analyzers with which
family. The sound of a Steinway grand, for instance, to indirectly probe music world's complex vibrations.

sounding C-sharp is a member of the piano-wave fam- The Exxons, for instance, can determine the sine-wave
ily. The other family members are the other notes that content of this new world. Because it is made of
the piano is capable of putting out. In principle, the waves, not things, music-world obligingly responds to
piano-wave family, and all others contain an infinite the Exxons' probings by breaking up into any wave-
number of members, one wave for each possible fre- forms they happen to choose. Each of these ways of
quency of vibration. probing music-world is valid, but each represents only
Chapter two in the Big Book of Waves describes a partial truth. Even if they could hear the music di-

how waves come together to make new waves. The rectly, the Exxons would miss much of music world's
most important tool for building waves from one an- import, for hearing, itself, is only one particular kind
other is called the "synthesizer theorem" which states of spectrum analysis. Because it is made of waves,
that any waveform whatsoever can be synthesized by not things, music-world is simply richer than any one
putting together (in the proper proportions) members description can encompass.
of any one of the waveform families. If you are reading this column hoping to discover

As a simple example of the synthesizer theorem, some new outlaw edge, as the title Fringe Science
imagine speaking the word "music." Your speech act suggests, then you are in for a surprise. What I have
produces a particualar waveform in the air, a com- fancifully called "music-world" is just our own world
plex, transient pattern of sonic vibrations. The synthe- as described by quantum physics, more than sixty

sizer theorem says that this sound can be exactly du- years old, the mainline, hardcore, establishment

science, the basis for computer chips, lasers and much way of splitting up the world's waviness into compo-
of today's matter-of-fact technology. nent waveforms. The quantum world, in the manner
Our world is made of atoms, but as quantum pio- of all worlds made of waves, obligingly splits apart

neer Werner Heisenberg put it, "Atoms are not things." any way we slice it this is what physicists call the
Atoms are, in essence, a certain kind of wave, cease- "observer-created reality" feature of the quantum
lessly vibrating, extended disembodied oscillations, in- world. What we see is partly a function of how we
dividual notes in the music-world symphony we all choose to look, or how we choose to fracture the

take part in. world's deep musical unity.

we humans cannot directly hear
Like the Exxons, If we break the music up into impulse waves, for

atomic music, but we can probe this world with a few instance, we have chosen to measure "position."
spectral analyzers. One of the most peculiar features Hence we see the world as a fixed pattern of localized
of quantum physics is that every physical attribute - events. If we break the world into sine waves, we
position, momentum and rotation, for example cor- have chosen to measure "momentum" and see the
responds uniquely to a particular waveform family. world as a pattern of rapid movement. Because it's
Thismeans that when a physicist makes a position made of waves, the quantum world can be constmed
measurement on the quantum music-world, he is, in in an infinity of ways. Unlike the Exxons, Homo Sapi-
effect, spectrally analyzing that world into the wave- ens' choice of spectrum analyzers for the quantum
forms that correspond to the position attribute which music-world is severely limited, consisting of our ordi-
happens to be the "impulse wave." Measuring an nary senses and their technical extensions.
atom's momentum attribute corresponds to analyzing The quantum physics
gist of our mainstream
the atom's music into sine waves; measuring the scientific wisdom
is that we live in a world made of

atom's rotation corresponds to breaking up its music music. The ancients were right. Not only the world
into waveforms called "spherical harmonics." but our own bodies are made of this quantum music.
Whenever we make a measurement on music- and probably our minds as well. Matter is made of it.

world, we are not quite measuring what's inherently more basic than lite itself, the music in your ears is the
there but are looking at the results of one particular music of the spheres.

CanKathmandu an old tripper,
Class of
Koh is

and more than

Thai for "island,"
fifty islands
'69, still find para- psychopharmacognosticon comprise this archipelago
dise in the steamy laby- off the southeastern coast
rinth of tropical Asia?
twenty years of American
By Terence McKenna of Thailand.
At dinner I overhear
Imperialism and dope- talk of mushrooms and
running tarnished forever- meet Tas, an Eritrean medi-
more the dream
Southeast Asia? Poignant
cities of
Our Man In cal student traveling
his German girlfriend, Pe-

questions to ask 33,000 feet tra. The sound of the surf

above the Pacific and
headed toward a continent Nirvana: and the ganja combine to
open into deep dreams. It
I haven't seen since the rains lightly; next day I will
Nixon administration. explore the waterfalls and

this is
It is February 1988, and
not a vacation. This
Koh Samui beaches. This place feels
very right. Bo Phut is mel-
isan assignment. Real low and unspoiled and
Work. Check out Southeast deep as only Asia can be.
Asia. Clad in full safari drag, courtesy of the Banana becoming clear that Thailand itself is in full
It is

Republic, corseted with hidden money belts, and fes- flower. The rumors were true. A golden moment shim-
tooned with camera gear, I make a comic apparition. mers and shudders like a soap bubble whose delicate
"Our Man in Nirvana" the editors at Trips magazine beauty is always about to dissolve. The basic concern
have styled me. My expectations flicker like the lights of the Thais seems to be to have a good time. There is
of Bangkok beneath me. Editors operate on the Im- a real exuberance in the food, the culture, and the
pact Theory of Travel Journalism: Shoot the writer at people a sort of tropical Japan with a Latin beat.
the target and pick up the pieces. The larger waterfall is Na Muang. It is a ki-
The seatbelt sign comes on, the flaps go down. I lometer's walk off the main road to Lamai, a crowded
brace myself for the descent. Clutching my APA guide- party beach. Butterflies settleon the wet sand at the
book like a talisman, I get jostled through Customs base of the falls and rise upward in a startled variegat-
and disgorged into the sultry Bangkok night. And now ed cloud. Later we hitch a ride back to Na Thon, the
I remember the smell of Asia, smell of dust, diesel port and largest town on Samui. Na Thon teems with
fuel, human sweat . . . and something else. Is it ganja the low-budget international tourist set. There are very
or air pollution? It is I realize with delicious shock few Americans on the road in Asia. We seem to have
adventure. abandoned it to the ubiquitous Germans and the
Koh Samui . . . accounts differ. Is it a burnt-out French.
scene, now abandoned to European sex freaks? Or has Everything goes on in Koh Samui as if in a dream.
the scene moved on to other beaches, other islands, All the pleasures of the flesh are taken for granted.
leaving Nirvana to itself and to me? On the morning Thais seem naturally modest and at ease. Excesses,
flight to Surat Thani I mull the questions over in my though not flaunted, are no cause for comment. I
mind. I am braced for adversity, fended against disap- make my first serious visit to the beach and find the
pointment, but even Bangkok seems wonderful to one water a milky turquoise, the level of beach nudity
so long away from Asia. Hey, this is beginning to feel high, and the vibes thick. No question about it, this is
like fun. lotus-eater land. Name your pleasure and you will find
I have found the world in Koh Samui. By yester- it at hand.
day afternoon the mist-filled valleys and rugged Several of the local hotels have signs posted with
heights were jutting out of the Gulf of Thailand ahead messages on the theme, "Yes, we have Magic Mush-
of me. I chose my destination with an eye to avoiding room" and "Today Yes Mushrooms Today." The door-
German tourists. Fate, nevertheless, dished me up a way to the psilocybin spaces shimmers and opens on
truck-taxi filled with them. "Chaweng, Chaweng," they Koh Samui. Hard not to be won over.
intoned gutterally. I was dumped out at Bo Phut At Chaweng and Lamai beaches the sound of dis-
beach. The bungalows were of brick and teak. The tant rock & roll fills the air at night and there always
people seemed friendly so I settled in. Four minutes seems to be a party going on in the next coconut
later I had scored some ganja and embraced the place. grove. That side of the island swarms with libidinal
The beach sweeps away in a white coral curve in both energy; the meeting of tropical softness with the
directions. Across the water, forty minutes away, is slightly frantic juices of the mostly youthful travelers.
Koh Phangan, equally beautiful, still more remote. Chaweng beach has ocean surf and seems an endless

succession of beach clubs and
bungalows fronted by nearly nude
sun-bathers. For contemplative
types there are other options: Mea-
nam and Bophut are restful places,
pristine and apart.
In Na Thon, I see handmade
signs offering a six-year lease on a
working restau-
rant of twelve
beachfront acres
for an amount of
money that I dare
not report for fear
of causing mass
migrations. For
cheap one could
become the mas-
ter of a self-

sustaining settle-
ment in Paradise.
Every Chaw-
eng restaurant
worth its reputa-
tion offers movies
each night on
VCR. These are
usually ripened
American action
pictures. Pursuing
elusive drugs,
plants, women, or
sculpture might
be good strategies
for adventure. But
it would seem
somehow forced
under the circum-
stances. I doubt if
Dr. Hunter
Thompson him-
self could
squeeze much
horror out of this.

Mellow has
seized the high
ground on Koh
Samui. Photo by Faustin Bray/Sound

World Bunga-
lows at Bophut Beach, at six dollars a night, remains a head. Yes, she replies,
favorite. There are more comfortable upscale digs but she had gotten it only
then one crosses the line between traveler and tourist hours before in Na Thon.
and becomes anathema to really interesting people. She remarks on the tradi-
Pursuing the latter, I compliment a young Italiana on tional Thai skill in tattoo-

her dragon tattoo edging thighward. I ask if she had ing and instantly I feel

got it in Asia. Suddenly adventure raises its goatish the hot breath of excess
(continued on page 96)

One of the most
teresting areas
ones who had
over twenty years. By using
meditated for

neuroscience is deter- megabrain update an electronic device to ac-

mining the key to memory. cess this state, it's now pos-
Gary Lynch and his UC Ir-
Michael Hutchison sible, in a sense, to bypass
vine associates have exten- twenty years of meditative
sively researched memory and (as told to Eight-Circuit Eddie)
its training!

formation. Lynch and associates A new machine I'm using in

have since found that the key to memory consists of a Megabrain workshops is called The Twilight Learning
two-part process they call Long Term Potentiation, or Device. This was developed from the work of biofeed-
LTP. back researcher, Dr. Thomas Bidzinski, who's been in-

Long Term Potentiation requires a specific type of vestigating the use of the theta state for accelerated
neural firing consisting of a voltage change in the neu- learning. Bidzinski said "Theta, the twilight state, is

rons in the hippocampus. Then, a specific neuro- where a lot of learning gets done very quickly; where
transmitter, such as glutamate, must shoot into the re- you can get lots of information into the brain in a short
ceptor site of different neurons. The first part is like period of time." In other words, theta is an ideal state

cocking the trigger of a gun and the second part, like for learning.What you learn there becomes a part of
firing it. your long-term memory.
In recent months, Lynch ^^^ ^^^^ The Twilight Learning Device
and associates have been using is a very advanced biofeedback
Direct Electrical Stimulation of An excited Dr. Lynch tool that uses an EEG to meas-
the brain to generate LTP.
proclaimed , "We have ure brain wave activity. The
They've found that LTP is par- EEG is hooked up to a series of
ticularly effective when a sec- found the magic rhythm, tape recorders with audio head-
ond electrical stimulation, or the theta rhythm.... phones for monitors. When your
pulse, follows the first, or pri- brain begins to produce suffi-
mary pulse, by two hundred endogenous
the natural cient quantities of theta, and
milliseconds. The effect inten- rhythm of the hippocampus" only then, a tape plays the infor-
sifies when ten pairs of these mation you wish to learn. If

200 ms pulses are applied at ^^^H something happens to disturb

five second intervals. The fre- you, the machine will switch off
quency of this electrical stimulation mirrors the theta until you get back into theta. It's an elegant little accel-
rhythm. An excited Dr. Lynch proclaimed, "We have erated-learning device that guarantees you'll only re-
found the magic rhythm, the theta rhythm... the natural ceive the information when you're in an optimal learn-
endogenous rhythmn of the hippocampus." ing state.
Theta is the brain rhythm we go into during those Another brain machine, Genesis, accesses the theta
moments between waking and sleep. In this state state. It's an eighteen-sided aluminum/titanium frame
(slower than alpha), the brain throws up all kinds of resembling two geodesic domes joined together. In the
spontaneous unpredictable imagery, creative ideas, and middle of this frame there's a cushioned platform that
vivid memories. Theta is where the light bulb flashes the user lies on suspended four feet above the ground.
on and we say, "Ah-ha! We have a solution to our A number of specially-designed sensors, transducers,
problem." and speakers are mounted on the frame's superstruc-
Theta is a very difficult state to stay in without rapid- ture, under the platform. These interface with a so-

ly falling asleep. However, people can train themselves phisticated electronic console that controls an array of
to remain there. Research shows that long-term medi- computers, electronic synthesizers, power amplifiers,
tators are able to produce large quantities of theta and graphic displays.
waves. As music plays from all sides, sensors monitor vibra-
A study of Zen monks showed that in their medita- tional frequencies the body accepts or rejects by decod-
tive state, brainwave activity slowed down from beta ing energies given off by tensed or relaxed muscles.
into alpha, and then from alpha The most
into theta. The computer then calculates the data and reprograms
interesting discovery was that the monks who entered its field processor to intensify and enhance the various

theta the quickest, and with the greatest ease, were the musical densities (frequency, phasing, equalization,

equalization, and acoustical amplitude)
optimal resonances for the user.
that produce
As you relax, the music's tonal quality changes. [NEW TOOLS FOR BRAIN GROWTH
you can hear yourself. You hear your
So, in essence,
physical and mental states in tandem with the music
Experience consciousness-altering, intelligence-
you feel resonating in your body. boosting devices neuroscientists are calling "Nautilus
Although Genesis is currently being marketed to machines for the brain."
the corporate audience as a stress reduction device In a MEGABRAIN WORKSHOP you will have the
(It's quite expensive around $50,000 - $60,000), my opportunity to explore the effects of a variety of
sense is that it offers more interesting possibilities than brain-stimulating tools that have shown evidence of
producing dramatic increases in memory, intelligence,
simple stress reduction. I'll be experimenting with sensory acuity, creativity and receptivity to new
Genesis in depth over the next few months and will information. Neuroscientists have found that the
on my experiences.
issue a first-hand report Megabrain devices rapidly create the high-coherence,
peak efficiency mental states produced more slowly
I've of time at the Monroe Insti-
spent quite a bit
and less reliably by traditional techniques such as
tute where I went through their Gateway Experience meditation and yoga.
program. They've recently developed a special week- Among the "turbochargers for the mind" you may
long training session called H-Plus, or Human Plus, for experience first-hand:
people who have completed the introductory Gateway. - THE GRAHAM POTENTIALIZER revolves the user
through an electromasgnetic field, producing
This incorporates some of Bob Monroe's new research
meditative states, and "streamlining" neural activity by
into tapping higher human powers. I'm going to be increasing the Neural Efficiency Quotient.
there in October for the session and I'll write about THE MIND MIRROR provides the user with a
full-spectrum real-time image of the brainwave

that, too.
activity of both hemispheres and assists in producing
I'm also involved with a group that's opening the states of heightened awareness.
Brain Technology Research Institute in San Francisco. THE ALPHA STTM, a transcranial electrostimulator that
This non-profit facility is dedicated to conducting re- a recent study proved dramatically increased human
learning abilities and concentration.
search on the effects of various mind machines and HEMI SYNC delivers precisely tuned sound waves of
technology on brain functioning. We plan to gather differing frequencies to separate ears, increasing neural
objective data on these Megabrain devices. Manufac- organization and mental acuity and producing altered
states of consciousness.
turers have made a lot of claims; we want to separate
THE DAVID I - A sound and light device that
hard evidence from speculation, to determine what synchronizes brain wave activity and induces altered
really works and in what combinations. Hopefully, and enhanced states of consciousness.
the Institute will be open by early '89. Other devies include TRANQUILITE, which produces
an audio-visual "blank out" state and has been called a
"portable floating tank"; HYPNO-PEREPHERAL
To learn more about these and other devices, read
Hutchison, a writer described by THE NEW
"out on the cutting edge" and by Dr. John Lilly as
"superb" (available in Ballantine paperback at your
Rare books and artifacts relating to local bookstore for $4.95, or add $1.00 for postage and
psychoactive drugs and send check or money order to the address below.)
'60s Counterculture
FOR INFORMATION about the dates and locations of
MEGABRAIN WORKSHOPS, and to learn more about
how you may purchase Megabrain devices, write or
Skyline Books call:
Counterculture, Beat & Drug Literature 193 Stanford Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 381-1731
387 Pine Hill Rd.
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Please send for free catalog.

psychedelic the members of the House
a soiree to benefit psychedelic scenarios of Representatives and 60%
the Albert Hofmann of the Supreme Court judg-
Memorial Library was re- es will have been Bob

cently staged at Holly- By Bruce Eisner & Peter Stafford Dylan fans. He declared,
wood's John Anson Ford "The fun has hardly begun!"
Theater. Over two hundred psychedelic cognoscenti, Janiger promises the library will be open by year's
at $50 a plate, milled and mingled about on the stage. end and other benefits are in the works. If you would
They were later joined by an additional 1500 persons like to donate money, psychedelic memorabilia, or ex-
for a presentation called "Beyond the Doors of Per- hibits or just want more information, write The Albert
ception." Hofmann Foundation, 1328 Westwood Blvd. Suite 36,
Dr. Oscar Janiger, the psychiatrist noted for turn- CA 90024. Its phone number in LA. is
Los Angeles,
ing on a bevy of celebrities and artists, compared the (213) 470-1624.
library to a time capsule, or fossil record, which will MDMA is in Schedule I The seesaw battle
contain books and memorabilia of the half century over MDMA's legal status may have ended in Febru-
since Hofmann made his for- ary, with the DEA administra-
tuitous discovery of LSD. The ^^" ^""" tor again placing it into the
library will also house a psy- most severe category in the

chedelic art gallery. Some of drug schedules.

the art will be from artists who During the past three years, During the past three
were turned on by Janiger years, its status has resembled
back in the late 50's and early its (MDMA) legal status the trajectory of a ping-pong
Dr. Janiger used to give ball. Of course, the ball al-
has resembled the
his subjects a Hopi Kachina ways ends up back in the
doll and ask each one to paint trajectory of a DEA's court and they always
it before LSD and again later,
ping-pong ball. whack it back into Schedule I.

while on the psychedelic. Until 1985, MDMA was as

The terrible triumvirate from legal as table salt. After the
Harvard, Leary, Alpert, and immmm mhmm DEA attempted to place it in

Metzner, came together publi- Schedule I, a group of re-

cly for the first time in a quarter of a century. Metzner searchers protested and hearings ensued. In the midst
cleared up the misconception that he, too, had been of the hearings, the DEA used its new emergency
fired by Harvard. "I am happy to point out that I powers to temporarily ban it. Appeals courts later

wasn't fired. I didn't have a job there. I was a grad found this unconstitutional because, at that time, the
student. Subsequently, I changed my story because I DEA didn't have the authority.
realized it was much more interesting if I said I was At the conclusion of the hearings, the DEA's own
fired ..." judge recommended more benign
placing it in the

Richard Alpert (introduced by MC Paul Krassner as Schedule III. DEA Administrator John Lawn simply ig-
"Just Plain Ram Dass") gave a progress report on his nored the recommendation and whacked it back into
well-documented journey, promising another such re- Schedule I.

port ten years hence. He began by clearing up his The researchers led by Lester Grinspoon, M.D.
drug-taking status. "People are always asking me, of Harvard successfully appealed. The First Circuit

Well, you have stopped using drugs, haven't you?'" Court ruled that it should be taken off Schedule I and
He responded, "No, I take LSD about every two years reconsidered by the DEA. It did not take long for the
to find out what I forgot and to have faith in who we DEA to "reconsider" and put it back in Schedule I. At
are." He would have remained a middle-
said that he this point, those who have opposed the scheduling
class neurotic if not for Timothy Leary and the experi- are ready to give up. "When you're defanging a bear
ences that propelled him on his well-chronicled jour- one tooth at a time, you still got a problem," said a
ney. "As long as I live, I will be growing into what noted chemist and researcher.
happened to me on my first psychedelic experience." One diehard who is still hoping to get research

Timothy Leary paid homage to seminal brain ex- going again is Rick Doblin of Cambridge, Massuchu-
plorers and predicted that in ten years, 1998 75% of setts. His organization, MAPS, has conducted animal

research to examine the charges of possible neurotox-
lodged against MDMA. His conclusions are con-
tained in a report titled "Risk Assessment: The FDA NIGHTBLOOMERS & ROSETTA PRESENTS
and MDMA Research." (The report appears as an ap- A FASCINATING COLLECTION OF BOOKS
pendix in Bruce's book, Ecstasy: The MDMA Story & OBSCURE ARTICLES RELATING TO:
from Ronin Publishers in Berkeley, CA.) SHAMANISM, FOLKHEALING &
The non-medical use of MDMA has not stopped
with its scheduling and continues at a very significant
rate in the United States while, at the same time,
MDMA has a great, but undeveloped, therapeutic po-
tential. If it can be demonstrated that MDMA-induced
neurotoxicity is temporary, and that there is a no-effect
level around the human dose level, the risk of using
MDMA infrequently in research seems very minimal.
Even if neurotoxicity does occur, there are presently
no behavioral orfunctional effects that have been
associated with it. Once careful risk/benefit analyses
can be conducted, rational decisions can be made
concerning future research. If the data comes in as WEAR THE ABOVE, CLASSIC CHAVIN MOTIF
Regular or Ex. Large, Radiant Blue Screen Print On Dark
preliminary indications suggest, there can be hope
Cotton TEE-SHIRT. $12, OR Display A Quality 9"x12"
that the FDA will permit direct MDMA research in hu- Print of the Above Motif, Matt Mounted $10.
mans to begin. Both the above include: Fascinating Literature
Those of you who are interested in donating time or Free Postage & Product Listing. $1/catalog only.
spinal fluid to Rick's studies can contact him at: (617)
P.O. BOX 4611 BERKELEY, CA 94704-0611


/ met Adrian Belew at the Miyako Hotel, in

San a couple of days
Fransisco's Japantown,
after hearing him speak at S.F. State's music
seminar series. Adrian was in San Fransisco
musician on tour to promote a new record by the Bears,
an Ohio-based rock band he has put together
as an attempt at a more commercial sound
and as a collaborative experiment with other
musicians from his home turf.
Adrian Belew's innovative guitar tech-
nique is legendary. Although probably best
known for his work with Frank Zappa, David
Bowie, King Crimson, the Talking Heads, and
Laurie Anderson, Belew's solo albums rank
among the most original pop music written
and performed in the 80's. It's this more per-
my attention to Adri-
sonal work that drew
an writing and moved me to include him
's in
my documentary project Musicians' Musi-

Enjoying the energy of the new tour, Adri-

an was extremely willing to talk about his
music, as well as the part he has played in the
music of others.
Tom Erikson

A Adrian Belew appeared at S.F. State Col-

lege to deliver a "lecture" to the music de-
partment. Rather than lecture, Adrian sim-
ply took questions from the large crowd that
gathered for this free appearance. Adrian
displayed the same unpretentious good hu-
mor that comes across in his music and
song lyrics. Quotes from the lecture are in-
terspersed throughout this interview. Audi-
ence questions are in italics.
Photos by Jay Blakesberg

REALITY HACKERS: What part does mu-

sic play in your life?
ADRIAN BELEW: Well, it's been since my
childhood that I've had music running
through my mind almost constantly, like a
record or something. For instance, Lone Rhi-
no was written at 3 o'clock in the morning. I

had no instrument. I just imagined the whole

song in my mind and wrote it down as well
as I could. It's just such an integral part of
my life. I don't listen to a lot of other music,
and for that reason I have a lot of music go-
ing around in my own little mind.

* he future of the guitar synthesizer

to the imaginations of all us guitar players.
is up

The technology is getting better and cheap-

er. For me, it's increased my vocabulary a
lot. I can't play some of the things I play
now without guitar synthesizer. At the same
time, I'm very careful to balance these
things with things like Dobro, acoustic in-

struments, and regular guitars. I don't want

to get to be just a synth nerd.

What is the precedent for your animal

It just came naturally to my way of playing.
In trying not to sound like anyone else, I
was left with just finding ways to make the
guitar sound like other instruments or unique
sounds. One of my favorite things to do is
plug in a new electric gadget and see what I

can get it to do. I almost always stumble

onto something new. I've got a million
warm feeling from it. The third step was kind of,

"OK, now I want to learn to play an instrument,"

=fihe Lodger album was done without me ever and getting absolutely passionate about it and doing
hearing the songs previously, or even knowing what it every day of my life. I would be the one kid who

key they were in. room

In fact, I was in a different would go back to school after summer vacation, and
away from the control room. couldn't see them (Eno I I'd be pale white, because I'd been sitting in my
and Bowie). There were video cameras. They could room all day playing the drums and listening to

see me and couldn't see them. They'd just say

I songs and figuring out this and that.

"Play now!" Voice of god, Brian Eno! It was fun that

way. It made me come up with a lot of things I would
never have thought of doing.
do like banging on things. Yeah. It started
when was I 1 0.

Is there a danger in that?

Yes, there is a lot of in it, and I'm very con-
scious of that. So do is write alot on acoustic
what I So you started from a rhythmic point of view.
guitar. That way, I'm more apt to come up with a Yes. At age ten, I started playing drums. I still play
piece of music that sounds complete in itself. Then that way now, and think became an integral part
I it

you just orchestrate it with all these tools. I look at of how my guitar playing is different. A lot of things
synthesizers and flangers and guitar effects as paint. Ido with the guitar are rhythm-oriented, and the rest
They're like little colors on your palette and hopefully of them are sound-oriented. I've pushed the guitar
you can use them judiciously. into other areas out of a consistent program of say-
ing, "I won't sound like someone else." It's just

W as the rubberneck guitar in the movie Home

of the Brave your idea?

Yes. The wonderful thing about making movies is

from realizing
ing a guitar


also enjoy
I forced


making a
me no end when
that the biggest joy for


lucky break

something other than a gui-

me was mak-

of a sudden

like a guitar,

I find a
that you have a prop department. These guys are new sound and it breaks open a whole new area.
just waiting for you to say something like "Build me a Have you been able to achieve a direct mind-to-
rubberneck guitar!" And they run off and build one! guitar-link at times?
It's incredible. If I had more time, there's no telling There are periods where you feel like you are trans-
what we'd have come up with! It didn't work as a gui- cending and you might even get lost in what you're
tar. In fact, they kept having to re-pour the rubber doing. I have that happen in songwriting, as well,

mold to find a consistancy that worked at all. They and those are usually the most incredible moments.
had to do three of them before they finally got limber It's very hard to bring that out because in our society
enough. But you couldn't play. I was faking it. It was you're just pounded to death with so much informa-
prerecorded. It did look pretty good, didn't it? tion and stuff. I tend to tighten up all the time, so
I'm always working to loosen up. I'm always stretch-
ing my body and I'm always trying to loosen my
mind up and let that stuff pour out more. It's hard to
You've pushed the guitar into new territory, like do
Hendrix. And you've been very influential. How
did your playing evolve?
From the time I was a child, age four I think, I used to
sing all the time. People would put money in the juke-
box; I would sing along with the records. I was kind
t aurie Anderson
whatever want. Usually she would say something
dolet me have a lot of room to

of an extroverted little child. That's how it began. like "Try to make it sound sorta like a chicken chasing

That fueled the next step, which was actually just hav- a steam roller." And I'd come up with something.
ing a passion for music itself, listening to it all the
time, being overwhelmed by it, and getting that real Do you use physical and mental exercises?

* *

Yes. I do some yoga exercises. I do some Tai Chi. I do you can turn them around backwards. It's simply an-
some meditation. Mainly, I do a lot of thinking. I bet I other tool.
think more music than I actually play.

my opinion about sampling? Well, of
artists don't get paid when someone

Have you considered doing music for film?
Ialways think in cinematic terms when I'm doing mu-
sic. I try to produce, mix and write music in that way.

