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Contents Credits
Introduction 1 Concept & Game Design:
Jake Thornton
Exham IV Deadzone Factions
Elite Army Lists 6

Rules Development:
Veer-myn 8 Tim Jackson
Arthur Monteath-Carr
Enforcers 18 Mark Smith
Gaetano Ferrara
Forge Fathers 22
Additional Rules Development:
Rebs 26 Mike Early
Pat Lewis
Marauders 30 Lee Montgomery
Jonathan Peletis
Asterians 34 Shannon Shoemaker

Campaigns Playtesting:
Nell Monteath-Carr
Campaigns on Exham IV 38 Robert Grange
Jon Peletis
The Sack of Priory Station 41 Ronnie Renton
Leon Chapman
Missions 43 Editing:
Matt Gilbert
Exham IV Exploration Table
Additional Background Material:
Michael Grey
Exploration Table 48
Cover Art:
Shen Fei Chan
Luigi Terzi
Internal Art:
Dave Allsop
Shen Fei Chan
Roberto Cirillo
Daniele Comerci
Heath Foley
Michele Giorgi
Hai Hoang
Luigi Terzi
Layout and Graphic Design:
Francesco Volpe
Ben Sandum
Leigh Buckett
Dave Neild
Chris Webb
Mantic Entertainment 2016 Mantic, Deadzone and
all associated characters, names, places and things
are TM and
containment protocol: infestation
Exham IV is well-known in the Galactic Co- dormant and content, until a SanMar long range
Prosperity Sphere. Even among the hundreds scout ship anchored itself over the world and
of thousands of inhabited systems throughout tagged it as Category D planet fit for immediate
GCPS space, Exham is one of a handful every
schoolchild can name. In itself, Exham was exploitation, with a footnote for massive mineral
responsible for the expansion into the Perseus potential. What followed was a bidding war in
Arm. Discovered on the cusp of what would the most factual sense only possible within the
become known as the third wave of human GCPS. Conglomerate-busting bribes, persuasion
expansion, the rocky inner planets of the Exham teams, and even out-and-out warfare were used
star were the fuse that would see Mi-Gan
become one of the richest corporations within in the days before the almost instantaneous
the Sphere. tendering system of today. In the end, a young
and hungry Mi-Gan emerged with the sole lease
In its formative years, Exham collided with to exploit Exham IV and its vast potential wealth.
another system, swallowing the errant star
whole while their planets collided in an And exploit it they did.
apocalyptical display of pure inertia. At least
one exoplanet smashed into Exham IVs surface, Tunnelers the size of ocean liners were rapidly
infusing its mantle with the dense concentration constructed and plunged into the planets skin.
of the precious ore of two worlds, and giving the Manpower was shipped to the new colony in
planet an almost solid outer shell of asteroids. the tens of thousands, lured with the promise
There Exham IV remained for billions of years. of a more comfortable life, only to find even the
Cultivating and erasing complex ecosystems meagre health and safety guidelines of Mi-Gan
like millions of planets galaxy wide, it grew bypassed for the sake of its bottom line.

Settlements spread quickly from the initial survey of GCPS space. Within days McKinley drives
sites, swelling out across Exhams iron-red soil like could take the military and executives to stars
an affliction. Within decades entire landmasses so distant as to be unknown a generation ago,
crowded with low grade housing, quickly running but the bulk haulers which were the lifeblood of
to slums of ultra-high concentration, until the interstellar commerce needed fuel and supplies

workers ancestral memories harkened back to on their outward journeys. Journeys which took
the uncramped apartments of Sao Paolo and them within hauling distance of Exham.
Neue Berlin as some kind of spacious utopia.
These accommodations were built directly over Above Exham, Priory Station was refitted;
the mines Mi-Gans worker population laboured docking ports were added, habitation blocks
in, keeping manpower transit to a minimum. The restructured, faux-grav drives installed, and
scant air-quality regulations were conveniently storage hangers expansive enough to refit star-
lost under a sea of yield projections. Beneath going vessels constructed. Its size mirrored its
the surface, seam after seam of ore was cleaned growing importance, until at 1.4 x 109 kg mass
out; rhodium, iridium, palladium, iron, francium. it officially became the largest man-made object
All were chased and hunted down until the in Sphere skies. Exham became the primary hub
mantle was a honeycomb, more stagnant tunnel for any voyage to third stage space, until all a
air than solid rock. flight officer had to say was, Were going to
Priory for someone to know they were in for a
As each mine ran dry the pitheads shifted, long journey.
taking the machines and people with them.
Entire cities were abandoned, left to moulder Over time, Priory Stations importance to Mi-
in an ever growing industro-urban sprawl until Gans bottom line waxed as that of the planet
not a scrap of the original ruddy earth could be below waned. Every day it arced over Exhams
seen. In a final indignity the seas were boiled sky, insultingly visible to those on the surface.
away, exposing even more land, while the water Teasingly close, but unreachable for workers
was broken down into its component elements stuck on the planet-slum for their whole lives.
and sold when the pan-galactic resource market To Mi-Gan these people did not register. They
gave acceptable dividends. Not even the ground- had the most lucrative and busiest port in the
water was spared as Exhams earth was sucked GCPS; a constant and unlimited credit supply to
dry, leaving the wind to blow oxidised red dust buy themselves a seat on the Council of Seven.
over every building, vehicle and smelting plant.
Until Exham IVs orbit was knocked outward from
From then on the importance of Exham may its sun.
have been consigned to a footnote in history, a
textbook example of how to leverage maximum The culprit was a rogue planet. If Mi-Gan had
profit for minimum outlay, were it not for an not been headstrong, so focused on the winning
unforeseeable turn. As humans moved on to the contract they might have completed their
leave their footprint on ever more distant planets, due diligence. They might have cross-referenced
Exhams location became a natural stepping long term star charts, might have identified the
stone onto the ever-expanding boundaries nomad gas giant designated MJ-6674cK, noted

its long term circuit around the galactic sector,
and how its passage could take it through the
Exham system, across Exhams IVs path and pull
its orbit a sliver away from system centre.
Within a decade Exham IV slipped 0.3au away
from its star. Barely a scratch in the galactic map,
but enough to see what would have been an ice
age had most of the surface water not been
ionised. Exham went into deep freeze. Away
from the equatorial band daytime temperatures
scarcely broke into the positive. Shifting weather
systems battered the surface, driving blizzards
of frigid air between abandoned apartment
buildings, coating everything in Exhams red dust.
The population fell. Deaths were in the millions
from the official citizens. Among the poor souls
cramped in the tunnels and decommissioned
cities, the labour surplus as demand dropped,
the numbers were so high as to be deemed not
worth counting. decision to compartmentalise the data to avoid
Entire manufacturing centres were shut down as panic spreading to the Station.
fuel stocks ran low. Engines began misfiring in However, the concentrated use of the word virus
glacial temperatures, accidents saw operations on Mi-Gans comm bands triggered the latent
drawn inwards to centralised hubs, leaving even
further stretches of Exham hollow and empty, subroutines of the Council of Sevens defence
filled with nothing but frozen dust and the winds forces. When the words were cross referenced
howl. against the stress levels in the speakers voice
an alert was sent to Corporation Central, tagged
And the sound of scurrying. Magenta level critical. The closest Enforcer Task
Force was alerted and a Recon Unit dispatched
It was as the remaining citizens gathered around with Grounding and Containment protocols on
the controlled profit centres; the remaining hold pending investigation.
smelting plants and the sole spaceport to Priory
Station; that the bleeding sickness struck. It By the time the Recon Unit, ID designate P12-
came without warning, coursing through a 6-12, arrived at Exham two cycles later another
tightly packed populace huddling three families 150,000 people had fallen to the bleeding
to an apartment. sickness. 6-12 arrived on a planet virtually
Mi-Gan moved quickly to protect their abandoned but for the concentric bands circling
investment. Security cordons were thrown up the remaining spaceport. Millions frantic to
around the last spaceport and immediately leave the planet crowded into areas designed
began repelling the riots of the sick and the for thousands, held out by the equally desperate
desperate trying to get off-planet. The medicos ring of Mi-Gan Marine Corps. To all purposes
on Priory Station set every expert they had to Exham was derelict, a planet waiting for its
studying the sickness. The results found that it remaining inhabitants to die.
used a select agent similar the Lujo Virus of Old
Earth, granting the highly contagious sickness For 6-12, a veteran recon trooper with two
a mortality rate of 80%, but only among the decades of successful missions behind her,
grown and healthy. Children, the aged and the those empty industrial streets held similarities
frail shrugged off the virus, while other sufferers to previous missions which were too apparent to
would quickly go into haemorrhagic shock, and ignore. Virus pandemics were not uncommon in
drown in blood as their lung tissue broke down. the GCPS, but the abrupt nature of the outbreak
But for all their effort, the experts on board Priory on Exham; its lethality, the unnecessary foulness
could find no hint of a cure other than to let the of the deaths; bore the hallmarks of missions
sickness run its course, and Mi-Gan made the she had been on before.

