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1st Pref for Final 2nd Pref for Final Grad % or Training Co @

Sr. No. Name Placement Placement Graduation Grad Year 10th % 12th % CGPA IGTC % IGTC Training Depts. Projects @ Training Company

1)Evaluated & revised credit limits of Lanxess India Private

Limited customers based on the guidelines of the company
Devised a new
1)Identified new process
businessfor avenues
bringing and
down the overdue
suggested new range
Sales and B.Tech. CGPA NRB Industrial Sales and payment(from
of bearings to be customers)
introduced of after
the company
mapping the industrial
1 Aditya Ketkar Operations Marketing (Mechanical) 2012 74.27% 64.06% 2.19/4 67.00% Bearings Ltd. Marketing Prepared reports based on customers financials for BUs
1)Performed Survey
Gapand feasibility
Analysis Study:- measures to
and suggested
Projects & Conducted
improve thefeasibility study for launch
timely construction of aupcoming
of a new product which has
Execution its application
Plant in Solar Panels
at Vapi, construction quality supervision and inspection
Department and 1)Reduction
Developed of TAT of Business
on site. methodology to studyCase
theand Purchase
market Voucher
potential of the
Aditya Raj Singh Sales and Sales and Approvals
2)Research on GMP Animal Health Business in EU, US, Latin
2 Ghorpade Operations Marketing B.E. (Civil) 2014 79.80% 65.00% 73.30% 63.00% Bayer India Marketing 2)Assisted
America and in coaching
Japan. the IT team for Performance Dialog
Studied of entire business line of concerned BU
Product wisecoded and prepared
competition analysisfor
oflaunch an excel Price
import-export, macroand
QuantityMIS tool for the following
Net Promoter
Designed Score databasing,
dashboard updateline
for each business and Reporting to be
Marketing done automatically
Presented (also established
a Report based a trend between
on key observations and trends to
Sales and Finance and LANXESS India Pvt. Finance and Operation KPIs and NPS to identify the "Key drivers of NPS")
Senior Management.
3 Aman Agarwal Marketing Controlling B.Com. 2014 86.76% 73.83% 79.14% 65.00% Ltd. Controlling 4)Performance Dialog databasing and analysis automatically
for IT department
Umang (DHLs HR initiative to encourage education among
Operations employees)
Support 1)Customer
5)Initiated a feedback
study for analysis and
feasibility of Costing
selection ofamong
DHL First Choice multiple projects
service centers for national level 5-S competition and
Sales and B.Tech. CGPA DHL Express India (Six Sigma 2)Lift & Elevators
reported Inspection
observations. Business market
A recommended research
DHL SVC was and
4 Anubhav Deb Operations Marketing (Automobile) 2014 86.00% 79.60% 6.83/10 72.00% Pvt. Ltd. Program) preparing business plan
selected eventually
3)Framework for searching and filing up govt. tenders

4)Attended Pre Bid meeting for Govt. tenders

Sales & Marketing
Sales and for Industrial
5 Ashish Pawar Operations Marketing B.E. (Mechanical) 2014 74.89% 77.00% 60.00% 72.00% TUV India Pvt. Ltd. Services 5)Acquired new clients through Cold calling & Cold walk-in
1)Evaluated & revised credit limits of the BASF customers
based on the guidelines of BASF Global policies and payment
terms of the customers
2)Treasury- Group funding option for capital project
Finance and BASF India Pvt. 3)Internal Financial Control Audit
6 Ashwini Shinde Controlling B.Com. 2014 84.15% 77.67% 73.58% 71.00% Ltd. Finance 1)Involved in the daily activities
4)Study of Blockchain- of creating of
the new generation theinternet
daily plan for
repairs and installation
2)Created and implemented the market research on
customer satisfaction of the services provided
3)Created a plan for mechanism of installation request,
service calls and tracking warranty certificate
Sales and B|Braun Medical 4)Conducted a survey to create 'Zone of Tolerance' and a
7 Dolly Jain Operations Marketing B.E. (Biomedical) 2014 80.71% 70.16% 78.53% 75.00% (India) Pvt. Ltd. Technical Services 1)Created impactful
serqual model for theand effective
services communication
provided to drive
by the company
employee engagement by leveraging varied communication
2)Deployed German Dual VET pedagogy at Government ITI's
3)Provided healthcare need assessment for the Sanjeevan
B.Sc. (Hospitality Communications mobile clinic in Haryana and West Bengal
Human Resource Corporate and Hotel Communications- 4)Assisted in Siemens Scholarship Programme (feedback and
8 Flavia Misquitta Development Communication Administration) 2011 80.80% 80.17% 71.00% 69.00% Siemens Ltd. CSR evaluation)
3)Analysed and gathered basic knowledge on equipment
manufactured by vendor in machine tools, healthcare, PPP,
and other sectors
4)Discussed and received updates from the sales team on the
prospects as discussed on weekly calls
5)Developed an easier method for taking regular updates
from sales team on clients, using colour coded excel sheet
6)Analysed the automobile industry in India (Mahindra, Tata
and Bajaj) to understand their suppliers are managed and
1st Pref for Final 2nd Pref for Final Grad % or Training Co @ capital expenditure is financed
Sr. No. Name Placement Placement Graduation Grad Year 10th % 12th % CGPA IGTC % IGTC Training Depts. 7)Identified
Projects the autoCompany
@ Training ancillary units and their functions in
and around Pune
Developed Strategic account planning and SWOT analysis of
Siemens Financial Services Healthcare
Explored the machine tool industry by visiting exhibitions and
collecting leads for sales
Finance and B.Com. (Banking & Siemens Financial Vendor 1)Carried out preliminary research for unconventional
9 Gitu Krishna Controlling Insurance) 2013 78.30% 78.70% 70.00% 64.00% Services Pvt. Ltd Management applications of silica in India.
2)Contacted potential clients for Silica in Hydraulic Fracturing.
3)Performed Silica Industry Analysis to gauge our Current