The depths and dimensions of it do take on film-like

tapes our records. That's very annoying put us qualities. I'd like to do some film music. We'll see
right out of business. But I think sampling can be what happens.
used in wise ways. You can put samples together,
(continued on page 94)

Visual Music Instruments &


By Ralph Abraham

Readers of James Gleick's Chaos will recall the

quixotic Ralph Abraham and his Chaos Cabal nestled

in the witchy-woods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. For
years they met secretly in catacombs under the
U.C.S.C. Campus tinkering on rusty icons like the Sys-
tron-Donner analog computer. The Dynamical Sys-
tems approach was initially seen as a dangerous mind-
parasite by both the physics and mathematics depart-
Yesterday's heresy or dangerous sectarianism is

today's well, if not exactly orthodoxy let's say:

Hottest new way of looking at the universe. Now two

of his experimental projects in chaos and vibration
theory have finally evolved into a digital-video based
instrument. Here he traces the genesis of MIMI or
Mathematically Illuminated Musical Instrument.
Queen Mu
Once upon worked on a single mathe-
a time, I

matical problem The project culminated

for six years.

in two books, written simultaneously. When the man-

uscripts were done, I looked up to see what was hap-

pening in ordinary reality. It was Princeton University
in 1967. The Sixties were happening. A full-bore rev-

olution was on. A lot of people were departing ordi-

nary reality for one-day trips. Like Joseph Knecht, I

decided on the spur of the moment to try it out. For

me, this was no one-day trip. When came down,
I it

was 1973.
During this six-year walkabout, I moved from
Princeton to the University of California at Santa Cruz
(UCSC), toured spiritual groups and techniques, saw
my family expand and contract, took leave to explore
Europe Hippie style, searched the Himalayan foothills own experiences, repeated during regular inward jour-
for traditional knowledge, trekked to the borders of neys over the six years, provided further teachings on
Tibet. In Santa Cruz there were rock concerts with the vibration model for mind and consciousness. My
light shows. In Amsterdam there were esoteric books study of Indian music furthered my understanding of
and video artists, and floors to sleep on. In India the wave metaphor, which is basic to the Samkya phi-
there were yogis, gurus, classical North Indian music losophy.
teachers, Sanskrit texts in English translation, and Dynamical systems theory, including catastrophes
caves to sleep in. and chaos, provides a mathematical framework for the
Reentry was difficult. After a cooling-off period in elaboration of the vibration model. Indeed, this elabo-
Tahoe, supported by mathematics applied to black- ration was already underway in the work of Thorn. In
jack*, I returned to my post at the University of Cali- fact, Christopher Zeeman described his own explicit
fornia in January, 1974. I tried to integrate what I had model memory, based on catastrophe theory and
gained from my journey with my work as a professor. excitable media, to me in Amsterdam, shortly before I
I gave seminars in vibrations, combining the Vedic flew to India. However, it was Jenny's work, provid-
concepts with European mathematics. My goal, in- ing visual representation of the basic concepts and
spired more by desperate need to communicate than phenomena, which seemed to me to have the greatest
the ideals of Boddhisatva or Toynbee, was to share potential for furthering our understanding of human
the essential visual aspect of the vibratory fields I had consciousness.
seen in my travels. The whole experience of the
Logos could not be shared, but perhaps a visual
representation would excite the full field in the
The idea was a
viewer's mind through morphic resonance.
The underlying idea was a vibration analogy for vibration analogy for mind,
mind, brain, and human behavior. At present, similar
and human behavior. At present,
ideas have become widespread and familiar, in the
form of neural nets, excitable media, cellular automa- similiar ideas have become widespread...
ta, and complex dynamical systems. But at the time,
neural nets, excitable media, cellular
they belonged to the fringe. Further, the edge of the
chaos revolution wave had just arrived at the shores of automata, and complex
the physical sciences. Some students, still under the dynamical systems.
influence of the lost Sixties, were attracted. Together,
we began the macroscope project.


During the European phase of my walkabout, in THE MACROSCOPE
February, 1972, I was invited for a short visit at the In- With the aid of students from my UCSC seminar, I

stitut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques near Paris, the reproduced Hans Jenny's kymatic device in my lab.

French equivalent of our Institute for Advanced Study. Our device was larger and less precise than Jenny's.
This is the home institution of Rene Thorn, who in- We used a four-inch dish for the water/glycerol solu-
vented catastrophe theory in 1966, and David Ruelle, tion, four-inch telescope mirrors loaned by Lick Obser-
who brought chaos theory to the attention of physi- vatory, and a color Schlieren filter developed by Gary
cists in 1973. Thorn showed me Hans Jenny's book, Settles. An analog electronic tone synthesizer was
Kymatics . I was immediately struck with a feeling of built especially for the device, and an industrial xenon
urgent importance. I called Jenny in Basel to arrange arc lamp provided the illumination. When finished, I

a meeting. Soon I was at Jenny's home, where he aligned the optics, approximating by eye, turned
showed me slides and films of his work, and shared everything on, and glanced at the screen. I was asto-
his ideas on the significance of vibrations and Chladni nished to see a perfect Jenny-style Chladni pattern, in
patterns in human physiology. He was a follower of full color. The experience overwhelmed me, and I re
Rudolph Steiner.

Later that year in India, Jenny's ideas were echoed

* For an entertaining read see Thomas Bass' The Endaemonic
in my reading of the Vedas and the teachings of the
Pie, Vintage, 1986, described by the N.Y. Times as "electronic Gon-
yogis and gurus, especially Neem Karoli Baba. My zo journalism" and a "veritable pinata of a book."

experience with Indian music, Samkya vibration theo-
ry, Thorn's catastrophe theory, and the light shows of
the Sixties. Math, music, mysticism all are one!
Subsequently, we made systematic use of the in-
strument (with the tone generator, not my master's
voice) to study the bifurcations of chaotic motions of
vibrating waves until 1979. A video describing the in-

strument and the experiments is available from Aerial

Press . No other direct reports have been published
in scientific journals, but the understanding gained
from my experience with the Macroscope has illumi-
nated all of my writings (especially those collected in

my books On Morphodynamics and Complex Dynam-

ics). Recently we revived the macroscope to record a
"music video" of Jill Puree's overtone chanting. The
routine use of such a device for visual music is incon-
venient but highly recommended, and this direction
ERNST CHLADNI. A Mozart and Beethov-
contemporary of has been developed by Gary Settles.
en, he founded modern acoustics while trying to improve the
tone of Ben Franklin's glass harmonica. Reproduced from
Mary Waller (1961), Plate 1.
Soon after beginning the Macroscope Project,
computer graphics arrived at UCSC. In 1975, with
ired to the corridor outside the lab to recover my com- computer scientist Evan Schaffer, I taught a special
posure. section of calculus using computer graphics for dem-
An official opening was planned for the lab, re- onstrations. This grew into a state- and federally-
named the JENNY
July, 1974. On
impulse, I asked
my Indian music
guru, S.D.Batish,
to sing at the
opening. We at-

tached a micro-
phone to the am-
plifier that

vibrates fluid in

the dish, in place

of the pure tone
generator. This
event provided
my first experi-
ence of visual
music based on
Chladni patterns,
the essential
forms of vibration
in three-

dimensional me- MARY DESIREE WALLER. Here she demonstrates her method, an extension of Jenny's work, for tele-
vision. The sand pattern is formed on a square plate, under the
action of a vibration maintained by dry
dia. It connected,
ice. Reproduced from Mary Waller (1961), Plate 2.
all at once, my

funded project to develop a massive teaching system
for beginning math courses, called VISMATH. It end-
Visual music is a traditional art medium, with an exten-
ed in 1982. sive (if little known) history. It probably played a basic role in

Part of our VISMATH program was an annual film the arts and rituals of the cave cultures of the European epi-
paleolithic, and the early civilizations of the Anatolian neolith-
show, at which almost all computer graphics films on
ic. Cave sanctuaries, rituals of Minoan Crete, and the deriv-
mathematics were shown. Each year it was longer,
ative mystery schools of Ancient Greece may have
and eventually multiple shows were necessary. As continued this artistic tradition, along with its mystical relig-
ious associations. Father Castel's Paris performances of
film artist John Whitney and his family, co-workers,
color music created with candlelight and cloths were famous
and followers were using mathematics in their works, in the eighteenth century.
we added a number of art films to the programs. In In recent times, visual music reappeared in the Theo-

this way we became familiar with the visual music me- sophical Revival at the turn of this century. Aleksandr Scria-
bin intendedPrometheus: The Poem of Fire (1910) to be ac-
dium, as used by frame-by-frame film animators. We companied by a light show. (By the way, begins in chaos.) it

also got to see Tom BanchofPs great classic of mathe- Alexander Wallace Rimington performed live color music in
matical animation, Hypercube, and Nelson Max's all- London at about this time. Claude Bragdon and Thomas
Wilfred in New York created keyboard instruments for live
time great Inversion Of The Sphere, and to meet their
performance of color music in the 1920's. In the same peri-
authors. In these two films, in particular, I recognized od, Arnaldo Ginna and Bruno Corra in Italy, and Oskar Fis-
actual images from my own inner experiences during chinger in Germany, laboriously made color music composi-
tions in the form of animated films. In 1936 Fischinger
my walkabout. Some were so accurate that a prior ex-
moved to California, where he continued his work, influenc-
perience in 1969 might almost have been a precogni- ing John Whitney and other major groups of color music film
tion of sitting in the film show in the UCSC auditorium artists in America.
in 1975. Patiently, I waited for computer graphic The live performance of color music survived in the
work of Mary Hallock Greenewalt in Philadelphia in the
hardware to evolve the capability to create and manip-
1940's (she invented the rheostat for her organ), Charles
ulate these images in real-time, so that I could use it to Dockum in New York and California in the 1950's, and of
share my own inner visual experiences with other course in the Hippie culture of the 1960's.

people. Meanwhile, I tried to create suitable images

with video feedback. Although these efforts failed,

they did provide some fundamental concepts relating

dynamical systems theory (especially bifurcation theo- chaotic bifurcations

and chaos theories) to the music context.
ry visual
of vibrating fluids may be called
Some of these are illustrated in an excellent video
made by Jim Crutchfield with an analog video synthe- up by the visual artist in real-time
sizer, available from Aerial Press. But we wanted af-
performance... a new level of reality
fordable, programmable digital video.
hacking for the future
In the early 1980's, satisfactory digital video hard-
ware became available. The Fairlight Computer Video minated Musical Instrument (MIMI). This is nothing
Instrument (CVI) was an early application. Soon, a but a digital-video based clone of the Macroscope,
Cellular Automaton Machine (CAM) appeared at scien- connected via MIDI to a digital keyboard instrument.
tific conferences. The new era for digital video music Sitting at the keyboard, one might sing, play sound,
had arrived. For me, this meant the possibility of re- and play picture, all at once. The picture part was en-
placing the Macroscope with a digital clone. This visaged as a modulation upon ordinary reality, in the
could be portable, affordable, and programmable . form of real-time video. This sort of reality hacking is

Further, because of the recent evolution of the MIDI used in the Fairlight CVI. However in MIMI, the oper-
standard for interconnection of digital musical instru- ation on a real picture would be defined mathemati-
ments, a digital video-based visual musical instrument cally, through the algorithms of dynamical systems
could be playable, via keyboard, guitar, flute, violin, or theory. Among these algorithms are the cellular au-
even voice. tomata invented by Von Neumann to simulate the hu-
In 1983, people began inviting me to speak at" man brain, cellular dynamata based on the heat and
non-mathematical events. My path along the New Age wave equations of mathematical physics, neural nets,
campsites eventually led to a stage in Hollywood, excitable media, turbulent fluids, and so on.
where I proposed a design for a Mathematically Illu- For example, with no keys pressed, we might be

puter, and is available to the performer. Finally, the
B6x 2: THE HISTORY OF ACOUSTICS dynamic image process (a mathematical rule followed
The glass harmonica was invented by Benjamin Frank-
by the digital video processor) may have parameters
lin in Paris in 1761. It was popular until about 1800, and

many composers use including Mozart and Beethoven.

under control of the performer via breath controllers
Ernst Chladni was the father of modern acoustics. or other MIDI devices. Thus, chaotic bifurcations of
Born in Wittenberg, Saxony (near Bonn, Germany) in 1756,
vibrating fluids such as seen in the Macroscope may
he earned a degree in jurisprudence at Leipzig in 1782. An
amateur musician, he designed and constructed two glass be called up at will by the visual music artist in real-

harmonicas. In connection with this work, he developed the time performance. This may provide a new level of
technique (now called Kymatics) of sprinkling sand or pow- performance for reality hackers of the future.
der on glass plates, and bowing them with a cello bow. The
sand would move to a filigree of ridges, like ridges of sand
The first protrotype MIMI is now under constmc-
dunes, now called the Chladni Nodal Lines. The regions tion at UCSC, under a contract from Pacific Shift, a
between the nodal lines, called Antinodes, are responsible high-tech studio in Santa Fe, NM. It consists of a MIDI
for the sound produced by the vibrating glass plate, its
keyboard and sound synthesizer, a personal computer
pitch, timbre, and so on. Chladni searched for designs that
would have a specified timbre, like the electronic synthesiz- with MIDI interface, a real-time digital-video image
er programmer of today. His first report of this research processor, and a rack of analog video studio gear. All
was published in 1 787. In addition to pursuing his acoustic
this has cost about $100,000 so far, but prices are rap-
researches at home in Wittenberg, Chladni travelled exten-
sively around Europe giving performances and demonstra- idly falling for most of the components.
tions of music and sand figures. In 1800, he arrived in Par-
is and made a presentation to the Academy of Science, at ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. In Paris, Harold Rosenberg and the
the invitation of Laplace. Chladni had a private audience Institut des Hautes Etudes (especially the director, Nicolas Kuiper)
with Napoleon, which resulted in a prize competition in were very supportive. In Amsterdam, Simon Vinkenoog, Judith
1809 a mathematical explanation o< the nodal lines. Na-
for Schavrien, Thatcher Clarke, Bill Levi, Jack Moore, and the Matema-

poleon's prize was won in 1815 by Sophie Germain, one of tisches Instituutwere most helpful. In Uttar Pradesh, Neem Karoli
the first great woman mathematicians. As women were Baba and many Pahari people were very generous. My reentry in
prohibited from attending univeristy classes at that time, Santa Cruz was facilitated by Terence McKenna, Ray Gwyn Smith,
she obtained her mathematical training by impersonating a the Batish family, and the Abraham clan. It is a pleasure to ac-
truant male student, Lucien Leblanc, at the Ecole Polytech- knowledge the support of the University of California and the assis-
nique in Paris. Her prize paper founded the branch of tance of my students over the years in the macroscope project (esp.
mathematics, now known as Continuum Mechanics, the Paul Kramerson) and the Visual Mathematics Project (esp. Peter
basis for the modern science of acoustics and mathemati- Broadwell), and the support of Pacific Shift for the MIMI project.
cal theory of nonlinear vibration. Bill Moritz generously shared his rare knowledge of the history of

Chladni's experimental work has been repeated and visual music. am very grateful to all of these people and institu-

extended regularly over two centuries, most notably by tions for their kind support through these many years and changes.
Mary Waller (London, 1961), and by Hans Jenny (Basel, Thanks are also due to Hillevi Wyman and Rebekah Levi for their
1972). comments on the manuscript.

Ralph Abraham, Vibrations and the Realization of Form, in:
watching an ordinary video of a dancer or surfer. Earich Jantsch and Conrad Waddington, (eds.), Evolution In The Hu-
When pressing a key and holdingdown, we get a it man World. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1976, pp. 134-149.

note. An organ tone and a MIMI note. The MIMI

Ralph Abraham, On Morpbodynamics, Aerial Press, Santa Cruz,
CA, 1985.
note stops the ordinary reality action on the screen, Ralph Abraham, Introduction To The Macroscope video cas-
and hegins a mathematically defined deformation of sette, Aerial Press, Santa Cruz, CA 1975.

the freeze-frame image. In the case of an image pro- James Crutchheld, Video Feedback, video cassette, Aerial Press,
Santa Cruz, CA 1987.
cessing algorithm based on the heat equation, the pic-
Sigalia C. Dostrovsky, Ernst Florenz Friedrick Chladni, in:

ture would fade slowly to grey. would

This process Charles Coulton Gillispie, ed.. Dictionary Of Scientific Biography,
continue as long as the key was held down. The pace Scribner, New York, 1970, pp. 258-259.
Gerhard Finkenbeiner with Vera Meyer, The Glass Harmonica:
might depend on key pressure or velocity, pitch
A Return from Obscurity, Leonardo, 20(1087), 139-142.
wheel, or other MIDI controller. Upon release of the Hans Jenny, Kymatik Basilius Press, Basel, 1967. 1972.

key, the grey would fade back into the ordinary reality William Moritz, Abstract Film and Color Music, in: Maurice
Tuchman, ed., The Spiritual In Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985,
of the moving surfer. Similarly, there are different
Abbeville, New York, NY. 1986: pp. 297-311.
ways to interpret a MIMI interval. Two keys pressed Gary Settles, The Amateur Scientist, in: Scientific American,
at once could initiate a combined effect, which may May 1971.

be totally unrelated to the individual effects pro- Mary D. Waller, Cbladni figures; A Study In Symmetry, Bell,

London, 1961.
grammed to follow each of the two keys singly. The
program attaching a dynamic image process to a key
(or combination of keys) ains in a personal microcom-

The Distortion of
By Dr. Alexander T. Shulgin

Generally the effect of psychedelic drugs on the

perceived quality of music is a positive one. Psyche-
delic drugs usually promote eyes-closed imagery fur-
nished with figures, structures, patterns, and designs
that create a synthesis with the mu-
^^^ in bass tones. Musical sounds
One family of such drugs is rep- are also distorted. Subjects volunteer
resented by the dialkyl tryptamines.
These indole bases are all relatives
The subjective such comments
bad cold?" or,
"Do you have
strange they

of DMT
decrease in would put such a poor recording on
the simplestand best studied of the the radio." The subjective decrease
group and a component of toad ven frequency of in the frequency of sounds is a fixed
om and several South American value rather than proportional, which
snuffs. DMT, like its close allies sounds is a fixed leads to jarring distortions of har-
DET (N,N-diethyltryptamine) and
DPT (N,N-dipropyltryptamine), is in-
value which leads monic intervals. Subjects vary in the
degree to which this auditory phe-
active when taken orally: it must be to jarring nomenon occurs, but there is a con-
absorbed parenterally [outside the sistently complete return to normal
intestine]. A well-known exception distortion of perception coincident with the disap-
is psilocin (4-hydroxy-N, N-
pearance of the other symptoms de-
dimethyltryptamine) and its phos- harmonic scribed. Subjects report little or no
phate ester, psilocybin the major intervals. euphoria and are curiously neutral
active components of Mexico's mag- when asked whether the experience
ic mushrooms
which are orally was unpleasant or pleasant. A single
active. These drugs are noted facili- i^^^ ^" trial conducted at 80 mg revealed
tators of visual imagery in conjunc- only a greater intensity of the same
tion with music. activity.
DIPT (N,N-diisopropyltryptamine), the structural One classical distinction between the "natural"
isomer of DPT with branched chains on the nitrogen, schizophrenic state and that induced by drugs ( the
is exceptional among the DMT congeners in that it is so-called "psychotomimetic" state) is that in the for-
orally active. Visual effects are non-existent. Its most mer, hallucinations are largely auditory, while in the
remarkable effect produce distortion in the hear-
is to latter, they are visual. DIPT produces changes only at

ing or perception of sound, whether voice or music. i the auditory level. Whether this occurs by affecting
The effective level of DIPT is from 20 to 50 mg. the musculature of the ear or the integrity of the audi-
Onset of symptoms occurs about half an hour after in- tory association areas remains unclear. What is clear

gestion; the full effects last from one to two hours; however, is that this unusual indolic drug, DIPT, could
with recovery to a symptom-free state by the fourth be uniquely useful in helping us map out the distinc-
hour. Side effects can include mild nausea and tion between endogenous and chemically-induced

mydriasis. sensory distortion.

It is DIPT that is most unu-
the subjective effect of
sual being a consistent disturbance in the audi-
that (1) See:"N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DIPT) and 5-Methoxy-N,N-
tory process. Most subjects note that observers' voices diisopropyltryptamine(5-MeO DIPT). Two Orally Active Tryptamine
sound much lower in pitch. Women's voices are heard Analogs with CNS Activity." Shulgin, A.T. and Carter, M. F. Com-
mun. Psychopharmacol. 4 363-369 (1981)

ural plant sources

of tryptamines,
such as Psychotria

Visual Music uiridis,

have been
to aya-
huasca prepara-

in the tions to heighten,

lengthen or miti-
gate the effects of

Third World the beta-carboline

alkaloids (har-
mine, harmaline,
By Queen Mu
etc.). The skillful

use of such addi-

The ayahuasca cult has still not per- tives is the special province of the vegetalis-
colated down to recreational drug- ta. A good vegetalista or ayahuasquero
gie circles in California. There are, prepares a brew that imparts "luz. "They
it is true, a few self-appointed New say when it's good, se ve clarito, meaning it

Age ayahnasqueros, but the mere will create clear visions. Everything from the
mention of a "barf bowl" in their phase of the moon to the hour of prepara-
promo literature suggests some- tion combines to effect the quality of the
thing like an ordeal ritual. Few brew.
people are prepared to undertake Dennis McKenna, Terence's kid brother,
the dietary restrictions for weeks in has contributed valuably to this thorny area
advance, or the gastro-intestinal rig- of ethnopharmacological research with sever-
ors of the trip itself. The purga al technical papers. But for the nonspecial-
brava, while no doubt cleansing, ist, the most fascinating work to appear on
can feel like a boa entering one's the subject is Vegatalismo by Luis Eduardo
mouth and chewing through to the Luna. {Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis
other end with involuntary defeca- no. 27, 1986). Ayahuasca is usually thought
tion and emesis. The experience, of as primarily a visionary experience, but its

under the best of circumstances, is effects on the auditory process are also strik-
INTENSE . Still it exerts an abiding ing.

fascination which the work of In 1906, Zerda Bayon described its use
scholars like Gerardo Reichel- in the Caqueta region of Peru: "They also
Dolmatoff and Michael Harner have tried repeatedly to give expression to their

fanned. feelings about the wonderful, loud, intoxicat-

From an ethnobotanical stand- ing music which they were hearing and
point, the whole Ayahuasca-caapi- which sounded strange to them, but never-
yaje complex is fraught with diffi- theless entrancing, so that they could com-
culties. There are over 40 different pare it with nothing earthly and by which
common names for the ayahuasca they were transported."
brew based on the harmine- Michael Harner in 1980 wrote of his first

containing lianas, Banisteriopsis experience with ayahuasca: "I became con-

caapi and related species. And scious, too, of the most beautiful singing I

there are perhaps as many additives have ever heard in my life, high-pitched and
designed to potentiate its effects, ethereal, emanating from myriad voices on
derived from botanical or faunal board the galley."

sources (e.g. toad skins). The ple- The basic notion exists that ayahuasca
thora of local vernacular names for teaches "magic melodies" known as icaros.
plant species has compounded the In fact, being a vegetalista is almost synony-
confusion. Commonly though, nat- mous with mastering a vast repertoire of
icaros each of the different psychoactive The icaros are the quintes-
plant spirits has its own icaro. Different sence of shamanic power. A
types of icaros serve a variety of purposes good vegetalista is able to "or-
The vegetalista
ranging from love magic to divination to the chestrate" beautiful or transforma-
regurgitates his yachay,
cure of snakebite. Shirohaehua or fun tive visions through his magic or supernatural
songs, for example, animate the patient, in- melodies. Competitions some- phlegm.
ducing joy and hope. Manchari are sung to times arise between maestros to This thick white phlegm
lies at the top of the
lead an abducted soul back to its owner. "monopolize" the visions of those
With the icaro de la aranita, a little spider present a kind of competitive
stomach, thought to be
the most vital part of the
spins a web around a man and woman unit- "jam session" where they unleash body. It is in this area
ing them for all eternity. all their tricks. that the shaman
Icaros are taught by the tutelary spirits Luna has included musical harbors the virotes-
of plants and animals: the raya-balsa, for ex- transcriptions of eight icaros thorns, razors, magic
darts, rock crystals,
ample, an aquatic plant, can teach one to culled from the repertoire of his
insects,and even baby
travel under the water. There are even ica- informant, Maestro Don Emilio, in
piranhas-which are
ros of perfumes, stones and resins. The sir- Appendix III of his book. Luna regurgitated with the
enas or mermaids are often invoked in aya- describes some of the icaros as yachay and used for

huasca sessions. They appear, singing having great unearthly beauty, magical purposes.
beautiful icaros, accompanied by string in- and urges ethnomusicologists to
Original painting by
struments. Their icaros can give one power record them soon, as they are an
Pablo Amaringo Shuha
over the underwater world, particularly over evanescent feature of shamanic (from Luna, op. cit. p1 14)
the bufeo or pink river dolphin. These crea-
tures are feared and seen as mighty sorcer-
ers, yet they are also invested with sexual al-

lure. Men are said to feel an intense

pleasure during coitus with dolphins, and
are sometimes unable to separate them-

Icaros are used only during ayahuasca

sessions. There is a hierarchy among sha-
mans depending on number and power
of the icaros they know. The icaros sung in
Spanish are not as powerful as those in jun-
gle Quechua; mixtures of Quechua with Co-
cama and Omagua are particularly potent.
Yet each shaman has a principal icaro
which represents the essence of his power.
In the highly sensitized state of aya-
huasca intoxication, the icaros help structure
the vision. They can also modify the halluci-
nations themselves. Luna reports: "There are
icaros for increasing or diminishing the in-
tensity of the visions, for changing the color
perceived, and for directing the emotional
contents of the hallucinations." culture, that is fast disappearing.
Vegetalistas are masters of synaesthesia. True ayahnasqueros, he claims,
Through using the most interesting acoustic are dying out and their roles are
effects produced by whistling and singing, being assumed by charlatans. The
the geometric designs can be seen acousti- key to recognizing a true maestro
cally. The icaros refer to a medicine as "my is: does he know the magic melo-
painted song," "my words with those de- dies?
signs," or "my ringing pattern."
ipper Gore fears that Heavy Metal is stealing
the souls of America's children. You can
thank the Blue Oyster Cult for that. From
the beginning, both critics and fans wondered if the
band was more interested in occult phantasmagoria
than in selling records. Their multi-layered guitar
licks, thunderous innovative riffs, and sinister yet am-
biguous lyrics earned the BOC critical raves and a
loyal following. While never a wildly successful ven-
ture, they became the premier "cult" band of the Sev-
enties through their unmatched mastery of the Heavy
Metal idiom, an idiom they, in no small measure,
helped to create.
was fueled by a consistent vision.
Their creativity
The arcane and dark imagery of the lyrics reflects a
fascination with the ambiguous consequences of an
accepted worldview that divides thought and action
into Good and Evil, pure and impure, often without
logical or biological foundation. In the same manner
as the French Symbolists, the BOC realized that the ac-
cepted worldview often gave "evil" an unreasonable
allure and irresistable attraction. BOC's lyrics explored
the consequences of impurity,
artistic alienation evil,

and gnostic initiation. Ultimately it created much of

the lingua franca of Black Metal. Yet the lyrics never

BLUE sink the music.

threatens to
is in the

On the contrary, the music often
overwhelm even the
music that the BOC's uniqueness
The BOC understood that the power of
strongest lyrics, for
is most

Heavy Metal is unleashed by combining guitar-based

OYSTER distortion and strong rhythmns with repetitive chordal

harmonies and dense texture.
While all natural sounds
or acoustic music

voices, ocean waves
reveal the same fractal dimension
when mathematically analyzed, electronic distortion

ed, can
The unnatural added tones, to the uninitiat-

sound like painful screeching, particularly in

the hands of a guitar masturbator. However, in the
hands of the BOC, who are masters of using noise as
music, these "extraneous" notes become the essential

THE CHORDS OF timbre and texture of heavy metal, serving the same
purpose as the orchestral texture or instrumental tim-

DOOM bre of a classical orchestra.

Additionally, the BOC makes heavy use of classi-

cal music techniques, particularly from the Romantic

tradition, most particularly from Liszt. From Liszt the

BOC adopted the technique of thematic transformation

Sandy Pearlman and repetition as well as the use of modal diatonic
in conversation with harmonies to provide a Gothic atmosphere and rapid
Grade & Zarkov shifts in mood so well suited to these lyrics.