The city above ground was nigh-on deserted. The chance of such a potently virulent disease
Only the hopeless and mentally deficient walked reaching Priory Station and spreading through the
between the derelict manufacturing plants and core worlds was alone enough for 6-12 to order
heavy machinery, and even then, the blasts of an immediate Containment Protocol, but the
frozen wind desiccating the air finishing off the sheer size of the Veer-myn brood was a danger

job the bleeding sickness began. Knowing she in itself. If the brood splintered, confirming the
would find nothing among the abandoned heavy elimination of all Veer-myn on Exham may be
machinery, 6-12 descended below street level impossible. To increase the chance of mission
to the sewers, and immediately her suspicions success she would have to tag the Brood Mother;
were confirmed. Holes had been knocked upward the dominant female around which broods were
from the extinct mining tunnels, too frequent and centred. 6-12 knew that would mean she would
too ragged to be the result of erosion. Through never leave those tunnels. Loading her rifle with
those holes and into the tunnels beyond, even tracer darts, she tagged the Brood Mother. The
more evidence to support her suspicions; effect was instantaneous; the entire colony
dirt disturbed by the passage of clawed feet, was roused at their Mothers keening wail
discarded bones gnawed upon by over-large and, drawing on the broods group perception,
incisors, and thin scratches along the walls; too focused on 6-12. In her last act she released a
purposeful to be anything but deliberate, and drone cloud to record the discovery and return to
disturbingly similar to those shed seen light the vigilance control system.
years away, below the surface of other planets.
The circumstances built up until the chance of She ran out of ammunition before she ran out of
coincidence was negligible. Following protocol, targets.
6-12 left a vigilance control system to trigger P12-6-12s drone cloud executed their final order,
if she did not return and moved towards the and 6-12s last recorded moments were returned
remaining spaceport. to the VCS and the files transmitted.
6-12s suspicions were confirmed with ominous A Grounding Protocol was triggered. Instantly,
speed. The shafts delved by Mi-Gans tunnelers nav data to and from Priory Station was severed.
had been excavated to the limit of structural All traffic stopped, and shuttles in transit
integrity. They criss-crossed in intersections between the surface and the Station found
wider than highways, and disappeared themselves unexpectedly under manual controls.
kilometres underground until it could almost be Unable to compensate many crashed, some
called a city. And among the cavernous shafts into the station, some in the forest of asteroids
creatures had indeed made their homes. around Exham, and some into the cities.
There were Veer-myn beneath Exham IV. On Exham, having noticed the break in nav
transmissions, a horde of Veer-myn erupted
6-12 worked her way closer to the spaceport, from beneath the surface. The Marine battalions
and at a convergence of four tunnels hollowed guarding the spaceport were unprepared. Already
out into a vast cavern she found reason enough reeling from the sudden loss of communications,
to order an immediate Containment Protocol; they found themselves swamped from below as
more Veer-myn than she had encountered in hundreds of Veer-myn Night-Crawlers sought to
any operation, a seething mass of thousands. take control of the remaining launch facilities.
Enough so the tunnels floor and lower walls Meanwhile on Priory Station, access hatches and
were lost beneath their writhing bodies. The air ducts burst open, and the Veer-myn smuggled
situation had become clear; Exham with its ultra- up in ones and twos over months poured through,
high population had bred a Veer-myn colony of swamping Mi-Gans unprepared guards and
prodigious size. A colony which could perhaps sending the hundreds of visitors into panic.
have gone unnoticed forever in the swathes of
empty cities, until the unforeseen onset of an ice When the Grounding protocol was executed
age. It was then a choice of freeze or escape, P12-6-12s task force was already en-route,
and the Veer-myn had recognised the potential of standard operating procedure to backup first
Priory Station and acted upon it. Viral outbreaks contact recon units. The Drakon class vessel
had long been documented as tools of the Veer- Terminal Intervention arrived with a full strike
myn, and the bleeding sickness could only have company of Enforcers. It ignored the panicked
been a first strike on the Mi-Gan troopers already activity and impotent comms from Priory Station,
struggling with a dying population in open revolt. and instead dispatched its drop ship, loaded

with the Interventions full troop compliment. on Exhams surface. The ships distress call was
Their mission; to confirm the possible threat relayed through the now-crewless Drakon and
vector identified by P12-6-12, and exterminate if then direct to Corporation Central, where, as per
necessary. procedure when an Enforcer ship is shot down, a
Containment Protocol was activated.
The Enforcers insertion went to plan until the
drop ship entered the asteroid field making up Exham IV to all intents and purposes winked
Exhams outer orbit. Centuries of traffic around out of existence. On the ground, the remaining
Priory Station had left the entire field in a Enforcers were left in arctic conditions with
constant state of excitement, with rocks the limited supplies and no chance of immediate
size of hab blocks in a perpetual uncoordinated support.
dance. The Enforcer pilot was more than
capable of navigating the almost solid shell of Their mission, however, remains. If the Veer-
asteroids, and managed to do just that, until myn were able to take the remaining spaceport
an unexplained explosion ripped through the and reach Priory Station they could spread their
ships hull, destroying its gyroscope and sending bleeding sickness throughout Second Sphere
it uncontrolled through the asteroids. The space, infecting billions.
fuselage was shredded and most of the troop
compliment killed, punctured by dozens of hyper The Enforcers must eliminate the Veer-myn
fast rocks. It was a testament to the pilots skill threat before they can reach the station and be
that any managed to survive the crash landing lost among the stars of the GCPS.

The crisis on Exham IV has brought death, disease and terror to both the unemployed ex-mining
families living in the planets abandoned shanty-towns and derelict mine workings, as well as the
travelling Executive-class businessmen caught on board Priory Station. It also brings opportunity for
those brave, desperate, or foolhardy enough to seize it. This section describes the various factions
fighting in the Exham IV Deadzone, and their motivations for doing so.


The Army Lists found in the Deadzone Core Strike Teams made using the Elite Army List. You
Rulebook describe the most common fighting must take the Character model; it will count as
forces found in the war-torn battlefields of the both a Leader type and Character type model
GCPS, and offer the most flexibility when making during the game for any objectives or other
a Strike Team to fight in a Deadzone. rules that refer to model types. Like leaders from
standard army lists, these characters have a
However, the galaxy is a big place, and within recon value and an Army Special ability. These
each faction there is often great variation in the attributes are only relevant when the character
leadership styles and composition of units within is the leader of the Strike Team, not when they
them. In Deadzone, these elite commando units are a hired mercenary.
are represented by Elite Army Lists.
In all other ways, the Strike Team is built in
Using an Elite Army List to build your Strike Team the same way as normal. Hire a leader, and a
works largely in the same way. number of units. Unless otherwise specified
The major differences are the units available by the army list, specialists and vehicles are
when building the Strike Team. Many restricted according to the number of troops as
commanders favor certain styles of combat and normal, although units that count as Specialist
strategies. models in the standard Army List might count
as Troops in the Elite army list (and vice versa).
As a result, they tend to prefer specific units Elite Army Lists may not hire mercenaries
over others. So while N7-117 is an enforcer, and with the Character model type, but may still
theoretically has access to Peacekeeper units, hire Mercenaries of other model types, and
they would not requisition such assets when are limited to one per strike force. Additional
given command of their own Strike Teams. As equipment is restricted by the total point size of
a result, when using these rules, you may only the battle and the rarity of the equipment.
draft your Strike Team from those units listed in
the chosen Elite Armys list. An Elite Strike Team is of the same faction listed
in their title, for example, a Strike Team drawn
When using an Elite Army List, the Character from Enforcer Elite Army List: Recon Unit N7-
model in the list serves as the Leader for any 117 is considered to be from the Enforcer faction.

