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TopSolidWood 2005

Workshop: Creation of an edge band

On this workshop you will be able to learn:

To build a parametric contour,
To name the elements,
To define elements and auxiliary parameters,
To save a standard,
To create a catalogue.

Missler Software 61
TopSolidWood 2005

The creation of an edge band imposes certain rules described here. If any of those rules
is not respected, the edge band will not work.

Creation of an edge band

Create the edge bands geometry

1 Open a new document
Select from the list a New document Without template.

2 Create a coordinate system

Tools \ Coordinate system
Create a XZ coordinate system and make it current.

If the tool is not conceived on

this coordinate system it will not

3 Create the parameters

Parameter \ Create
Create the parameters ep=10 mm, h=40 mm et de=25 mm.

4 Create a profile
Curve \ Contour

Trace 1 sketch line horizontal and vertical passing by the point 0.

Trace two parallels to the vertical line offset to the right with the value of the
parameters ep and de.
Change de reference profile , and select the horizontal line
to make the 2nd line. Use the mode TWO SIDES with the parameter h.

62 Missler Software
TopSolidWood 2005

Do the same for the other parallels.

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TopSolidWood 2005

Make a circle by 3 points passing

by the points 1, 2, 3. Use the circle
function, then PASSING BY, then
select each point.
5 Activate layer 1
Make current layer 1

6 Create a contour
Curve \ Contour 2
Design the closed contour of the edge
(Contour of the hatched zone)

7 Activate layer 2
Make current layer 2

8 Create a contour
Curve \ Contour
Design the semi contour of the tool

Tools profile

Profile of the edging strip

64 Missler Software
TopSolidWood 2005

9 Define a driver
Assembly \ Define component \ Define drivers
Define the parameter h as a driver.
Validate with OK. fr1

Declare the elements

10 Name the elements
Edit \ Name
Name the different elements by: curve
- name of the origin: fr1
- name semi contour of tool: tool1
- name of the closed profile: curve.
These are imposed names.

Do not confuse the designation with name

11 Create the parameters tool1

Parameter \ Create
Create the radius parameter with a value 0.
This will serve to put the tool tangent or on the axis (value at 0).

12 Define the auxiliary parameters

Assembly \ Define component \ Define auxiliary parameters
Define the parameter radius as auxiliary parameter. The word radius must be written
on the cell.
Validate with OK.

13 Define the auxiliary elements

Assembly \ Define component \ Define auxiliary elements
Define the semi contour as an auxiliary element.

14 Define the elements

Assembly \ Define part
Define the contour of the edge band.
In the designation cell type: edge band arc.
Click OK.

Missler Software 65
TopSolidWood 2005

Save the template

14 Save the template

Assembly \ Define component \ Edit \ Save template

Save it in MY STANDARD 3D \ edge \ Thick edges \ Edge band arc.

The component must be saved under a family named edge, and the file
lib.cfg must be found at the same trees level than that family. This file is available on
the root of the TOPWOODs library (\Missler\V66\z\woo\lib\TOPWOOD)

If the profile has several sizes or settings it will be possible to define a catalogue.

Define a catalogue

15 Create a catalogue
Assembly \ Define component \ Edit catalogue header
When using the function and selecting

When using the function and selecting All

parameters and texts except drives, a
Excel table will open.
Delete the radius column on Excel.
Enter the values for the parameters
following the different codes.
Save the Excel file

66 Missler Software
TopSolidWood 2005

This profile could be used with the function:

Wood \ Edge ,

Wood \ Edge banding wizard

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