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Be Pioneer and Be creative In Dutch

The Netherlands is a country located on the continent of Europe, Famous

Dutch windmill and dam system. Dam system has made the Dutch State free from
major flooding and ocean storms that often hit the country.. Atsluitdjik
Implemenatasi system is one of the dams in the State of the Netherlands and one of
the greatest works of modern Dutch that stretches along 32 miles of straight-plate
with lebaar 90 m, such as the lines that divide the sea

Since the first Dutch has spawned many by scientists so no wonder many of
them awarded the Nobel Prize in various fields of economics, physics, chemistry
peace, physiology or medicine. No wonder many students from different parts of
the world come to the Netherlands to study at the State team orange. this is due to
pemeerintah dutch education and provide full support to the slogan pendidiikan
there with the sound system "be a pioneer and creative"

Education system in the Netherlands is different from other countries in the

world system of determining them is salaah talents and interests of students who
have been determined when the student is still a common education. This is an
important factor which makes the quality of education in the Netherlands that can
produce human resources that can contribute to the development of the Dutch State
and the world.

From year to year, the greater the students from different parts of the world
are studying in the Netherlands, especially from Indonesia. The majority of them
are interested in studying in the Netherlands because the Dutch education system
in a cheap and Dutch international quality and situated in the middle of European
countries so it can easily travel to European countries other without requiring a

Yogi Ahmad grants the Helmholtz equation solver is alumi Delft University
of Technology (DUT) and a student from Indonesia country studying in the
Netherlands. He managed to find the Helmholtz equation used in seismic data
processing to a hundred times faster. It is a breath of fresh air for the oil companies
because this method proved to be better and faster than the usual digunakan.berkat
invention also Yogi Ahmad Bakrie erlangga awarded one of the awards for those
who have great influence in Indonesia.
Examples of successful yogi ahmad erlangga is evidence that the Dutch
government is very concerned and fully supports the establishment of a quality
education and with a fairly low cost so as to give birth to the thinkers, scientists
and scholars who can create works that are useful for people around the world