Elite Army Lists in Campaigns Additionally, the Leader of an Elite Army is
It is possible to play with Elite Army lists in immune to permanent injury and will never
campaigns as well. When using an Elite Army permanently die from injury. If the Leader
list in a campaign, the same rules apply to rolls a Permanent Injury or Death result during
building your Army roster as for building your the post-game sequence, their troops sink all
Strike Team, with a few small adjustments. of their available resources into saving them.
Normally, Character models are not added You will forfeit any RP earned for winning or
to an army roster. This rule does not apply losing the game; though you will still earn
to the leader of an Elite Army however, so RP for completing any non-Kill objectives
purchasing the leader puts him on the Army and from the Exploration Table (and from the
list permanently. Exploration Table result) as normal.

Veer-myn forces glands have been found post-mortem from
female Veer-myn which are thought to release a
Brood Mother dense concentration of hormones into the body,
There are many aspects of the Veer-myn which promoting the growth of the reproductive system
worry the Council of Seven. But the greatest found inside a Brood Mother.

concern is not the sicknesses the creatures

spread carelessly, nor the ease with which they Brood Mothers bodies are larger than other
can spread undetected throughout GCPS space; Veer-myn. Topping well over two metres, the
it is that so far there has been no indication to Mothers physiology is mostly in proportion to its
what drives these clearly intelligent creatures.
size, with the exception of its abdomen, which is
Broods had been found to abandon their nests distended with the enlarged reproductive organs
and migrate from one city to another, or to within.
take residence on bulk haulers to jump planet
completely for no outward reason. There was It is unusual to see a Brood Mother in direct
no suggestion theyd outgrown local resources, combat. The purpose of conflict is usually to
nor did the planet later suffer some cataclysmic protect her at all costs, as without her there is
event* which would posit some group prescience. no brood. However in the direst circumstances
the Mother may take to the field, urging her
There was also a pattern to the supplies they
brood onto feats of extraordinary savagery in
took and the apparatus they would rip from
machinery, a correlation which would not their need to protect her, and laying into any
become apparent until the materials were turned enemy who come within striking distance with
on their erstwhile corporation owners in ways the ferocity of a mother bear.
more devious than even the foulest mind among
them could devise. It suggested there was a *Except for the Continental Shearing Incident of
deliberate intention behind the thefts towards a Axiom Secunde, however that was deemed to
calculated purpose. be anomalous.
It was not until the Auditing of Santa Catarina
Sete when a Veer-myn nest was located,
isolated, and gassed, that the question was
believed to be answered. The result was the
most complete specimen group the GCPS had
yet seen, including a Veer-myn of a genus not
yet encountered.
What the scientists on Santa Catarina had
discovered was a Brood Mother, and while they
knew they had found the driving intelligence
behind a brood, their wildest postulations
would not come within touching distance of the
importance the Brood Mothers played in Veer-
myn life.
Brood Mothers are the matriarchs, the one
binding factor relating every member of a
Veer-myn brood, for it is through her that every
member is related. That is not to say that the
Brood Mother gives birth to each member of
the brood personally. Instead there is a caste of
females within each nest whose sole purpose
is to aid the Mother in populating the brood.
This serves the dual purpose of helping to
support a larger population and also providing a
measure of security, as its thought that when a
new Mother is needed it is from this caste that
one is selected. How is not known; however,

Physically, the Brood Mother looks like any She is the very heart of the brood; without
other Veer-myn on a larger scale, although her, the nest does not exist. Because of
with a distended midsection where her this, her midsection has the best armour
organs are. the Maligni can provide.
The release of hormones within a normal
Her body is encased in solid armour,
Veer-myn female to create a body capable
of holding the swollen reproductive organs although it is manoeuvrable enough to
required to support an entire nest has allow her to strike with her powerful arms
augmented her size to a frightening degree, to any enemy that comes close enough, or
bringing with it great strength. escape swiftly if needs be.

Progenitors *The theory was replaced after evidence of
Because of the lack of solid data, there have exponential growth in some broods was proved
been many far-reaching and eccentric theories to be impossible with a single breeding male. It is
surrounding the Veer-myn, their habits, abilities currently thought that an unto-now undiscovered

and social structure. Some of these theories caste of males are instead used as breeders,
have been supplanted as slowly more is learned milked of their reproductive DNA until they die
of these creatures. One such theory which and are replaced by their own male offspring.
survived until only recently was that there was
only a single male in the brood which bred with
The Progenitor looks like a regular
the Brood Mother.*
Malignus, armed with the most valuable,
The reason why the hypothesis remained for so and usually experimental, weaponry
long was due to combat encounters. In almost available as befits its station. This
weaponry tends to come in two load
all cases the Veer-myn were led by a single outs; a Spitter Rifle, or a Chem-Pistol
male, apparently of the Malignus caste but with and Hand Drill.
obvious authority across the brood. It was, and
is still, believed that there is no discernible rank The Spitter Rifle fires a nitrogen based
below Brood Mother, and the conclusion that this liquid, literally spitting out a small glob
male would hold a unique place among the nest at tremendous pressure. The result is
and therefore on the battlefield was accepted as a highly accurate cryogenic fluid bullet
which can eat through armour.
The Chem-Pistol and Hand Drill are
Even though this theory has been dismissed lighter, more mobile versions of the
no other has been proposed as to how these weaponry carried by the Scourer
males attain their authority, and the reasoning Malignus, not requiring the heavy,
is marked down as another mystery surrounding Scourer armour for support.
the Veer-myn.

Nightmares In combat Nightmares live up to and surpass
One reason the existence of the creatures which their name. In stature they vastly outstrip the
would become known as the Veer-myn took so more common Veer-myn, reaching over three
long to become accepted was the nature of the metres tall at a minimum. Their frame is bulked
stories told by the ships crews who encountered out with hard muscle, and further enhanced
them. In these stories the Veer-myn were by overlapping layers of armour which offers
mysterious, half-seen creatures scuttling away an impressive degree of protection for the
into the dark before one could be captured or, wearer. The Nightmares are almost exclusively
in the cases where the story tellers were more encountered in tunnel and internal combat
reluctant to convey what theyd witnessed, zones, leading to the theory that they are
hulking monstrosities formed from the stuff of the tunnel clearers of the Veer-myn nest, a
nightmares. hypothesis supported by the close ranged nature
of the weapons they carry.
The stories had more than a flavour of the tales
told by sailors of Old Earth who were quick to The uncharacteristic ferocity of the Nightmares
ascribe the unexplained to monsters and spirits, and their size has long been a mystery for
so it was no wonder that until the Sitakund scientists. Why are these Veer-myn so large
incident that is how the tales were treated. and aggressive compared to all the others
encountered? Study of Nightmare remains
The disappearance of the Jindal Manjula
have given some clues. The non-repetitive DNA
sparked a re-interest in those initial stories as
people tried to put what they were learning strands stand apart from that of their smaller
into context, and when Corporation troops first kin, suggesting these Veer-myn have been
encountered a huge breed of Veer-myn they had purposefully altered post-birth to fit a niche
a name ready: Nightmares. unfulfilled in their society. If this is the case,
what else the Veer-myn may be able to create
from their own race is genuinely concerning.

Night Terrors / Terrors elongated blades to scythe through any enemy
The pro-existence movement, as the supporters the Terrors passes, or have a Chem-Thrower
of the theory that the Veer-myn were an existing strapped between their shoulders, dousing the
species before the GCPS encountered them are beasts path in acrid chemicals.
known, have often postulated what an early

Veer-myn would look like. With so few workable However, post mortem examinations have
specimens recovered intact from battlefields, shown the Terror to be, at least at the base level,
and virtually none from nests (it may be that genetically identical to other Veer-myn. The
Veer-myn perform cannibalism on dead brood artificial bloating on hormonal glands and certain
members, perhaps due to some religious organs suggest these are not evolutionary
significance or a base drive), regressing the Veer- offshoots, but deliberate creations; normal Veer-
myn through potential past evolutionary steps is myn fed a soup of chemicals which force growth
difficult. And the discovery of a massive Veer- in the subject to many times its original size and
myn in the Rzeszow System had pro-existors in
gleeful victory at the discovery of a proto-Veer- weight. Such exponential growth could only be
myn sub-species. Or it did, until they had the agony to the Veer-myn, which would explain the
chance to study it. extreme aggression it shows on the battlefield.
However, given the uncontrollable aspect of the
Terror and the variations in physiology between
individual specimens suggests the Terrors are
not intentional creations, but mistakes put to use
on the battlefield.

