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Student Name: Xheni Lila Date: 2017/11/24 Age Group: Kindergarten Room (4-5 years

Purpose: Purpose:
Reason for developing
learning experience. This The purpose of this activity is for the children to become aware
could be in response to an and continue to expand their knowledge on colours. As well as
observation, discussion with how mixing two colours will create a new colour. The children
the site supervisor, Ontario will be provided with opportunities to become aware of the
Curriculum Objective, etc.
creative significance of the innovation process (2.4)
- Document what you saw and
- Document non-verbal
communication (i.e., body
language, facial expressions
and voice tone)
- Document in detail: who,
what, where, and when
- Documentation should be
written in past tense,
objective, and in anecdotal
Document the discussion
between you and your site
supervisor that led to the
Curriculum Objective
Describe the curriculum
objective youre aiming to
meet/enhance through this
Learning Experience Secondary Colours
What are you planning in
response to your purpose? 3 Objectives
- Label your experience (e.g.
Painting with cars). 1. They will be able to explore different elements of design,
- What are your 3 objectives by mixing the different colours (31.3)
for this experience? (i.e. 2. The children will be provided with opportunities to
What interests are you become aware of the creative significance of the
extending? What strengths
innovation process mixing colours to create a new
and opportunities for growth
are you colour (2.4)
enhancing/supporting?) 3. The children will have the opportunity to freely explore
Please Note: You should and expand their knowledge on colours.
refer to appropriate
pedagogy to support your Who will be involved in the experience?
discussion around
strengths and All of the children will be involved in the experience.
opportunities for growth
Where will the experience take place?
(e.g. ELECT, How Does
Learning Happen, Ontario The experience will be taking place indoors at the art table.
FDK Curriculum, etc).
Describe the experience: Materials Used
- Who will be involved in the
experience? - 3 plastic bags
- Where will the experience - 3 paint colours yellow, blue, red
take place? (e.g. Indoors or
outdoors? In the dramatic How will the activity be implemented?
centre, the creative table,
etc). I will be asking the children what are the colours that they have
- List the materials and been learning about, and then ask them what they are called. I
resources you will use will then ask them if they know what secondary colours are how
- Describe the implementation
do we get those colours. We then will experiment with the 3
of the experience, with a step
by step description different colours too see what 2 colours together will make
- List and describe 2 teaching secondary colours.
strategies. How will you use
them? Why have you chosen Teaching Strategies
these strategies?
1. Telling, Explaining, and informing I will provide the
children with information on what secondary colours are
2. Sensory Engagement the children will get first hand
experience to see how mixing two colours create a new
colour, they will be able to use their hands (touch) and
sight to explore the different colours.