Sales and B.E. (Bio- Evonik India Pvt. Sales and 4)Conducted market research to gauge the potential in
10 Jharna Adnani Marketing Operations technology) 2015 87.53% 81.17% 71.68% 76.00% Ltd. Marketing leather & textile industry.
1)Determined and analysed the Market Share of EPCOS in
OEMs Introduced the recently launched product across
various hospitals in Mumbai
B.E. (Electronics Sales and 2)Improvement of suppliers performance through Vendor
and Marketing 1)Analysed market and conducted research on e-commerce
Cluster initiative
Sales and Telecommunicatio and the scope ofSupplier
3)Implemented warehouse management
Performance systemininSAP-ACS
Evaluation India
11 Kalyani Deshmukh Marketing Operations n) 2014 93.07% 77.50% 64.80% 72.00% TDK-EPCOS Purchase 2)Successfully
(Version 7.0) implemented and re-designed the Standard
operating Procedures and feedback form for onsite jobs of
3)Organised and exhibited Schaefer as a brand in Express
B.E. (Electronics Logistics and Supply Chain Conclave Conference and
and SSI Schaefer || Marketing and Exhibition
Sales and Telecommunicatio Schaefer Systems Sales 4)Initiated Client Interactions and conducted requirement
12 Kshitija Datkhile Marketing Operations n) 2013 80.40% 70.00% 71.50% 75.00% International Operations 1)Designed
gathering ofaClients.
questionnaire with an objective to understand
current market scenario and customer exceptions,
2)Conducted field study as a part of business development
3)Researched on the best and cost-effective logistics company
that will help us to reach customers quicker,
4)A Team Survey
projectfor the new
where SiemensaBeta-guard
we designed range
brochure with
Sales and Sales and Meeting
marketingwith the provided
inputs channel partners and electrical
for a contract receivedretail
13 Kuntal Mody Marketing Operations B.M.S. 2014 69.00% 69.00% 64.00% 61.00% EuroDiesel Group Marketing outlets
Hallmarkin Mumbai,
Honda Chennai
framework and Pune
for domestic on communication
Logistics service and
Corporate marketing
provider(LSP)elements forand
strategy Siemens.
formulated summary sheet of LSP.
purchasing and Gave businessdashboard
2)Developed a better perspective for promotional
for KPIs of international activities
logistics(CP/LOG- 2)Siemens Factory Office Branding and designing
freight volume.
IN) 3)Preparation
3)Implementedof14Q Safety Film for
(Quality) Kalwa Motor
Principles Works to be
for warehouse
Quality displayed
operations. at the entrance
Sales and Management and 4)EXIM :
4)Systematic analysis of defects and solutions through
14 Lokesh Nemade Operations Marketing B.E. (Mechanical) 2013 87.69% 75.50% 66.26% 68.00% Bosch India Ltd. Method(QMM) Controlled and Reported
problem solving techniquesEXIM bills,Post
in FeP TDScalibration
and Non-TDS, in
(PC) line.
sync with Corporate Finance & Accounts Division
Learnt systems and software that Integrates Siemens and
their stakeholders worldwide. Some of them are EXIM portal
and other Intranet tools
B.B.M. Corporate Prepared General Ledger Voucher for the cost centre for
Sales and Corporate (International communications export for Custom House Agent.
15 Maithili Dixit Marketing Communication Business) 2015 78.91% 61.83% 68.88% 67.00% Siemens Ltd. EXIM

Mercedes-Benz Quality 1)Proposal, planning and execution of Internal Auditors Meet.
Sales and India Private Operations- Preparation for TUV Surveillance Audit.
16 Manisha Dixit Operations Marketing B.E. (Mechanical) 2013 80.61% 83.67% 68.40% 65.00% Limited Production 2)Optimization of Gaps and Alignment for C-class and GLC
1st Pref for Final 2nd Pref for Final Grad % or Training Co @
Sr. No. Name Placement Placement Graduation Grad Year 10th % 12th % CGPA IGTC % IGTC Training Depts. 1)Development
Projects @ Trainingof Flow process chart in Manufacturing, Time
motion study, Analysing Variability in system, Infrastructure
2)Formulated Strategic position maps to pin point the
position of research & development department with respect
Thyssenkrupp to the competitors.
Sales and B-Tech Industries India General 3)Managed estimation of Utility services
17 Manpreet Singh Dhody Marketing Operations (Mechanical) 2012 80.00% 69.00% 76.00% 66.00% Ltd. Management (H.V.A.C, Fire Fighting, etc.) for submitting the Bids to clients
1)Primary Project: Identifying and Expanding Business
Opportunities for Water Treatment Chemicals
1)Performeda database
weight of over thousand
verification companies
for casting which come
under various
(Identified costwater related
savings worthsectors like OEMs, O&M, B to B, B
50 lakhs)
Corporate to C and EPC.
2)Assessed market potential for Schaeffler products in top 10
Sales and B.Tech. Schaeffler Group Purchase Communicated & met the companies to map the expected
transmission volumes
18 Mohit Sawant Operations Marketing (Mechanical) 2012 89.06% 74.40% 61.20% 72.00% India Sales & Marketing Product
3)Created requirement
a database and positioned
to map bearingsthem using BCG
for transmissions
2)Secondary Project: Identifying New Business Opportunities
for Metalworking Fluids
Conducted secondary research on the fragmented market of
Metalworking Fluids
Sales and Human Resource B. Tech BASF India Pvt Business Region-wise listed the small companies associated with
19 Neha Tikhele Marketing Development (Biotechnology) 2011 82.53% 77.78% 65.00% 71.00% .Ltd. Development Metalworking Fluids.