Reaper: The Terror reaper is fitted
with a harness across its shoulders, on
which are grafted long scythed blades,
intended to cut down infantry as it runs
Cutter: The Cutter is the ranged
variant of the Terror. Like the Reaper it
is fitted with a harness, fixing a Chem-
Sprayer between its shoulders. The
The troopers on Rzeszow report initial contact Chem-Sprayer is a variant of the Chem-
with the Veer-myn went as expected when the Thrower, less accurate and shorter
extermination of a nest was attempted, until ranged, but with a larger injection
they met stiff resistance, and the Veer-myn let reservoir, allowing it pump much more
loose a monster. The report states a large group fluid over a target cube. The Sprayer is
of Night-Crawlers approached the troopers line, strapped firmly onto the Terror, and as
causing the officer in charge to hesitate at the such can only fire in the direction it is
unusual tactic, before their ranks opened and a facing. However, given that that would
Veer-myn the likes of which had never been seen be in the direction of the closest enemy
charged forward and tore into the human line. that is not always a negative. The Cutter
The creature took an extraordinary amount of has been seen to spray its chemical
firepower to put down, by which time the Veer- ammunition continuously throughout
myn horde overran one of the human flanks, an engagement. Its thought the firing
forcing the troopers back and making the theatre mechanism on the Chem-Sprayer is able
commander order a firebombing to contain the to be triggered to spray continuously
situation. Showing the unimaginative simplicity until empty. A simple tactic, but one
encouraged in Sphere line troopers, the soldiers which can misfire if the Cutter loses
dubbed this Veer-myn the Terror. Terrors are direction and charges through Veer-myn
quadrupedic and heavily muscled around the lines, as has been witnessed on more
front shoulders. Those seen in battle either than one occasion.
wear a harness across the backs, grafted with

Night-Crawlers intensity light, capable of flash burning a whole
The average Veer-myn possess a cunning which area in a second.
can be fatally surprising to any corporation
trooper who underestimates them. As with all sections of Veer-myn society, within
the Night-Crawlers there sit identifiable sub
This resourceful aggression is not the level classes, one of the most numerous of which
of intelligence most sentient races possess have been dubbed Frothers.
however, and can only take them so far. Frothers are some of the few Veer-myn which
The use of complex tools and tactics are beyond human troops have seen close up as the rabid
creatures are driven into close combat with their
these Veer-myn, and instead weight of numbers enemy.
is employed in the place of martial prowess.
Whether this is due to a genetic disorder or
These Veer-myn are collected into large packs disease which overrides the Veer-myns natural
and armed with simple weapons. Ray guns are caution, or the result of drugs bringing on violent
rifles of comically primitive appearance, using episodes is unknown, and usually at the back
an unsophisticated laser technology which of a corporation troopers mind as the Veer-myn
fractures what would usually be a tight beam of leap across the battlefield, gobs of froth foaming
focused energy into an inaccurate spread of high across their jaws.

The Piper erupt from vents and gratings, fall from ceiling
Very little is known about Veer-myn culture. ducts onto the Troopers below, clawing at their
Corporate and Council authorities view the larger eyes and biting at gaps between armour.
and more complex colonies as infestations, and
deal with them as they would any other vermin.

As such, GCPS exobiologists rarely have any

other data to gather than the smoking ruins of
emptied nests and the eye witness accounts of
Corporation Troopers.
Most of these accounts are suspect, tinged with
emotion, and come from untrained eyes. Most
could not discern the difference between the Often this Veer-myn will follow his minions into
average Veer-myn than they could one pig from combat, falling on the distracted troopers with
a herd. knives and teeth. The vermin swarm over his
But there is the sighting of one individual which body, acting as a living ablative armour to the
pops up consistently from one conflict on Exham shots and blows which come its way, only to
to another. replenish and surge toward the shots source to
wreak terrible vengeance.
The accounts tell of a Veer-myn; sleeker and
healthier than most; who stalks the battlefield The troopers have dubbed this Veer-myn The
with no fear. It directs the Tide of vermin, using Piper after a folk tale of Old Earth. A tale which
them like a weapon. At his direction vermin has come to terrible life on the streets of Exham.

Pathology and chemistry permeate Veer-myn by the Night-Crawlers, and for good reason; the
culture. It is thought that hormones play a major Chem-Throwers fire a jet of highly corrosive
part in deciding what caste a Veer-myn will sludge over a wide area. The inherent inaccuracy
belong to, and evidence suggests pheromones of the weapons delivery means nothing when it
are a central element in Veer-myn language. is likely to hit everything in its path. Anything hit
For this reason, the social caste of the Maligni by the liquid will bubble and dissolve, and the
are one of the highest bands within a broods GCPS scientists have yet to find a compound
structure. which can nullify the chemicals used.
Its through the chemistry experts of the Maligni In addition, they oversee the testing of new and
that the Veer-myn cultivate the viruses which act experimental weapons, be they mechanical or
as their first strike weapons. Whether these are biological. Only recently has it been identified
created artificially, or form part of the Veer-myn that the more extreme Veer-myn specimens
natural biology is not known. recovered from battlefields are not entirely
What is known is that the Maligni also act as the
broods engineers, and are responsible for the GCPS biologists have failed to sequence
creation of the Ray-Guns and Chem-Throwers, the genome of the various monstrosities
as well as the more esoteric machinery such as encountered by human troops, however the lack
the armour worn by the Brood Mother. of consistency outside of the non-repetitive DNA
are clear signs of purposefully experimental
Their primary role on the battlefield is to carry mutation.
and operate the more capable weapons that
the Night-Crawlers are deemed either too This ability of the Maligni to manipulate
slow-witted to use or just too small to carry. biological matter is one of the few consensually
The mainstay of these weapons is the Chem- accepted theories among the small group of
Thrower. More feared than the ray guns carried GCPS Veer-myn experts.

The Piper 34 pts / 3 VPs
S F Sv The Piper lives on the outskirts of the colonies

2-3 on Exham IV. His affinity for the lesser vermin

6+ 5+ 4+ makes the other Veer-myn nervous. But the
coming calamity on Exham has made for strange
1 Agile bedfellows while not a natural leader, the Piper
Tough has been forced by the invasion of his home to
lead those who would ordinarily shun him into a
1 Swarm Lord desperate defence of the colony.
Tide of Vermin: Choose an unactivated, friendly
Shock Baton: RF, AP1 Troop model and immediately make a full activation
with it. Mark the model as activated, afterwards,
Weapon Options: as usual.
Recon: 4+
Campaign Ability Options: The Piper may also be used as a Mercenary for
None Veer-myn Strike Teams using other Army Lists

New Ability: Swarm Lord

The Piper has the power to direct swarms of lesser vermin.
When deploying your models, in addition to your strike force, deploy up to two vermin swarm bases in
your deployment zone. If there are fewer than two vermin swarms in play, The Piper may use a Special
action to call a new swarm. Place a single vermin swarm in The Pipers cube. The target cube must
have enough available room to fit the vermin swarm. If no such cube exists, The Piper may not call a
vermin swarm.
Vermin Swarms are not part of the Army List, gain no experience, and are not added to a players roster.