The BOC's rhythm section provides the power

source, careening between thunderous blows and ma-

niacal speed, but with enough variation and flexibility Blues-based. There are those who find the roots of
to avoid the shoals of stultifying sameness. All this ef- Heavy Metal in Led Zeppelin and the Blues. It's not.
fort is for naught however if what comes out of your The Byrds have nothing to do with the Blues. The Va-
speakers is mud. Fortunately, the BOC albums are nilla Fudge don't have anything to do with blues ei-

carefully produced to provide an almost lushly tex- ther. It's essentially a development of heavily-
tured orchestral sound. amplified pop music. With an emphasis upon chords.
Several of the BOC's albums are absolute musts Upon the power of the chord. The reiterated chord.
for collectors. Tyranny and Mutation (1973) is a mas- The infinitely reiterated chord. . .

terpiece of heavy metal sensationalism still charmingly Heavily amplified, heavily distorted, heavy I.M.
appalling after the passage of fifteen years. Agents of (InterModular) distortion; so you have, in effect,
Fortune (1976), with its anthems of radical alienation random texture.
contains the hit Don Fear the Reaper..
't Reaper's guitar Right. Right. Exactly.
solo is for us the definitive fantasia on the tritone Unlike Blue Cheer, where you have texture com-
(considered the diabolus in musica since the twelfth ing out of the volume.
century). Spectres (1977) contains our favorite hymn The Blue Cheer is this in its most intentional form . . .

to the Dark Goddess, I Love the Night, and other

cheerfully black chansons. During the next ten years,
BOC was unable to equal their earlier work and re-

leased a series of moribund albums, with the notewor-

thy exception of Revolution by Night (1984) which is an Apollonian album with
contains several delightfully excessive romantic tales.

We were curious, then, when about a year ago we a great sense of discipline
read about an ambitious new BOC album
that would and structure. But it does not
elevate them once more Rock Firmament.
in the
possess the chords of doom.
Sandy Pearlman, the BOC's longtime producer and
contributing lyricist is the single person most responsi-
ble for the BOC's vision. He agreed to meet and talk
with us about the musical and moral underpinnings of but, you know, you've got to decide whether this, in

heavy metal. its most intentional form, is interesting. Anyway, you

didn't really hear Blue Cheer first. You first heard it

ON THE ROOTS OF HEAVY METAL with the Cream. Blue Cheer stole the Cream live.

Even Hendrix was already second generation.

REALITY HACKERS: Where did Heavy Metal come
Byrds of the Eight Miles High and 5D through the No-
torious Byrd Brothers period. Totally amplified twelve Where did the late Romantic classical atmosphere
string (most rock didn't use twelve strings) the con- that is now almost common in certain Heavy Met-
fluence of that with the Vanilla Fudge ( You Keep Me albands come from?
Hanging On), and the Cream live which is exem- . . . That comes from Black Sabbath and the Blue Oyster
plified only on Wheels of Fire.. It's not really on Fresh Cult.
Cream Fresh Cream is an Apollonian album with a
. Where did Sabbath get it from?
great sense of discipline and structure. But it does not They had a superficial interest in occultism. They real-
possess chords of doom. It doesn't get into the realm ly are dealing with some very basic truths. They have
of InterModulation Distortion as a component of the developed a formal mechanism to communicate these
sound. truths, and a lyrical grammar to communicate these

. .which came out of the Byrds because they

. truths. And in the hands of a madman like Ozzy, and
were using the first generation of transistor a former madman, like Iommi ... at one time, these
amps. people were in the functional equivalent of posses-
It came out of that and the inability of the amplifiers sion. Whether they were or not doesn't matter. They
to handle twelve string guitar. functioned as if they were possessed. Anyway, that's
Heavy Metal, the music itself, well, it isn't really what they were interested in. And you know the Blue

Blue Oyster Cult
mi CBS Records

1988 is the biggest year in the history of Heavy Met- acoustic grand piano provides percussive ornamenta-

al. Hence it's only fitting that the Blue Oyster Cult is tion to thesombre timbre of multiple metal guitars play-
back with their best album in years. Imaginos success- ing (or to sound as
produced they are playing) in tight

fully extends the range of Heavy Metal as music. The Lisztian ensemble. Best of all, Astronomy uses the gui-

album is a tone poem written as a song cycle, making tar ensemble sound most eloquently, transforming a

imaginative use of Romantic classical musical texture Doors leitmotif into the "rhythm of events onrushing,
and guitar-based metal timbre. evoking a star-strewn night sky overlaid with the silvery
This is still hook-laden Rock and Roll, folks, but if
shadows of those visible Invisibles who determine the

you are unaware of either the Romantic historical ele- "rush of events." The album's unique sound combines
ment or the lyrical use of noise as music, you'll miss the multiple guitars playing as in a chamber orchestra,

resonance of the story. It is a tale of the occult aliena- giving listeners the excitement of heavy metal virtuosity

tion underlying the destruction of the European Old Or- while transcending the trite limits of the conventional

der by World War I, musically realized through iterative rock guitar solo. However, if you dislike overt Romanti-
thematic transformations of leitmotives. cism or are allergic to Liszt or Ravel, this album is not

The songs are textural variations on these themes. for you.

They range from the surface pop gloss of Del Rio's Imaginos' ambitious and innovative use of rock and
Song (which conceals a disturbing core) to the dense classical music technique is well realized in the album's

Lisztian orchestration of " . . Frankenstein's Castle .

production. The distinctive raw timbre of metal riffs and
(Faust as transcendental parable). There's an occult rhythms and the unusual coloration are combined to ex-

boogie for headbangers (I Am The One You Warned Me pand the band's musical horizons while still sounding
Of) ; two pieces of fin-de-siecle French musical color in- unmistakably like the Blue Oyster Cult of Tyranny and
terwoven with demonic banshee guitar wails (Les Invisi- Mutation or Agents of Fortune. The production is partic-

bles and In the Presence . .

.) and an underwater resur- ularly polished and precise, with an almost Straussian
rection that's no less then a recruiting anthem for ear for ensemble, at times using as many mu-
tracks of

hardcore B.O.C. aficionados (Blue Oyster Cult). The sical material as there are instruments in a symphony
songs make extraordinarily effective use of an explicit orchestra. This results in a density of texture as satisfy-

guitar orchestra. In Imaginos, a dance melody is richly ing as that of classical music but still evoking the esoter-
embroidered with layered guitar textures. In The Siege ic occult/science fiction universe that was the B.O.C. 's

and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein's Castle, an original contribution to rock and roll and heavy metal.

Oyster Cult has a much more sophisticated interest in Was there a point where you sort of had the
history and decadence. vision of what BOC would represent?
Was that more than just you; were there other I knew exactly what it was going to be and represent
members in the band who were interested in . . from the very beginning.
Well, I didn't write "The Reaper." But the framework; Were there any things going on in music that
you know, the grammar . . . the universe of discourse, influenced . . . ?

is mostly mine . . . and (Richard) Meltzer's, 'cuz Meltz I think the only things we really admired musically
also wrote lyrics. were the Doors and the Byrds . . . the Byrds from the

5D and Notorious Byrd Brothers period. And we got THE NEW SCIENTIFIC GRAMMAR
some musical grammar from Black Sabbath. By the
way, I think that the BOC is more influential than In effect, what is important or central to this
Black Sabbath because the Sabbath's attitude toward culture can't be expressed with the musical gram-
evil was less ambivalent than that of the BOC. mar that's been handed down to us. Whereas,
How would you describe that? what was important or central to the culture of
Well, our analysis of the role of evil in a culture is
the nineteenth century could be expressed with
straight out of La-Bas by Huysmans. That's where it
the musical grammar.
came from for me. I thought there was something The whole Artistic grammar may have well played it-

very profound in that. Purity is a bi-polar situation in self out.

this world. One is easier to achieve, and eventually Do you think that there's a possibility of a new
more fascinating, because it's more acceptable than grammar that will open up a new music or a new
the other. The argument about Gilles de Rais vs. Joan painting . . . ?
of Arc* Why did they diverge in the directions that Yes. The new scientific grammar, obviously.
they went in?

Black Sabbath has very much an anti-Church of * The fascination of Gilles De Rais is as an inversion of Joan
England black magician flavor to it, both in terms of Arc kust as the Black Mass is an inversion of the true
of the harmonic structure (S. Fifths) and in their Mass. For those of you unfamiliar with J.K. Huysman's La-
demonology. One of the things that makes the Bas; Gilles de Rais was a 15th Century French noble whose
Blue Oyster Cult interesting is that you don't have life forms a perfect diabolic contrast to Saint Joan of Arc. He
this continual rehash of the old Biblical Devil vs. was Joan's official military protector and was at her side for
the year from her triumph at Orleans until her capture.
God story to express the M anichean dichotomy.
Over the next 10 years de Rais squandered his estate and
Well, basically, yes. You know, Black Sabbath is Par-
turned to alchemy to regain it. "He resorted to necromancy,
adise Lost ? But with the same sort of ambivalence
satanism and finally the torture and ritual murder of kid-
that you see in Paradise Whereas the Blue Oys-
napped children . .
." In 1440 he was sentenced to death,
ter Cult doesn't really have much to do with those sort where his confession, and demeanor the gallows were
of creatures at all. "acclaimed as an example of Christian penitance." (Quotes
from 1968 E. B.)


We had lyrical input from three people: from me, from

Patti Smith and from Richard Meltzer. And also, you
had the eruption of brilliance every once in a while
from Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser who wrote "The
Reaper", and / Love the Night
Two of our favorite songs. The
Well, / Love the Night
Were you the producer for that song?
is remarkable.
Yeah. Catalog of Art Videos
Well, one of the things remarkable about /that's
Love the Night, in addition to the poetry which is
just unbelievable, is the sense of orchestral space Computer Graphics, Cymatics, Fractab,
around the music. It sounds like a classical or- Dolphins, Dream Journeys, Crystals,
chestra in sonic space.
Animations, Inner Space, & more . .

It's amazing. Oh, what it really sounds like is Ravel's

orchestra. Explore Magnificent Realms of Nature
Or the chamber portion of Mahler. Fascinating Worlds of Special Effects
OK. But you're dealing with very similar sensibilities. Scored to Expansive New Age Music
What is the difference between Paris, fin de siecle, and A (JNIQUE SELECTION OF VISIONARY ENTERTAINMENT
Vienna, fin de siecle? There isn't much difference ex-
a catalog, send $1 to be applied to your first purchase
cept Paris was a healthier place.

J !
I t
Music For
Brian Eno
vV 1 at the Exploratorium
in San Francisco

Interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian

Eno. A legend. Up there in the Pantheon with Da-

ft '4
vid Bowie and David Byrne. His designation on Roxy
Music albums is simply: Eno. Everyone knows which
Eno just as she knows which Victoria or which Attilla.

Having a major proportion of Earthlings recognize you

by a three-letter name is a distinction shared only with

God. Indeed, many intone Eno's name with the same

reverence (and a good deal less embarassment) as they

do God's; it actually has a better ring to it. Try it. E-


NO, E-NO, E-NO. A veritable mantra of a name. God

spelled backwards is "dog;" Eno spelled backwards is

"one." You decide.
Now he's in San Francisco where he's created an in-

stallation at the Exploratorium and is holding a press

conference. Fittingly, it is housed in the Grecian temple-

Photos by Jay Blakesberg

like Palace of Fine Arts. I march at the tail-end of a ness of the installation which is contained within a
procession of media acolytes from ABC, NBC, CBS, King Kong banana-shaped room, and stand in the re-

the wire services, the big dailies-all the annointed. We cesses as reporters shuffle and jostle one another,
faithfully file into the entrance of the installation, hid- staking out their turf. Grunts and expletives cut
den behind the shapely poured-concrete ankles of a through the air. "Hey, turn the lights on in here! How
giantnaked bored-looking rump-jutting nymph. A co- the hell am I going to video this?" a philistine moans,
lossal caryatid with R. Crumb idealized buttocks gaz- defiling the rich templelike atmosphere-an atmosphere
ing wearily, a hun- being continuously
dred feet above our created by subtly
heads, across a re-
flecting pool. But
who is this anony-
mous-looking chap
sitting on a green slat

parkbench serenely
observing the report-
ers file past, their

eyes busily absorbing

the outsized charms
of the callipygous shifting sound from
nymph and her sister- interacting un-
servants slouching matched tape-loops
beside the swan- and slowly meta-
infested waters? morphosing aqua-
Surely, that is an Eng- relle light washing
lish hand-sewn cor- over Eno's foamcore
dovan shoe I spy on architectural con-
the casually crossed staictions. We are
leg or a fop I'm not. wandering in an
Certainly he's molted ever-changing non-
many feathers, much repeating sculptural
glitter and some hair, but just as certainly that is Eno environment bathed The video
in Jacuzzi chromatics.

watching me watch him a curious feedback loop. images are simple geometric blocks of color on twen-
Amazingly, none of the professional newshounds take ty-five inch monitors which are not viewed directly

any notice of the man they're here to cover. I turn to but, rather, cast their light onto an angular canted and
my companion, Jude Milhon - arch Enophile, and indi- skewed German Expressionist cityscape ofexpanded
cate Eno with a nod of my head. polystyrene a simultaneous sunrise and sunset on an-
"My God," she exclaims. other planet endowed with multiple luminaries, seen
"Yes, exactly. Do you have a copy of High Fron- through shimmering atmospheric haze: another green
tiers on you?" and red and blue world.
"Yes," she says, fumbling in her bag. It is a world of nonredundancy and nonperio-
"Good. Give him one." dicity. It cannot be grasped intellectually only felt in

"I don't want to disturb him he may be meditat- a transitory way, slipping past one's senses like fine
ing." silt. Furnished with upholstered sofas, it might be a
"He's sitting here watching the bloody fucking waiting room on Sirius. It's like being abducted by ali-

squirrels in the park, this is a perfect opportunity!" ens and then having to wait for your brain-scan.
Jude and I walk past him and stop at the respect- Some people return day after day and stay for hours.
ful distance of eighty feet. Jude looks at him as a con- It's a space designed to linger in: a polysensory limbo
servationist might study an endangered skink. informed by one of the most interesting minds in mu-
"Don't disturb him," she says sternly, eyeing me as sic today: Eno.
she might a rabid propagandist, which I am. MORGAN RUSSELL
Sighing heavily, I file into the womblike dark-

OF CRESCENDOS AND RAINDROPS when you get on a plane?" And I was aware that the
CHARLES AMIRKHANIAN: How did you first get music that gets used in airports has exactly the oppo-
the idea for such a thing as ambient music? site effect that it's supposed to. It's supposed to make
BRIAN ENO: I can trace it to two things. One was you think, 'Don't worry. Everything's all right. It's just

it's the story on the cover of Discreet Music

I told - I a normal day.' British Airlines has this horrible, peppy
got knocked down by a taxi one time when was I Baroque rubbish. It's terrible. It's really sort of "poke
crossing the street.
you see. Getting knocked

down by a taxi is not the most prom-

ising start to a good

I always make use of every-

but I was
^"^ ^
her up the bum" Baroque
these fixed grins

your very

moment when
life into
And you can
on their faces, at

you're taking
your hands. And

laid up in bed for awhile, and I there's on top of that, of course, the airlines
couldn't move. A friend who'd visit- never have decent cassette players;
something about
ed was leaving and I said, "Do you they're always going
mind putting a record on for me?" the condition of "nnnnrrrrrrrnnrnnrnr": like that. (He
She put on a record of virtuoso harp ignorance that laughs) So, you sit there thinking,
music and one of the
left. Well, "Jesus, if they can't get a cassette
speakers was on the blink and had produces charmed player to work, what am I doing in

gone out. And she'd put the music work this thing?"

on too softly. And it was raining So I thought, 'Right. You're

quite heavily outside. So, all I could ^^^^ never going to convince people that
hear was just the loudest few notes this is not a dangerous situation. So

of the harp . . . what you have to do is make them not care if they
The highest frequencies, probably. die.' I was thinking that Music For Airports should

That's right. It was sort of crescendos mixing in with give you the feeling that, 'Well, it doesn't really matter
the raindrops. was listening to that and thought,
I all thatmuch anyway. What's a few humans less?' So
'This is really beautiful. This is a use for music' It that's why the music has a slightly, I'd say, resigned
was a way I had never heard music before, not as the feeling to it.

central focus of attention, but part of the context that You could make us a Music For Earthquakes.
you live in. I mean, the idea wasn't unfamiliar be- (Brian laughslow roar in Auditorium.)
cause I had been aware of the various experiments Oh, yeah, that's right-you need some of that!

that John Cage and others had performed. So knew


about it as a theory, but I'd never felt it as a real way FOUR-LAYERED SOUND SANDWICHES
of listening. As that record played, I thought about The music that goes with the installation was intend-
making music that didn't impose its presence. Music ed, at it's inception, to be always different at every
that was made to be useful. Music made
deliberately point in time and at every point in space. That is, you
to be what you might call, the acoustic con-
a part of, will never hear it the same, anytime or anyplace. This
text that you live in. This idea developed into Music has been achieved by an interesting inversion of the
for Airports. was sitting in the Cologne Airport
I principal recording. The idea is that with a tape recor-
which, I think, is a nice building. (It was designed by der, you can duplicate things perfectly. And the histo-
the father of one of the members of Kraftwerk.) It's ry of tape recording is a history of duplicating things
son of a triangular building with very high ceilings. more and more perfectly. We now have very faithful
And I like the building and I thought that the sense of tape recorders. So if you run four tape recorders to-

space should be celebrated in some way. So I gether, and you don't synchronize them in any way,
thought about how I could do that with sound. Obvi- the combination is always different. So the element
ously, it would have to be a music that didn't frighten on each individual tape recorder will be a repeating
people since they're already a bit timid about flying. loop. But the combination of all four is always a dif-

It would have to be a music that could be internipted, ferent combination.

because you have announcements all the time. You'd This piece of music was made like this. It start-

have to make a music that didn't demand resolution. ed out as a twenty-four track piece of music. Now,
People won't be around for the resolution. All sorts of normally you would mix those down to two tracks
interesting conditions started to come to mind. and that's the record. What I did with this piece was I

Then I thought: "What do you most want to feel mixed one set onto one two-track tape and then an-

other and so on. ended up with four two track
I ber. I was fascinated by brightly-colored paintings.
tapes. If these tapes were perfectly synchronized and Where did you see brightly-colored paintings?
run together, they would produce an exact copy of I don't know, but I think my uncle was the formative
the original piece of music. What I do is run these person in this. I have a very eccentric uncle. He was
four layers out of sync with one another and, as a re- in the Hasad in India. One day he fell off a horse and

sult, they constantly create new sandwiches. They're became concussed... and he became a mystic (laugh-
auto-reverse cassette players and each mix fades ing). So if any of you are interested in that, that's how

down. So you do you do it. He stayed

occassionally get the in India for six years

situation that three of and then finally came

them, for instance, back to this little

are reversing at the town where I was

same time. You get a born, Woodbridge.
very sparse sound for He was a gardener, a

that moment. Each landscape painter, a

tape runs for a differ- porcelain repairer
ent length of time. and the local eccen-

So the original cluster tric, really. He had a

of events which, on lot of art books and
my original version of one day he showed
the piece, work to- me a book of Mon-
gether as the tape drian paintings. Each
circulates, they fall reproduction was
apart. And, in fact, about an inch and a
they start clustering half but I can so
with other elements clearly remember the
at other times. So it's effect on me.
like having a continu- They were in the

ous shuffling system. simple, clear colors

that Mondrian was
A MAGICAL CONDI- using. My uncle still

TION OF IGNORANCE has the book. I looked at it a couple of months

Often it's the music made quickly ago and sort of relived that feeling.

and innocently that withstands the Another thing from that period I still have
test of time. You
don't are the records. I was listening to Little Richard
how you did it. After finishing you it the time. My roots are Little Richard and Mon-
think; "Oh, yeah. This is a good idea drian, really. I became really fanatically interested in

I'll do another twenty." And then you go painting, though I had never seen a real painting ex-

back and try to do another one and can't remember cept Mondrian's. was also I fanatically listening to
what the important things about it were. Discreet Mu- rock & roll records. Rock & roll. And then a family
sic was a good example of that. The record, Discreet friend we called "Uncle Stan" left us his record collec-
Music, is a terribly simple system. So when I made tion to look after. was all music that I had never

the record, I thought; "... Piece of cake. I've got a heard before. Big Band music of the late forties, Jack
good formula here. I'll do a few of these." But I never Teegarden and Ray Coniff; big influence . . . formative
made another one liked as much as that. And
I I don't side of Music For Airports.
know what was that made that piece work.
it I think We had two big American airbases within five
there's something about the condition of ignorance miles of my house. So the town lived in had 5,000 I

that produces charmed work. inhabitants. The airbases had 15,000 inhabitants. So
every cafe in the town had this sort of pathetic, dread-
OF LITTLE RICHARD AND MONDRIAN ful English cover version of things like Cliff Richards
When did you first become interested in the arts? and Craig Douglas and all these miserable honkeys.
I was interested in painting as early as I can remem- But also, because of the huge American contingent,

they had the R & B originals of them. So I knew work you 've done with delays and modulation of
which ones I preferred. There was no doubt about phase relationships?
that at all. We heard all the R &B originals. But the What relates is the characteristic ability of that
funny thing was I never knew that they were Black - music to be able to absorb a number of levels at the
any of these people. I never saw pictures of them. It same time. When was in Ghana, went to a festival

was many years later that I discovered that there was where the big chiefs are brought in on these ceremo-
such a thing as Black music

I'd say, five


Duke of Earl was one


records that changed


of the,
America and

that it



nial litters. And behind them followed the corps of

drummers, and these guys
the talking drums, recount the histo-
ry of the tribe back for
that play

many, many
life. Good ole Gene, I wish he was generations on the talking drums.
here tonight. Send Me Some Loving all the R &B So there are three of these very old
inspired me most of all because it's men following the chief, and they're
such a tender song as well as being
originals. But the each beating a different story. It

pretty manic. And I'd never really funny thing was doesn't have any rhythmic relation-
heard insanity and tenderness mixed ship. They're not playing music.
in quite the way that Little Richard
I never knew that
Like in England, bell ringers -

did it. (to the audience) Do you they were campanologists - don't consider

want to hear a little bit of that? (a themselves to be playing music. If
resounding " Vest.") This is the good you like it musically, it's an accident
bit, right? Where we play all the old .as far as they're concerned What
records. Forget all this video stuff! they're doing is working through a
process. I got interested in bell ring-
OF AFRICAN MUSIC & THE WHOLE FIELD OF POS- ing. So Anthea, my wife, wrote to the head of the
SIBILITIES English Bell Ringing Foundation - there's this maga-
When did you become interested in the tradition- zine called Ringing Weekly and asked "Could we get
almusic of Africa and other countries. Was that a any transcriptions of your music?" We got back this
natural outgrowth of your interest in doo-wop quite angry letter saying; "This is not music." They
music? were very concerned that we realize that it was oper-
Well, I was set up for it by Doo-Wop, R & B and so ating on some other level. It was the same thing with
on. It wasn't difficult to go back one step further in the African trip - it was completely novel for me to

the chain of connections. But I think it really started think that you could have noise in a musical context
with Fela Ransom, I suppose. He's now called Fela that was not musically conceived noise.
Kuti or Anikulapo Kuti or various other names. In In the recordOn Land, which I released around
1972, I first heard a Fela record . . . Fela Ransom and the time of that Africa visit, I used a lot of non-musical
the Africa 70. It's now Fela Ransom and the Egypt 80. noise. Usually the way we think about music is that
It's contemporary Nigerian pop music. I'd heard we have instruments,and then we have the rest of the
James Brown and understood what that was about. aural universe; we have foreground and background.
Then I heard Fela, and he was an African who listened What about, instead of accepting these dichotomies,
to James Brown. And he'd taken what James was do- letting all of those things be a continuum. So, instead
ing, but really extrapolated it in a big way. The early of having musical instruments and noise we have: mu-
70's recordings were the best, I think. They had five or sical instruments, sort-of musical instruments, vaguely
six drummers, a big horn section, lots of back-up sing- musical instalments, kind-of-noisy-things-that-make-
ers.It was a very big band maybe 22 people. And - musical-sounds, things that are just noisy and are
thesound was really, really harsh. The sax players clearly not instruments at all. What about using that
worked on getting this kind of brutal, rhinoceros sax whole field of possibilities? And the same with fore-
sound which didn't sound anything like Western saxo- ground and background. When you
sit outside and

phone playing. You remember Boots Randolf who listen, you hear some things loud 'cause you're close
did "Yakity Sax"? Well, it was like Yackity Sax cubed, to them. It's just an accident. It's not because they're
you know? more important. But if you listen, you hear things that
Audience Member: I was wondering ifyou'd re- you know are actually loud but they're just on the
lated the African concept of cross-rhythm to the edge of your earshot. I wanted to make a music that

placed you in a field of sound and implied that the then you don't release those ones!
horizon wasn't the end of it, that it continued right Somebody else does!
around the edge, right around the globe. Music that Charles is refering to the fact that he's got a bootleg al-
puts you in context. bum which I've never seen before - which I hope he
bloody won't play!

OF WORDS & TALKING HEADS Why did you choose as a kind of ostinato pattern,
Who wrote the lyrics to the Talking Heads' repeating "4m/ the Heat Goes On," constantly
Born Under Punch- throughout the. .

es (and the Heat Oh, that was very

Goes On) ? simple. That song;
On this record, which we had got into a
is not typical of the real fix with it. And
three records we did I like getting into

together, the lyrics fixes because I

were kind of consult- think something in-

ed upon. Normally, teresting happens
David (Byrne) wrote when you're backed
the lyrics and, as far into a corner.
as I know, still writes A new solution of
the lyrics for the some sort.
songs. But this whole Yeah, a new solu-
record, in fact, was tion. All the solu-

more of an impro- tions you already

vised and group- know don't work.
generated record. It

was the first record

they did where they
went into the studio
without a set of
songs. They went
into the studio with
the assumption that they would work up some materi- That particular song had
al in relation to the possibilities of the studio which been very difficult to

was what /represented in the equation. write. In the past, David

That's the way you like to work, isn't it? had always been writing over
That's the way I always work, really. With a band it's chord changes. This song didn't have any. On this

usuallymore difficult because of the awful threat of record, we didn't have any chord changes because
democracy creeping in. There's nothing more certain we'd been listening to a lot of funk and African music.
to kill an idea than democracy, as far as I'm con- We used riffs, grooves. It's a very different thing. If
cerned. I'm not making a political statement here, but you're writing over a chord change, you can stay in
one about how things get done creatively. For me, the same place. The energy of the song is created by
the only way anything interesting gets done in the stu- what's going on underneath. It drops, and it adds; it

dio is by someone saying; "I'm going to do this," not, gives a piquancy to the same note. I have lots of
"Do you think maybe we should do this?" or "Could songs that do that. In fact, that's the only trick I ever
we just do it a little more... could we?" learned, really. What you do is sing stay in place,

There's no point in taking a compromised stand. and let the music change so it drops away like a cliff

If you're going to make an experiment, just make it. I underneath you. Suddenly there's a real tension.

would hate to do something where people would When you're writing over riffs, that never hap-
think "Oh Christ! that's a bit off," "that's a bit weak, "
pens. you want to create the feeling of chord

or "just doing that old stuff again!" You make the ex- changes, you have to imply it in the voice. Like you
periment, and either it fails or it doesn't. And most sing sevenths, or ninths, or funny notes, to create
usually it fails - that's the nature of experiments. But those tensions. So, writing the songs on this record

was quite a problem for David. On this particular of the first performing electronic musicians. Who
song, it was really getting critical because we all liked else performed like that? He knew he was dealing
the music, but there was no song. So said; "Give me I with electronics. Now, the structure he was
twenty minutes." working within, the blues, was kind of an archaic
"Everybody leave the room", you mean? structure. But, if someone working within an archaic
Everybody leave the room because have to do Em- I structure does something exciting, that means the
barrassing Things. What did on this and on The I staicture isn't the important thing. The structure is just


Great Curve was to build the vocals that were reply- a of supporting what the guy is really doing. So
ing to the lead vocal that didn't yet to deal with contemporary popu-
exist. So, it was like I was filling in ^^ - lar music, you have to extend your
the answers. Now all David had to definition of what music is.

do, as a singer, was to ask the right

I am actually Hendrix was a musician who
questions. secretary-treasurer understood the system that he was
dealing with. And the system
EXTENDING YOUR DEFINITION of the Society to wasn't It was six
just six strings.