Thermotechnolog 1)Handling project and material on site with support for

y creation of Marketing Strategy
Sales and B.Tech. Customer Logistics 2)Managed "Supply Chain Management" of Nozzle Holder
20 Nikhil Khandelwal Operations Marketing (Mechanical) 2014 80.00% 73.00% 64.28% 68.00% Bosch India Ltd. & Planning Assembly

Gold Seal 1)Implemented 5S for Spare Part Arrangement

Sales and SaarGummi India 2)Executed "My Machine" concept
21 Nikhil Shirore Operations Marketing B.E. (Electrical) 2013 83.69% 70.67% 60% 66.00% Pvt. Ltd Operations 3)Conservation of Electrical Energy

Sales and 85.33% 1)Fulfilled Extensive Primary Research for authorized service
22 Ninad Naik Marketing Operations B.E. (Mechanical) 2013 78.92% (Diploma) 64.15% 63.00% EuroDiesel Group Service Sales centres and created new business leads.

1)Designed web
2)Designed the product packaging
Sales and Sales and 3)Executed sales of injector and pumps and other auto
23 Pareen Sheth Marketing Operations B.Com. 2014 81.00% 64.00% 69.00% 64.00% EuroDiesel Group Marketing ancillary components in Mumbai

1)Designing and implementing of Fixed Asset Module into

B.Com. (Financial Gold Seal 2)Designing and mapping from accounting chart to get
Finance and Sales and Accounting and SaarGummi India Finance and monthly profitability for 3 manufacturing units- Mumbai,
24 Pooja Jagtap Controlling Marketing Auditing) 2015 79.07% 72.17% 77.71% 70.00% Pvt. Ltd accounts Ahmedabad, Daman
Supply Chain Management Projects:
1)Created Business Responsibility Report 2016 for Siemens
1st Pref for Final 2nd Pref for Final Grad % or Training Co @ 2)Mapped the process of Temporary Labour Management
Sr. No. Name Placement Placement Graduation Grad Year 10th % 12th % CGPA IGTC % IGTC Training Depts. and analysis
Projects of data Company
@ Training
3)Managed contracts of Indirect goods vendors(Extension of
contracts, updating of Payment terms and measuring the
impact of revised rates for further negotiation)
Supply Chain Accounting and Controlling Projects:
B.Com. Management 4)Maintained"Travel Cost Control" at Company Level
Finance and (Accounting & Accounting and 5)Analysed trend of External Cost
25 Prachi Tulsyan Controlling Operations Finance) 2015 77.60% 79.50% 81.57% 69.00% Siemens Ltd. Controlling

1)Business Development for Cargo & Device Protection:

2)Estimated market size and potential by conducting a market
Sales and Clariant Chemicals Business 1)Managed
research Boiler Project (On site) and Standardized
26 Pranav Kondekar Marketing Operations B.E. (Mechanical) 2012 80.53% 72.53% 66.63% 69.00% India Ltd. Development processes
3)Devised in the turnkey
a roadmap project;sales
to achieve Marketing Strategy
objective for BSH
for 2018
2)360 degree feedback - fixing, performing, rolling out and
troubleshooting of the existing online feedback tool;
Thermo 3)Completed the of Graduate Apprentice Recruitment
Technology(Boilers process (as an HR counterpart);
Sales and ) and HRL2/ Jaipur 4)Was Responsible for creation of MIS of a new process set of
27 Prathamesh Khanvilkar Operations Marketing B.E. (Mechanical) 2013 70.46% 72.33% 65.47% 69.00% Bosch India Ltd. Plant Knowledge Management up for the plant.
1)Managed Assembly Line Balancing for one of the top end
B.E. (Electronics Production - 2)Analysed Gaps-Alignments standards across departments
and Mercedes-Benz Assembly Line 3)Managed projects of two new models' start-up
Sales and Telecommunicatio India Private Process Planning 4)Developed a Project Dashboard which will be used as
28 Pushkaraj Bhide Operations Marketing n) 2014 91.07% 78.50% 61.13% 79.00% Limited & Projects standard template for tracking all future start-up projects

1)Proposed ways in operation of travel & suggestions to

reduce company's travel cost
Finance and B.Com. (Banking & 2)Summarized Service Tax payment and helped in correcting
29 Rahul Dani Controlling Insurance) 2013 75.60% 73.83% 74.75% 69.00% Tuv India Pvt. Ltd. Finance the errors in the process
1)Established relation between the changes in steel price and
the prices of the M360 commodity
2)Determined the annual expected savings that are realised
Corporate by changing the manufacturing route of the tube
Sales and B.Tech. CGPA Schaeffler Group Purchase 3)Determined the market potential of various components of
30 Raj Shukla Operations Marketing (Mechanical) 2015 87.57% 86.50% 8.66/10 70.00% India Sales- Chassis Chassis System at INA Bearings Pvt. Ltd.