Name Weapons & Equipment Abilities

Vermin Swarm - - 2-3 - 6+ 5+ 2 - 0 Teeth and Claws: RF Agile, Beast, Horde

Crawlers 12 T 2-3 6+ 5+ 5+ 1 - 1 Ray Gun: R4, Weight of Fire (1)

Stalkers 10 T 2-3 7+ 4+ 5+ 1 - 1 Ray Pistol: R2

Nightmares 23 S 1-2 6+ 4+ 4+ 2 - 2

Night Terror 26 S 2-3 - 4+ 5+ 2 - 3 Scythes: RF, AP1, Frenzy (1) Rampage

with Scythes

Night Terror 26 S 2-3 5+ 5+ 5+ 2 - 3 Heavy Chem Spitter: R5, AP3 Rampage

with Spitter

Name Weapon Upgrades Skill Table(s) Item Points Rarity
Swarm None None Ammo 2 Common

Crawlers Small Arms Ranged AP Ammo 4 Rare

Stalkers Small Arms, Light (Melee) Melee
Frag Grenade 6 Common
Nightmares Hardpoints: 2 Ranged,
(Small Arms, Light (Melee, Melee Smoke Grenade 3 Common
Assault), Heavy (Assault, Melee)
Night Terror Beast (Melee) None Medi-Pack 5 Common
Night Terror Beast (Ranged) None

Enforcers a reputation for lethal efficiency that has
permeated the ordinarily complete secrecy
ThunderHeads around Council military, and are one of the few
The twelfth division of the Perseun task forces Enforcer task forces which have been christened
is officially designated P12 in the Council of on GCPS infotainment nets. To the Council
Sevens records. Anyone with the requisite they are P12, but to anyone who knows their

security clearance would be hard pressed to find reputation they are The ThunderHeads.
another with a more accomplished history.
The uprising on Exham is an embarrassment to
It is P12 under Captain Kellman Morrow which Captain Morrow. Never mind that the prediction
has applied the Councils peace in the wedge of of Veer-myn outbreaks is beyond even the best
unincorporated systems along the GCPSs core- supercomputers in the Sphere, nor that never
ward border for 24 years. When Draugheime had a Veer-myn infestation been prevented and
III was invaded by the Marauder forces of self- barely ever contained; this one happened in the
styled Chief Skodde, it was P12 that responded Heads sector, and that would not stand.
and turned them back with only a 0.44% drop
in local corporate production and an acceptable The crash landing on Exham left the question
31.2% civilian casualty rate. When an Almar of honour as moot. Morrow must improvise if
Inc. star caravan destined for newly terraformed he is to salvage the mission, let alone pride.
worlds was assaulted and stolen by insurgents, His surviving units must operate without
it was P12 that located the responsible base Peacekeeper or heavy support in conditions far
world and recovered the shipment, annihilating beyond anything they have fought in before. But
the local rebel cell so utterly that six years later they are the ThunderHeads. And if any force can
the Council Protection Agency still registers tear a victory from such a mountain of odds, it
no insurgent activity in the sector. They have is them.


Long Range Observer N7-117 34 pts / 5 VPs

S F Sv While he often works alone, once N7-117 has
identified a threat requiring an escalated response

4+ 6+ 3+ his preferred approach is to eliminate targets
Tactician (1)
before they can close to CQB. After all, if an enemy
1 has to die, N7-117 would rather it happen before
he has to walk all the way over to them. N7-117 is
nothing if not pragmatic.
On My Mark: Spend an Army Special result when
Laser Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire one of your models has taken a Shoot action. A
Grenade Launcher: R5, Indirect (3) second un-activated model with LOS to the target
of the first Shoot action may take a Shoot action
Weapon Options: aimed at the same target. Mark the second
None model activated once this second Shoot action is
Campaign Ability Options:
None Recon: 3+






Name Weapons & Equipment Abilities

Pathfinders 15 T 1-2 4+ 6+ 4+ 1 - 2 Tag Rifle: R6, Tag Scout

Pathfinder 15 S 1-2 4+ 6+ 4+ 1 - 2 Tag Rifle: R6, Tag Scout


Enforcer 16 S 1-2 4+ 6+ 4+ 1 1 2 Laser Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire; Jump Pack

Enforcer 15 S 1-2 4+ 6+ 4+ 1 1 2 Laser Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire; Jump Pack


Enforcer 20 S 1-2 5+ 6+ 4+ 1 1 2 Laser Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire; Jump Pack Medic

Enforcer 30 V 1-2 4+ 5+ 4+ 4 3 3 -

Name Weapon Upgrades Skill Table(s) Item Points Rarity
Pathfinder Small Arms, Recon Ranged Ammo 2 Common
Pathfinder Small Arms, Recon, Ranged, Specialist AP Ammo 4 Rare
Specialist Light (Sniper)
Frag Grenade 6 Common
Enforcer Small Arms Melee
Holo Sight 8 Rare
Enforcer Small Arms, Light (Automatic, Ranged
Medi-Pack 5 Common
Specialist Explosive, Sniper, Assault)
Smoke Grenade 3 Common
Enforcer Small Arms Ranged, Specialist
Medic Thermal Mines 4 Rare

Enforcer Hardpoints: 2 Walker (all) Ranged Mono-Wheel 12 Unique

Strider Scout Bike

Forge Fathers When the shortest lifespan of a dwarf is
measured in centuries, the plans of the Forge
When the Mi-Gan Corporation first landed on Fathers take on the kind of long term view
Exham IV and began to exploit its mineral wealth impossible to humans.
the Star Realm was insulted twice over.

Firstly, the Forge Fathers had long ago earmarked The Forge Fathers could have taken Exham IV by
the planet for full and complete coring and force, but chose instead to persuade the humans
to leave of their own accord. For a race whos
secondly, what the humans called mineral
Forge-Stars can rob a sun of its energy, finding
exploitation was offensively incomplete a rogue planet with a trajectory through Exhams
compared to what the Forge Fathers could do region and influencing its course so its transit
with Exham. would intersect Exhams own; far enough to
While Mi-Gan thought they were utilising the leave each planet untouched, close enough to
planets resources to the fullest, they were being nudge Exhams orbit; it was simply of a matter of
wasteful in a way only a short-lived species applying existing engineering. Exhams modified
could. orbit would be nothing short of catastrophic for
the human inhabitants, and either they would
The Star Realm watched as Mi-Gan missed the leave or they would die. It may take 20 years, it
choicest seams, prematurely moved operations may take 60, but they would leave. All the Forge
leaving thousands of tonnes of ore untouched, Fathers had to do was wait.
and most insultingly, remained blissfully unaware
of the galactic regions densest concentrations A Quiet War
of osmium - right beneath their noses. But the The Forge Fathers watched from a distance
Forge Fathers are rich in the most valuable as Exham sank into chaos. As the inhabitants
commodity in the galaxy, one so priceless the fell upon themselves and their own troops in
humans fail to appreciate they dont have; time. desperation, it became possible the dwarves

could take Exham sooner than expected. In That a nest of such magnitude had been allowed
response, a Clan Formation of Steel Warriors to grow beneath their own homes confirmed the
and Brokkrs were posted in a neighbouring Dwarfs prejudices of the humans, but it was still
system just in case. an eventuality the clan elders had not planned
When it came, the bleeding sickness was not
surprising. Humans are filthy creatures, and their The sudden drop in communications from the
frail constitution is nothing against a dwarfs. surface meant an Enforcer task force may only
The outbreak was not unexpected. The Veer- be days away, perhaps hours, and if they found
myn, however, were. the infestation too large to be contained the
human Council might enact a more permanent
The Forge Fathers know of the Veer-myn. Like solution. The Forge Fathers had witnessed what
many star faring races, the Forge Fathers have happens when a planet suffers the Councils
found the foul creatures nesting in their colonies Steenkamp Plan, and if they chose to sanction
and ships, and long since decided the pests its application Exham would be a no-go area for
deserved the bare minimum of attention. Their thousands of years.
diseases were too weak to find a hold in the Therefore the nearby Clan Formation was
robust dwarven metabolism, even assuming ordered into action. Before covertly landing
they could penetrate their sealed armour.In on Exham they peppered the planets meteor
return the Forge Fathers find the Veer-myn too bands with mines to take out the Enforcer ships,
expensive to deal with. The amount of time and delaying any reports back to the human Council.
energy needed to properly eradicate a nest is If the Clan Formation could eradicate the Veer-
almost always more profitably spent elsewhere. myn, or at least kill the Brood Mother, before
Best to leave poison traps to keep their numbers more Enforcers arrived they might still be able to
low until operations have finished. win Exham without a war.

Bjarn Starnafall 30 pts / 4 VPs

S F Sv Bjarn Starnafall is a firm believer in the benefits

1-2 of an unannounced, overwhelming strike. As the
4+ 6+ 3+ spokesman and face of the Hammerfist Drop
Tough Armour line, he has negotiated a cut-rate deal with
1 the supplier to outfit his closest armsmen with the
heavy, atmospheric resistant armour and they
come in very handy when plummeting into the
heart of a Deadzone to plunder its riches.