OF WHAT MUSIC IS Melt Down strings,some electronics, an

The Talking Heads are such amplifier, some big speakers, an
virtuosos. Now, you've said in
Flutes, anyone
auditorium, a public, and the accu-
some interviews that virtuosity wants to mulated resonance of pop music
isn't what rock 'n' roll should be up til that time.
about. But when you're working Is classical music oppressive in
with a group that can do the ___^^^^ ^^^^^ England?
things they can do, it's pretty fan- It's pathetic. Classical music in Eu-
tastic, isn't it? rope is pathetic. It's like yards of
Well, actually, the point wasn't to deny virtuosity, but wall-to-wall carpeting. But you know, the most inter-

to point out that as many interesting things come from esting musical experience I had in Russia wasn't listen-

ignorance as skill. For me, rock 'n' roll is contempo- ing to all these new punk bands
that they have now,

rary electronic music. And the people making the or scratch or hip hop or anything like that. The ex-
records are not virtuosos in a musicological sense. perience that stayed with me was switching on the ra-
Musicology doesn't have a place for rock music be- dio in a friend's apartment one evening and hearing a
cause it doesn't extend music in a way that musicolo- Russian orchestra playing a contemporary Latvian or-
gists understand. chestral piece. It was sort of reminiscent of Shostako-
You hate most classical music. vich and wouldn't excite a Western musicologist - I

I despise it with a passion. A friend of mine who mean it wasn't radical. it was played was But the way
hates rock & roll and only cares for the classical absolutely galvanizing to me. Because it was played
pantheon says, "Well, everything that's happening to- with real muscle, you know. It wasn't this kind of
day in rock music had been done by 1820," ... or perfection-oriented approach to classical music. No-
1790, or whatever date he puts on it. See, all he's lis- body can make a mistake. It's got to be just so. God!
tening to is the chord sequences which are, of course, I hate that! I can't tell you how much that annoys me.
totally traditional. Then the rhythms, also, are boring am actually secretary-treasurer
I of the Society to Melt
and ordinary. What he isn't listening for are all the in- Down Flutes, if anyone wants to join, (laughter)
novations of popular electronic music. The extensions Classical music in England is about as interesting as
of sound and timbre that have never been possible be- watching someone do trigonometry exercises. But
fore. The ability of a contemporary composer work- when I heard these Russians, I suddenly realized that
ing in a studio to deal with place as a subject of the classical music lives for them. It means something
music. Then there's the fact that you're making a mu- now. It's not, "Isn't it comforting to hear these nice
sic that, within a week, touches three million people. songs again." It wasn't comforting. It was abrasive. It

Now these are all properties of music. But they're not was tough and powerful.
in the academic area of consideration. So you still get
whole books on electronic music that talk about Va- THE INFLUENCE OF MTV
rese, Stockhausen, and so forth but never mention Audience Member: What is the impact of com-
Jimi Hendrix. Well, surely Jimi Hendrix must be one mercial television on music, including MTV?

MTV has had a funny impact on music because peo- deal with rugged field conditions.
ple started constructing records rather visually. I've

noticed it when I'm in the studio. They say things CAPITULATIONS AND RECAPITULATIONS
like: "Hold on, this bit! We could do a great thing Recently, I had to give a formal lecture on the
with the video here. Let's have it twice." But I don't evolution of my work, sopush it back be-
I tried to

find that uninteresting. The nature of pop music is yond Art School to what you might call the first imag-
that it's always absorbing other things. Suddenly, it inative enterprises I could remember. The first one on
isn't just dealing with music, it's dealing with televi- the list I call "making special places." That meant de-
sion, or it's dealing with safety pins the punk . . . signing houses. Thinking of places I would like to

thing. The breakdown in interest comes with the vid- live in. These places always have strange corners and
eos themselves, where you have absolutely huge bud- labyrinths and secret rooms. They had streams run-
gets and absolutely minute intelligence. And the re- ning through them, or trees growing up through the
sults are clear, you know? middle of them, or they would be suspended across
On the other hand, a lot of the Surrealist and chasms, things I was designing houses from
like that.

Dadafilm techniques have been incorporated the age of about seven. The second one was "rethink-
and included into the everyday language of vid- ing systems". These were not the names I gave them
eo. at the time, you understand. I had a train set, and in-

Yeah. I absolutely agree with you. If all of the Dada stead of making it into a loop and having the thing
stuff, and Maya Deren, and the futurists, and all the running around, I used to build these different struc-

various other people who've made avant-garde film in tures. Like I'd pile a few books up here and there and
this century, if that ever becomes part of the vocabu- the idea was to make the rails so the train would take
lary of film watching, it will be through pop videos. It the most gradual possible route to the ground. So it

won't be through obscure art cinema. was another way of using a train set. And the third
one I call "mud technology." This game involved me
THE GUERILLA ARTIST digging a hole and collecting a number of sticks that
I have never believed that artists work better with- were not long enough to span it, and then weaving a
out limitations. Art freed from limitations isn't neces- roof which I would cover with mud. And I'd weave a
sarily interesting, and art absolutely bound up in limi- second roof and cover that with mud as well. And
tations can sometimes be extremely interesting. So I then I would ask my Dad to jump up and down on it.

think that you can take a guerilla approach to being And if it could support my father I considered it a suc-
an artist. Iwas quite fascinated by military strategy for cess. Now these three games - I've been thinking
a long while. I gave a talk about the difference be- about this - were my earliest games, and I haven't real-
tween the traditional Western European army and the ly played any other games since. That's all I've done
guerilla army. One of the things that I realized from since. It's sort of depressing to think that every idea

that study was that, for a traditional army, every emer- you've ever had, you had by age four and a half. The
gency was... an emergency. Every lump in the "mud technology" one is really about enjoying limita-

ground, every deviation from the right time of day or tions. "Making special places" is installations, environ-
season for the battle, was an emergency. For the gue- ments or making places spe-
rilla army, every emergency is an opportunity. Every cial, as with Music for
bump in the ground is a place to hide. Every hole is a Airports and the con-
place to hide. Every spot of bad weather is a place cept of ambient mu-
where the regular army is going to get bogged down. sic. "Rethinking sys-
Applyingbeing an artist, you can be a
this to tems" is using video
regular army
where you walk in and say, "I've
artist monitors for lights,

got to have this and that and that's not good enough, or using tape recor-
plus want fifty thousand dollars." Or you can be a
I ders to make non-
guerilla artist and say "Well this situation is sort of repeating music, that
complicated and I've never been in one like this be- sort of thing. When this re-

fore, and somehow I'm going to try to turn all of these alization dawned, I was sort of jubilant thinking "God,
things to my advantage. I'll use this in my attack." there's a thread connecting everything I've ever done,"
And that, I think, is what makes artists interesting. Not and on the other hand thought "Christ! I It's time I

that they can specify ideal conditions but that they can had a few new ideas!" (laughter)

'it WW'*

This is Not HWu

a Watch \
Tesla Technology
Inspires Teslar Protection

By George Millett
Could I I was hearing?
believe what
The voice on phone was telling
me I could wear a small device on my
left wrist that would protect me from en-
vironmental pollution caused by the in- CLASSIC $129.00 SPORT $79.00 CASUAL $129.00
visible radiation from microwaves,
television sets, computer terminals, at extremely low frequencies (ELF). He fering in these cases where we cannot
remote control switches, cellular works for the U.S. Navy. pinpoint the real causes of disease. I

phones, power lines, etc. Electromag- My new adventure in the world of think we may have opened our eyes to a
netic pollution! electrical and magnetic phenomenon new era of medicine. This could be the

PERSONAL FORCEFIELD was underway. greatest breakthrough in preventative

Ilonka, a professional designer and medicine of our time."
Randall Witman, Ph.D., of
business executrix, said she had studied According to Dr. Puharich, "The
Prometheus Research Technology was
speaking. "It's called a TESLAR
the works of Tesla and could see the TESLAR makes it possible for the body
watch," he said. "It creates a forcefield
potential dangers and benefits of his ex- to resonate at its own natural 8 Hz
frequency. The TESLAR selectively
amplifies the beneficial 8 Hz signals of
the shielded person up to 4 times."
Last issue, in the interview with Andrija Puharich currently works as an inter-
national medical consultant to leaders in
Puharich, you were introduced to Uri Geller government, industry, universities and

and Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) waves. private foundations.

Byrd's explanation of how the
like a bubble or a cocoon around a per- periments with ELF. She worked with TESLAR works is a bit mind-boggling.
son, that interferes with harmful waves Dr. Andrija Puharich, M.D., LL.D., a "Maybe it works," he says, "on prin-
of energy coming at us from every direc- contemporary authority on Tesla. ciples of dielectric behavior of biologi-
tion. Then it amplifies the natural rhyth- Puharich had invented a "shielding cal systems in conjunction with non-
mic cycles of the body that lets it func- device" to counteract the harmful effects linear excitation that can give rise to
tion at its normal condition of health and of ELF. He said the shield would protect solitons (waves) in membranes and
well-being. It's been tested, proven, pat- one from negative biological and proteins. Research has shown that ELF
ent applied for, and now on the market." psychological effects of emissions com- pulse modulated microwaves do indeed
The TESLAR is named in honor of ing from electromagnetic energy sys- influence various physiological and be-
Nikola Tesla, the European born tems. Ilonka helped to put the shield into havioral processes in cells, tissues,
American electrical genius and inventor a bracelet and was later responsible for animals and humans. Cells apparently
who lived from 1856 to 1943. Tesla ex- developing the 'chip' which was incor- can act as sensitive detectors (receptors)
plored the phenomenal world of electri- porated into the shielding device the of ELF signals."
cal and magnetic instruments. He TESLAR. More then 15,000 TESLARS have
claimed the Tesla Magnifying Transmit- CARDIAC CONNECTION? been marketed in the United States
ter (TMT) as his greatest invention. The Amjad Zureikat, M.D. of Chicago, is Canada and Europe since its introduc-
polarization and conductivity technol- studying the TESLAR for continued use tion in 1986.
ogy used to produce the TESLAR is Order your TESLAR watch from:
in preventive medicine. Zureikat told
based on the Tesla discoveries. TESLAR
me, "The is apparently help-
INVESTIGATION BEGINS ing cardiac patients and it also appears

Soon the president of the company
manufactures TESLAR products,
tobe an effective adjunct in the treat-
ment of other illnesses like hyperten- LLrC COCOON
Ilonka Harezi, and a vice-president, sion, arthritis, leukemia, cancer, etc.
618-948-2393 cst
Courtland Reeves, paid me a visit. A In medicine we have many unex-
POB 727, MT. CARMEL, IL 62863
Physical Scientist, Dr. Eldon Byrd, plained illnesses. Chances are, one of
Visa, MasterCard and checks (allow ten
Ph.D., was with them to answer my the reasons for this is we cannot see
days clearance). Specify desired style (see
questions. Byrd conducts research in the or feel the causes which may be ELF. photos) and whether men's or women's ver-
field of interactive biological processes Maybe this is responsible for lots of suf- sion. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
ft BE
*f -S

The Master of Melody:

AliAkbar Khan
By F a u s t i n B r a y & B r i a n Wa 1 1 a c e /Sound Photosynthesis
Ali Akbar Khan is a consummate master of music, Khansahib's what myths are made of: Before
life is

without peer in his field. His instrument, the sarod, is he was born, his was genetically directed to-
a 25-stringed lute. His father, Allauddin Khan, is re- ward music. His instrument for a lifetime career was
garded in India as the musician-saint of the first half of chosen by his father. As a child his companions were
this century. Ali Akbar Khan, known as "Khansahib" other musical students. (Concurrently with Khansahib,
and friends, learned vocal and instru-
to his students Ravi Shankar studied sitar with Khansahib's father.)
mental music under the tireless guidance of his father/ Khansahib was educated with the princes and prin-
guru for more than twenty years. He teaches the cesses in the palace where his father was the es-
whole range of the music, from literature and tech- teemed court musician to the Maharaja of Maihar.
nique to performance, at his Ali Akbar College of Mu- Early professional concerts for Khansahib meant
sic in San Rafael, California; Basel, Switzerland; and stern, fatherly, on-stage instruction. Combining con-
Calcutta, India. He is a unique phenomenon com- stant rigorous practice, Allauddin's teaching, and his
pounded of tradition, talent and circumstances. His own inate ability, he evolved into a musician of une-
musical skill is the culmination of an ancient civila- qualed self-mastery. When, at last, the invitation to

tion's most refined art. become the chief court musician for a very rich and

talented Maharaja was offered to Allauddin Khan, he proper effect therefore, full of perfection. You have to
passed what was considered the job of a life-time on think of music touching your brain and heart. I al-

to his only son. ways start with the simple scales and ragas and I al-
At that time, in India, only royalty was permitted ways begin with the fixed composition. Like a child
to hear classical music. Khansahib became the teacher who first learns to draw by tracing a picture, slowly,
and court musician to the King and the Royal Family. slowly, it helps to learn by following the examples of
After many years with the King, the concert room in the teacher.
the Palace was named in Khansahib's honor. The dis- Some people say that the school and the study of
solution of the Raj gave both India and Ali Akbar a the music is like a religion. How do you feel
new sense of freedom. He went out "on the road" about this?
where he experienced a great variety of audiences and No, it is not like that. Nothing to do with religion actu-
locations. ally. It is just music, and the music is a yoga. A way
When their paths crossed, Yehudi Menuhin recog- to reach to God. Through music you can purify your
nized Ali Akbar Khan as "the greatest musician in the soul and mind, and drive out all the evils. This way
world," and arranged joint concerts in New York's Mu- you can love your neighbors, love the whole universe,
seum of Modern Art in 1955. Since those first domes- love the children, love yourself, and give more love to
tic concerts and recordings, Khansahib has made Cali- this world, not only to humans, but all the creatures
fornia hishome. The Ali Akbar College of Music was as well.
founded in 1968 and traces its ancestry back through
the l6th century to Mian Tan Sen, the chief musician The music is based on an oral tradition reaching
of the court of the Mogul Emperor Akbar the Great of back over 4,000 years. There are 22 basic microtones,
Agra. Tan Sen was said to be nad-siddha, one who 12 notes, creating an abundance of opportunities for
has the complete mastery over sound. subtle nuancesand ornamentation in the ascending
The study of the magic of sound through scientific, and descending scales allowing the profound effect of
ethnic, mystical, and practical applications drew us to calculatedly eliciting emotions. "Lord Shiva composed
Khansahib's door. six male ragas The rishis, or wise men, brought the

knowledge to humans and composed six raginis/

REALITY HACKERS: Khansahib, what is it about wives for each raga and all the children and grand-
North Indian Classical music that is so important children, numbering 75,000 ragsas, comprise the body
to learn?" of music in the system., " says Khansahib. A raga is a
This music opens your distinct arrangement of notes each different from all

you can learn any kind of music, any style, more easi- other ragas, organized in the modal system to have
ly. It is a universal language which makes you free an emotional impact on the listener. There are phases
. like a bird, you can fly. I haven't found any other
. . of tempo changes within the performance of the raga
kind of music which opens so much. that are classical.The season, time of day, weather
So after learning this music you can go further in and mood desired, decide the raga that is most ap-
the other styles?" propriate to the moment. The "nine juices" or rasas
The student becomes familiar with the sound, all kinds are sentiments expressed in the arts. In Indian music,
of melodies, rhythm, the timing of the music, the sea- every composition is dominated by one or more hu-
sons, moods, and times of the day associated with the mours; i.e. courage, joy, pathos, and devotion. "If the
different ragas 'til you can turn your
it is like inappropriate raga is listened to or played, the effect is

switch to "on" and you're ready to compose music on not achieved and there bad luck. Notes can correct

the spot. effects like a doctor makes medicine. With the proper
How does a beginning student learn the tech- teacher giving the techniques in the proper way,
niques to open to the music? knowledge is built up in the student's mind and
First, they must learn to be in tune, to move their vo- body."
cal chords and fingers in the right way, and we give Khansahib closes the conversation by warmly in-

all kinds of exercises to help with that. It takes time; a viting interested people to the College, to watch class-
few years. Singing is most important, because, while es and see how it works. The best way to experi-
you play,you are singing through the instrument . . . ence the power of the tradition is to go to an Ali

actually, you are singing inside. You must learn how Akbar Khancert, sit as close to the action as possible,
to sing pure note, pure pitch. Each note must give the tune in, tune up and open yourself for the joy ride.

Sun Ra's
By Ira Steingroot

Ever since he formed his first Arkestra in Chicago

Sun Ra has been at the leading
in the early Fifties,

edge of experiment in the world of jazz. Over the

years, freakish solos and unusual instrumental combi-
nations were succeeded by full band drum choirs, to-

tal horn cacophony, Moog synthesizer solos full of

I never took opium, but . . . space, noise elements, costumes, light shows, dance and

strange cities, weird landscapes, un- theatre. All this visual splendor was set against an
eruption of swing material by Ra's old mentor, Fletch-
known monsters, hideous ceremonies, er Henderson, or perhaps against a half-hour chant of

Oriental mysteries of life, death, and an old Irving Berlin novelty tune. If this sounds

torment, were daily or rather nightly strange, then

Spaceship yet,
you haven't met the Captain of the
have you?
In case you haven't heard, this Spaceship Earth is
commonplaces to me before I
set on a course that will connect the past and future in
was six years old. Sun Ra's Cosmic Equation. Ouroboros. The snake
that swallows its tail. Black American music has taken
Today it is the same.
a long trip. While seeming to divest of African
H. P. Lovecraft outer garments in favor of European garb,

it was actu-

ally returning West African source, but

not only to its

to a concept of performance that ties pre- and post-

civilized music together. This is the garden Sun Ra

has been tending for the past thirty-five years. Within

this simultaneously primitive and futuristic music, all

parts of the jazz experience

scat vocals, tap, Harlem
band riffs, call and response, the raw
stride piano, big

emotion of the blues and the quirky melodies of

are summoned up.
In non- Western cultures, the arts aren't separated
from one another or from politics, education, science,
and religion. One of the strengths of jazz has been its

reflection of awhole culture, probably America's first

counter-culture. The Arkestra creates a total theatre, a
Photo by Tim Hildebrand

complete world with larger implications than we Afterwards, he went out on stage and generated the
usually expect from mere music. Duke Ellington's kind of transcendent musical experience he alone can
performances at the Cotton Club must have ap- create.
proached this kind of total theatre and Sun Ra seems
best equipped to fill the role that Duke played for his Reality Hackers: Obviously, music itself is very

generation. important to you. But there are other considera-

The link between Ellington and Sun Ra is Theloni- tions in your mythology, elements having to do
ous Monk, another pianist who mixed humor and with outer space, with Africa, Black Culture and
mystery, rumor and history. Monk said that wrong is jazz traditions, and the spiritual elements of mu-
right, two is one, and black is white, statements remi- sic. What is the spiritual context within which

niscent of the Gnostic Oxyrhynchus papyri. Ra de- you create your music?
clares himself another order of being, an ambassador Sun Ra: I'd prefer to use the word spirit, rather than
from outer space and an angel. Much of this may spiritual. And I'm dealing with spirit, eternal spirit.

seem downright demented to those whose atomistic Things that never had a beginning or an end and nev-
universe is stripped of mystery and magic, who have er will. It just is. It's been here all along. Total pos-
forgotten our relation to the stars and to one star in siblities. I'm dealing with that. The people on this

particular. planet have evolved to the point of realizing the im-

Jazz purists tend to dislike extra-musical elements
in jazz.They want to push it towards a kind of pre-
cious chamber music. Yet Sun Ra's work can be si-
Total possibilities.
multaneously popular and avant-garde, entertaining
and daring. More than this, it can be apotropaic, even I'm dealing with that.
Working with a remarkable aggregate of musicians
God is too small a term
John Gilmore and
that includes brilliant saxophonists
Marshall Allen (both of whom have been with him for
over three decades), Sun Ra makes music that leaves possibility of any eternal being. If you're eternal, that
you feeling emotionally and spiritually cleansed after a means you never had a beginning, never had an end.
performance. That's the kind of joy you get from Still, I'm dealing with that type of being. God is too
Louis Armstrong and it is the essential spark of the small a term.
music that Sun Ra, among others, is keeping alive.

This mysterious power

one of the for- is certainly In the early days of playing this music, you were
gotten functions of music. of it and Agrip- Plato knew terribly ignored. Even in the Sixties, when you
pa explained, "Musical harmony is a most powerful were as central to the changes that were taking
conceiver. It allures the celestial influences and place as Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Cecil
changes affections, intentions, gestures, notions, ac- Taylor, you tended to get short shrift from the
tions, and dispositions . . . The elements themselves critics.
delight in music." Over the years, many writers have Well, I'm a different kind of being, you see? It's hard
latched onto isolated statements or musical phrases to for a man to really give proper respect to anyone who
use against Sun Ra. These attacks are pointless, since says they're an angel or someone who says they're
his work is holistic, producing its effect not through from other dimensions. It's hard for them. In the first

isolated solos or parts, but through the total experi- place, they could be not believing. If they didn't be-
ence of a Sun Ra performance. Skeptics search his lieve, I wouldn't blame them. It doesn't concern me.
music for referentials and are deaf to the reverential. The world is not ready for me. I have something
My interview with Sun Ra took place in his dress- to offer the planet that they never had before. It

ing room at the Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland wouldn't hurt them to spend a billion dollars for me to
just before an Arkestra benefit performance for Kon- try something different. They need new music. The
cepts Cultural Gallery in Oakland, California. He Russians say the nation that has the world's music is

spoke in a soft, calm voice throughout, full of Missis- going to rule the world. And they're right, too.
sippi musicality and his own innocence tempered by They're right. The Russians got germs and all that.

years of hurt and neglect. Throughout our conversa- But America's got the world's music namely jazz.

tion, he looked at himself in the dressing room mirror. Animals fight for their territory. I don't have a terri-

V 1 1 AMIJN lvfcDfcAKL,Jri 1 KvJUUL, 1 b
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tory here, so I don't need to fight for it. I don't belong Have you read in the occult sciences and mystical
here. I don't know what happened but something literature or is your knowledge learned
happened why am here. just want to be a musi-
I I internally?
cian, play my music, and do beautiful things, see nice It's from personal experiences with a being who has
trees. taught me.
It's kingdom here. People think certain
a magic Not a human being?
thoughts and they start coming to be. Sickness and Yeah, it's non-human. And he taught me all kinds of
death and all that. It's not proper. What they're talk- things about Jewish mysticism, Egyptian, everything.
ing about could become a reality. So if they believe It's a matter of putting it together and using it

they die and go to hell, undoubtedly they do. But it properly.

ain't real. It's all fixed up according to their imagina- Have you always been known as Sun Ra?
tion. In a sense, yes.
When did you become known as Sun Ra publicly?
When did you feel that other dimensions of reali- It's when the creator spoke to me one day and called
ty were impinging on your own? me that.

From the time that I was three years old. I remember Wasn't your given name "Herman?"
things images and scenes and feelings. I never felt Just out of nowhere, I said that I'd change my name.
like I was part of this planet. I felt that all this was a You've got this name "Herman" right there, but in the

dream, that it wasn't real. And suffering ... I just French language, it's spelled "Armand." If you just

couldn't connect. say, if you bring it down to '

Arman" and turn it back-
People just like sheep. When was I in Egypt, one ward, you've got "name Ra." And that's it. That's
day I was standing on the corner, and here come a what "Herman" means. If you turn it back, you got
man with about three hundred sheep, and every way "namreh." Reh is an old name of "Ra." So, it's the
he turned, they went. These sheep weren't asking same thing, it's just that I use it. My great-
where he was going, just following the shepherd. grandfather's name is "Alexander", "Zand-Ra." See,
Man ain't got no freedom. He's just like a sheep or you've got this "Ra" right there. That's the "Sun Ra"
something. I know this is a government of the peo- right there, the "Zun Ra." So, really, if it's my grandfa-
ple, for the people and by the people, but I'd be more ther's name, it's mine go back to him. He
too. I

delighted if they said the government of the leaders, played violin. His name was "Wesley Alexander."
for the leaders, and by the leaders of the people, by Why did they name you "Herman?"
the people, for the people, of the creator, for the crea- I was named after Black Herman. He was one of the
tor, by the creator. greatest magicians that ever lived. He was living dur-
ing the time of Houdini but because he was Black,
In my music, I'm trying to tell them things. Ever since you don't know anything about him. That's what my
I was had to fight against a force
a subteenager, I've mother named me, after him. Probably I've got some
that is doing its very best to keep people from hearing of his attributes. You name a child after a certain be-
me, from knowing me. I had this solid battle with this ing, some kind of vibrational thing right there. I

force that was trying to humiliate me, trying to break was named after Black Herman so I'm always dealing
my spirit. with black.
Where does this force come from? I'm a wordologist. Words' what's doing this.

It comes out of the comes out of the Book,

Bible. It You've got to have numerology. You've got to have
the Source Book. That's the Bible. That's what men phonetics. You've got to have all these things and
say is God's word. It comes from God's word, what then the world will straighten out. They worship the
they say is God's word. It's used as a scenario to hurt Son of God but they don't understand. In French,
people and kill people and make them sick. It's a Son's equal to "sound," so, "sound of God." They've
trouble book. It's very powerful. It was given to the got it wrong. They think it's "the son." They say the
world, but the people who have it . . . they're using it word was made flesh. It's really about sound and it
the wrong way because they don't understand. Noth- wasn't made flesh, it was made fresh All these things .

inghappens unless it come out of that book. You the creator told me in Alabama. I'm dealing with
have to judge the tree by the fruit. The book is just words that can prove themselves that can prove
like a tree. It's made out of tree. It's got leaves just themselves to be correct.
like a tree. You were born in Alabama?

That's where I arrived Birmingham, Alabama. I ambassador of death, and the only way they can live

grew up in the Tabernacle Baptist Church. But I truly is they got to get permission from death to live. It's

was an Alien. And my father I really believe my fa- quite simple. They cannot make it without permission
ther was not a man. The last time remember him, I I from the ruler of this planet, which is death.

was in his arms, and I don't think of him as being a

man. He was another kind of spirit, a dark one. I was
a baby in his arms.