1)Inventory optimisation through scientific inventory

management tools
Brose India 2)Identified failure mode analysis which the system would not
Sales and Automotive prevent or detect for C1A Door Latch Module so that product
31 Rohit Bhala Operations Marketing B.E. (Mechanical) 2012 80.26% 81.83% 65.75% 70.00% Systems Pvt. Ltd. Operations is Right First Time(RFT Model)
1)Analysed the supply lead time required for construction
75.64% equipment business and suggested measures to reduce it
(Diploma 2)Represented the work flow and the material flow of the
in Thyssenkrupp manufacturing department in MS excel by coordinating with
Sales and Mechanic Industries India the departments like preparatory, fabrication, machine shop,
32 Rohit Sathe Operations Marketing B.E. (Mechanical) 2013 80.61% al Engg) 65.86% 72.00% Ltd. Operations machine assembly and PPC
1st Pref for Final 2nd Pref for Final Grad % or Training Co @
Sr. No. Name Placement Placement Graduation Grad Year 10th % 12th % CGPA IGTC % IGTC Training Depts. Projects @ Training Company

(Diploma 1)Optimised packaging process of Knitting Needles by Value
Sales and in Mech Stream Analysis
33 Sagar Chandratre Operations Marketing B.E. (Mechanical) 2013 76.30% Engg) 68.06% 70.00% Groz Beckert Asia Operations 2)Visualised preventive maintenance lubrication plans
1)Undertook live recruitment for roles in Sales, Marketing,
HR, Legal & Finance
Steinbach & 2)Prepared a research project on recruitment of Ex-
Partner Executive Servicemen in India
Human Resource Corporate Consultants Pvt. Corporate 3)Prepared a report on the credentials of Steinbach & Partner
34 Saloni Shah Development Communication B.Com. 2012 86.92% 75.50% 66.29% 69.00% Ltd. Management 1)Created New aBusiness
and conducted leads foronDiesel
SWOT analysis Injector, Pump and
the company
turbocharger Business by visiting Neutral Workshops, OECD's
at various locations of Gujarat
2)Provided Service related feedback from existing customer
to operations & CRM Team
3)Helped in creating awareness about Diesel World Private
Sales and Sales and Business Ltd, Surat in the market through digital means like Facebook,
35 Saurabh Shitole Operations Marketing B.E. (Electrical) 2012 80.53% 74.33% 67.53% 69.00% EuroDiesel Group Development 1)Human Resource
LinkedIn, Just - Analysed the various Human Resource
dial, etc.
processes such as recruitment, salary preparation,
Management Information System, Pre & Post joining
formalities, Wage settlement, Contract Labour Management,
Statutory returns etc.
Human Resource 1)The project
2)Finance andrequired
Accountsme to act the
- Learnt as aprocesses
link to all related
the to
Finance and Human Resource Epcos India Pvt. Finance and communications
Export and Import exchanged between
documentation andDaimler
also theAG, MBIL and
36 Shambhavi Ramanath Controlling Development M.Com. 2015 76.54% 60.00% 60.00% 64.00% Ltd. Accounts BBAC and establish
processes related toand define
Finance theAccounts.
and status and position of
MBIL after each dialogue between the three Daimler entities
2)Revised the complete quality management system
documentation Communications
and also various and Government
other Affairs:like
control designs Onrisk
the job etc.
control training
and in event management,
produce literature on the content
for internal
Mercedes-Benz creative designing
communication & creative writing.
(management & blue collared workers as two
Finance and Corporate B.Com. (Financial India Private After-Sales Spare Supply Chain
segments) andManagement - Projects: (to audit agencies like
external communication
37 Shivani Joshi Controlling Communication Markets) 2013 70.92% 72.17% 65% 66.00% Limited Parts 2)Ground-work
TUV) on identifying vendors as per requirements
for Factory Supplies commodity
Corporate 3)Drafted the new Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Office
Communications Supplies
B.E. (Electronics and Government 4)Exposure to vendor On-Boarding and Contract
and Affairs management processes
Sales and Telecommunicatio Supply Chain 5)Created the Business Responsibility Report-2016 for
38 Sneha Paul Arakal Operations Marketing n) 2015 87.84% 71.17% 64.45% 78.00% Siemens Ltd. Management 1)Consolidated
Siemens Limitedbudgets, forecasting of FC05-2016 including
top-down and bottom-up plans in SAP R/3
2)Reported on P&L status using SEM BCS, OLAP & BI-IP in SAP
and processed Foreign payments as per statutory guidelines
Knorr-Bremse 3)Filed Service Tax / Cenvat Credit for ST3 return filing and
Technology Center Service tax refund claim for Oct15 Dec15
Finance and India Private Finance and 4)Provided clarification pertaining to queries on working for
39 Vivek Pande Controlling Operations B.B.A. 2012 76.76% 67.17% 68.00% 70.00% Limited Controlling Statutory Audit , ST3 Return & Income Tax return to Auditors