Fist of an Angry God: Spend an Army Special

result to call in a model equipped with Hammerfist
Drop Armour. Place the Hammerfist model as per
the usual rules for Hammerfist Drop Armour, with
the exception that the cube may be occupied by
an enemy model. When the model lands, instead
of the usual rules for Hammerfist Drop Armour,
resolve a Frag (4) explosion in the cube against
Mining Laser R4, AP2; Hammerfist any models that were in the cube prior to the
Orbital Drop Armour Hammerfist models arrival. If any enemy models
remain alive in the target cube, the Hammerfist

Weapon Options: model initiates a Fight action against one enemy

None model as if the enemy model was pinned and the
Hammerfist model had entered the cube.
Campaign Ability Options:
None Recon: 5+





Name Weapons & Equipment Abilities

Militia 14 T 1-2 5+ 5+ 4+ 1 - 1 Hailstorm Rifle: R6, AP1, Rapid Fire

Steel Warrior 21 T 1-2 4+ 5+ 4+ 1 1 2 Hailstorm Rifle: R6, AP1, Rapid Fire

Hammerfist 28 S 1-2 4+ 5+ 4+ 1 1 2 Inferno Drills: R4, AP2

Drop Trooper Forge Hammers: RF, AP1
Hammerfist Orbital Drop Armour

Steel Warrior 21 S 1-2 4+ 5+ 4+ 1 1 2 Hailstorm Rifle: R6, AP1, Rapid Fire


Forge Guard 30 S 1-1 4+ 5+ 4+ 1 2 3 Hailstorm Rifle: R6, AP1, Rapid Fire Life Support
Forge Hammer: RF, AP1

Name Weapon Upgrades Skill Table(s) Item Points Rarity

Militia Small Arms Ranged Ammo 2 Common

Steel Small Arms Ranged AP Ammo 4 Rare

Frag Grenade 6 Common
Hammerfist Small Arms Ranged,
Drop Trooper Melee Holo Sight 8 Rare

Steel Warrior Small Arms, Light (Automatic, Ranged Smoke Grenade 3 Common
Specialist Explosive, Assault), Heavy (Automatic)
Medi-Pack 5 Common
Forge Guard Heavy (Automatic, Assault), Ranged
Hardpoints: 1 - Light (Explosive) Thermal Mines 4 Rare

Rebs an unhealthy, twisted weight around her neck.
She has long since passed the point where the
Wherever there is disaffection within the GCPS troops under her command were people and not
you find the roots of Rebellion, and on Exham
there is a lot of disaffection. Mi-Gan treats their assets to be used and, if necessary, sacrificed.
workers as any other commodity, spending less Were it not for her record of mission successes
capital on them then they do on their machinery. perhaps her superiors would have admitted
The watch word of the foremen on the fledgling Adrienne was a catastrophe waiting to
colony was life is cheap, machines are not, an

in-joke at the expense of workers lives. Little did happen. But in her short life Adrienne has been
Mi-Gan know they had given a rallying cry the responsible for dozens of successful ops against
insurgency already germinating onplanet. key corporate interests; diverting data, freeing
prisoners. The destruction of Midas Corps
The Rebs have had assets on Exham IV for a long military shipyard around the Homunculus Nebula
time. Its vast population of low grade workers was officially reported as a disastrous accident,
has always been a ripe source of discontented brought on by unforseen problems with the
men and women more than ready to take up arms nearby Eta Carinaes duel stars. In reality it was
against Mi-Gan, and it only took some slight the result of hundreds of demolition charges on
suggestive re-education to spill the resentment all of the yards fuel tankers, planted by Adrienne
against one corporation into outright ideological and her cell. The explosion was mistakenly
hostility against the GCPS as a whole. Since reported as a supernova on news channels,
the orbital slip the Rebs activities on Exham
has increased. The progressively draconian and such was the level of destruction that the
treatment of the citizens compounded by the site is a still a tourist attraction for the morbidly
changing climate alone could have pushed the inclined.
planet to out-and-out revolt. The bitterness and
suffering of an entire population cast off and left
to choose between starving and freezing would
inevitably boil over into an uprising against its
corporate masters.
Only, the Rebellion did not want that. At least
not unless it was under their control.
It is not widely reported by the tightly controlled
infotainment nets, but riot and revolts are a
common occurrence throughout the Sphere.
Where workers are treated like property they
rise up, only to be ruthlessly put down. And
that wont do for the Rebs. When Exham rises
up the Rebs want it to stay risen. Exham is well
known, if it were to throw off the shackles of
corporatocracy it would be impossible for the
Council to hide. Exham would become a beacon
for rebellion throughout the galaxy, and Priory
Station would be the vector to spread the word
of revolution.
Exhams potential to the cause needed a
special hand to guide its upheaval, and the
Rebel command in the Perseus arm believed
it could choose no better than Adrienne
Nikolovski. Adrienne does not look like the
kind of person who could command an entire
planets insurgency. That is, until you look her
in the eye. Adriennes dedication to the cause
borders on sociopathic. Her level of devotion is

It was perhaps the success at the Homunculus The infestation on Exham, while a surprise,
Nebula which gave her the idea that the Rebs did nothing but move the timetable forward.
high command was not thinking big enough about Adriennes private army have thrown off their
Exham. That, yes, they could take the planet, but shrouds and revealed themselves. While her
so what? They could not hold it. The destruction trusted troops will rush to complete their true
of Priory Station on the other hand? mission on Priory, on the surface, the recruited
Rebs are determined to take back Exham, though
If the legendary Priory could be destroyed it they might just let the Veer-myn clean out the
would do more than just hurt the GCPSs revenue last of the Mi-Gan troopers first.
stream. The safe little planets in the inner
spheres would know fear. In the core worlds, Adrienne is nothing if not practical
where war was just another sport to cheer on
from the infotainment channels, they would
know none of them were safe. And the loss of
so many lives on the station was a price she was
more than willing to pay.
Over the course of years she followed the official
plan, recruiting men and women from Exham
on the pretence of liberating the planet, while
troops she trusted infiltrated Priory, gathering
intelligence and preparing for the day the GCPS
would change forever.

Adrienne Nikolovski 28 pts / 4 VPs
S F Sv One sentients terrorist is another sentients
1-2 freedom fighter. Adrienne doesnt make that
4+ 5+ 4+ distinction: In the struggle against the GCPS, if
1 Tactician (1) youre not with the Rebellion, youre a collaborator.

If the tree of Liberty is watered with blood, then

Adrienne has fed that tree very deeply indeed.

Special Delivery: Spend an Army Special result

Dual Needle Pistols: R2, Toxic at the beginning of one of your Survey Drones
Magma Lance: R6, AP2; Holo-sight activations.
Weapon Options: The Survey Drone gains the BOOM! (3) ability until
None the end of the round. This does not count as an
Campaign Ability Options:
None Recon: 4+





Name Weapons & Equipment Abilities

Rebel Trooper 7 T 1-2 5+ 6+ 6+ 1 - 1 Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire

Sphyr Lancer 18 T 1-2 4+ 6+ 5+ 1 - 2 Mata Magma Lance: R5, AP2

Survey Drone 7 S 2-3 - - 4+ 1 - - Construct, Agile

Zee 6 S 1-2 7+ 7+ 6+ 1 - - Pistol: R3 Scavenger

Rebel Sniper 16 S 1-2 4+ 6+ 6+ 1 - 2 Sniper Rifle: R8, Sniper Scope

Rebel 30 S 1-2 6+ 4+ 5+ 3 1 3 Ceremonial Blades: RF, AP1 Teleport,

Teraton Grenade Launcher: One-use, R3, Tough
Frag (3); Hand Flamer: One-use,
R2, It Burns!