You were raised by your mother and your grand- I never felt like I was part of
mother? this planet. I felt that all this was
I was really raised by the creator of the universe who
guided me step by step. That's the reason I know
a dream ... I just couldn't connect.
what I know, even the music and all about Jewish his-
tory, Egyptian, mythology. I was taught that by the

Do you feel that you have a group of musicians

What are you doing in your music? that you're training in your kind of vision or con-
Well, I played for Black people because they needed sciousness?
help. Only for them. But then, they asleep or some- I'm even ready to love, using men in this band.
thing and they didn't listen. Then it spilled out to the What should you be using?
rest of the world who's really never accepted me mon- Angels! But I'm not a man, I'm an infinite being. My
eywise. They look at me as a Black person, a negro, band gets better and better. Every time they take
a nigger or something and they haven't connected yet. someone out, it gets better 'cause I'm always chang-
I want to do things that are relevant to this planet in ing. Now if I was like Jimmy Lunceford his arrang-
the music. I'm supposed to see if the music can help er left and he was through, but not me. I'm always
5 billion people. busy creating. Attaching myself to the spirits of peo-
How does outer space and its blackness tie up ple so when I play for them they're completely de-
with Black music, Black Africa and Black art? lighted and happy.
My plans are to take some black people to outer space You worked for the father of all the swing bands,
with me, if they're my friends. I have no plans for Fletcher Henderson, in the late Forties at the Club
them here on this planet. I don't belong to it. I didn't de Lisa in Chicago, if I'm not mistaken.
come from here. If they're with me, they can prepare I learned, basically, from Fletch Henderson, 'cause all

to leave and let the rest of the nation have this planet. of the people in the band were my enemies. They
I don't want it. I came from somewhere else. came
I wanted me to play like other piano players. But I

from someplace so splendid that there are no words said, "No, Fletcher likes me to play like this; he likes

for it. And I always knew it. what I'm doing, so I'm playing this way." I played
How does that relate to your ideas about Saturn? with Fletcher 'till he left Chicago. He liked what I was
In ancient days, the Roman Empire had their treasure doing.
house in a temple which was the temple of Saturn. There has been a steady growth in the number of
Rome in early days was called Saturnian. Saturday is people who appreciate your work.
named after the seventh day. The Jews worship on Well, the music goes two ways. It enlightens the
the seventh day, so they were worshipping on the day minds of my friends and it darkens the minds of my
of Saturn. The six-pointed star represents the sixth enemies. It's a two-way thing, then. All my friends
planet from the sun. And the six-pointed star repre- can really feel and hear something wonderful, and
sents Saturn. they can be just so happy. And all my enemies say,
In alchemy, black is the color associated with "That music isn't anything."
Saturn. It's their loss.
Black is the color associated with Saturn, associated Yes, it's their loss. I'm making them lose things . . .

with the Tower of Babel, which is black. Black and For my friends, I've turned down money, fame, and
blue represents Saturn, the same way purple and everything. I don't have a pot to piss in. But basically
black represents death. My flag is purple and black. I can talk to the world. I can talk to the world about
I've got my flag. My flag is the flag of death, and I some marvelous things that you wouldn't believe
represent His Majesty Death to this planet. I'm the 'cause music is a language.

general enquiry that is called harmonic
chant or harmonic music. We associate
the beginnings of this music with Tibet
and Mongolia. While singing a regular
fundamental tone, a singer can produce a
co-present harmonic or overtonal partial,

or even several at the same time. This

tradition comes chiefly from three Central
Asian centers Tibet, T'uva, and
Mongolia. In these places people made
very specific choices about how to work
with harmonics. Over years of inspired
work with Oriental techniques, we made
discoveries that have led us to a more
T TTrlj-iCtg complete formulation of the whole field.
An interview with David nyi\CO In 2972-73, as a film maker, I was
listening to sacred music almost
exclusively. began perhaps unconsciously, look
By Faustin Bray for that

quality in sound

tracks I was making. I

David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir are inter- wanted what I thought of as a prismatically refracted
nationally renowned for their music and mastery in a sound. I sought it electronically, at first, using a device
field Hykes has unified, developed, and named called a harmonizer, it permits you to make a sound,
Harmonic Chant: contemplative music based on a record it, and change its pitch, all at the same time.
universal musical sound, the harmonic series. For Starting with one person's voice, I created a choir
those who think they don know David Hykes, it was
't using multi-track equipment. When showed I the film
his music that enriched the film, Meetings With in New York, accompanied by this electronic "choir,"

Remarkable Men, based on Gurdjieffs spiritual someone likened it to Tibetan sacred chant notes. It

odyssey. was a moment of shock, hearing recordings of the

Faustin Bray and Brian Wallace of Sound Tibetans and the Mongolians producing those sounds.
Photosynthesis invited David Hykes to discuss the I completely changed my own activities, my sense of
Western musical interpretation of harmonic singing. what music was for, and my sense of how a person
could serve.
REALITY HACKERS: Interest in harmonic singing The chant is an evolutionary kind of current in

is building dramatically. Has the time arrived for our musical practice and perhaps, in a wider sense,
this exotic music? what listening is actually for.
DAVID HYKES: We've been working since 1975. I'm What places or settings do you enjoy singing in,
surprised that it's already 1988, and this is our first tour or does location make a difference?
in California. For most of the group's lifetime, we've We work rather closely with the traditional places
been based in New York, perhaps because this kind where the music was practiced. For example, we've
of music is more needed there. done several projects with two Tibetan monasteries
Have you had different people involved with you, that practice a sub-harmonic chant. I also went to

or has the group stayed together since its Mongolia to have direct contact with that tradition.
inception? The harmonic series we're working with now remains
I'm still in touch with all the people who were with true to its origins; from the beginning it has been an
me when I founded the group. The music requires inclusive art a musical universe, if you will. It's in

that people work together a fair amount of time. everybody's voice; it is the genetic material in all

There is an intensity in the music that requires people musical sounds.

to persist; it's technically quite demanding. For me, the extraordinary high of the Tibetan and
Give us some history: where are the roots for this Mongolian traditions was a reminder that this
type of sacred music? acoustical principlr could be worked with, without
Well, of course there are many histories. Perhaps the being distorted. On the other hand, it's very important
terms I've developed are useful to describe the field of to follow a growth process with the same kind of

dedication that the traditional singers have. this theory?
I hope to have this music be as much help to us A problem with the number of
Yes, of course.
as it is for them. I mention all that because as the workshops around now is that many people have
group gains popularity, I wonder how the wider I received quasi-harmonic teachings. The hunger for
dissemination of this material will influence its basic technique is paramount in people's minds; they have
quality. If we play large "holes" requiring giant sound very fixed ideas about what they want in life. Many
systems, instead of playing in churches where we are reluctant to invest the time necessary for the real
need much less audio support, we could completely work of listening. Some other workshops propose
change the original intent. that with the technique of harmonic
Of our three released recordings, mhb tm^^mm singing, students will automatically
the first, Hearing Solar Winds, and open to a higher energy. That's
Harmonic Meetings, were
the third, singing a impossible. How can one go
both made in L'Abbaye du Thoronet, regular fundamental towards consciousness
in the Provence region of Southern unconscientious^?
France. In the 12th century the
tone... can produce Any kind of singing really
Abbey was a Cistercian monastery a CO-preSent harmonic does open up the breathing and
where monks kept a vow of silence. makes us aware, through the
Perhaps the acoustical proportion of
or overtonal partial...
various other senses, that we're
the architecture is the same as the even several at the here in a different way. Any
harmonic series. The space has a singing ... in the shower or
living quality, as though the stone
same time whatever. Let's bring back that
listens to any sound that is made. feeling of the open heart through
Harmonic Meetings was "B^" ^^^^~~ the singing which is free for
commissioned by a visual arts everyone. I think the complete
project called The Tent of Meeting. The project tried person must have this experience.
to bring sacred art from Christianity, Judaism and That's quite right. I think the voice is one of the

Islam together under one tent. As a focus for this vibrations that speaks for the whole person, the whole
broad goal, I tried to find sacred words common to all body, and I think there is a listening that has the same
three traditions, that none of them would go to war depth. There should be more choirs everywhere in

over some unifying vibration. I found "Hallelujah". the neighborhood, in the school, in the church. And
And indeed, it kept reverberating. that is the base of the pyramid. By the way, getting to
It's a question of how to share this discovery this natural first step is rather difficult. We all have
openly while also making a real stand for values a blocks around listening and relating to the voice,
stand for discrimination of different qualities in a because we are very conditioned about how to listen,
given area. It's a puzzle. It's difficult because, in our and our voice is very conditioned to normal speech.
naive way, we want it in a weekend. The Tibetans It's the silent half of creation that we are not in touch
have had to study for twenty years in a monastery with. This outward stream, that is quite resonant in a
before they could even apply to the Gyuto to practice. group of people singing, is a thrilling thing. There is a
The way I see it, it's helpful to maintain esoteric lack of schematic or formulative knowledge in this

values while leading people to an authentic tradition. area. This kind of work is extraordinarily relative and
Too often people are not really searching; they're just subtle, what Gurdjieff called the wish . . . the wish to
trying out another technique. It's a thrill to sing the be . . . it can help the wish spread in the body.
harmonics, so to me it's quite understandable that With the ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms or
people would tend to stop there, to settle for ayahuasca, celestial sounds from one's internal
technique. But the really interesting part comes after workings are frequently reported. Perhaps we're
the technique is mastered and one realizes that included in the cosmic symphony when
although one sings harmonics, there isn't necessarily a sensitized to that degree. Have you ever
profound effect. Then, like any good art or craft, you experienced anything resembling these sounds
use the practice itself as a lens through which your internally?
own effort is being expressed. You mean as if overhearing something?
Do you give workshops where participants Yes.
actually sing? And is there a practical side to all Let me answer this by way of a book I read recently.

winter 53
David Bohm writes of music as a manifestation of the My theory is that in contrast to everyday
implicit order. He says that when you listen to music, conditioned listening, we have no habits about
the present moment of listening blends with your listening to the harmonic chant. It's something new
recent impressions. It's a sort of timestream. And in being said to us in the language of vibrations and
another part of his book he talks about his vision of therefore it calls for an energy of listening which is

creation as the Big Bang, which I proposed renaming free.

the Big Ring. In his view, before the creation there What you're saying is reminiscent of Rudolf
was an ocean of energies of all wave lengths, all Steiner's ideas. Have you had any connection
possible frequencies, including frequencies much finer with that school?
than current sciences can see or predict. We can The Steiner people's achievement is in agriculture and
predict the finest degree of matter being something products derived from organic sources. The work of
like ten to the minus thirty-three centimeters, and we Hans Jenny, who was a pupil of Steiner, meant a
can observe distances of ten to the minus seventeen tremendous amount to me. He lived in the Steiner
centimeters, but in David Bohm's view these are just Community at Dornach near Basel in Switzerland. He
grosser frequencies. The universe is not empty. It's was an M.D., a painter, and a physicist, working in
quite full. It looks empty because we can't perceive visualizing sound vibrations in physical media, liquid,
what's there. In this pre-creation state, the ocean of particles, and all sorts of things. went to Switzerland

energies was in a state of chaotic vibration, and for and got permission to continue his work using the
some reason it began to come into a kind of order sounds of the harmonic chant. This work has been a
what I would call harmonic order. Bohm says that big part of a multi-media opera that I've been working
when frequencies align or summate in that way, it's on for several years, called "In Light of Sound". The
along the lines of the harmonic series. All these piece includes live translation of the harmonic sound
energies began to harmonize the frequencies and into visual energy. We formulated the idea of six
produced a cresting wave of sufficient creative levels of harmonic chant to unify the field, bringing

intensity to shape the universe. together an awareness of traditional approaches and

and materialization of objects
Yes: the language our adaptations and transformations of those
happened with the vibration of "the word", approaches.
essentially? Level one is where the singer maintains a steady
Right. It means that not only may there be a music of note and a steady harmonic. This I use a lot in

the spheres, but that, in a certain way, music made the compositions with the group; where each singer could
spheres. That is, a harmonic movement of energy, sing a different note and share the same harmonic, or
which is a good definition of music. Therefore the sing the same note and sing different harmonics, with
universe is not a random accident, as we tend to think. all possibilities in between.
In fact, it is the expression of a harmonious process. Level two is where the singer moves melodically
So, it's quite reasonable that on a cellular level, there and the harmonic moves along at the same time in

would be these ranges of vibrations that we begin to parallel.

hear when we are quiet enough or when our state of Level three was by the Mongolian Hoomi,
mind has been transformed. I mean, we are that. Of or "throat", singing. The Mongolian and Tibetan
course, that's not the state that we always live in; music, largely influenced by China, makes almost
that's why we need to work. exclusively pentatonic choices. The singer maintains
You spend a lot of time harmonizing within the fundamental note and sings melodies from that
yourself in sound. How harmonious are you in fundamental note's harmonic series. What interests us
your everyday life? is a balanced co-presence between the note, what we

Oh, I'm a mess, just like everybody else. I have two would ordinarily call the note, and the other harmonic
young kids., yelling and screaming day-in and day-out. sound. There is no audible gap in the scale of
Of course, my wife Michelle has been a member of listening. There is a flow between the fundamental

the music group for years, so it's not separated from frequency and the harmonics.
my regular life. I have very intensive musical work Level four has the harmonic staying the same, and
that embodies a real contemplative dimension. But it's the notes changing, as opposed to level three where
not a solution. It's an energy which can deepen the the notes stay the same and the harmonics change.
questioning one may already have, or wish to have. Level five allows the harmonic to move in one
direction, and the note in another.

Level six is best represented by "Hallelujah" on
Harmonic Meetings, which was based on the
sub-harmonic chant of the Gyuto Monks who sing
fundamental tones and then refract them an octave
downward. So the actual tone is done at about sixty
cycles, producing harmonics from that sub-harmonic
fundamental. "Kyrie," the solo on Hearing Solar
Winds, part one, provides a good demonstration of all

levels, except level six.

The recordings can be found through the Harmonic Arts

Society. They are located at the Cathedral of St. John The PHILIP GLASS K JANICE GITECK
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f .-.

METAL By Gracie & Zarkov

In accordance with the PMRC Any musical innovation is full of danger

guidelines we wish to warn the gentle for the whole society and ought to be prohib-
reader that this article deals with sex,
ited. When the modes of music change, the
violence, satanism and music theory.
basic laws of a society always change too
It also discusses war, psychosis, Gnosti-
cism, prostitutes, strippers, headbang-
ers and that pimply-faced adolescent

next door. Through the magic of mu- . . . placing truly awesome technical cap-
sic video let Gracie & Zarkov take you abilities in the hands of the most musically
on a guided tour. Welcome to The limited . . .

Shadow World of Heavy Metal..

--L. Bangs

Rock and Roll is the folk

music of the electronic age. Heavy Metal surges from its beginnings in the 60's

--R. McGuinn into the 90's as the longest continuous style in rock
and roll. Despite repeated (and perhaps wishful)
declarations of its demise, 1988 has been the biggest
year in the history of metal. New bands are being
formed and obtaining record contracts by the score.
Photo: Rob Halford of Judas Priest
Old bands, once thought dead, have returned from

fflSm .

beyond the grave with the Twisted Sister or Mot-

some of their best music ley Crue posters go up on
ever. z the bedroom wall, it's al-
We can thank the ready too late".

PMRC for fanning the em- What gives Heavy Met-

bers to start

gration because metal

a new confla-
Wk lIuHi s

SjL Jk
al its power to convert
teenagers, frighten parents,
thrives on, and is actually enrage the media and
dependent upon, overt dis- probably prevent Senator
approval and
when it comes

to provid-
L*. ^ Gore from ever becoming
ing fuel in the form of mil- It is powered by noth-
lions of
sumers, it's
teenage con-
hard to
overestimate the contribu-
m V
ing less than the Shadow
of Western Civilization.
Heavy Metal has become a
tion made by MTV. Heavy catch-all label for music
Metal has often been de- about the unconscious, un-
nied airplay. Metal bands
have relied on almost con-
tinuous touring to get their
& speakable underside of
Western Civilization:

foundations in and contin-


product in front of their ued reliance on war, its

audience, traditionally denial of Dionysian intoxi-


white, middle or working t cation (we don't just mean

9 O O *
class teenage males. But alcohol) as legitimate ex-
touring, even 200 to 300 perience, its refusal to per-
nights a year (not an un- mit the normal range of
common regimen for a human sexuality, and its

struggling HM band) will repression of human free-

reach only a fraction of metal's mil- dom in the name of social control
lion consumers. Is Heavy Metal and "good government."
MTV now provides Heavy Metal
satanic? Through solid state physics, one
with an electronic fifth column. of the crowning achievements of
While dad subscribes to cable for The envelope Western Civilization's bright high
ESPN and mom for HBO, Junior can please. technology, Heavy Metal can now
record the "Headbangers Ball" shout out these previously unspeaka-
three hours of HM video every Sat- ^^^^ ^^^^^ ble subjects at a volume that will
urday night, even if Junior resides in East Jesus, North drown out a 747. MTV provides Heavy Metal a Pla-
Carolina or Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. And he doesn't tonic cave wall for the projection of this previously oc-
even have to fork over the money he earned at McDo- culted knowledge. The graphic presentation ensures
nalds to take his first voyage into the shadow world of that even the stereotypical HM "drooler" cannot avoid
Heavy Metal video, a world that resembles a crude illumination.
and non-interactive prototype of the cyberpunk ma-
trix. Once initiated, if Junior is at all susceptible, it's a Germanic bardic tradition which

one-way ticket to Heavy Metal Hell posters of de- turned cattle thieves into heroes...
mons on his bedroom wall, T-shirts with appalling and
frightful images, long hair, leather and studs, the Atti-
Mircea Eliade
tude, and, most of all, the music loud, obnoxious,
ugly, objectionable music at all hours of the day and Heavy Metal is an attitude
night until his parents cry out in anguish and rage. a bad attitude.
Another All-American soul lost to Heavy Metal. As Helix
U.S. News and World Report said
rather melodramatically: "By the time Photo above: Ozzy Osborne

The Heavy Metal universe is circumscribed by its "good" people and "good" nations condone heinous
audience demographics. The traditional white sub- actions such as repression of individual freedom, poi-
urban male is gaining urban and female compatriots. soning the planet, democratic governments financially
But more importantly, the overwhelming majority of supporting torture, murder and genocide. It should
fans are teenagers. While most met- not appear strange that so many ordinary teenagers,
alheads come from relatively com- struggling with personal powerless-
fortable socioeconomic strata and ness and social hypocrisy, express
their problems are not those of pov- Wagner their bafflement and rage by playing
erty and utter social disenfranchise- such loud and offensive musical at-

ment, the HM audience generally

and Strauss tacks on parents, church and state.

doesn't include the future university routinely dealt In the Republic, Plato's hand-
graduate. These are your troubled book for all future literate authoritar-
and delinquent youths. These are
with selling one's ians, he advocated strict control of
not the best and brightest, not future soul to the devil, both the content and, particularly,

yuppies, but kids whose circum- the types and styles of music lest
perverse sexuality,
stances, parents and institutions impressionable youngsters escape
have denied their inalienable rights violence, black proper state indoctrination. This
to intense human feeling, freedom
magicians idea is not without foundation. Nor
of action and expression, and per- is it surprising that Dr. Bloom, Pla-
ceived self-worth. Nor are they pro- stock subjects to's unworthy second-rate interpret-
vided the social and financial re-
of Heavy Metal er, expends his most puerile histri-

wards that young achievers get in onics on rock music and MTV. For
exchange up their free-
for giving video. music does have an ability, unique
doms. among the arts, for arousing strong
Purchasing a record or concert and even overwhelming passions
ticket, or even switching on MTV, and emotions.
provides the key to an electronic shadowland where Heavy Metal musical style has greatly developed
the participant joins like-minded fans and thrills to un- and sharpened Rock & Roll's historic ability to express
familiar feelings of acceptance and power. "People try rebellion and rampaging sexuality and, more recently,
to take my soul away / But I don hear the rap that
't violence, intoxication, and anti-religiosity. Further-
they all say. / They try to tell us we don belong / That's
't more, the style is uniquely suited to offend middle
all right, we're millions strong ..." sings Kiss {Crazy Heavy Metal accomplishes this by
class sensibilities.

Nights). incorporating various musical sonorities, some of

After all, sociobiologically, adolescence itself is a which date back to the Middle Ages, with sounds not
period of imprint vulnerability as well as a time of possible before the 60's controlled electronic noise.
crises in individual identity and values. Heavy Metal
songs are obsessed with such issues as: sex and vio- A symphony should contain the entire
lence, loss of faith in authority, institutions and relig-
ion; or

ar war.
recently, political helplessness
In these areas the repressiveness and
and nucle-
Gustav Mahler
hypocrisy of conventional mores are glaringly exposed
to the hypersensitive gaze of hormonally-intoxicated Heavy Metal is the totality of existence-
adolescents. Rob Halford, Judas Priest
There are two other key points. First, all the old
myths are new to a 14-year-old. Deep archetypal is- The usual complaint is that Heavy Metal isn'tmu-
sues of heroic action (and its shadow, senseless vio- sic just noise and distortion. While this is true on
lence) or romantic love (and its shadow, fixated sexu- the surface, HM uses noise as a musical technique in a
ality) are painfully, personally relevant. Second, since manner similar to the use of orchestration, color and
the 60's, the message has been passed on to each gen- timbre in classical music. Without its noise and awe-
eration of kids "They're lying to us." Mainstream some volumes, Heavy Metal band would most re-
conventional consumer culture is hiding things from semble a drum kit. After all, a
string quartet with a
us and themselves. Adolescents face a world where classical symphony is formally identical to a string

quartet, distinguished primarily by orchestrated color is the acoustical definition of noise.
and texture. Deafening, chest-crunching volume Actually, in Heavy Metal the "noise" is not ran-
makes a live Heavy Metal concert a form of physical dom, it's carefully controlled by the instrumentalists.
assault. Analyzed fractally, the distortion, feedback The noise becomes the music. If one is familiar with
and noise so characteristic of HM have a dimension the idiom, it's possible to enjoy a musical texture as
different from those of voices, natural sounds or rich, if not as conventionally beautiful, as that of a
acoustic instruments. Literally thousands of tones all symphony orchestra. To the unsympathetic, it is sonic
across the sonic spectrum are generated by distortion. mud or painful noise. However, this was the Vien-
These tones don't have the simple harmonic relation- nese musical establishment's opinion of Richard
ships of acoustic musical overtones. In the case of a Wagner's music in the last century. Just as Wagner
complex multi-amp, multi-instrument HM perfor- used "objectionable" sound to convey his themes,
mance, they are distributed in a mathematical pattern Heavy Metal uses its uniquely objectionable style for
almost approaching randomness. A random spectrum conveying its intensely objectionable content. By
now, Heavy Metal has borrowed
such a wealth of musical tech-
niques that it has created a lan-
guage approaching the minor
Romantic composers in expressive-

ness. Yes, it lacks the formal

breadth of classical music and
therefore is only about six minutes
long. We would rather listen to,
and we get more pleasure from,
six minutes of the Blue Oyster
Cult, Metallica, Megadeth, Iron
Maiden, Motorhead or Judas Priest
than 30 minutes of Anton Reicha.
And while its musical techniques
are usually self-taught (stolen)and
quite simple, Heavy Metal struc-
tures are far more complex than
the ancient Greek music Plato
feared so much.
Heavy Metal's basic musical
method relies on "the power of
the chord"
or more precisely
the Power Chord. But since pow-
er chords rarely contain the third
of the triad, they're not chords at

all; modal intervals. By al-

ternating between adding the ma-
jor and minor third, this basic

technique offers quick modula-

tions not generally possible in
Classical music, with its formal the-
ories of harmony. While modal
theory, from Gregorian Chant on-
ward, developed into a complex
theoretical system, the concept of
a mode is quite simple. It is a se-
quence of notes with a defined

Photo: Angus Young of AC/DC

ending tone. It can be thought of as a melody built sive use of modal fourths during the late 50's, freeing
from pre-defined intervals. In the language of Rock, jazz from harmonic constraints. The Byrds

this approximates: licks build riffs, riffs build sequenc- were the first group to make extensive use of distor-
es, sequences build songs. A particular twelve-bar tion as music. As Psychedelia blossomed, distortion,

blues progression with its endless I-I, IV-I, I-V, V (IV) high volume, country, Middle Eastern, and Indian se-
I sequences can be thought of as a predetermined way quences (ragas are modal compositions) enriched and
to harmonize that mode, giving it its "bluesy" sound. transformed rock & roll into rock. During this period
The chord, as such, dates back to 1600 A.D. In of fertile experimentation, the Rolling Stones reached
Johann Cruger's Synopsis Musicae ,
back to the 12th century trope from
he described the emotional and h^^mm i^^M the Mass for the Dead, the Dies Irae,
poetic content of various chord pro- and combined it with a sitar drone
gressions, an interpretive content The divine in Paint it Black.
that has remained surprisingly con- spark of humanity Out of the "smoky wisps of
stant over the intervening 400 years. psychedelia" arose Metal, with such
Classical music in the 18th and 19th is trapped in the stupefying transitional works as In-
centuries concentrated on diatonic undeniably ugly A-Gadda-Da-Vida and the oeuvre
major and minor harmonic develop- of the Vanilla Fudge.
ment, along with formal techniques
clay of Throughout Metal's heyday in

for creating large scale works, and Angus Young. the 70's, innovative groups added
often used melodies so simple that now-standard techniques. (For a
Kiss wouldn't touch them. Romantic ^^mnm wmmm Heavy Metal see Heavy
history of
fashion often used other modal Metal Thunder by Philip Bashe.)
scales to evoke Gothic or occult atmospheres. Liszt Heavy Metal continued to expand its range by gradu-
and Paganini were masters of this technique. Through ally stealing sequences and ideas from wherever it

Liszt's technique of thematic transformations (the best could; it's a folk art and, unlike "high" art, you don't
example being the B minor Piano Sonata), a quick go to school to learn it. You listen and imitate. Then
moods is made possible by moving deft-
succession of you throw in some ideas of your own a sequence
ly between the diatonic and the modal. This tech- from a horror movie, a chord progression from Paga-
nique, greatly simplified, is beloved of Heavy Metal nini, and great bleeding chunks from your favorite
guitar heroes, who usually borrow from Paganini, band's last album. This is how Metal expanded its

more easily. It serves

since he translates to guitar repertoire of techniques.
Heavy Metal well because the whole song takes less Punk helped extinguish some of metal's dinosaurs
time than the harmonic development of a symphony who were too drug-sodden to notice the '60's were
movement. Combined with the heavy back beat, the over. Punk also stripped Rock back down to basics,
fixed chord progression of blues-based early rock & allowing the "New Wave of British Heavy Metal"
roll was in stark contrast to the simplistic catchy melo- Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Judas Priest (the latter
dies and diatonic hooks of '50's pop harmonies. But two have both been called the loudest and worst
strict blues is a very limiting form, as is strict dodeca- bands in the world by Creerri) to add new harder-
phonic composition. As rock & grew and matured,
roll edged sounds. The Punk/Metal bifurcation was
new sequences, intervals, and noise colorations were always more political and commercial than musical.
added. In the '80's, punk thrash turned into thrash metal right
While they used simple chords, much of the here in the Bay Area, via Metallica and its various off-
Beatles' freshness came from their unexpected and shoots, most notably Megadeth. Punk's speed and
novel sequences inspired by British Music Hall and raw power returned to Metal with a vengeance. Many
British folk music (with a small f). Folk music (with a new Heavy Metal bands are combing the classical
big F) came into rock & roll when the Byrds used ver- repertoire of the 18th and early 19th century in search
sonorities of fourths and sevenths. Harmonically
tical of new riffs.

ambiguous modal fourths offer new possibilities for Change in Heavy Metal now
limited by its audi-

modulation. These fourth intervals, harmonized as the ence's inherent conservatism. band moves too far,
If a
tritone and considered the "devil in music" since the too fast, fans desert it. For example, the catcalls and
16th century, give Heavy Metal "instant occultism." poor sales that greeted Judas Priest's radical shift in

Similarly, John Coltrane and Miles Davis made exten- (continued on page 90)

The Liberation of Sound
The Magic of Music: Despite the superficial appearance of stagnation in
pop music, modern music is very much alive. The
twentieth century has experienced the liberation of
sound. Seemingly every conceivable permutation of

Maps & Legends sound and music

from the real

40, "classical", folk,

available to post-modern
time noise of daily living to Muzak,

jazz, blues, gospel, electronic,

new world
classical, ethnic,

heavy metal, punk, new

By Rich Young age and industrial/noise musics. Much of this explo-
sion is development.
attributable to technological
Technology, which ensured the dominance of Western
culture, ironically contains the seeds of its disintegra-
tion through dissemination of thought-forms of non-
Western cultures. Current trends (e.g. the ethnobeat
invasion) are leading to a new world music as well as
a renewed understanding of music's purpose.

And the Wind Began to Howl

In the half of the century, renegade compos-
ersand musicians realized that the creative possibilities
in thedominant modes of expression harmony and
consonance in the equal-tempered scale had been
exhausted. They began
experimenting, much to
the dismay of the pa-
Not coincidentally,
there were new devel-
opments in popular mu-
sic. Jazz, folk, blues and
rock struck responsive
chords among the popu-
lace. This music, which
gave a voice to op-
pressed peoples, was la-
belled degenerate, or
"Devil music." This
name-calling reaction is
not surprising. The suc-
cessful propagation of a
minority groups' music
does, indeed, signal a
shift in social relations.