Sales and
B.Tech. (Surface Marketing 1)Estimated market size of coolant aftermarket
Sales and Coating (Performance 2)Estimated market potential and customer profiling for
40 Yoga Ramachandran Marketing Operations Technology) 2012 88.00% 90.12% 70.00% 71.00% BASF Ltd. Chemicals) plastic additives
Prior Company Name & Location Preference for German
Work Ex Function Final Placement Academic Projects @ IGTC Proficiency Additional Qualifications Date of Birth City of Origin
Business plan for manufacturing and distribution of plastic
lunch boxes in India as part of Supply Chain Management
Innova Rubbers Pvt Ltd Marketing plan for launching a world-class B School in India
R&D New Product Formulated a business plan for the launch of a tea lounge in Diploma in Business
18 Development All India Mumbai A1 Management from SIBM Friday, September 07, 1990 Mumbai
Developed a business plan and marketing strategy for launch
of Lebanese
Created restaurant
a business planinforMumbai
a Bakeryand studied
cum thea group
Caf as
application of Consumer
project in Logistics buying
& Supply behaviour
Chain at R city mall
Developeda abusiness
planforformulti brand mobile
a "Multi-brand Cellservice
Service Center"
Government of Madhya Studied
PerformedtheaAutomotive industry and
detailed comparative prepared
financial a
analysis of Eicher Autodesk AutoCAD certified
3.5 Pradesh Canal Project All India comprehensive
Motors Ltd. Andmarket and financial
Ashok Leyland Ltd. analysis of Maruti Suzuki B2 Associate Friday, August 21, 1992 Gwalior
and Mahindra & Mahindra,
Devised a business plan for manufacture of CLC blocks as a
part of Supply Chain Management Project
Measured and analysed the Indian consumers perception of Attended International
Instant Noodles Intensive Programme
Certification course in Tally
Tata Consultancy Created
Presenteda Business
a supply Plan
chainfor launching a topic-
management Tea Lounge
Spendin Business
.erp, corel Environment
draw and
4 Services Mumbai Mumbai
Optimization and Analytics A1 Germany
photoshopjointly organised by Sunday, May 23, 1993 Thane
Devised a Business Model for setting up a travel agency in the Cooperative State
India University Baden-
Designed a Newsletter keeping in mind the vision of 2021 Wuerttemberg, Karlsruhe and
based on PESTLED analysis Indo-German Training Centre,
Studied and presented findings on the IT act Mumbai from 3rd to 15th
Conducted a comparative financial analysis of SUN Pharma October 2015 in Karlsruhe,
1 Tata Motors All India and Dr. Reddys A1 Germany Saturday, July 27, 1991 Mumbai
Created a business model for multi-brand mobile repairing
Procurement shop
department: Tema India Business plan of Start-up in smartplug segment
Ltd, Murzello metal Created Business Plan & Marketing Strategy for TESCO
finish system Pvt. Ltd,
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Ltd. Analysed the automobile
Financial Analysis industry
of Mindtree with respect
& Mphasis for FYto
24 All India comparative study of annual reports of Tata Motors and A1 Completed
SAP Material Master of
Management Friday, December 14, 1990 Mumbai
Ashok Leyland Commerce (Advanced
Prepared a business plan for starting a tea lounge The Accounting and Taxation)
Monks Brew as a part of Service Marketing project Diploma in Human
Accomplished Resource
Created business plan and marketing strategy for launch of an Management from Prin. L. N.
Professional Competence
Engineering College with its challenges Welingkar Institute
Course of the of of
Drafted a GST model for the Automobile Industry and its Management Development
Chartered Accountants of
0 N/A Mumbai, Pune impact on the same A1 and
IndiaResearch, Mumbai Sunday, October 31, 1993 Nashik
Conceptualised and presented PR solutions and ads for Wok Certificate in Personality
BusinessBrand in traditional
plan for print
establishing media
a Tours andasTravels
well asfirm
digital Development and Public
Digital Academy- the media
part of PR and Advertising model
Management projectfor launch of a speaking from Xaviers
Film School- Senior Devised
RestaurantBusiness Models for the following: Institute of Communication
Placement Executive Launch
a play
"Multias a part
Brand of Microeconomics
Mobile Service Centre"Project Attended International
Medical Pvt. Launch of aproject
Capstone: Tea Lounge in Mumbai
on a new serviceas
part of Service
end to end Intensive Programme 2015
11 (CSR
Ltd of Vedanta Mumbai Marketing Projectwith logistics and IT aspects
baggage services A1 Business Environment Friday, May 08, 1992 Mumbai
Resources)- Training and Launch of Rubber Roller Manufacturing Factory as a part of Germany jointly organised by
Placement Officer Logistics and Supply Chain Management the Cooperative State
Hyatt Regency Mumbai- Created Business Plan and Marketing Strategy for Launch of a University Baden-
Customer Service Officer World Class Business School Wuerttemberg, Karlsruhe and
Lakme Lever Pvt Ltd- Executed Space Management for a Residential Complex as a Indo-German Training Centre,
Customer Experience Mumbai, Pune, part of Business Communication Project Mumbai in Karlsruhe,
41 Manager Bangalore A1 Germany Thursday, April 12, 1990 Mumbai
Prior Company Name & Location Preference for German
Work Ex Function Final Placement Academic Projects @ IGTC Proficiency Additional Qualifications Date of Birth City of Origin
Created a Marketing plan for launching an American QSR
Devised a sales promotion strategy for launch of a new digital
Formulated a Business
marketing company as plan
a partfor
Tea Lounge in
Deutsche Bank as an Mumbai
Financial analysis and comparison of TVS motors and Hero
operations Analyst in Motocorp 3 month course in
Global Equity derivatives Conducted
Developed aMarket Research
business plan forusing SPSS
launch of for consumermobile
multi-brand Investment banking from
17 department All India perception on health drinks
service centre NA Imarticus Learning Wednesday, November 27, 1991 Mumbai
Capstone Project: On-going project on launching a travel
company in Mumbai promoting off-beat tourist locations in