Rin Nomad 17 S 1-2 4+ 5+ 5+ 1 1 2 Twin Pistols R3, Weight of Fire (1)

Twin Knives: RF, Frenzy (1)

Name Weapon Upgrades Skill Table(s) Item Points Rarity
Survey None
Drone Ammo 2 Common

Rebel Small Arms, Light (Melee) Ranged AP Ammo 4 Rare

Sphyr Small Arms, Ranged Frag Grenade 6 Common
Lancer Light (Assault, Automatic)
Holo Sight 8 Rare
Zee Small Arms Specialist
Smoke Grenade 3 Common
Rebel Small Arms, Light (Sniper) Ranged,
Sniper Specialist
Medi-Pack 5 Common
Rebel Small Arms, Melee,
Teraton Light (Melee, Assault) Command Stun Grenade 4 Rare
Rin Small Arms, Melee,
Nomad Light (Sniper, Automatic, Melee) Ranged Defender Shield 5 Rare

Marauders Inside the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere this is
easier said than done. The GCPS sprawls across
The Mandrake Rebellion, or the Mandrake thousands of systems and each inhabitable plot
Betrayal as Sphere textbooks have to refer to of land is already logged and notionally owned.
it by law, saw the end of GCPS militarisation of
the Orc race. After the initial uprising battalion The Corporations guard their property jealously,

after battalion of Orc troops were systematically and the Council will do everything in its power
wiped out by corporation forces, often before to keep the current status quo, lending entire
they were even aware of their peoples revolt, planets dedicated to arming its vast military
and usually from orbit with no warning. However complex to this aim if need be.
the rebellion might be called, within five years
the resulting war was officially concluded in In addition, the Corporations are undeniably
GCPS records. By then, the ultra-secret Enforcer cunning. Their intelligence networks are
program had already begun, and GCPS citizens everywhere, and as could be expected the
were tacitly being encouraged to think of Council of Seven is aware of many of the
Marauders as dangerous pirates instead of the antagonistic Marauder groups.
soldiers once responsible for their safety.
These warbands are allowed small victories; a
For some, however, the war never ended. destroyed frigate here, an overrun outpost there;
until they gather enough followers to become a
In the century and a half since the Mandrake possible threat. Then the Council destroy them,
Rebellion most surviving Marauders have been as thoroughly and ruthlessly as they did their
content to slip into the roles of mercenaries for grandparents in the Betrayal.
hire, or ply the inter-system trade lanes on the
hunt for undefended caravans. Some, however, However, this constant harvesting leads to
were not. Some want more. Whether it be a Darwinian motion within the surviving
their own planet or colony, these Marauders, Marauders, until only the most cunning and most
unsatisfied with the miniscule payments for dangerous Orcs remain. One such Orc is Chief
winning others wars, want to be strong enough Mauhulakh, and he was on Exham IV when the
to wage their own. Containment Protocol came down.

The Enemy Within weakness against them; greed. Priory Station is
Mauhulakh has built himself a reputation for too important to too many corporations to lose. If
meticulous and long-term planning compared he can take control and threaten its destruction,
to other Orc chiefs. His operations are daring he will be more than willing to allow the human
and their success often beyond belief. The only ships to carry on using it. For a price, of course.
known assassination of a corporation planetary The mission stages took months of preparation.
governor is at Mauhulakhs hands, when his Mauhulakh smuggled his troops into jobs as
warbands coordinated strike of explosive and deck hands and security at space ports on Exham
well-aimed auto-piloted shuttles knocked a and also directly on board the station, confident
communications satellite out of orbit and onto in the humans opinion that all Marauders look
the governors mansion with the power of a alike. As the missions go time approached
meteor strike. His successes are often attributed Mauhulakh himself arrived on Exham, taking
not only to a shrewd grasp of tactics but also up temporary residence at the planets primary
to his recruitment regime. Mauhulakh is one spaceport in the guise of a mercenary captain
of the Orc chiefs to make regular trips to Gora, looking for work. When the signal was sent his
making use of the innate aggression and natural troops would overthrow the human guards and
combat ability of the Orc natives. His Auxiliaries take the station and the only way to access it
often go on to become successful mercenary from the surface, and Mauhulakh was there on
captains in their own right, but none so far have the ground to oversee the whole operation. All
managed to match the successes or reputation was ready and just waiting for the signal.
of their teacher. But mission after mission of
such success has left Mauhulakh empty. All his And then the Containment Protocol came down.
work has gone for the benefit of others while he
walked away with only money. Now Mauhulakh Mauhulakh was not ready for all comms and
has decided he wants more. He wants his own navigational data to switch off, and certainly
little empire, and he has decided Exham IV and not for the furry little monsters suddenly pouring
its prized Priory Station is the perfect place to through windows of abandoned buildings and
begin. from beneath the street, but he had been in
enough Deadzones to know what would happen
Mauhulakh is not stupid. He has seen first- next, and his plan would not survive contact with
hand the obscene capacity of the GCPS military, the Enforcers.
and knows there is no one who could defend
an entire station if they decide to take it back. If Priory Station was to be his he would have to
Which is why he will use the humans biggest work quickly.

Chief Mauhulakh 28 pts / 4 VPs
S F Sv Assassin. Brigand. Pirate. Soldier of fortune. Chief

1-3 Mauhulakh has been all these things and more. But
4+ 4+ 4+
now, with the right crew, the right plan, and with a
1 Tactician (2) whole lot of luck, he might yet become something
Tough more: The King of Priory Station.

Twin Heavy Pistols: R4, Move It! Move it! Move It!: Spend an Army
Weight of Fire (2); Jump Pack
Special result at the start of your models
Weapon Options: activation. Increase the active models speed by
None +1/+1 until the end of its activation. This does not
count as an action.
Campaign Ability Options:
None Recon: 4+






Name Weapons & Equipment Abilities

Commando 12 T 1-2 5+ 5+ 4+ 1 - 1 Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire

Commando 12 T 1-2 5+ 5+ 4+ 1 - 1 Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire


Skyscraper 17 S 1-3 5+ 5+ 4+ 1 - 2 Rifle: R6, Rapid Fire; Jump Pack

Goblin 14 S 1-2 5+ 7+ 6+ 1 - 2 Heavy Rifle: R8, AP1,

Sniper Heavy, Sniper Scope

Name Weapon Upgrades Skill Table(s) Item Points Rarity

Commando Small Arms, Light (Melee) Melee Ammo 2 Common

Commando Small Arms, Ranged AP Ammo 4 Rare
Specialist Light (Automatic, Assault)
Frag Grenade 6 Common
Skyscraper Small Arms, Ranged,
Holo Sight 8 Rare
Light (Automatic, Melee) Melee
Smoke Grenade 3 Common
Goblin Small Arms, Light (Sniper) Ranged
Sniper Medi-Pack 5 Common

Asterians So, for their own good and that of the galaxy,
the Asterian Clades monitor the humans so
To the Asterians, all creatures have their place extensively that an AI has been conceived for
in the galaxy. Every species, from the sentient the sole purpose of tracking their movements
down to the most base single-celled organism, and communications. Over the centuries
exist for a reason, even if that reason is beyond hundreds of potentially catastrophic events the
the understanding of a people as ancient as the

humans would otherwise have blundered their

Asterians. Through millennia of observation way into have been averted by anticipating their
the Asterians have come to understand that it
is the very presence of all creatures, and the primitive thought processes and influencing
myriad changes they each effect, which keeps their actions. The sudden and unexpected trade
the galaxy in balance. It is the butterfly effect concessions given to the Forge Father clan
writ to a schema so large no one individual could House Varll - averting war across the heavily-
ever hope to understand it. This observation is populated emission clouds of the Eagle Nebula
key to the psyche of an Asterian, from each of its - were the direct result of this practice, as is
members to the race as a whole every creature the unquestioned existence of a blank area on
has its place, and no one species has the right to human starship nav computers, which would
decide if anothers place is better off in the past, otherwise contain the densest concentration of
extinct. systems with Scourge artefacts outside of the
Death Arc. On only a handful of occasions has
The humans, however, have pushed that belief direct military force been deemed necessary to
to the very limit. stop the humans causing irreparable harm to the
In the few centuries the humans have swaggered
among the stars there is not a species they have The severing of transmissions around the
not butted against, nor a danger they have not planet they call Exham attracted the human-
prodded with no thought of the consequences. focused AIs attention, but nothing more. The
The re-emergence of the Scourge was the just burst of imagery from their Recon Units final
the latest danger the humans have unthinkingly transmission, however, was enough to jolt it into
unleashed upon the galaxy, and even in the face action.
of a threat so lethal to their survival the humans
seems quite content to carry on as if the future is The AIs infiltration into the Mi-Gans
filled with nothing but their continued prosperity. communication network was seamless as it
It is as if the humans suffer from a racial was invisible. It sequestered the results from
adolescent belief in their invulnerability. They the bleeding sickness examined by the human
are the infants of the galaxy; just knowledgeable technicians, and before the results could be fully
enough to be dangerous, lacking the wisdom to translated the AI was already searching for the
realise they know nothing. Clade closest to Exham star.
Clade Sekauteu
The Clades, of course, are aware of the Veer-
myn, even if they know them by a different
name. The creatures have tried to insinuate their
way onto the underside of Asterian civilisation
as they have with every other culture advanced
enough to reach the stars. But where Asterians
trap and relocate the furred creatures, the
humans treat them as a minor impediment to
expansion; to ignore when possible, or ineptly
attempt to exterminate when not.
The Clades watched as the Veer-myn blossomed
beneath the humans profligate society, thriving
off the refuse thrown away half-used and
forgotten, and witnessed as the inevitable
diseases and infections which grew with the
nests seeped out and took their toll in human