In Search of the Lost

Meanwhile, more
studied music was com-
ing to grips with the ev-
olution of its roots. In a
recent interview in Mu-
sic Technology, Richard
Horowitz humorously
summarizes what hap-
First of all, they de-
stroyed the Gothic Ca-
thedral, and created
equal temperament, and
the next thing you know
there were skyscrapers.
That's why people in
the West have bad tem-
pers. People think that if

you have equal temper-

ament, you're going to
have good temperament. But that's not true, because Shamans' daims to New
Age "space music," enquiries
equal temperament makes people unhappy It's
. . . into the healing properties of sound are "setting souls
like a reflection of the destruction of that whole cos- free."
mology; it's not just equal temperament
it's that A
rich and savory blend of "possible musics" is
whole world of all those subtleties between all those now available to the curious listener. If you're only
notes and all those pure architectural spaces. hearing modern rock, sounds of the sixties, rap, metal
Slowly, modern musicians and composers began or hardcore punk, you're missing most of the parade.
integrating heretofore foreign ideas into their music. Presented below are some suggestions as to where to
Historians and ethnomusicologists rediscovered an- begin your foray. May the bird of paradise fly up your
tique musical forms. Dialogue about the origin and inner ear!
purpose of music expanded.
Do You Believe in Magic? John Coltrane. The Village Vanguard
The earliest evidence of music records are great.
may be the 20,000-year-old petro- The twentieth The Indestructible Beat ofSoweto
glyph at Trois-Freres depicting a
masked (Shanachie) The best collection of Zulu
hunter in animal skins play- century has
ing a musical bow in an attempt to jive.

still nearby animals. In many primi- experienced the Foday Musa Suso and the Mandingo Gri-
tive cultures, the sounds of musical Mandingo
ot Society (Celluloid) Exu-
intruments represented the voices of liberation of berant blend with electric kora.
the spirits. In later civilizations,
myth, ritual, and music were inter- sound. Seemingly WOMAD Talking Book series Intro-

woven into complex expressions of duction, Europe, Asia, Africa. Comes

the sacred. every conceivable with music and text. WOMAD Founda-
The major religion to arise,
latest tion, 3rd floor, 85 Park St., Bristol BS1
Islam, is based almost entirely on a permutation of 5JN (0272) 29042.
tradition of sacred sound. Islam's sa-
Heartbeat Soukous (Earthworks/
cred scripture, the Qu'ran, is literally music is
the "recitation" of the revelation giv- Virgin) Collection of sparkling guitar mu-
en to Mohammed by the angel Ga- available to sic based in Zaire.
briel. To safeguard the recitation,
Abdel Aziz El Mubarek (Globestyle)
which should itself evoke the mo- post-modern Sudanese swing.
ment of revelation, complex rules
fOye Listen! (Globestyle) Collection of
were developed to constrain individ- humans.
ual muscial garnishing. One reported modern Latin music featuring salsa and
excess was that of a "reciter reciting ^
with so little understanding that he The Master Musicians ofjajouka
evoked a temptingly beautiful image
(Adelphi) Moroccans with that old-time religion.
of hell-fire." (Nelson, 1985).
Village Music of Bulgaria (Nonesuch) Ireland meets
Backwater at the Edges of Time, or Up on the Sun
Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares (Nonesuch) Incredible
#19 and #35
The revolution in early twentieth century classical womens' choir.
music led to the exploration of atonality and disso- Susan Deihim and Richard Horowitz Desert Equations:
nance. Composers like John Cage and Harry Partch, Azax Attra (Crammed) The flip side of Diamanda Galas.
searching for new
definitions of music, made up their The Gyoto Monks (Windham Hill) Best recording of Tibe-
own rules. interesting in theory, many of
tan harmonic overtone chanting. Similar techniques are used
these experiments were unlistenable. Faced with these
"difficult" musics, the listening audience retreated to
by Mongolian and Eskimo shamans (e.g., Mongolia on
the safe familiarity of Baroque and Victorian age fanta- Ocora).
sy. Then, with the advent of the cultural revolution of Mickey Hart, Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings Yantantaka
the 1960's, advanced music began to transform into (Celestial Harmonies) The Tibetan god of death with Hima-
something far more approachable and pleasing. A
layan bells and gamelan gently guides a tour of your emo-
generation of young, highly-trained musicians began
to open themselves to the other-worldly sounds of the
world's vast panharmonium. Uakti Uakti (Verve) Exotic and experimental instrumentals
Since that time, composers and musicians have from Brazil.
been continuously expanded the boundaries and From the Pages of Experimental Musical Instruments,
forms of sound. The study of the harmonic overtone
Voll (cassette) EMI, Box 784, Nicasio, CA. 94946.
series has provided a fundamental node of activity. Its
exploration provides more precise analogies to the Michael Brook with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois Hybrid
richness of being than mere words. The multiple reali- (EG).
ties of alternative tuning systems have opened up ex- Lamonte Young The Well-Tuned Piano (Gramavision).
traordinary vistas of seemingly infinite potential: from "This is it. The big one," by a mentor of the Velvet Under-
music therapy to superlearning with Baroque (It's the
ground. The payoff in this 5 hour chore is in the harmonic
beat!), from swirling Deadheads to Tibetan bells, from

clouds. Manfred Clynes, ed.. Music, Mind and Brain: The Neuro-
The Sounds ofJust Intonation Two cassettes with 64 psychology of Music, 1982.
pages of documentation available from the Just Intonation Ronnie Graham, The De Capo Guide to Current African
Network. Music, 1988.
Ihe Science of Sound (Folkways). Produced by Bell Labs Peter M. Hamel, Through Music to the Self, 1976.
in I960. Hans Jenny, Cymatics: The Structure and Dynamics of
Holophonics Live! Amazing sound effects, pre-Columbian Waves and Vibrations, 1967 and 1974, Basil: Basilius Press

instruments, and a symphony in 3D Brain/Mind Bulletin, (Out of print. Get the videos from Macromedia, P.O. Box
Box 42211 LA, CA 90042. 1223, Brookline, Mass. 02146)
Negativland Escape from Noise (SST). Elizabeth May, (ed.) Music of Many
Man with his tape splicer on fire wants Cultures: An Introduction, 1980. Handy
to get you into the hole he's in. collection of ethnomusicology pieces.
R. Carlos Nakai Sundance Season (Ce- Ernest McClain, Meditations Through
lestial Harmonies) Native American flute the Qu'ran, 1985. Explores sacred archi-
music with drums, chants, rattles, and tecture through number and tone. See
eagle bone whistle. also his earlier, more difficult books on
Ravi Shankar Introduction to Indian the Hindus and Greeks.
Classical Music with Musical Exam- Thomas Rossing, The Science of Sound,
ples (cassette). Ravi Shankar Music Cir- 1983 Introductory textbook of acoustics
cle, 7911 Willoughby Ave., LA, CA. covering physics, psychology, speech,
Music of the Pygmies (Ocora). Protean hearing, music, architecture and technol-
yodels and polyphony. ogy-
Gilbert Rouget, Music and Trance: A
Organizations/Publications Theory of the Relations Between Mu-
Ear Magazine, 325 Spring St., Rm 208, sic and Possession, 1985. Illuminating
NY.NY. 10013. Monthly updates on the because it asks the right questions but
East Coast new music scene. See special materialist bias results in rigid, predicta-

issueon sonic healing. ble conclusions. Very French.

Experimental Musical Instruments , Dane Rudhyar, The Magic of Tone and
Box 784, Nicasio, CA. 94956. "For the the Art of Music 1982 ,

design, construction and enjoyment of new sound sources." John Schaefer, New Sounds: A Listener's Guide to New
Fact sheet 5, $2 from Mike Gunderloy, 6 Arizona Ave., Rens- Music, 1987. Excellent review guide of current trends in el-

selaer, NY. 12144. Unbeatable guide to offbeat mags, espe- ectronic, new classical, world music, ususual folk, and more.
cially fanzines. Lists labels and distributors.

Internal, Box 8027, San Diego, CA.92102. Exploring the David Seay and Mary Neely, Stairway to Heaven: The
harmonic series with new instruments and scales. Spiritual Roots of Rock n' Roll, 1986 Waiting for a mes-
Just Intonation Network, 535 Stevenson St., SF, CA. 94103. siah with a guitar.
Publishes 1/1, holds monthly meetings, and sells educational Paul Williams, The Map: Rediscovering Rock and Roll
materials. (A Journey) Founder of Crawdaddy on the energy of the
New Music Distribution Service, 500 Broadway, NY, moment.
NY. 10012. Distributes avant-garde recordings of every con- John Whitney, Digital Harmony: On the Complementar-
ceivable type. ity of Music and Visual Art 1980. (Byte Books).

OPtions Magazine, Sonic Options Network, 2345 Westwood Joachim-Ernst Berendt, Nada Brahma: Music and the
Blvd. #2, LA, CA. 90064. Great all-around coverage of alter Landscape of Consciousness 1987 ,

native music. Yehudi Menuhin and Curtis Davis, The Music of Man ,

Visual Music Alliance, 8435 Geyser Ave., Northridge, CA. 1979. Good introductory survey with great pictures.
91324. Promotes the new art-form through screenings and Rogan Taylor, The Death and Resurrection Show: From
seminars with film and music professionals. The Creative Shaman to Superstar, 1985.
Film Society, which sells and rents avant-garde and visual-
music classics is also at this address. A cultural treasure!

Talking about Music is the Most Boring

Thing in the World
Nada Brahma: Music and the
Joachim-Ernst Berendt,
Landscape of Consciousness, 1987

Anywhere in the universe!

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MARUA GIMBUTAS & many many more
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Abraham Lincoln as quoted by Robert Anton Wilson in a Sound Photosynthesis Tape.


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Load & Run On virgin or pigeon;

Our Method is Science,
Our Aim is Relig io
Aleister Crowley,

High-tech mot from the journal "Equinox"

Paganism- could
People jacked in so they
Put the trodes
on and they were out there,
all the data in the world

Digital stacked up like one big

neon city, so you could
cruise around and have a

Polytheism grip on it, visually anyway,

because ifyou didn't, it

was too complicated, trying

By Timothy Leary & Eric Gullichsen to find your way
a par-to

ticular piece of data you

needed. Iconics, Gentry
called that.
William Gibson,
Mona Lisa Overdrive

Information is more basic

than matter and energy.
Atoms, electrons, quarks
consists of bits
Binary units of
like those processed in
computer software
And in the brain.

The behavior of these bits,

and thus of the universe,

Is governed by a single
programming rule.
Edward Fredkin
A UNIVERSE OF BITS AND BYTES ergy/matter were sub-atomic bits of programmed in-

Major historical accomplishments of the 20th cen- formation that zoom around in clouds of ever-
tury included the personalization and popularization changing, if/then, start/stop, off/on, 0/1, yin/yang
of Quantum Physics, an acceptance of self-reference probabilities in clusters of pixels, up-and-down recur-
and circular causality in systems of mathematics and sive stairways of paradox.

psychology, and the resulting development of cyber- When they started out, no one understood what
netic society. these guys were talking about. They expressed their
This philosophic achievement, which has domi- unsettling theories in complex equations written on
nated the culture of the 20th century was based on a blackboards with chalk. Believe it or not, these great
discovery by nuclear and quantum physicists around physicists thought and communicated with a neolithic
1900, that visible-tangible realities are written in a dig- tool chalk-marks on the wall of the cave. The irony
ital assembly language we could accurately call "bas- was this: Einstein and his brilliant colleagues could not

ic". experience or operate or communicate at a quantum-

It turns out that we inhabit a universe made up of electronic level.
a small number of elements-particles-bits which clus- Imagine if Max Planck pottering around in his
ter together in geometrically-logical, temporary config- mathematical chalk-board had access to a video-
urations. arcade game! He'd see right away that the blips on
The solid Newtonian Universe rested upon such Centipede and the zaps of Space Invaders could rep-
immutable General-Motors concepts as mass, force, resent the movement of the very particles that he tried

momentum, and inertia, cast into a Manichaean drama to describe in dusty symbols on his blackboard.

involving equal reactions of good vs. evil, gravity vs.

levity, entropy vs. evolution and coerced by such A WILD AND SCARY HALLUCINOGENIQUE
pious Bank-of-England notions as conservation of en- Now let us reflect on the head-bursting adjustment
ergy. This dependable, static, predictable, universe required here. The relativistic universe described by
suddenly, in the minds of Planck/Heisenberg became Einstein and the nuclear physicists is alien and terrify-

digitized, transformed into shimmering quantum ing. Quantum physics is quite literally a wild, confus-
screens of electronic probabilities. ing psyberdelic trip. It postulates an Alice-in-
Up here in 1988, we are learning to experience Wonderland, Sartrean universe in which everything is

what Neils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg could only changing. As Heisenberg implied: nothing is certain
dream of. The universe, according to their cyberdelic except uncertainty. Matter is energy. Energy and mat-
equations, is best described as a digital information ter are temporary states of info-bits, frozen at various

process with sub-programs and temporary ROM states, forms of acceleration.

megas called galaxies, maxis called stars, minis called This digital universe is not user-friendly when ap-
planets, micros called organisms, and nanos known as proached with a Newtonian mind. We are just now
molecules, atoms, particles. All of these programs are beginning to write a manual of operations for the
perpetually in states of evolution, i.e. continually "run- brain and the universe, both of which, it turns out, are
ning". digital galaxies with amazing similarities.

It seems to follow that the great intellectual chal- People living in the solid, mechanical world of
lenge of the 20th century was to make this universe 1901 simply could not understand or experience a
"user friendly," to prepare individual human beings to quantum universe. Dear sweet old Einstein, who
decode, digitize, store, process & reflect the sub- couldn't accept his own unsettling equations, was de-
programs which make up his/her own personal reali- nounced as evil and immoral by Catholic bishops and
ties. sober theologians who sensed how unsettling and rev-
olutionary these new ideas could be. Ethical relativity
NOBODY KNEW WHAT THESE GUYS is still the mortal sin of religious fundamentalists.
The chain of events that elevated us to this new THE CYBERPUNK AS MODERN ALCHEMIST
genetic status, HOMO SAPIENS CYBERNETICUS, be- The baby boom generation has grown up in an
gan around the turn of the century. electronic world ofTV and personal computing
Physicists, we recall, are traditionally assigned the screens. The cyberpunks offer metaphors, rituals, life
task of sorting out the nature of reality. So it was the styles for dealing with the universe of information.

quantum philsophers who figured out that units of en- (continued on page 82)

Why would a well-fed software sultan even
take note of an infidel hacker's existence, let alone

CYBER want

to extinguish
Computer viruses

high-tech sources are guarded

turn to viruses. They
it with such fury?

The industry is quaking

don't want
phones. They don't want to be quoted.
are the number one health
in its

when my
to talk



Their eyes travel nervously back and forth like caged

animals. They have other appointments. They're
out to lunch.
There's only one person I know with anything ap-
proaching knowledge and full candor Doktor Ma-


buse. I wait for his call; he always calls me. I don't

even have a number for him. The damnable man is
so slippery and theatrical. ..I shake my head as I stroll
down Telegraph Avenue trolling, today as always, the
used bookshops for overlooked lunkers lurking on

HITMEN unweeded lower shelves. There's a commotion in

front of the "Med" - dogs growling... or is that a dog?
A yard-tall quadruped covered with tufts of orange
By Michael Synergy fur in leopard-spot pattern set against bare black hide
is mounting a red-bandannaed generic Grateful Dead

dog with a multicoloured macrame bracelet around its

left forepaw. Standing nonchalantly by, one foot rest-

ing on a skateboard, is a tall man sporting paisley silk

boxer shorts, kneepads, and long Pernod-tinted hair
twisted into a tricorn fool's cap array. He is talking to
a well-known zealot-eyed leather-vested denizen of
Telegraph who ekes out a living selling crystal-

powered time machines driven with three-and-a-half

inch floppies.
"The tessaract, you see, er, excuse me...," the over-

aged thrasher turns as the amatory growling begins to

drown out his voice. "Hitler, I'm going to have to get
you an inflatable dog..."
There is no mistaking him.
"Griiss Gott, Herr Doktor!"
"Ah, Morgan! We were just going into the Med;
"Anyone caught having won't you join us?" We sit at a round marble-topped
table beneath the 'NO DEALING' sign. "You look dif-
anything to do with viruses
ferent today, Doktor."
should be roasted on a spit "It would be more surprising if I didn 't look differ-

for sixty hours, their flesh ent. All part of my head-hunting. I've been recruiting

talent among the 'skate trash,' as they dub themselves.

torn off in strips with pliers,
Amazing reflexes they possess it doesn't matter
their families taxed into non- whether they're on a skateboard or a keyboard. Sever-

al rising stars."
existence, and then they
I stirs two
broach the subject of viruses as Mabuse
should be taken out and packets of bright greenpowder into his glass of Calis-
shot" toga mineral water and dumps a handful of pills from
a hammered-silver pillbox. I peer intently at the de-
-attributed to Bill Atkinson

sign~a pyramid with a shining eye. He's even worked for the government sporadically,
"Well, the West German hacker cabal known as but in his heart of hearts, he's an anarchist dedicated
Chaos distributed a 'how-to-make-a-virus' routine for to the revaluation of all values...

those too deficient to design their own, but that's a "Sounds terribly earnest."

crude, easily-thwarted stab for anarchy. Viruses, like "Oh, nohe's a terrific prankster keeps us all

suits and shoes, are best custom-made. A much more amused. At the age of sixteen, while under Crowley's
interesting and elegant virus than the mass-market spell, he shaved his head, filed his teeth, and created
Chaos model, is one which a protege of mine released the 'DO WHAT THOU WILT' virus. He released it at

recently. Manipulation of behavior is the best hack. the University of Chicago, allowing time for it to dis-
The virus is subliminal. It displays text for a bare able hard disks, and then went round offices and labs
fraction of a second." offering to exorcise the computers with a 'love ritu-
"What's the message?" al'. ..but here he comes now..."
"Oh, it alternates between 'DO WHAT A jumpsuited figure
THOU WILT' and 'QUESTION AUTHOR- in black approaches
ITY'" our table. I figure
He tosses the handful of pills
into his mouth and downs it with
the emerald elixir.

"Mind if I ask what kind of

pills those were?"
"Ach, sicher!... Prozac,

chlorella, Hydergine..." He
glances up and catches my
blank expression. "Prozac
potentiates neurotransmitter
production and has protein-
binding characteristics which
are used to full advantage by
taking it concommitantly with
chorella which provides nineteen
of the twenty-two amino acids. Hy-
dergine allows dendrites to become
branchier... which reminds me, I know
whom you should talk toMichael Synergy,
one of my most able apprentices. He begged me,
when he was a mere computer whelpling, to, uh,
'modify' him if it would enhance his hacking."

"Modify him?"
"Well, I gave Synergy the full treatment: wrote him
prescriptions for all the smart pills; gave him all the cy-

bernetic initiations; I even backed him up on a main-

frame in case the NSA should get to him and reformat
him. Synergy has an augmented nervous system, so,

while he's chronologically young, there's a density to

his experience which belies his years. He has, shall
we say, a higher baud-rate than most and a much fat-

ter interface."

"What's his story?"

"He's worked as a hired gun since he was fifteen.

Right: bad-ass hacker -

jacked up & backed up.

the cafe, he's written the
Table layout of disk directory
Figure 1
complete text of the fol-

The directory is the roadmap to the files lowing article. In stunned

file name, type, size, creation date, disk admiration, I give you the

If the computer virus

epidemic continues at the
present rate, the progno-
directory track- sis for our computer reali-
centrally located U3ed3toragearea3 ty is, as they say, guarded.
Get onall your usual net-

D available free space works and e-mail your last

What is afflicting us?

Something uncannily anal-

I need another shot of espresso. I get up from my ogous to AIDS: rebel programs that infiltrate via the
seat and, after the formalities, say, "I'm going back for security systems themselves. Simply put, computer vi-

another doppio cappuccino. Anyone for a coffee or ruses are highly optimized, highly specialized operat-
dessert?" ing systems. They monitor traffic through storage and
"I don't allow myself to ingest caffeine or sugar; it interface, analyzing the signals, looking for the specific

disrupts my delicate neuropeptides," Synergy says with patterns that will trigger them into action. What's it

Spocklike restraint. Practices which are not wholly going to be then? Bloody chaos? Or just a bit of the
life-enhancing he simply jettisons. I'm impressed. old self-replication, all lying snug in the host until the

By the time I return to the table, Synergy has chance comes to forward a few over the lines, or to
made several diagrams of viruses. And before I leave pack some off on the floppy. They don't mind a delay

Figure 2

Sector allocation interleaving D

allows dynamic resource I

management. R


Block 1 D Block 3B
SB Block 2

C 1

Since DOS functions are 'black boxes' (transparent to the user

and potentially to the programmer), disk storage need not 1
be contiguous. R 1

until activation, and their maker can be
faraway when they do superhero out. Figure 3
This is the ideal weapon for electronic
terrorism and espionage, the equivalent
of a suitcase-sized fusion device.
-a program is encapsulated to define start and finish

-the prolog and epilog contain important information such as where to load
VIRUS TAXONOMY the file to in memory, file length, where to begin program
execution, checksum
Computer viruses can be only loose -data storage has not evolved much beyond papertape
ly classified by their 'host' computer sys-

tem. Microcomputer viruses, for exam-

ple, can vary across extremes from
'messenger viruses' which display text or
graphics (from subliminal to annoyingly
persistent), through 'hunter/killer' virus-
es which seek and destroy targeted files

or data, to 'maximum damage' viruses

Figure 4
which destroy all stored data and then
try to ace the hardware. a 'salami' attack inserts the virus into the file and changes the prolog data
Hardware damage is possible with to mask its presence.

an insider's knowledge. The video scan (relative sizes shown here are not meant to be significant)

rate of a VDT can be accelerated to pro-

duce overheating and potentially (in VIRUS PROLOG PROLOG VIRUS PROGRAM BODY EPILOG
some machines, inevitably) a fire. Using 1
recalibration routines, a virus can ram
the disk drive head into the end of the
alignment bar, concussing it,and maybe
add some bonus points via the comput-
er's resonant vibration. Figure 5
Damage-oriented viruses need not
delete files or reformat disks they can an optimization attack, in which the virus replaces non-optimized code with
the virus and a shorter routine, thus not changing the overall file length
be more subtle and insidious. Lotus data
or functionality
files could be shaved, the data skewed;
any computer-stored data could be syste-
matically changed. Code changes could
ruin the usefulness of a software pack-

age: publishing software and word pro- t_ a section of code which is longer than
cessors could lose the ability to format it needs to be

quality printing. Other programs are

susceptible to implanted 'bugs' intended PROLOG PROGRAM BODY EPILOG
to make a customer dissatisfied, uncom-
fortable or downright furious with a
All the microcomputer viruses can
live happily in minicomputers (worksta-
tions) and mainframes, but the larger
machines can additionally incubate varie-
ties suited only to their spacious environ-
ment: the 'tapeworms'. Tapeworms are
designed to penetrate and suborn the computer's se- SYSTEMS ANATOMY
curity systemsand absorb data. Proper tapeworm vi- To understand you must understand how
ruses can pyramid themselves, expanding and replicat disk operating systems work. When a computer is
ing across user accounts and networks. started up by turning the power on Ccoldbooted'), the

Figure 6

a program calls a Macintosh tool box routine

which has been modified (to repair a bug), the
call is intercepted by the ROM trap, and redirect-
ed to the debugged routine in the system heap.






a virus can intercept a subroutine call by being inserted on the ROUTINE
system heap, execute its instructions when a routine is called,
then pass the call off to the debugged code on the system
heap or the original tool box routine

disk drive controller (ROM) 'bootstraps' (loads a large ICING THE BODY ELECTRIC
program into memory by loading successively larger A virus which finds an uninfected program can
sections of code which then load others) the operating use a variety of ways to insert itself. A 'salami' model
system into RAM and begins execution at the designat- is the most common: the virus splits the program and
ed starting point. It is important to note that an oper- inserts itself at a convenient point, usually at the very
ating system is a program just like all others stored on beginning of the code (see figure 4). A more subtle
disk. Disk organization is a set of concentric circles approach is possible, where the virus inhabits only
('tracks'), subdivided into pie-like sections ('sectors'), certain programs (such as operating systems) by re-

on which the data is stored. To keep track of impor- placing a section of seldom-used code, or replacing a
tant information about stored data (type, name, size, section of sloppy code with a tighter version coupled
creation date, disk location of first sectorsee figure with the virus code (see figure 5). Buffer areas are
1), a directory track is needed, usually located in the also easy targets for a virus to inhabit.
middle of the disk. When a file/program is loaded Viruses can do their damage only if they have
from disk, it is again bootstrapped. This is due to sec- control of the processor. As DOS is automatically exe-
tor allocation interleaving ('soft partitioning' see figure cuted at boot, viruses with hooks in the OS are best
2) which allows dynamic management of non- able to do damage. Programs with viruses injected
contiguous disk storage space. A program is stored spread the infection, since they can be exchanged via
on disk much like a glorified paper tape. There is a disk or modem. The initial 'vector' by which a virus
prolog, which identifies the start of the file, the length, invades a computer is usually some attractive program
and the point in memory it is to be loaded to. The such as a utility (an anti-virus program for instance), a
body of the program follows, and it is immediately fol- game some irresistible computerized pornography.
lowed by the epilog, signalling the end of the program In IBM-DOS, the system utilities are standard pro-
and a checksum to insure an accurate load (see figure gramsalways present, and identical across DOS ver-
3). Structured in such a way, the DOS and files stored sions; an easy vector. On the Macintosh, the ROM
under it are open to a viral attack. trap reroutes toolbox calls and redirects them to the
Figure 7

The Multics model of security - the closer to the core (depth 0), the
greater the abilities of the user and programs, and the more 'sensitive'
the information. Security rings stop the flow of data from secure rings to
unsecure rings.

A virus replicates when used by a user with access

to inner, more secure, rings.

o =X> v

transmission pathways could be the protection bits on a file (such as a mailbox) which both
viruses can access, acting as a data channel. Vg can transmit data it now has access to (such

as password files or confidential data) for use by V2 -

system heap, wherein viruses may lurk (see figure 6). of public domain or 'shareware' authors to eliminate
Mac whipped up from the system
viruses can be the competition. Hunter/killer viruses are being used
BIOS (IBM Reference Manuals) and the Macintosh to seek Microsoft product and Lotus data files and
toolkit, released as a limited concession to the 'open' erase them. Microsoft and Lotus are targets due to
architecture philosophy. The 'closed' system architec- their unpopular pursuit of near-monopoly power,
ture, also present in both machines, complicates mat- which greatly hinders innovation within the computer
ters. Systems calls are 'black boxes' and great sections industry.
of both machines are undocumented, allowing techni-
cally savvy programmers to create undetectable virus- SEARCH AND DESTROY
es that exploit this obfuscation for their own protec- Hunter/killer viruses are used as a guerrilla weap-
tion. 80286 and 80386 architecture will also allow on to express the displeasure of their creators with a
viruses to remain undetected through the virtual- 'closed shop'. A disgruntled employee of Electronic
machine capabilities of the chips. If software were to Data Systems (EDS) wrote a virus intended to wipe
run in the 'protected' mode, viruses would be much out the in-house software. This 'scores' virus, intend-
more difficult to implement on the IBM-PC line, but ed to damage EDS, in fact did little or no damage, if

DOS cannot be run in the 'protected' mode. Operat- EDS reports are to be believed. Many other sites have
ing systems are open enough to allow virus designers been hurt, however Apple, IBM, defense contractors-
to create viruses, but closed enough to cause a 'securi- even Stephen Wolfram's Mathetnatica was used as a
ty through obfuscation' for the viral code and prevent vector, causing damage at the product's beta-test sites.

easy detection of infection. Security consultants representing companies are con-

Viruses can commit acts of vandalism, or engage tractually obligated to talk a hard line to deny that
in industrial espionage or military incursions. The any damage has occurred: corporate image and stock
battle between corporations for market share has led values are at stake. Manipulation of stocks for profit
to the use of viruses as an espionage tool. Large com- through the release of viruses and the information
puter software manufacturers may target the software they are doing damage is entirely possible and would

Figure 8

This code is executing on the host computer.

I Active viru3tnodule-DEC

1 IBMmodule

1 PRIMEmodule These sections of code are stored as data, encapsulated from the module which is
1 HPmodule

When the virus infects another computer, it undergoes a topological transformation, spool-
ing the proper module first and insulating the remaining modules as data.

For instance, the polymorphous configuration shown above (executing on a DEC system)
would spool the HP module into the active position and then port the rest of the modules
using the active module as a gateway.

This ability allows sophisticated viruses to cross barriers assumed able to stop them,
1 Active viru3 module-HP whether between micro's, minis or mainframes.

1 DECmodule

1 IBMmodule


be extremely difficult for SEC to pursue. Blackmail of fare arena. The Pentagon's decontamination drill com-
corporations or governments enters a new dimension mands the destruction of disks presumed infected, and
with the use of viruses. Clearly, the next wave of the literal bulldozing of hard drives. No nation's mis-
profitable computer crime will involve the use of vi- sile computers (or SDI systems) are safe when a virus
ruses or tapeworms. could turn the swords into plowshares.
Chaos would follow targetting the IRS computers
MILITARY AND COUNTER-MILITARY to destroy records selectively or wholesale. The likeli-

Although military viruses might seem to be in the hood of such a penetration is almost a certainty.
realm of science fiction, they have already been imple-
mented. Israeli computer systems governing the Gaza HERE THERE BE TAPEWORMS
strip occupation have been successfully attacked by vi- Viruses are not necessarily designed only for dam-
ruses which destroyed birth records, population con- age. A tapeworm is the next level of computer pene-
trol data, operations plansthe information necessary tration, taking advantage of computer virus theory and
to maintain the suppression of the inhabitants of the programming techniques generated by artificial intelli-
region. gence research. A tapeworm is a program structure
The infiltration of civilian computers with viruses with a head, a body, and a tail. The head contains
designed to be activated on a future occasion has ob- penetration programming and a pattern matcher, the
vious usefulness to military organizations. The Swift body is an expandable encapsulated area designated
Telex International Funds Transfer computers, Missile to contain the data used by the head and the data ac-
Control computers (both U.S. and Soviet), cryptogra- quired using the pattern matcher, and the tail is the
phy computers, telecommunications computers (Elec- success qualifier which directs a change in action for
tronic Switching Systems) all provide vulnerable tar- the tapeworm. A tapeworm is highly useful for a 'cov-
gets of opportunity. In the event of a first strike or ert channel' attack. It can be introduced into a target

invasion, a virus to 'soften up' the enemy must be computer and linked lamprey-style to a commonly
viewed as the first logical step in the electronic war- used program (mail or spool demon) through an ac-

Figure 9

A 3 by 3 matrix of processors have a difficult problem acting in parallel - global

communication (between non-adjacent processors) ties up processors which
should be working on their sections of programming. This problem gets much
worse as the matrix increases.

