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Lavacote 12 ZN

Specific gravity: 2.30 g/cm³ Dry extract: 77% (by weight) Zinc content in dry film: minimum
Specific gravity: 2.30 g/cm³
Dry extract: 77% (by weight)
Zinc content in dry film: minimum 95% (by weight)
Temperature resistance: -40 to + 140ºC
Viscosity at delivery: 0.25Pa.s
Flash point: 40ºC
Color: metallic grey when dry (color changes in contact with humidity)
Application range: 60 to 80 µm D.F.T. applied as a 2- coat Lavacote 12 ZN
system or 30 to 40 µm D.F.T. when top coated with an other compatible paint
Theoretical coverage at 40 µm D.F.T.: 3.0 m²/Kg
Humidity Test: min 600 hrs at RH95% , 50ºC
Salt spray Test: 700 hrs
Lavacote 12 SL can be used for the cleaning tools.
Recommended application: By brush (up to 30 µm dry film thickness (DFT) in one coat).
Stirring: Lavacote 12 ZN is a one component zinc product. It must be mechanically stirred before and during use (especially during
spray application).
Practical coverage: Depending on surface conditions, size, application losses,…
Cleaning of tools: Lavacote 12 SL
Recommended minimum DFT: 30 µm
Dry and curing times at 20ºC (at DFT of 30 µm): Dust free in approx.15 min.
Dry to handle within 1 hour. Over coating time: with Lavacote 12 ZN: after
1 hour with compatible paints after 4 hours to 24 hours depending on conditions.
Dry times are generally related to ventilation conditions, temperature, film thickness
and number of coats applied.
For specific recommendations contact your Lavacote 12 ZN representative.
Above physical data are based upon normal conditions of temperature and
humidity, ventilation and use.

Product Description:

Lavacote 12 ZN is a one component zinc- rich coating based on aromatic hydrocarbons with high content of zinc. Lavacote 12 ZN corresponds to ISO 3549-1987 (zinc concentration in the dry extract of 96%) and to ISO 752 (zinc purity of 99.995%).


Lavacote 12 ZN can be used as primer (with a compatible paint as topcoat) or as finishing coat (on top of a previous Lavacote 12 ZN layer ) for optimum use in anti-corrosion protection with cathodic protection. Lavacote 12 ZN can be top coated with several types of compatible paints in order to comply to the customers demands. Lavacote 12 ZN performs at its best when used as a single system.

Physical Properties:


Lavacote 12 ZN can be applied using most conventional application methods such as brush , roller , conventional spray and airless spray. Continuous mechanical stirring during application is recommended. Brush airless spray application is recommended as primer coat.

Dilution range/Cleaner:

Lavacote 12 ZN is ready for use by

Surface preparation:

Lavacote 12 ZN can be used as primer or finishing coat for use on steel substrates that are prepared to cleaning standard Sa 2 ½ or St 2 according ISO 8501-1: 1988 and have a roughness degree Rz 50-70 µm for use in anti-corrosion purposes with cathodic protection. Normal application temperature range is between 5ºC to 35ºC. Maximum relative humidity: 93% Substrate temperature must be minimum 3ºC above dew point.

Over coating conditions:

The surface or the Lavacote 12 ZN should be free of zinc-salts and/or other contaminations prior to application. Use only compatible paints for top coating.


To avoid pinholes when top coated use the mist coat/full coat technique.

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