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HYSYS Hot Keys

Create New Case Ctrl + N
Open Case Ctrl + O
Save Current Case Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Close Current Case Ctrl + Z
Exit HYSYS Alt + F4

Go to Basis Manager Ctrl + B
Return to Previous Environment Ctrl + L
Main Properties Ctrl + M
Access Optimizer F5
Access Event Scheduler Ctrl + E
Toggle Steady State/Dynamics F7
Toggle Hold/Go Calculations F8
Access Integrator Ctrl + I
Start/Stop Integrator F9
Stop Calculations Ctrl + Break

Add Material Stream F11
Add Operation F12
Access Object Navigator F3
Access Notes Manager Ctrl + G
Show/Hide Object Palette F4
Composition View (from Workbook) Ctrl + K

Access Workbooks Ctrl + W
Access PFDs Ctrl + P
Toggle Move/Attach (PFD) Ctrl
Access Utilities Ctrl + U
Access Reports Ctrl + R
Access Databook Ctrl + D
Access Controller Faceplates Ctrl + F
Access Dynamics Assistant Ctrl + Y
Access Help F1

Go to Column Runner (Col subflowsheet) Ctrl + T
Stop Column Solver Ctrl + Break
Dynamics Assistant Ctrl + Y
Close Active View Ctrl + F4
Tile Views Shift + F4
Go to Next View Ctrl + F6 or Ctrl + Tab
Go to Previous View Ctrl + Shift + F6 or
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go to Next item within View Tab
Go to Previous item within View Shift + Tab

Edit Cell F2
Access Pull-Down Menus F10 or Alt
Go to Next Page Tab Ctrl + Shift + N
Go to Previous Page Tab Ctrl + Shift + P
Undo Ctrl + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V

Zoom out Page Down
Zoom in Page Up
Zoom All Home
Toggle between last zoom levels Z
Pan Arrow or Shift Arrow keys
Centre PFD on cursor Period key or C
Mirror about X axis X
Mirror about Y axis Y
Rotate 90 1
Rotate 180 2
Rotate 270 3
To default orientation N
Display Stream Temperatures Shift + T
Display Stream pressures Shift + P
Display Stream molar flowrates Shift + F
Display Stream Names Shift + N
Display Stream mass flowrates Shift + M
Display Object description Shift + R
Display Outlet nozzle elevation Shift + O
Display Inlet nozzle elevation Shift + I
Select Object Label L
Open Selected Object V or E
Delete Selected Object Delete