Viruses could inhabit each processor, growing and dying off as needed on a local
level, in neural network fashion. Locality is defined by connectivity.

Autonomous processors with locality for a

neural network defined by connectivity (sym-
bolic through processor addresses used by
communication processors). Viruses replicate
to form nodes (inhabit processors) as neces-
sary. Topological connectivity is not needed.

Communication processors - inhabited by

tapeworms sent to the local processor.
Optical pathway - messages (tapeworms) are
transmited in both directions.

(could be arrayed as a compressed spiral to

optimize to the advantages of lightspeed
communication pathways)

count without privileges. The tapeworm will eventu- that recognizes the computer it is infecting; it adjusts
ally cross a security level, most likely through its exe- itself to conform to the specs of the system it rides,

cution by a super-user. The tapeworm can, at this transforming its once unexecutable data into the active
point, transmit data back to module on the new host.
the public-access tape-
^^^ ^^^^ Such a virus can spread to
worm, which will store it. computers made by differ-

The semaphore between A tapeworm ent manufacturers or with

them would be a file (such different processors (see
is highly useful for a 'covert
as a mail record), with the figure 8).
protection bits used as a
single-byte data channel
the transmitting virus.
Thus, computer security
by ^
channel' attack
For non-technical van-
mechanisms (such as those in the Multics model) can dals who want to cause chaos, a viral toolkit has been
actually be used to further the ends of the virus (see written by a group of West Germans (distance means
figure 7). nothing to a computer hacker). The creator of a virus
has only a few major choices to make-how and
THE POLYMORPHS where will it merge with files and the operating sys-
Computer networks that are collections of various tem, which trigger will cause activation, and what kind
manufacturers' systems are accessible to attack by pol- of havoc will be wrought will it ignite monitors, spon-
ymorphous viruses. Viruses of this type take advan- taneously abort laserprinting, or mutate graphics? De-
tage of a transparent fact of data storage: all data is tection must be considered: the more elaborate a vi-

stored alike, whether it's programming, text, graphics, rus mission, the larger

it must be, and the easier it will

or anything else storeable. A polymorphous virus has be to detect.

a perverse adaptability. Its active module runs code A small virus is a less detectable virus~a needle in

and not betray their presence by an unlimited growth
made by
pattern. All function calls a virus can use a
work contained a novel and 'friendly' virus, called
depth of indirect reference, making a scan for com-
Cookie. Whenever a user engaged in text-entry (the
mon calls useless. and code should never
Its size
programs targeted by this virus), at random intervals
change, preventing checksums and file length checks
the message, "Give me a cookie!" would appear. Im-
from finding it. It is entirely possible to write a virus
mediately typing "cookie" would banish the virus for a
that will use bootstrap hooks to load itself in from
while, but failing to appease its appetite would cause
'unformatted' disk areas. The game of cat and mouse
lock-out from the work, or deletion of random text.
between viral and anti-viral programswill usually be
Cookie later migrated to printer drivers where it would
won by viruses, since they are custom written and can
put "Give me a cookie!" into the formatted output from
avoid the common traps.
the system. This minor annoyance has also been im-
plemented on DEC systems.
Anti-viral agentswhich simply execute a one-to-
a hay stack of uninterpretable code. Larger viruses are one comparison on a system are simply useless. They
harder to hide in code, their 'salami' techniques are need a 'clean' system as a control, which cannot be as-
easier to spot, patterns of code are more likely to be sumed to be available. A system 'snapshot' used to
matchable, checksums are harder to fool or pad out. compare for changes is worthless-it is negated by any
The maxim goes: small viruses are stoppable, larger change in the system, is as large as the system itself
viruses are detectable. Of course, size is relative (megabytes in most cases), and must become memo-
'small' undetectable viruses on microcomputers need ry-resident and thereby itself vulnerable to tampering.
to be shorter than a few hundred bytes, while on In fact, all commercial anti-viral programs are useless,
mini's and mainframes the viruses can be thousands of in time. As viruses are customized and can be written

bytes long, a needle in a much larger haystack. Tape- to evade searches by antibodies, so anti-viral program-
worms, for instance, have little utility for microcom- ming must be custom written. Concerned users
puters, but gain immense power with the resources should create their own code; such decentralized and
available on larger systems. varied techniques can outmaneuver viruses designed
to slip through the usual cracks, to evade 'standard'
LITTLE TRIGGERS search patterns. Consider the hybrid cloned wheat
Time-triggered viruses such as the "Friday the crop. Homogeneity makes for a standardized product,
13th" virus are easily detected by scanning for clock but a single (biological) virus could blast the entire
chip access or for the pattern matcher's comparison crop. Genetic diversity, more than just a good idea...

string. no
In fact, a properly designed virus will carry
text string, since text and graphics can be identified PURGING YOUR SYSTEM
with a variety of utilities; classical messenger viruses The key to stopping viruses is two-fold. A virus
are mercilessly spotlighted. De-worming cycle checks can't do any harm unless it has control of the proces-
can get you; they just advance the time setting at soft- sor. Also, it can't damage a disk if it's blocked, either

ware speeds and wait for the viruses to pop out. Sim- by a write protect (hard partitioning for hard drives) or
ply bypassing the activation date (April 1st, for sure) by the absence of important system subroutines such
will make these viral triggers worthless. as formatting or deleting utilities.

Viral triggers can be smarter. A virus can be The first you can take to stop viruses is to re-
subtle. A virus can always wait: for a certain number move file management calls from the operating system
of accesses to a file or disk; for specific characters or and isolate them on a disk for use only on an external
commands from the interface devices; for a target soft- drive. Write-protect this disk so a virus can't infect it.

ware house product or data file to be loaded; for a Always coldboot the computer-turn the power and off
single random byte on a disk to change value; for a back on before and after use. This prevents memory-
certain amount of disk space to be used. resident viruses from accessing the routines. Since this
one disk is now your main maintenance disk, thor-
THE ELEGANT PARASITE oughly examine it for viruses. Viruses must either tar-
Subtle viruses can be programmed to be self- get this disk specifically, or carry their own disk access
limiting, to strike only certain targets in certain ways routines, thus increasing their size and vulnerability to

a search for such routines. with computational power, and could be self-

To keep a virus from gaining control of your pro- organizing in a neural network fashion (the viruses
cessor, use a simple level of encryption. Read/write replicate and die in accord with the need for proces-
functions of the operating system can be rewritten to sor control), they should be exploited as simply anoth-
encompass a decrypt/encrypt function using a one- er tool of computational theory.Communication be-
time pad or fast knapsack trapdoor-type cipher. This tween viruses/processors would be achieved by
prompts for the key, or takes the key from a file tapeworms, which are inherently packet-switched and
whose name is changed at each load with the file- goal/destination-oriented. will work
These techniques
name prompted for, rendering lam- with modern Von Neumann bus ar-
prey-type 'salami' viruses useless. If ^^^ chitecture, but are more directly ap-
a stored and encrypted file is modi- plicable towards optical communica-
fied by a virus, it will be obvious at Viral triggers tion pathways (see figure 9). While a
load time. The decryption function great deal of the focus on viruses has
can be smarter.
would make the program executable been negative due to the damage
again while encrypting the virus, A virus can they can do, I see them as the next
making it an unexecutable section of be subtle. A generation of programming, designed
programming which will crash on for parallel decentralized processing.
entry. A sophisticated virus could at- virus can always
tempt to simulate a decryption wait... LIKE HAVING BEES IN YOUR
prompt, but, once again, this elabo- HEAD...BUT THERE THEY ARE!
ration will
open the virus to detec-
Virus-breeders can be placed
^i mm The desire to create viruses has
been caused largely by an environ-
between this rock and that hard mental change in the software/
place: small undetectable viruses can't counter- hardware industry. While the software industry has
maneuver, and larger wilier viruses become detecta- moved away from 'copy protection', a corresponding
ble. opening of hardware and the operating systems has
not followed. The computer industry is now being
THE KINDLY ONES forced to choose between implementing entirely
There are beneficial uses for computer viruses as 'closed' systems with ROM DOS's and little usefulness
well. Viruses can be written to 'tail chase' known vi- (and hence marketability), or allowing diverse, non-
ruses and deactivate them, thus removing the necessi- standardized, well-documented operating systems with
ty for constant checking with customized anti-viral 'open' architecture.
programs. Viruses are utilizable for computer security A final word: computer viruses do exist and are
(and copy protection, a direction hope they do notI active. It will take a great deal of luck to find them
take) with telecommunications. A user calling a com- and stop them, as they have already infected compil-
puter could be sent a virus with a time coded one- ers, in-house software tools, and archived files. The
time pad cipher which will handle all communications potential effects of military viruses are staggering. In-
traffic between the computer and the remote site. Af- ternational funds transfers are in jeopardy, missile and
ter the session is completed, the virus erases itself and code-breaking computers won't function when they
any storage utilized. The security of such a technique receive their orders, and projects like SDI will never
lies in the encrypted communications channel, and the work (millions of lines of code are impossible to
unwillingness of an unauthorized user to abdicate search for a bug, let alone a virus). The industry and
control to a potentially hostile program which has the other potential targets are at the stage of 'damage con-
ability to disallow certain functions from the remote trol': attempting to minimize the effects when the vi-
site itself. ruses are triggered.
Most importantly, viruses and viral theory (with Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. In
overlaps into cellular automata) have direct applica- essence, the creators of viruses can declare the game
tion to the field of artificial intelligence, especially over, with themselves as the winners. Either the com-
since they couldbe used as the control mechanism puter industry will suffer enormous losses, or comput-
and computational engine for massively parallel com- ers and software will open back up, a major benefit to
puters such as the Connection Machine. As viruses all.

are object-oriented autonomously-operating systems

Give my regards to the esteemed R. U. Sirius and
( continued from page 8) keep the lasagna flying over Berkeley!

Robert Anton Wilson

nu-wave media: Power to the People and Freedom of Con- Los Angeles

sciousness! We would be very happy to give you any cov-

erage and PR we can to promote the intrusion of more such Hackers,

uplifting media into the local reality. About Durk and Sandy . . . Are they superheroes or
Hail Eris! what? I mean, they look like mutineer Starship Enterprise
Warm Regards, crewmembers beamed, as a tag team, into the ring of an All-

Paul White for Maggie's Farm Star Wrestling match. Do you really expect us to believe

Bellingen, NSW, Australia that beings like this truly walk the earth, even if they do live
in LA? And can / look like Durk Pearson (or Sandy, for that

I just saw a copy of Reality Hackers. It arrived in an matter) if I stoke my brain with sufficient shovel-loads of

unusual way, which might amuse you. None of my friends Psychoactive Softdrink powder (even accompanied by goo-
in the Bay Area sent it, or even told me that such a maga- gols of squat-thrusts)? Truly, Durk and Sandy appear to be
zine existed. A friend from Berlin, visiting the U.S., picked it
the end result of a selective-breeding program, or UFO
up in San Francisco and showed it to me . . . One more abductees whose nervous systems have been massively

proof we're living in the Global Village, I guess. rewired. Are they wearing prostheses? Are the photos
retouched? Were they grown in vitro ? Well, someone has
to ask. I know I'm not the only one thinking it. I ask this

only as a social scientist. Really.

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Dear R.U. Sirius, et al:
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I enjoyed this issue of your magazine. Unfortunately I
obsessions and satanism. By the
author of The Outsider and The feel that you don't properly understand the dangers of unre-
Occult. Introduction by Tim Leary. strained philosixtiesism, a major social disorder of the late
twentieth century.
The Scientist Had the appropriately named Leary and his epigoni
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Story of the author of Center of the
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who was the basis of the films Day maniac intensity, I urge you: please adopt a more critical at-

of the Dolphin and Altered States. titude toward the sixties nostalgia frenzy currently being

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promulgated throughout the mass media by a scurrilous co- to see more articles by Timothy Leary, William Burroughs,
terie of sixtiesists. and Robert Anton Wilson. Also, an article relating all of this
Yours, with no "peas" or love, but rather with a clear- to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th worlds, rather than mall-culture
headed recognition of the importance of intoxicants, of a would be highly appreciated.
certain nature, in the inner life of mankind. All's Quiet On the Western Front,
Count Screwloose William Dozier
San Francisco, CA Richmond, Kentucky
Thanks, Wm. In answer to your intelligent questions; 1)
Dear Sirius or Madamu, The closestwe get to being a descendant of Crawdaddy is Pe-
I only recently encountered your magazine. Needless ter Stafford, who co-authors our Psychedelic Scenarios col-

to say, I was floored by RH #5's content and quality so umn. Peter was editor of Crawdaddy for a couple ofyears in
much so, that occupational thought viruses compel me to the mid-70's. 2) "New Age ",
like "Drugs", is one of those ge-
enroll in your neuro-network. neric words that has a lot of associations but has lost precise

Questions: 1) Are your publications descended from meaning. The bottom-line is that the "New Age" is now defin-
Crawdaddy! 2) How are you oriented to the "New Age" able as a consumer market. We happen to reach a substan-
movement? 3) Are you, in fact, a post-modern Fabian Soci- tial portion of that market. Transformation of the species?
ety? 4) Does your philo-policy exclude the establishment of We're still interested. 3) I always preferred Frankie Avalon.
global institutions as a possible solution? 4) Establishment:' Institutions? How about non-coercive glo-
R.H. is a welcomed alternative to XXX, boasting ads bal organisms?
that are as enjoyable to read as its articles, but I would like Also, you 11 be happy to know that we'll soon be esta-
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hacker profiles
(continued from page 7)

Ira Steingroot: A jazz critic since 1973, Ira claims that jazz is

Voodoo in its highest form. He has written articles for classified

Downbeat and numerous album liner notes, and is currently a

contributor to Calendar and The Daily Californian. Ira is also

a student of the
shares the fruit
Western occult tradition

of his research into Kaballah.

and occasionally
No, he is not a
member of any known cult. He is currently working on a

history of jazz tapdance.

RARE CROWLEY BOOKS! Stellar Visions has been publish-
ing rare works by Aleister Crowley since 1979. We blend
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journals and media that you've never heard of, as well as
tact PlanetWorks at (415) 885-2211.
writing software you wish could be removed from your com-
puter. Living up to his motto "There are no fixed rules," ALPHAPACER H BRAIN MACHINEElectronically induces
Mike is truly a chaotic system. Presently he is working on an Alpha and Theta brain waves for deep relaxation and medi-
tation enhancement. Uses pulsing lights, sounds, a magnet-
autobiography Cyberpunk: High Tech Lowlife and acts as a
ic field, and direct electrical stimulation through earclip elec-
consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.
trodes. These four modes of stimulation (which are
synchonized and frequency controllable by the user) are not
Rich Young: is a veritable walking affirmation. He is cur- found together in any other brain machine device; hence
rently working on a book, Beyond the Electronic Panopticon: the Alphapacer II produces results unsurpassed by any unit

Synaesthesia and the Return of the Festival. Long time stu- in its price range. $475-00 SASE for more information: Al-
phapacers, P.O. Box 2385, Eugene, OR 97402. (503) 683-
dent of Shamanism and the effects of music on conscious-
ness, Rich is

presently looking CYBERPOP! is the multi-media project intended to re-wire

at Complexity pop culture for the '90's andPromoters, Fi-
21st Century.

and the politics

nanciers, Video Artists, &
Musicians wanted. Al-
ready successful and self-sufficient people preferred. This is
of free spirits ad-
for real (in association with High Frontiers/Reality Hackers).
justing. An unre- Write to Jim Morgan/CyberPop! c.o. Reality Hackers, P.O.
MAKE pentant Dead-
head, his musical
Box 40271, Berkeley, CA 94704.


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$5.00 ppd. ($7.00 Overseas Airmail) Potentializer Mind Mirror II
AIDS: Biological Warfare Experiment? / Are Drugs Obsolete?
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Your path into the mind of

a "hero of American consciousness' KALEIDO-SKY
An Annotated Bibliography
of Timothy Leary SEE A
by Michael Horowitz, Karen Walls, WORLD
& Smith
Dr. Leary's lifetime of work on
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diagnosis, EYES
personality CLOSED!
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Allen Ginsberg

Load & Run and
to this end the computer is the universal lever of Archi-

High-tech Paganism - Digital Polytheism The parallels between the culture of the alchemists and
(continued from page 67)
that of cyberpunk computer adepts are inescapable. Both
More and more of us are becoming electro-shamans, mod- employ knowledge of an occult arcanum unknown to the

ern alchemists. population at large, with secret symbols and words of

Alchemists of the Middle Ages described the construc- power. The "secret symbols" comprise the languages of
tion of magical appliances for viewing future events, or computers and mathematics, and the "words of power" in-

speaking to friends distant or dead. Writings of Paracelsus struct computer operating systems to complete Herculean
describe a mirror of electmm magicum with telegenic prop- tasks. Knowing the precise code name of a digital program

erties, and crystal scrying was in its heyday. permits it to be conjured into existence, transcending the la-

bor of muscular or mechanical search or manufacture.

Rites of initiation or apprenticeship are common to
both. "Psychic feats" of telepathy and action-at-a-distance
Personal transmutation (the ecstasy are achieved by selection of the menu option.
of the "ultimate hack") is the veiled
goal of both systems. Alchemists of the Middle Ages believed quite correctly
that their cosmos was composed of four elements: earth, air,

fire, and water. Although today our periodic table sports

Today, digital alchemists have at their command tools more than 100 chemical elements, the four universal meta-

of a precision and power unimagined by their predecessors. phors still can be identified as the constituents of some pro-
Computer screens are magical mirrors, presenting alternate cesses in the external reality, and within the inner psycho-
realities at varying degrees of abstraction on command (in- logical world of humankind.
vocation). Aleister Crowley defined magick as "the art and Each of the four elements is an archetype and a meta-
science of causing change to occur in conformity with will," phor, a convenient and appropriate name for a universally-

identified quality. The four are echoed in the organization

of both the four suits and the four "court cards" of each suit
of the Tarot, inherited from the Egyptians and its symbolism
preserved in ordinary Western playing cards. The four also

ZDomairon correspond to the four principal tools of the classical practi-

"THE ULTIMATE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE" tioner of ceremonial magick.

The wand of the magician represents the phallic male
creative force, fire. The cup stands for the female receptive

force, and, obviously enough, is associated with water. The

sword is the incisive intellect, moving and severing the air,

the abstraction in which it moves. Finally, the pantacle

(disk) is the grounding in earth (magnetic material), the

stored algorithms. (We use Crowley's spelling of pentacle,
which communicates the sense of "all and everything",
i iyi^^H Unique 90/90 design places
your back in the same advisedly.)
position NASA uses for its
Astronaut chairs.
These classical instruments of magick exist in modern
The world's only head-to-toe speaker system that massages your entire body to music. cyber technology: The mouse or pen of the digitizing tablet
FEATURES is the wand, controlling the fire of the CRT display and har-
* SOMATRON MUSIC MASSAGE VIBRATION system. nessing the creative force of the programmer. It is used in all
* Adjustable from upright to fully horizontal.
invocations and ritual as a tool of command. Spinning disk
"Designed to reduce stress, minimize pressure on your spine,
increase circulation, ease lower and midback tension and drives are the pantacles, inscribed with complex symbols,
relieve tired, strained muscles. earthen tablets to receive the input of "air," the crackling
"Easily connects to your own Music, TV, or Video source. dynamic ethereal intellectual electricity of the processor chip
"In soft luxurious black leather.
circuitry programming results. The RAM chips are, literally,

In the SOMATRON MUSIC RECUNER you relax and let go of stress while your entire the buffers ("buffer pools"), the water, the passive element
body is massaged by high density music vibrations.
capable only of receiving impressions and re-transmitting,
SOMATRONS are currently used in leading UNIVERSITIES and HOSPITALS and are
endorsed by rave letters from CHIROPRACTORS to the CANADIAN MENS reflecting.
Iconic visual programming languages are a Tarot, the
ZDornasonics. Inc. 1-800-544-4294 pictorial summation of all possibilities, activated for the pur-
9258 Lazy Lane Tampa, FL 33614
Pat. Pend pose of divination by juxtaposition and mutual influence. A

periodic table of possibilities, the Western form of the East- monotheism emerged to unify pagan tribes into nations, so

ern I Ching. Traditional word-oriented programming lan- did the Boomers re-discover fundamentalist Judaism and
guages, FORTRAN, COBOL, and the rest, are a degenerate Christianity in their young adulthood.
form of these universal systems, grimoires of profit-oriented Even far-away Islam attracted gourmet Blacks and ex
corporations. hippies such as Cat Stevens. Bob Dylan nicely exemplifies

Detailed database logs of the activity of operating sys-

tems form the Akashic records on a microscale. At a macro-
scopic level, this is the "world net" knowledge base, the You write your very
"knoesphere". the world-wide online hypertext network of
information soon to be realized by the storage capacity of
own newest testament recalling
CD ROM and the data transmission capability of optical that voluntary martyrdom
fiber. William Gibson's cyberspace matrix.
Banishing debug programs, and friendly djinn are
is tacky.
invoked for compiling, searching, and other mundane tasks.
When the magic circle is broken (segmentation violation),

the system collapses. Personal transmutation (the ecstasy of

the "ultimate hack") is a veiled goal of both systems. The sa- the consumer approach to religion. For 25 years Bob (ne
tori of harmonious human-computer communication result- Zimmerman) has continued to browse through the spiritual
ing from the infinite regress into meta-levels of reflection of boutiques dabbing on a dash of Baptist "born-again," nib-

self is the reward for immaculate conceptualization and exe- bling at Hassidism before returning to his ole-time faith of

cution of ideas. sardonic reformed humanism.

The universality of and 1 throughout magic and relig- We can laugh at this trendy shopping around for the

ion: yin and yang, yoni and lingam, cup and wand, are man- custom-tailored designer god, but behind the faddism we
ifested today in digital signals, the rwo bits underlying the find a powerful clue.

implementation of all digital programs in the world, in our Notice how Dylan, for example, preserves his options

brains and in our operating systems. Stretching it a bit, even and tries to avoid shoddy or off-the-rack soul-ware. No
the monad, symbol of change and the Tao, visually resem- "plastic christs that glow in the dark" for Bob! The religion

bles a superimposed and 1 when its curving central line is

stretched through the action of centrifugal force from the

ever-increasing speed of the monad's rotation.


California Sunshine in your basement.
By the year 2000, Aleister Crowley, William Gibson, and
Edward Fredkin could well replace Benjamin Spock as a
Baby Boom navigator. Why? Because, by then the concerns
of the baby boom generation will be digital. (Or, to use the
old paradigms, philosophic-spiritual.)
During their childhood they were Mouseketeers. In

their teens the Cybers went on an adolescent spiritual binge

unequalled since the Children's Crusade. In their revolt
against the factory culture they re-inventecl and updated
their tribal-pagan roots and experimented with Hinduism,
Haight-Ashbury Buddhism, American Indianism, Magic,
Witchcraft, Ann Arbor Voo Doo, Esalen Yoga, Computerized You hit the jackpot when you found this ad! JC's has every-
I Ching Taoism, 3-D Reincarnation. Fluid Druidism. St. Ste- thing for the indoor gardener - lues, hydroponics, fans, tim-

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Jorge Cervantes, author of Gardening Indoors, the BIBLE
Born-again Paganism! Pan-Dionysius on audio-visual
on indoor growing, personally selected and tested each
cassettes Mick Jagger had them sympathizing with the product we stock. Give us a call, we'll be happy to answer
devil. The Beatles had them floating upstream on the Gan- your questions.
ges. Jimi Hendrix taught them how to be a voodoo child. Is Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

there one pre-Christian or third world metaphor for divinity

JC's Garden Center
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The Boomers in their evolving life-cycle seem to have 1-800-233-5729
recapitulated the theological history of our species. Just as

here is Evolutionism, based on the classic humanist, trans- and intolerance, and uncomprehending neglect of the ecolo-
cendental assumptions: gy, they have developed a healthy skepticism about collec-
tive solutions.

1 God is not a tribal father nor a feudal lord nor an engi- They can't retreat back home because Mom and Dad
neer-manager of the universe. There is no god (in the are divorced.
singular) except you at the moment. There are as many No wonder they have created a psychology of individu-
gods (in the plural) as can be imagined. Call them al The basic idea is self-
navigation. Singularity.
whatever you want. They are free agents like you and responsibility. You
depend upon anyone else to
just can't

me. solve your problems. You gotta do it all by yourself With

a little help from your friends.
2. You can change and mutate and keep improving. The
idea is to keep "trading up" to a "better" philosophy- A DO-IT-YOURSELF RELIGION
theology. Since God#l appears to be held hostage back there by
the blood-thirsty Persian Ayatollah, by the telegenic Polish
3. The aim of your life, following Buddha, Krishna, Gurd- Pope and the Moral Majority, there's only one logical alter-

jieff, Werner Erhart, Shirley is this: native. You "steer" your own course. You start your own re-

Take care of your self so you can take care of others. If ligion. The Temple is your body. Your mind writes the the-
any. ology. And the Holy Spirit emanates from that infinitely
mysterious intersection between your brain and your DNA.
with a irrnjE help from your friends The attainment of even the suburbs of Paradise involves
This generation, we recall, had been disillusioned by good navigation and planning on your part. Hell is a series
the religions, politics, & economics of their parents. Grow- of redeemable errors. A detour caused by failure to check
ing up with the threat of nuclear war, the assassination of the trip-maps. A losing streak. Many people are carefully
beloved leaders, immune deficiencies, a collapsing industrial conditioned from birth to live in hell. As children, they are
system, an impossible national debt, religious fundamental- largely ignored until something happens to cause them pain
isms (Christian-Jewish-Islamic) that fanatically scream hatred or injury. Then, mommy and daddy quickly lavish aid, atten-

tion, succor, positive reinforcement. When "all grown up",

and in the world alone to make choices, what kind of choic-
es are going to result from those many years of condition-
no wonder so many people seem
Lux Natura ing?


pained lives of
to live in hell, to

mishaps and broken dreams. Of course,

by realizing this we can begin to decondition ourselves to-

wards healthy hedonism. Reward yourself for making choic-

es that lead to pleasure, and build a cybernetic cycle of posi-
tive feedback. Only from the state of free selfhood can any
truly compassionate signals be sent to others.
ispleased to carry the recorded public
raves and private musings of
TEIRENCE MCI&ENNA The management and piloting of a Singularity leads to a
very busy career. Since the Crowley-Gibson-Fredkin Individ-
the exceptional post-modern thinker. ual has established herself as a religion, a country, a corpo-
Philosophy, humor and wisdom are ration, an information network, and a neurological universe,

woven together to stretch your mind and it is necessary to maintain personal equivalents for all the

delight your imagination. departments and operations of the bureaucracies that per-

form these duties.

Give yourself a taste of word magic. This apparently means forming private alliances, formu-

Sixteen separate talks are available on lating personal political platforms, conducting your own
domestic and foreign relations, establishing trade policies,
individual tapes or as The Collected Talks
defense and security programs, educational and recreational
of Terence McKenna, Volumes One and
Two. Send for a free catalog of these tapes events. On the upside, one is free from dependence upon
bureaucracies, an inestimable boon. (Free agents can, of
and more from:
course, make temporary deals with organizations and

LUX NATURA officials thereof.)

And if countries have histories and mythic origins, why

2140 Shattuck Ave.
shouldn't you?
Box 2196-HF
Berkeley CA 94704

So you search and research your very own genetic- Why? Because there's only one of you, and even with
memory banks, the Old Testaments of your DNA-RNA, the help of your friends the amount of damage an individual
including, if you like, past incarnations and Jungian arche- can do is insignificant compared with the evil-potential of a
types. And funky pre-incarnations in any future you can im- collective.

agine! Besides, you're a child of the 60's. You're imprinted to

You write your very own Newest Testament, recalling want a peaceful, tolerant, funny world. You can choose your
that voluntary martyrdom is tacky and crucifixions, like nu- gods to be smart, funny, compassionate, cute and goofy.
clear war, can ruin your day.
You can do anything the great religions, empires and IRREVERENCE IS A PASSWORD FOR
racial groups have done in the name of their God#l. And THE 2 1ST CENTURY
you're certain to do it better because . .. well look at their It has been suggested that the philosophic assignment
track records. There's no way your Personal State could of the Roaring 20th Century was to prepare the human spe-
produce the persecutions, massacres and bigotries of the Big cies for the shifting realities of Quantum Physics and Singu-

Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide
by O.T. Oss & O.N. Oeric

Lux Natura presents the newly revised and expanded edition of the
unsurpassed classic manual on home cultivation of psilocybin
mushrooms. The previous edition sold over 100,000 copies and has been
out of print and much sought for several years. With over 200 textual
additions, more drawings and a striking new cover, it also includes a
provocative introduction, chronology of mushrooms in history, technical
glossary and list of equipment suppliers, along with all the instruction
one needs to grow Stropharia cubensis (Psilocybe cubensis), the queen of
the visionary fungi.