0 N/A All India Formulated a business plan and marketing strategy for launch A1 Tuesday, November 23, 1993 Mumbai
of American Fast Food Chain in India
Devised a business plan for opening a Tea Lounge in Mumbai

Conducted Market Research using SPSS for consumer

perception on health drinks
Formulated business
Capstone Project: plan up
Setting andofmarketing strategy
supply chain for the
for Organic
0 N/A All India Launch
Produceof American Fast Food chain in India A1 Tuesday, December 29, 1992 Pune
Presented a business plan and marketing strategy for setting
up a multi brand mobile service centre in Mumbai
Conducted qualitative market research using SPSS for
launching a new brand of health drinks
Conducted sponsored market research project on retail PGDAC-Post Graduate
industry Diploma in Advance
17 Tavisca Solutions Pvt Ltd Mumbai A1 Computing Monday, October 08, 1990 Mumbai
Services Management-Designed a business plan for setting up
a Tea Lounge in Mumbai
Logistics & Supply Chain Management-A business plan to set
up a manufacturing unit to produce rubber rollers
Developed business
Capstone-Drafted plan for adventure
a Business tourism
Plan for Cold company
Storage Facilityas a
part of Supply
Marketing chain management
- Prepared a Business Planproject
and Marketing Strategy
0 N/A Mumbai Performed
for launchingmarket survey
an Indian and and
Travel shaped
business business
plan for A1 Saturday, September 11, 1993 Mumbai
Multi Brand Mobile Service Centre within Services
marketing project
Devised business plan for installation and services of solar Attended Advanced Excel
rooftop energy system as a part of Capstone project Attended International
training and Advanced
Conducted Sales Promotion
exploratory Strategyand
research forformulated
a new Digitalperception Intensive Programme
Product Quality Planning
M.D. Industries- Marketing
map of fourCompany
brands of as a part of
Potatoes Marketing
chips in FMCG Project
products as Business Environment
(APQP) Training by VE
14 Development Engineer All India Developed a business
part of Market researchplan for Uniform Manufacturing Unit A1
project Germany
Commercialjointly organised
Vehicles by Wednesday, December 18, 1991
Pvt. Ltd. Nashik
and a report on "Free Trade Zone" during a Supply Chain the Cooperative State
Management course University Baden-
Designed a launch of Multi-Brand Mobile Service Store as a Wuerttemberg, Karlsruhe and
part of Service Marketing Indo-German Training Centre,
An analysis Business
report onplan
TCS for
Tea Loungecomparison
financial in Mumbai Mumbai from 3rd to 15th
Edge Eventz,Pune- Mumbai, Pune, as a part of
Capstone ServiceAnalysis
Project- Marketing
and market research for the October 2015 in Karlsruhe,
1 Marketing Intern Bangalore Originated
creation of Business
an Organicplan for settingProducts
Agricultural up product A1 Germany Friday, September 30, 1994 Nashik
manufacturing plant in Mumbai in the budget of 1cr as a part
of Supply chain management
Analysed financial performance of Hero MotoCorp Ltd and
Mahindra & Mahindra TVS Motors Ltd and its business units as a part of Financial
Ltd-Process management
improvement and Mumbai, Pune, Developed Business plan for Launch of Lebanese Restaurant Advanced production system,
12 project management Bangalore in Mumbai A1 CAD software Saturday, December 25, 1993 Jalgaon
Prior Company Name & Location Preference for German
Work Ex Function Final Placement Academic Projects @ IGTC Proficiency Additional Qualifications Date of Birth City of Origin
Compared the financial performance of Tech Mahindra and
Sterling & Wilson Ltd. HCL Technologies for the year 2014-15 and prepared a report
(Part of Shapoorji for the same as a part of Financial Management.
Paloonji Ltd) Senior Formulated a Business
Marketing project Plan
on the for Indian
topic setting up a plastic injection
Government planning Certification On H.V.A.C.,
Engineer - Sales moulding
to decongest shop for manufacture
existing and sale
cities by creating of new
100 tiffincities
boxes as a Electrical, Plumbing & Fire
&Marketing, Project Mumbai, Pune, part of Supply
Designed Chain
Service Management.
blueprint for project titled Application of Fighting design & Project
32 estimation Bangalore Devised a Business
service blue printingPlan
for for launch of Kingdom of Tea, a tea A1
IGTC Management Wednesday, August 29, 1990 Aurangabad
lounge in Mumbai, as a part of Services Marketing.
Formulated a questionnaire to find customer perception of 4
brands of potato chips.
Created Business Plan and Marketing Strategy for relaunch of
Tata Nano as a part of Marketing Project.
M.E. Hydraulics-Q.C. and Delivered a group case study on India-Iran trade relations
12 Production Engineer All India after the lifting of US sanctions as part of WTO project. A1 Thursday, October 04, 1990 Mumbai
Proposed a Business Plan for a Tea Lounge in Mumbai as part
of Services Marketing project
Conducted Market research to understand the perception of
Glenmark Health Drinks in consumer mind
Pharmaceuticals Ltd- Studied the Consumer behaviour at a Public Sector Bank
Clinical Research Presented
Prepared aaBusiness
for aofPlastic
Supervision of Sales with
Bottle manufacturing Post Graduate Diploma in
35 Department Mumbai reference
unit to the activities carried out in Bosch Limited A1 advance Clinical research Thursday, June 21, 1990 Mumbai
Proposed a business plan on Opening a Bakery as a group
project in Supply Chain Management
Designed a market survey and created a business plan for
