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Causes of environmental pollution and solutions


Environment is defined as all objects surrounding the air, water, climate, minerals and
dust, and environmental pollution is all the means that cause damage in the environment,
and most of these means widespread open waste, and smoke rising from factories, and all
causes of environmental pollution came from human activity, and possible The pollution is
not visible, such as pollution from radiation, and the noise generated by the so unds of
vehicles and mechanisms is also pollution.

Environmental pollution damage

Environmental pollution is one of the most life-threatening problems on earth. Contaminated air
carries infectious diseases, causes damage to crops, and air pollution causes climate change in the
air. Another form of pollution is water pollution, which kills agricultural crops or produces food
Contaminated water is a danger to humans, and the pollution of the sea, which is caused by the
pouring of sewage pipes, harms the marine organisms used by humans in food, and the running
water on farms carries the pesticides and chemical fertilizers that pour into the Rivers and seas,
which are also forms of water and dust pollution.
All organisms are connected to each other by the so-called ecosystem, and can not be separated
from each other. Air pollution is also involved in pollution of water and dust. The air surrounds
everything in the universe. To reduce and reduce environmental pollution, humans must reduce
the use of vehicles and cars. It is difficult in light of the need for rest and speed of mobility.
Reducing the use of factories can increase unemployment and also reduce the production of
important substances in human life.
Solve the pollution problem

Difficult to eliminate completely the pollution problem; because all the causes of environmental
pollution are ultimately important materials in human life and can not be dispensed with, but over
time it became possible to use techniques reduce environmental pollution without affecting the
human life; as there are ways to run a few factories pollution, as there are pesticides used for quick
decomposition of plants, which cause less pollution, it is possible to replace the use of pesticides
by using animal waste instead of throwing it and access to water, leading to the spread of many
These solutions are supposed to be adopted by governments to protect their populations and
enact laws that will reduce environmental pollution to the lowest possible degree. Many diseases
have recently emerged from one country to another due to polluted air, and we have seen many
cases of food poisoning from Pollution of soil by pesticides.