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(INGEFOTND_] AA59125/14 26 September 1997 SUPERSEDING MIL-T-55164/14B 21 November 1988 COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION SHEET. TERMINAL BOARDS, MOLDED, BARRIER STUD TYPE, CLASS 8TB ‘The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description (CID) as a replacement for Class 8TB of MIL-T-55 164/14 for all federal agencies. ‘The requirements for acquiring the product described herein shall consist of this sheet and CID A-A-59125, REQUIREMENTS: Dimensions and configuration: see Figure 1. swe pengne pase E ty a) = ‘Eos ne of 1ggorn. 2 noes. ay ow, Figure 1, Terminal Board. AMSC N/A PSC 5940 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited, A-A-S9125/14 Table I. Dimensions. Type Dimensions Terminal nuts ] Stud connectors Designation A i Required Required 8TB2 1.250 STB6 2.750 ‘8TB3 3.500 STBIO 4.250 ‘Terminal Board class STB: double row, linked front, stud type. NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in inches. 2. Tolerances on terminal boards: Dimension “A” + 0.031 to - 0.016 Dimension “B” + 0,031 to - 0.062 ‘manufacturing processes. 4, Studs shall be threaded to within 0.046 inch of the stud shoulder. Dielectric withstanding voltage: Voltage rating (maximum) Current rating: MILITARY INTERESTS: Custodian: Amy - CR Navy - AS Air Force - 85 Reviewer: DLA - GS 1,600 volts rms. 300 volts. 30 amps. 3. The drawing depicts only general design characteristics and is not intended to limit specific CIVIL AGENCY COORDINATING ACTIVITY: GSA-TFXE Preparing activity Amy - CR (Project No. $940-1192-13)