Opening a Tea Lounge under group project in Services
Polymedicure Ltd. -
9 Production All India Prepared business plan for Opening Mobile Service Centre A1 AutoCAD and SolidWorks Sunday, September 13, 1992 Agra
in Mumbai
Explained supply chain of Zara with customer order Certified Automation
decoupling point and theory of constraints concept Engineer
G M Controls - Project Presented on minimum import price and anti-subsidy duty Having good command on
Engineer Developing
case study business plan on Organic Agricultural product AutoCAD Software
CG Lucy Switchgear - store
Devisedas amarketing
project.for a new digital marketing Know programming language:
10 Design and development All India Created
services Marketing Plan for Lebanese Restaurant Chain in A1 C Friday, May 08, 1992 Nashik
Developed business plan for launching a MultiBrand mobile
service station under services marketing project
Developed a business plan for manufacturing of PET Bottles Attended International
for Supply chain management Intensive Programme
K. N. Industries- Business Environment
Autodesk AutoCAD certified
24 Production All India Devised a Business Plan to launch a mobile application for A1 Germany
Associate jointly organised by Tuesday, March 23, 1993 Mumbai
Stock Market the Cooperative State
Business and financial plan to open a Rural Supermarket in University Baden-
Assam Wuerttemberg, Karlsruhe and
Solved a case on Anti-Dumping duties and Countervailing Indo-German Training Centre,
Done market
measures surveyby&US
imposed analysed the opportunity to redefine
on Indonesia Mumbai from 3rd to 15th
the service
Services attributes
Marketing for the
project tohandsets
set up & byrunsetting
a multiup Multi
brand October 2015 in Karlsruhe,
0 N/A All India Brand
centre inServices
MumbaiCentre in Mumbai A1 Germany Saturday, June 26, 1993 Mumbai
Made a business plan for Tours and Travels
Company(adrenaline rush)
Financial analysis of Maruti Suzuki Ltd & Mahindra &
Executed Marketing Research & created marketing strategy to Diploma in ERP(Financial
bring Videocon to a dominant position in consumer durables Accounting) using Tally, NIIT:
0 N/A Mumbai in India A1 2013-2014 Wednesday, September 07, 1994 Thane
Created an Operations model for a Restaurant as a part of
Supply Chain and Operations Project
Formulated business plan for "Multi Brand Mobile Service
Centre" as a part of Services Marketing Project
Prior Company Name & Location Preference for Developed business plan and marketing strategy for launch of German
Work Ex Function Final Placement 'Academic
TESCO pan India' as
Projects @aIGTC
part of Marketing Project Proficiency Additional Qualifications Date of Birth City of Origin
Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry based Company's annual
report, Sun Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Capstone: Ongoing project on a service to collect, transport
and deliver your luggage ensuring luggage free and hassle
free travel for airport passengers
Pursuing Masters of
0 N/A All India Devised business plan for manufacturing of Industrial Springs A1 Commerce Part 1 Saturday, September 17, 1994 Mumbai
from supply chain point of view
Analysed performance evaluation of ACC Ltd. and Ultratech
Cement Ltd., using various financial ratios, funds flow,
working capital cycle, cash flow analysis etc.
Proposed business plan for launch of Tea Lounge in Mumbai
Seftech India Pvt Ltd. - using service marketing strategies like 8Ps, service blueprint
30 Project & Procurement All India etc. A2 Mechanical CAD proficiency Saturday, July 06, 1991 Navi Mumbai
Developed a business plan for NFC tag processing company-
Developed a marketing plan for developing 100 cities and
strategy a business plan for an automobile service station Attended International
as a final preparation
Detailed 'capstone project'
of business plan for a tea lounge setup Intensive Programme
Sandip Institute of Prepared
in Mumbaia business plan for setting up a 'Tea Lounge' Business Environment
CAD, Programming languages,
9 Polytechnic- Lecturer All India especially
Capstone- from the service
(in progress) Cakemarketing perspective
Manufacturing Facility. A1 Germany
Innovation jointly organised by Tuesday, May 28, 1991 Nashik
Analysed performance of two pharma companies using the Cooperative State
financial management techniques University Baden-
Presented a report on impact on 'GST' on automobile Wuerttemberg, Karlsruhe and
industry & included experts' opinions from Mercedes-Benz Indo-German Training Centre,
employees financials of Ashok Leyland & Tata Motors in Mumbai from 3rd to 15th
commercial vehicles segment October 2015 in Karlsruhe,
0 N/A Mumbai, Pune A1 Germany Tuesday, July 21, 1992 Pune
Proposed business plan for launch of Tea Lounge in India
SSF Plastics India Private for Services Marketing project
Ltd, Mumbai- Accounts Developed a marketing strategy for launch of a Lebanese
Receivable Restaurant
Cleared CPT from The
Shyam Mhaskar & Co.- Mumbai, Pune, Prepared a business plan for setting up a Tourist company as Institute of Chartered
13 Accountant Bangalore part of Supply chain management A1 Accountants of India (ICAI) Wednesday, December 04, 1991 Thane
Delivered a group case study on Intellectual Property Rights
as a reference of TRIPs as a part of Business Law
Developed a business plan on Opening a Bakery as a group
project in Supply Chain Management
Carried out market survey and improvised a business plan for
