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COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION S INCH-POUND A-A-S9125/27 26 September 1997 SUPERSEDING MIL-T-55164/27C 25 January 1980 TERMINAL BOARDS, MOLDED, BARRIER STUD TYPE, CLASS 44TB ‘The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description (CID) as a replacement for Class 44TB of MIL-T-55164/27 for all federal agencies. ‘The requirements for acquiring the product described herein shall consist of this sheet and CID A-A-59125, REQUIREMENTS: Dimensions and configuration: see Figure | Figure 1. Terminal Board. AMSC N/A FSC 5940 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited, A-A-S9125/27 Table I. Dimens ‘Type Designation Dimensions ‘Terminal Board Lugs 4aTBi 44TB2 441 44TB4 44TBS 4478 44TB7_ 4aTBS 44TB9 44TB10 4aTBIL 44TB12 44TB13 44TBi4 44TBIS 4ATBIG 44TB17 44TB18 44TB19 44TB20 ‘Terminal Board class 44TB: single front, screw type. NOTES: 1, Dimensions are in inches 2. Tolerances on terminal boards: Dimension “A” + 0.031 to - 0.062 Dimension “B” + 0.031 to - 0.031 3. The drawing depicts only general design characteristics and is not intended to limit specific ‘manufacturing processes. Dielectric withstanding voltage: 2,000 volts rms. Voltage rating (maximum): 150 volts, (Current rating: 5 amps, A-A-59125/27 MILITARY INTE! CIVIL AGENCY COORDINATING ACTIVITY: Custodian: GSA-7FXE Army - CR Navy - AS Preparing activity Air Force - 85 Army - CR Reviewer: (Project No. 5940-1192-26) DLA- GS.