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Play Chess Online

*Chess Corner Chess Server - Play correspondence type chess online!
Full range of features including individual, tournament and team games.
* - Play correspondence type chess
Internet Chess Club - The biggest chess server on the internet. Unrated
games can be played here but there is a charge if you wish to play rated
games and participate fully in tournaments etc.

British Chess Clubs

Barnet Chess Clubs - This site is full of interesting information for chess
players everywhere.
Chess Corners British Chess Club Section - Details of Chess Clubs and
homepages in Britain.
UK Web Chess Guide - The biggest collection of links to websites in the

Personal Homepages

Link/Description - Are you a chess geek? Download their chess screen
saver and pgn viewer
Natalia Pogonina - The official site of WGM Natalia Pogonina.

Pawn Pusher - A humourous look at the chess world!

The Chess Addict - Homepage of Mike Fox and Richard James co-
authors of The (Even More) Complete Chess Addict

Instructional Sites


Chess For Success Tutorial - A good site for Intermediates.

Chess is Fun

Chess Kids Academy - Instructional site for kids.

Chess Problem of the Day - Different levels of difficulties ranging from
very easy (checkmate in 1) to very difficult (checkmate in 6 or more). A
solution to the problem will be made available the next day.
Claude Kaber - Tactics training Database in Chessbase format
Duif's Place - An interesting site for tournament players. Includes a
directory of chess teachers.
Exeter Chess Club Coaching Page
Stanislav Vokal's Chess Compositions - A collection of great chess
The Beginner's Chess Page

General Information

Link/Description - Chess directory with categorized links to chess sites,
tools, resources and more.
Pitt Ed. Chess Archives - Contains many game collections, demos,
graphics etc. to download.
The Chess Cafe Home Page
The Week in Chess Magazine - Mark Crowther reports the latest chess
news and games.
Chess Software


Chessbase Website - Keep up to date with the best chess database.

DBSChess - British Correspondence Chess Association and David's
recorder program
The Tasc.ChessSystem Home - Find out more about Tascbase, Chess
Tutor and Chessica.

Chess Supplies


A Chess Set Luxury Gift Shop

Batsford Chess - One of the biggest publishers of chess books.

Big Chess Set - Giant Chess Sets.

Chess Clock - Analog Wood Chess Clock

Chess Collectables - chess sets, clocks, and boards; new and rare chess
books; and chess software. Also chess features for your enjoyment.
London Chess Centre - Home Page of the London Chess and Bridge
Centre with online catalogue.
Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess - A chess book for children - Sells chess tables, chairs and sets

US Chess Federation Online Store - chess sets, videos, books, chess
clocks, gifts

News Groups and Mailing Lists

Deja News Chess News Groups - Access the chess news groups using
your browser.


4 Player Chess

Board - Links to all sorts of board games.

Casemir Chocolates - Has a chocolate chess set which would make a
novel gift for the chess player!
Chess Mail - Correspondence chess news magazine, books and CC
database. Interactive game play-through online.
Chess Visualisation Training - Online step-by-step exercises which help
you to increase your chess visualisation.
ChessLab - High-speed Java-based interactive chess board will connect
you with the biggest 2 million games chess database for interactive
search and analysis.
The Chess Variant Pages - Rules of chess variants such as Shogi
(Japanese Chess) etc
The World Chess Championship - Provides an overview of the chess
events which have determined past and present World Chess Champions.
Thinks Com - This is a great site for brain game fans. Besides chess it
contains information and links for devotees of crosswords, anagrams,
trivia, and java games and puzzles.
Check out "Crushing the King" Video Course
by CM Kingscrusher and GM Smirnov

In this course GM Igor Smirnov together with

CM Tryfon will teach you the strategies and
tactics of attacking. At the end of this course
you will have all the necessary abilities and
understanding in order to start a successful
attack against an opponent of any level!
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