Opening a Tea Lounge under group project in Services
0 N/A All India Marketing A1 Tuesday, March 29, 1994 Mumbai
Developed aofBusiness
CPFR concept ininstalling
Plan for Supply chain management
a Cold Storage Unit of
with casecapacity
2000MT studies at Kaneri, in Thane District.
Analysed Project Business
the annual reportplan on Ayurvedic
of TATA Steel Ltd Cattle
for theFeed
2014-15 as an assignment for Supply Chain Management
Lear Corporation- Market research-
Conducted To analysis,
financial know perception
WACC, Cashof a Flow
in Tyre
32 Product Development Mumbai, Pune consumers mindand CEAT Tyres
Industry, Apollo A1 Saturday, March 16, 1991 Nashik
Business plan to establish Heavy duty Spring manufacturing
Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd- company
Sourcing Engineer at WTO- Safeguard duty imposed by Turkey on Indian cotton
Sandvik Mining & yarn Studied design software like
Construction Business plan to launch a tea lounge in Mumbai as a part of ProE Wildfire 4.0
Sandvik Hyperion- Services marketing Catia V5 R16 from CADD
20 Internal Sales Executive All India A1 centre Thursday, August 22, 1991 Pune
Prior Company Name & Location Preference for German
Work Ex Function Final Placement Academic Projects @ IGTC Proficiency Additional Qualifications Date of Birth City of Origin
Business plan for opening a Multi Brand Mobile Phone Economic Times Finpro
Service Centre in Mumbai module which covers macro-
Business plan for launching a Quick Serving Restaurant economic aspects like GDP,
Analysed annual reports of Pfizer Ltd and GSK India for FY business cycles, inflation etc.
Mahindra and 2015-2016 and its impact on various
Mahindra- Automotive Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures by USA on companies, industries and
12 Division All India Certain Coated Paper from Indonesia A1 countries Saturday, January 11, 1992 Dhule
Working on a business plan for a Cold Storage facility
Formulated a launch plan for an Entertainment Marketing
Business School
Created a business plan for a Rubber Manufacturing
Good People Consulting Undertook a detailed comparison between 2 IT giants with
18 LLP - HR Mumbai Developed a business
respect to their plan
financial on Cosmetic tubes
background A1 Saturday, June 29, 1991 Mumbai
manufacturing as a group project in Supply Chain Completed A1 Levelon
Certificate program
Management Deutschkurs from
Contract Management Max
Studied Mass Customization impact on Supply chain Mueller Bhavan,
Certificate courseMumbai
on Big Data
Lear Corporation, Allied Management as part of Advanced Supply chain Management (93%)
Fundamentals & Data Science
Metal Pressings Pvt. Ltd. Group Project Attended the International
Methodology by Big data
Corporate Purchase and Did a group project on India Iran Trade relations after lifting A1 Intensive
and IBM 2015
35 Logistics Mumbai, Pune of US sanctions under WTO Group Project (Pursuing) Business
Six - SigmaEnvironment
fundamentals Sunday, September 30, 1990 Nashik
Germany jointly organised by
the Corporate State University
Designed a business plan t set up a Tea Lounge in Mumbai Baden-Wuerttemberg,
N.M Associates Designed a business plan to set up a manufacturing firm of Karlsruhe and the Indo
Chartered Accountants - Presented on collaborative
Cellular Lightweight andbricks
Concrete empathetic supply chain German Training Centre,
Articleship as part of the Mumbai, Pune, Devised
Studied &a business
analysed plan for setting
the annual up aofnew
reports tea lounge
Nestle India Ltdinand Mumbai from 3rd 15th
18 CA course Bangalore Mumbai
Dabur India Ltd A1 October
Inter CA in Karlsruhe, Thursday, November 26, 1992 Mumbai
Contrasted the financial situation of pharmaceutical Germany
companies in India using various financial management tools Supply Chain Management- A
Solved a WTO case study on MIP imposed by India govt. on learning perspective (90%)
steel a supply-chain management model for an Italian from Korea Advanced
quick service
Presented on restaurant
SCOR dash board used for supply chain A1 Institute of Science and
optimizationbusiness plan for a tea lounge in Mumbai & A2 in Technology
0 N/A All India Pune with focus on services marketing progress Monday, October 05, 1992 Mumbai
Studied in depth the major upcoming Free Trade Agreements
(FTA) and their impacts on Indian trade
Devised a business model for the launch of a pre-school in
Capstone Project: On-going project on launching a travel
Larsen and Toubro Performed
company incomparative financialoff-beat
Mumbai promoting analysistourist
of Eicher Motorsin&
0 Limited
N/A All India Ashok
India Leyland B1 Tuesday, July 28, 1992 Mumbai
Heavy Civil Infra IC, Designed a business plan for Inflated Toys business in
Hyderabad Metro Rail Mumbai
Project Coordinated in market survey and created a business plan for Diploma in Financial
Accounts Supervisor Opening a Tea Lounge Accounting, Tally ERP 9.0
Developed a business plan for launch and marketing strategy Certification in "Introduction
Infosys BPO Ltd. of a marketing communications firm to Six Sigma" conducted by
37 Assistant Accountant All India A1 L&T ATL Tuesday, March 12, 1991 Akola

Completed Post Graduate

Diploma in Management from
SCM project for Installation and commissioning of a Biogas Welingkar Institute of
Pidilite Industries Mumbai, Pune, plant, Service Marketing project for Launch of multi-brand Management (DLP), Mumbai
37 Limited Bangalore mobile service centre A1 in 2015 Saturday, December 01, 1990 Mumbai