Illustrated by Kat
88 pp., color cover
18 b&w drawings
53 b&w photographs

Available from:
2140 Shattuck Ave., Box 2196
Berkeley CA 94704

$12.95 (6% tax in CA)

plus $2.00 shipping. All orders shipped airmail

I. u Steering. slowly increase the thoroughness of brain/external-world in-

Relativity means that everyone "sees" or reacts to tilings tegration. A profound change can come with the develop-
differently, depending upon location, velocity and attitude ments of biotechnology, genetic engineering, and the slight-

(angle oi approach). ly more remote success of nanotechnology.

The relativistic insight is in essence irreverent or humor- The electronic form of human-in-programs is more alien
ous, i.e laughable, comical, delightful. With the law of gravi- to our current conceptions of humanity. Through storage of
ty repealed, levity is the order of the day. We rise through one's belief systems as data structures online, driven by de-
our levity, instead of being held down by our gravity. sired programs one's neuronal apparatus should operate in

The word "humor" comes from the Latin word for liquid silicon basically as it did on the meatware of the brain,

or fluid, referring to such qualities as though faster, more accurately, more

flowing, pliable, smooth, effortless, easily self-mutably, and, if desired, immortally.

changed, non-frictional, transparent, Clever cyberpunks will of course

shining, musical, graceful in motion and not only store themselves electronically,
readily converted into cash. ^mt& but do so in the form of a "computer vi-

rus" , capable of traversing computer net-

'ilB^^ works and of self-replication as a guard
Through science and technology we against accidental or malicious erasure
will meet the aliens, and they will be us. by others, or other programs. (Imagine

Norman Spinrad, from TheNeu-
III lii
CD?" "Ah,
droll scenario: "What's

that's just boring adoles-


Information-beings of the future cent Leary. go ahead and reformat

may well be fluid. 1 luman society has m it.")

now reached a turning point in the oper- One speculation is that such viral
.^r i^^He^ ^H ^f- .

ation of the digital programs of evolu- human forms might already inhabit our
tion, a point at which the next evolution- computer systems. Cleverly designed,
ary steps of the species become they would be very difficult, if not theo-
apparent to us, to surf as we will. Or, retically impossible to detect.
more correctly, as the evolutionary pro- Current programs do not permit
grams run and run, the next stages pop mi 1

matching the real-time operation speed

up in parallel, resulting in continuing ex-
my'-- ^^t^^&^< and parallel complexity of conventional
plosions of unexpected diversity. Our brains. But time scale of operation is

concepts of what is known as "human" subjective and irrelevant, except for the
continually change. For example, we are purposes of interface.
no longer as dependent on physical fit- Of course, there is no reason one
ness lor survival. Our quantum appliances and improved needs to restrict one's manifestation to a particular form.

mechanical devices can generally provide the requisite One will basically (within ever-loosening physical con-
means or defenses. In the near future, the methods of infor- straints, though perhaps inescapable economic constraints)
mation technology, molecular engineering, biotechnology, be able to assume any desired form.
nanotechnology (atom slacking) and quantum-digital pro- Authors of current science fiction of the cyberpunk or
gramming could make the human form a matter totally de- "neuromantic" school have approached this idea from many
termined by individual whim, style and seasonal choice. angles. Bruce Sterling's novel Schismatrix recognizes the
Humans already come in some variety of races and siz- fact that human evolution moves in chides, radiating omnidi-
es. In comparison to what "human" might mean within the rectionally, not moving in a line along a single path. His
next century, we humans are at present as indistinguishable "Mechs" and "Shapers" correspond closely with our notions
from one another as are hydrogen molecules. Along with of electronic and biogenetic paths to evolutionary diversity.
the irrational taboo about death, the sanctity of our body im- Given the ease of copying computer-stored information,
age seems to be one of the most persistent anachronisms of it should be possible to exist simultaneously in many forms.
Industrial Age thought. Where the "l's" are in this situation is a matter for digital phi-
We see evolutions oi the human form in the future; one losophers. Our belief is that consciousness would persist in
more biological-like: a bio/computer hybrid of any desired each form, running independently, cloned at each branch
form - and one not biological at all: an "electronic entity" point.
in the digital inlo-univcrse

llumaiw/.s programs, and human- in -programs. 1. Detection of a virus seems to imply the necessity of rebuilding

OI the entirety of the computer's software, from scratch, by hand,

these- two pi >si humanist views, human-as-programs
in machine code to obviate the possibility of utilization of viral-
is more easily conceived. Today, we have crude prosthetic
ly-contaminated editors or compilers! For systems of even to-
implants, artificial limbs, valves, and entire organs. The con- day's complexity, this is infeasible on economic grounds.
tinuing improvements in the old-style mechanical technology


Reviewed by Gully Jimson

Santa Clara. June 23, 1988. I'm at The Techmart, Yes, almost too good to be true, Mathematica is

a marble and glass monument to New Technology, all these and more. Unlike many promises of Silicon
where champagne and dainty hors d'oeuvres herald Babylon, vapourous proclamations from even the
the unveiling of the latest oeuvfes of heroic outlaws finest, Mathematica sprang from Wolfram's cerebral
operating at the frontiers of computer-assisted cogni- womb fully grown. Forsaking parched academe for
tion. bubbling business, Wolfram has decided to make a
Today at the center is the cherubic genius Steve buck and have fun too.

Wolfram. Cosmologist, Caltech physicist, mathemati- With deft conjuring motions, he yanked the
can, theoretician of the chaos of cellular automata assembled dignitaries from their seats one-by-one to
systems, and garrulous biz wiz, he's here to unleash have them outdo one another in impassioned testimo-
Mathematica, his astonishing computer system. nials to the wonders of Mathematica. Steve Jobs (who
The era of doing mathematics by hand and brain mentioned he sold a few computers in the 70's, slight

has now ended. From arithmetic to calculus, Eigen underemphasis of the $611 million Apple's bank
analysis to symbolic matrix inversion, Airy functions account now sports) declared that Mathematica would
(The Airy function is a solution to the differential be bundled with his new computer, NeXT's mythical
equation d A 2 y/dx A 2 - xy = 0) to Weierstrass ellipticals black cube. Bill Joy, founder of Sun Microsystems, and
Mathematica can do it all. Larry Tessler of Apple both enthusiastically applauded

Accepting mathematics in its conventional form, the next step in humankind's intellectual evolution
Mathematica crunches symbols as well as numbers, heralded by Mathematica. High school math teachers
displaying its results as formulae or glorious, shaded, and quantum gravity physicists paraded to the podium
3-dimensional color plots. An interactive symbolic and vouched their support. Yes, even IBM was in
super-calculator, it's also a programming language, attendance. In uncharacteristically True Blue fashion,
supporting sequential, recursive, and logic they were the swiftest of all companies to make a

programming styles. business deal with Wolfram.

Imagine the capabilities of FORTRAN, APL, LISP, It's not enough that the Mathematica system magi-
Prolog, Macsyma, Reduce, and a postscript graphics cally automates literally all of mathematics. Far be it

interpreter elegantly commingling, nestled in the CPU from the last word that the program is both blazingly
of the machine of your choice. 150,000 perky lines of fast and intuitively obvious in its syntax. What's per-

C code, bothering with the detail of your bidding, haps best of all is that this wonder is available today

freeing your brain of the tedium of mathematical cal- on a gamut of machines. From the crisp velocity of a
culation, unfettering your creativity through a flexible Sun workstation to the dizzying perspectives rendered
tool to explore intuitive avenues. Or, as in the Mathe- by a Silicon Graphics IRIS engine, to the ubiquity of a
matica interface on the Mac, a dynamic book of Macintosh ($495) you can buy it now. An IBM AT OS/
words that conjoins living breathing mathematical 2 version will soon be available from the
objects, & dynamic illustrations. computer-aided-design wizards at Autodesk.

ay back last winter, in Issue 4, we an-
nounced a peak experience contest. Ihe flood of en-
tries kept us wallowing vicariously in other peoples'
trips for many months. The judges decision was unan
imous, however. For sheer coruscating, unabashedly
rococo special ejfects, no entrant matched Hakim Bey
description of the nethenvorld of the Trogs. Dr. Light-
ning's entries, in each of his three lovingly crafted

PEAK versions (''Hold the Presses!" the last

equally luminous in their way,
one cried),
and deserve honorable

EXPERIENCE Suddenly the fungal realms yawned before me,

ranean regions of the continent excavated in

an caverns, cathedralspace fractal networks, labyrin-
Hakim Bey, thine gargantuan tunnels, slow black underground
rivers unmoving stygian lakes, pure & slightly lumin-

New York City iferous, slim waterfalls

rock, cataracting round

plunging down watersmooth
petrified forests of stalactites <5

stalagmites in spelunker-bewildering blind-fish com-

plexity & unfathomable vastness. Who dug this hol-
low earth beneath the ice foreseen by Poe, by certain
paranoid German occultists, Shaverian UFO freaks?
Was Earth once colonized in the time of Gondwana c

Mu by some Elder Race? their reptilian skeletons still

mouldering in the farthest secret mazes of the cavern-

system? Sluggish backwaters, dead-end canals, stag-
nant pools far from the centers of civilization like Littl

America, Transport City or Nan Chi Han, down in the

dark recesses & boondocks of the Antarctic caves, fur

gus & albino fern. We suspect them of mutations, arr

phibian webbed fingers & toes, degenerate habits

Kallikaks of the Hollow Earth, lovecraftian renegades,
hermits, skulking incestuous smugglers, runaway crirr

inals, anarchists forced into hiding after the Entropy

Wars, fugitives from Genetic Puritanism, dissident Chi
nese Tongs & Yellow Turban fanatics, lascar cave-

pirates, pale shiftless whitetrash from the prolewarren

of the industrial domes along Thwait's Tongue & the
Walgreen Coast & Edsel-Ford-Land-the Trogs have
kept alive for over 200 years the folk-memory of the
Autonomous Zone, the myth that someday it will ap-

pear again. . . Taoism, libertine philosophy, Indone-

sian sorcery, cult of the Cave Mother (or Mothers),
identified by some scholars with the Javanese sea/
moon goddess Loro Kidul, by others with a minor de
ty of the South Pole Star Sect, the "Jade Goddess". . .

manuscripts (written in Bahasa Ingliss the pidgin dia-

lect of the deep caves) contain mangled quotations

from Nietszche & Chuang Tzu. Trade consists of o< . .

casional precious gems & cultivation of white poppy,

fungus, over a dozen different species of "magic"
mushrooms. . . Shallow Lake Erebus, 5 miles across, enough. I was living in a Trog fishing village across
dotted with stalagmitic islets choked with fern & kud- the lake from Erebus in a rented room above the bait-
zu & black dwarf pine, held in a cave so vast it some shop. . . rural sloth & degenerate superstitious rites of
times creates its own weather. . . The town belongs sensual abandon, the larval & unhealthy mysteries of
officially to Little America the chthonic mutant down-
but most of the Inhabitants trodden Trogs, lazy shift-

are Trogs living off the pallid old Trog pamongs less no-count hicks. . .

Shiftless Dole-& the deep- Little America, so christian

cave tribal country lies just tranced out on fungus drool & & free of mutation, eugenic
across the Lake. Riffraff, & orderly, where everyone


men &
drug-addicts, sorcer-
smugglers, remittance-
perverts live in
up their eyes


jacked into the flesh-
realm of ancient
& holography, so eu-

crumbling basalt-&-synthplast hotels half-encaisted clidian, newtonian, clean & patriotic-L.A. will never
with pale green vines, along the lakefront, an avenue understand this innocent filth-sorcery, this "spiritual

of squalid cafes, gem emporia guarded by armed nin- materialism," this slavery to the volcanic desires of se-
jas, Chinese krill-noodle shops, the crystal-tinselled cret cave-boy gangs like laughing flowers jetting with
hall for slow fusion-gamelan dancers, boys practising dynamo erections pulsing up pure life curved as taut
mudras on sleepy electronic dark blue after-
their bows, & the smell of water, pond scum, nightbloom-
noons to the rippling of synthgongs & metallophones. ing white flowers, jasmine & datura, urine, children's
. . & below the pier perhaps a few desultory bathers wet hair, sperm
mud. &
white toadstools springing. .

along the black beach, genuine low-budget tourists up on the spots where Trog boys have masturbated
gawking at the shrine behind the bazaar where pallid alone in the dark. . . possessed by cave-spirits, per-
old Trog pamongs tranced out on fungus drool & roll haps ghosts of ancient aliens now wandering as de-
up their eyes, breathe in the fumes of heavy incense, mons seeking to re-new long-lost pleasures of flesh &
everything seems suddenly menacingly bright, flicker- substance ... or else the Zone has already been re-

ing with significance. . . a few cases of webbed fin- born, already a nexus of autonomy, a spreading vims
gers but the rumours of ritual promiscuity are true of chaos in its most exuberant clandestine form.

hEmmt p
P. O. Box 1360

Santa Cruz, CA 95061

(408) 425-8619


OF BEHAVIOR Abraham and Shaw
A pictorial introduction to non-linear dynamics:
attractors, basins, separatrices, chaos and bifurcations.


342 illustrations, 4-color, 220 pages. 536 136 illustrations, 2-color, 123 pages. $30


170 illustrations, 2-color, 137 pages. $30 201 illustrations, 4-color, 200 pages. $38**
** Part IV in this series to be in print 11/88. Special prepublication discount price of $34 includes free shipping.
Add $2/book in Canada, $10/book in all other countries.

AERIAL PRESS publishes a bi-monthly NEWSLETTER on new developments in chaos theory, research
announcements, conference reports, book reviews. $30/year. Ralph Abraham, Editor. Bob Lansdon, Reviews Editor.

AVAILABLE NOW: Books, software, films and videos on Chaos Theory. Authors: Abraham Shaw

Fischer Thompson Devaney Hayashi Berge Jordan & Smith Arrowsmith & Place Peitgen Zeehman
Stewart Crutchfield Langton Send for free catalog or order directly from publisher today!
THE SHADOW WORLD OF / can imagine a lot.

Han Solo
HEAVY METAL Heavy metal video has a long way to go before it can
(continued from page 61)
be called a Gesamtkunstwerke, but it is certainly following,
however ineptly, in the paths of Carl Maria von Weber, Rich-
style on the Turbo album, forced them back to a heavier- ard Wagner and Richard Strauss. Their operas routinely
than-shit, demons and death follow up Ram it Down. dealt with selling one's soul to the devil, fixated on sexuali-
Within the circumscribed world of the alienated adoles- ty, illicit sexuality, perverse sexuality, Pagan gods, violence,
cent, Heavy Metal has achieved Mahler's goal. Its musical heroic confrontation, and black magicians the everyday
expression serves as a powerful vehicle for delivery of its stock subjects of Heavy Metal video.
obnoxious subject matter. It is also important to understand that Metal's lack of
The music is so powerful and dense that most people originality is its major strength, not its weakness. Just as
can't even hear the words. The lyrics have a "purloined Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides retold the same stories
letter" protection until Tipper Gore ferrets them out, to new generations of Athenians, so do the heavy metal
demanding they be printed on the album cover. As Ozzie bands recycle the same societal myths and fixations to each
Osborne said, "You've got to listen to my words." However, succeeding wave of adolescents. For Heavy Metal does
Heavy Metal video gives us a new source of information to have content, mythic content in the sense that Joseph Camp-
help penetrate the shadow world of Heavy Metal content. bell describes in his book Creative Mythology. Heavy Metal
in general, and its videos in particular, is creating an infor-
The complete artwork of the future will mation world that never was and never will be. Just as its

contain the perfect mix of music, music is syncretic; its mythic world is syncretic built out

poetry, stage craft and dance. of pieces of modern technology, science fiction, horror

Richard Wagner movies, comic books, Western mythology, religion and ado-
lescent experience. Just because it is considered simplistic,
crude, or "bad art" by adults doesn't mean that its millions of
fanatic followers are not receiving good mythological value,
for Heavy Metal creates a shadow world where the normally
The powerless adolescent can party all night, walk with heroes

SAN FRANCISCO or fly with demons. It's precisely due to their content that
HM videos stand out from the otherwise bland wasteland of
ORACLE commercial music video.
Facsimile Edition We'll begin at the light, frivolous exterior of metal
the boogie. Heavy Metal boogies are paeans to, and accom-
Edited and With an
Introduction by
paniments for, mindless partying usually under severe in-

toxication and always to excess. Certain bands, such as Van

Allen Cohen Halen, AC/DC, Quiet Riot (Slade for Americans), and the

IS COMING sub-moronic Helix, tend to specialize

even the rather extreme gore group WASP
in this genre. While
can occasionally
Pub. Date: Fall, 1988 turn out an immortal boogie parody like Blind in Texas, re-
RESERVE YOUR COPY cent trends in Metal point toward paths leading away from
See Below
360 pgs. 10"xl4" / Rainbow
/ pure boogie to darker, more obsessive realms.
Multi-colored / Hard Bound /
Gold Stamped/Acid Free Paper
ALSO: "The Rise & Fall of Boogie Metal has reentered the mainstream of hard rock
the Haight Ashbury in the in the persona of ZZ Top, Loverboy and the extraordinarily
LIBRARY EDITION popular Bon (Metal Aerosmith could easily be
Limited to app. 1,500 Copies 60 's." A video history of the Lite) Jovi.
Pre-Publication Price: $125 considered a boogie band, along with its hosts of "wanna
Haight and the Hippies as
COLLECTORS reflected in the pages of the
be" clones such as L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat and, most not-
EDITION S.F. Oracle and the work of 14
ably, Poison.
Limited to 200 copies
However, these glam rockers' unrelenting emphasis on
Price: $300 photographers of the period.
Frontispiece Full Color the undeniable joys of tacky sex, and the carefully calculated
(Above Image by Rick Griffin) Also due Fall 1988.
offense of their schtick, places these sleaze metal bands well
Signed & numbered by artist
and by editor Allen Cohen
VHS Cassette
within the Heavy Metal universe right next to the current in-
PlusaportfolioofOracleCovers $29.95 carnation of Kiss with (Let's) Lick It Up a video so egregiously

For further information please write or

sexist that it's currently exiled from MTV to the Siberia of
video rental, even though it enjoys regular exposure up
REGENT PRESS, 2747 Regent St., Berkeley, CA 94705
North on Canada's Much Music program.

Certainly, in the realm of the melodramatic and obses- good. Who made who/ who made you/ if you made them/
sive lies the ubiquitious Heavy Metal Ballad. These tear and made you/ who picked up the devil? AC/DC (one of
jerking songs of loss are wildly popular with the crowds and Tipper's favorite bands) asks the basic Gnostic questions in a
seemingly irresistible to bands. They include the straightfor- stunning video allegory (the title track to a Stephen King

wardly romantic, such as Judas Priest's Out in the Cold, and movie) of the Gnostic creation of the world by the evil ar-

the traditionally romantic, such as Scorpions' Still Loving You. chons. The divine spark of humanity is trapped in the un-
The Ballad moves into self-pity and sentimentality with deniably ugly clay of Angus Young. AC/DC also states the
Whitesnake's Here I Go Again and Heart's Alone (Yes, they basic Gnostic epistemological tenet "ain't nobody told you."

are H.M. "Joni Mitchell meets Led Zeppelin"). Aerosmith's Orthodox religion won't tell you the truth; the truth is found
video Angel is extreme enough to be a parody of the genre, only by direct personal illumination. This theme is recurrent
while Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home cannot fail to remind in Heavy Metal from the Blue Oyster Cult's E.T.I. (1976) to
anyone of Dr. Frankenfurter's exit performance. Firmly the recent Voivod video Tribal Convictions.
mired in the treacle of utter bathos is Yngwie Malmsteen's It's not suprising that the Gnostic heresy is so appeal-
You Don Remember,
't I'll Never Forget". Interestingly ing, particularly to kids forced to swallow the fundamentalist
enough, the Crue's Home Sweet Home was one of MTV's and Catholic notion of sin. If you really believe this anti-

most requested videos for almost two months. quated twaddle, it's easy to see how listening to Heavy Met-
It might seem incongruous for a musical style notorious al marks the entry to "illicit" sex, and then you're on the
for obnoxious aggression and rebellion to produce so many slippery slope to eternal damnation moving on to harder

ballads until one recalls Achilles' initial reaction to the death sins such as S/M, satanism and ritual murder (see Spin Mag-
of his friend Patroclus. Adolescent males feel intensely, azine, August, 1988). Of course the Church holds out grace
even obsessively, over love lost. Yet our society discourages for those who repent, just as it did for Gilles de Rais, but the
open displays of such emotions by a male. Furthermore, damage in the here and now is already done. The Mani-
parents almost invariably dismiss adolescent attachments as chaean heresy dispenses with the notion that "God" is all

only "puppy love" and somehow trivial. Recall that Romeo powerful and theorizes that "Evil" is as powerful and (gasp)
and Juliet were entering the prime age for Heavy Metal fan- maybe even more powerful. This ever-popular heresy
dom, and that seeking solace in sentiment is preferable to among the theologically naive but otherwise seemingly or-

seeking solace in suicide. This brings us to the black heart thodox lends credence to "satanism".

of Metal: suicide, psychosis and satanism. Is Heavy Metal

satanic? The envelope please.

God is Dead but his shadow shall linger for

a thousand years. IAO CORE

Nietzsche "?/?/" lp $9.99

Satanism has been around for

Dog tOWer cassette
erotometaphysical noise muzak $5.00
thousands of years.
Tipper Gore Musick for the LifeboatlGaia
first two releases on one tape $5.00

My image is of agony, Live in Berkeley cassette

progressive industrial psychedelia $5.00
my servants rape the land,
Obsequious and arrogant, Gaia Footbridge the video .

clandestine and vain, on 3/4 inch or VHS format $18.00 f

Two thousand years of misery,
and torture in my name,
Motorhead, Orgasmatron
Certainly in at least the Jungian sense, the shadow of
the Christian "God" is the Devil, a.k.a. Satan a.k.a. Evil Incar-
nate. The so called "Problem of Evil" is a uniquely Christian
phantasm created by conceptualizing "God" as both all- Check or Money Order To:
powerful and all-good. IAO CORE
The Gnostic heresy dispensed with this problem by 326 Dogwood Dr. Walnut Creek, CD 94598
denying that the god that created the world is all good. The please add $1.00 for postage
creator god is actually evil, evil ruling the world disguised as

For this obsession with Satan is a natural outgrowth of The easiest way out of the Problem of Evil is to drop GOD
Christian Soteriology, let the Devil successfully tempt you as the Buddhists and Pagans do and go beyond good and
just once and your soul is lost. In this particular sense Chris- evil to an ethic of individual responsibility and self-worth.
tianity is Satanic and fuels the demonic legions of of B- For by reifying Good and Evil as God and the Devil, person-
minus horror movies such as Prince of Darkness and Hell al responsibility in the here and now is diminished, as can
Raiser. These beliefs also fuel multitudes of third-rate, semi- be witnessed in the doctrine of predestination expressed in
underground and totally forgettable "Black Metal" bands. the popular excuse, "the devil made me do it." The surprise
Just as Motley Crue were whiting out their pentagrams, MTV hit of the summer 1987 video season was Ozzie Osbourne's
shifted to overt fundamentalist baiters such as Kind Dia- Crazy Train, a tribute to his lead guitarist the late Randy
mond, Marillion, Hel- Rhodes. Ever since the
loween and numerous earliest Black Sabbath
others of this ilk, rising days (whose perfor-
from well-deserved ob- mance videos Iron Man
scurity to display their and Paranoid are MTV
occult jewelry collection staples) old Bat Breath
on the little screen. has been dogged by fun-
But despite fun- damentalists with charg-
damentalist overreaction es of satanism. But
or horror movie triviali- watching the Ultimate
zation, it's impossible to Sin tour video one can
deny that unspeakably see that the Oz has be-
evil acts occur every come a psychopomp for

day. Just to speak the not very sophisticated

unspeakable, such as adolescents unduly frigh-
Slayer (Foetus Sand- tened by the world in

wich) and their less suc- which they live. His

cessful Black Metal pals comic demon act ridi-

do, does not address the cules the concept of Evil

fundamental question while the words to his
"Who picked up the songs clearly portray
devil?". "evil" as nothing but the
When the natural acts of screwed up hu-
pleasures of the flesh man beings. The "Ulti-

were twisted into the mate Sin" is defined as

"sins of the flesh" Chris- betrayal of human rela-

tianity created a new tionships and a hunger

pleasure the pleasure of the forbidden. Just look at the for power over others. In Crazy Train, through the magic of
mise-en-scene of Alice Cooper's resurrected 70's perfor- technology, Randy Rhodes comes back from the grave in liv-

mance video of 18. Decadents and libertines throughout the ing color to play the guitar, while Ozzie delivers, in stark
Christian era since at least the Hell Fire Club have realized black and white, the standard 60's message Crazy, but that's
that all the best people must be in Hell. And as any book how it goes/ Millions ofpeople living as foes/ Maybe its not too
on the Decadent movement will tell you, this can lead to late/ to learn how to love and forget how to hate. However,
evil as an artistic statement of freedom from the Judeo- within the visual context and the Oz's facial expressions, the
Christian world view. But this can trap you in a hell of your lines The media sells it/and you live the role, cause us to of-
own making, as Metallica alludes to in their neo- fer the follow interpretation: this society is so insane that
expressionistic chiller, Master of Puppets (no video buy sometimes it seems better off to be crazy or dead, and I

the record!). know because I'm crazy and he's dead. Significantly, the

The orthodox Christian doctrine, made painfully obvi- video spent most of a summer on the number one slot of
ous during the witch burnings, has never been recanted, PMRC's most dangerous and offensive list.

only downplayed. What is not orthodox, and therefore of

God, is the work of the Devil. By this doctrine, the various PART TWO will discuss sex, violence, rebellion and
New Age spiritual paths, as well as Heavy Metal, are satanic. Heavy Metal's challenge to parents. As an exercise for
The fundamental problem in the Problem of Evil is really a the student: Twelve Headbangers Balls will be shown
problem with God. For as Herbert Guenther writes in his on MTV (Saturdays, 9 pm Pacific) before you read Part
study of Tibetan Buddhist Tantrism, "although libertinism of- Two. By taping some and using fast forward (since
ten appears as a revolt against asceticism, both are of the Sturgeon's Law applies), you will be able to see many
same root." That root is the Judeo-Christian world view. videos discussed in this upcoming segment.

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this anymore. Our keyboard player
going to quit after this." And she

said, "Well,
show up. I'm just
Frank Zappa
just called." It's the truth! That's exactly what happened.

t's pretty hard for me, personally, to watch much MTV for

very long, or any of those shows. Oh, I mean, it's just not
Brian Eno?
my cup of tea. I'm not putting it down it just sucks, that's
I think he is very intelligent, has very unusual ways of work-
ing. I always liked what he brought out of me as a guitarist.

He produced me, in two cases, the Lodger album with Da-

vid Bowie and Remain In Light with Talking Heads; in both
I want to throw out some names for you to react to. I'll
instances he got me to do a lot of very unorthodox guitar
start with Zappa.
things that resulted in some of my best playing.
Frank Zappa. I have great fond memories of Frank. He
Laurie Anderson?
helped me enormously. He's a musical genius and one of
She still amazes me. The thing that stands out in my mind is
the hardest-working people I've ever known. He showed
when she told me that she stays up for three or four days at
me an awful lot about the music business and about arrang-
a time. She says that after the second and third day, you
ing music. I used to watch Frank take a song ten different
start getting into a whole other consciousness. She uses
ways over the course of two weeks. It was just remarkable,
dreams and symbols in a way that is just phenomenal. She's
his gift for putting voices and instruments together. The
one of my favorite artists and one of my favorite people to
thing that impressed me most about Frank was his total de-
work with. I could talk with her for hours. She has an
dication. That was a good lesson for me. Frank has
amazing urgency for information in her life.
spawned a whole generation of musicians.

Kjaugbt by the Tail was, sort of, a guitar symphony. Par-

& 'o you have any miraculous ways
pieces of music quickly?
of learning difficult

ticularly the first side. I wrote the music on an acoustic in-<