But all creatures have their place. And perhaps of the utmost importance, and the rare use of
the Veer-myns is to limit the pace of human military force was deemed a necessity. The
expanse through disease. AI identified Sekauteu as the Clade closest
to Exham. Bearing a noble history reaching
Except that the sickness the AI found on Priory almost to the birth Asterias star empire, Clade
Station was something new. What the Maligni Sekauteu may not be the largest Clade, nor one
on Exham had created was not simply a with a martial reputation, but Sekauteu, and its
disease, it was a biological agent so virulent, so current Master Overseer Suu Thein, is known
evolved as to be pan-species; a self-developing for doing what has to be done, no matter how
bioweapon which could re-write its own genetic distasteful. A summons to battle from an AI is
code to adapt to any potential host. Humans, an action of last resort, and Master Suu Thein
Sphyr, Grogan, Judwan, Dwarf Asterian. will follow his directives to the letter. This is not
Through complex mathematical models the AI a matter of honour for Sekauteu, but of balance,
mapped how the bleeding sickness could reach and therefore of infinitely more importance.
across the stars, riddling the galactic arm as a
virus would infect every living body, until system Sekauteu must cut Exham off from the rest of
after system would be left dead and empty and galaxy far more comprehensively than the half
the galactic balance devastated. measures of the humans and their Containment
Protocols. It must be excised from space as a
The complete and thorough annihilation of all surgeon would cut out a cancer, and then left for
faster-than light craft from Exham was suddenly the galaxy to heal.

Nem-Rath 30 pts / 3 VPs
S F Sv In his long life, Nem-Rath has observed and
1-2 directed over a thousand battles. To him, the
4+ 6+ 5+

ebb and flow of warfare is like a symphony to a

1 Tactician (2) conductor: Multi-layered, complex, and alive with
its own horrific harmonies and deadly melodies.
As a shuuvatar, Nem-Rath rides the crescendo of
combat to inevitable victory, bringing the cosmos
ever closer to true balance in his every action.
Noh Pistol: R3
Charge Glove: RF, Knockback
Energy Pulse: R1, Knockback
The Balance is All: Spend an Army Special result
Weapon Options:
None to re-roll any number of your remaining command
Campaign Ability Options:
None Recon: 3+





Name Weapons & Equipment Abilities

Marionette 10 T 1-2 5+ 6+ 5+ 1 - 1 Noh Rifle: R5 Construct

Cypher 15 T 1-2 3+ 5+ 5+ 1 1 2 Noh Rifle: R5 Construct,

Toxic Smokescreen

Cypher 15 T 1-2 3+ 5+ 5+ 1 1 2 Noh Rifle: R5 Construct,

Specialist Vulnerable,
Toxic Smokescreen

Black Talon 20 S 1-2 3+ 5+ 5+ 1 1 2 Noh Rifle: R5; Construct,

Energy Shield (2); Jump Pack Vulnerable,

Sky Razor 20 V 2-4 4+ - 5+ 2 - 2 Twin Noh Rifles: Vehicle

R5, Weight of Fire (1)

Name Weapon Upgrades Skill Table(s) Item Points Rarity

Ammo 2 Common
Marionette Small Arms Ranged
AP Ammo 4 Rare
Cypher Small Arms, Ranged
Frag Grenade 6 Common

Holo Sight 8 Rare
Cypher Small Arms, Ranged, Smoke Grenade 3 Common
Specialist Light (Explosive), Heavy (Lance) Specialist
Stun Genade 4 Rare
Black Talon Small Arms, Light (Melee) Ranged, Energy Shield (2) 5 Rare
Energy Shield (3) 7 Unique
Sky Razor Bike (Automatic) Ranged Energy Shield (4) 9 Unique

Exham IV presents many opportunities for
creating exciting stories through your games.
Unlike the frontier world of Nexus Psi, Exham
IV or more accurately, Priory Station is an

integral part of the Galactic Co-Prosperity

Sphere, and when it goes dark, people are bound
to notice, leading to any number of chances for
adventure, intrigue, and profit.
This book presents a narrative campaign
detailing the mission of the Enforcer Pathfinder
team sent to investigate the Deadzone, and
the Veer-myns defense of their home and their
desperate attempts to leave the planet before it
is forever plunged into an ice age. However, this
is not the only story to be told on Exham IV: The
Marauders, Forge Fathers, Rebs, and Asterians
all have reasons for getting involved in the

Broadly speaking, the various factions strategic

The Plague objectives for Exham IV boil down to three
Officially, there have been no signs categories: Escape, Containment, or Conquest.
of a Plague outbreak on Exham IV.
Unofficially, however, Exham IVs warren Escape
of abandoned mining tunnels served by Factions that wish to escape the environmental
a network of gray-market scrap metal catastrophe of Exham IV include the Veer-myn,
shipping to Priory Station makes the Plague, and potentially a Rebs cell or Marauder
perfect cover for a covert research base; crew caught on the planet when the Containment
perhaps, in your campaign, the Plague Protocol went into effect. A campaign involving
escaped its confinement during the one of these factions might take the role of
chaos caused by the Bleeding Sickness the Veer-myn as outlined in the Sack of Priory
epidemic, or one of the planets many Station campaign, or might re-arrange the order
wildcat ore scavengers disturbed a of the scenarios so that the Exodus mission is
Plague Artifact partially embedded in the climax of the campaign.
millennia-old bedrock. Containment
In short, you shouldnt feel constrained Factions that seek to contain the Bleeding
by the canon narrative Mantic is in Sickness and ensure that it does not spread
the business of making great games throughout the stars include the Asterians,
that inspire the imagination, and not in Enforcers, and Forge Fathers. These factions
the business of telling gamers how they make great opponents for Escape factions, and
should or should not have fun. Whatever can take the role of the Pathfinders in the Sack
you and your friends agree to, in the spirit of Priory Station campaign, with the Evacuation
of respectful collaborative wargaming, mission being a natural climax.
is just fine by us. Conquest
Factions that seek to take control of Exham
IV or Priory Station (or both) include the Rebs,
With a bit of work, the scenarios in this book Marauders, and Forge Fathers. The Evacuation
can be adapted to fit the goals and desires of mission makes an excellent climactic mission;
the other factions with a stake in Exham IVs alternatively, the Elimination mission can be
fate; alternatively, players might feel inspired to also be adapted to change the target to a key
create their own conflicts and custom scenarios enemy commander of the opposing faction who
to share with their friends. is standing in their way.
Environmental Hazards Slurry Storm
The wind has carried a fast-moving slurry of
Environmental Hazards are random events that arsenic, mercury, lead, and other hazardous
affect both sides during the battle. waste left behind after the Mi-Gan corporation
was finished strip-mining the planet. Soldiers
The hazards presented here represent Exham caught in the open risk being injured by the

IVs unique ecosystem and environment the storm of toxic chemicals.

shift in its orbit is rapidly turning Exham IV into
an arctic desert the temperature ranges from Roll a d4. This is the turn in which the slurry
cold to below freezing as vicious winds carry storm arrives. At the start of the turn in which
flurries of toxic mine tailings in massive, acidic the slurry storm arrives, randomly determine a
sandstorms. The network of access tunnels, board edge from which the storm enters. Any
mine shafts, and improvised housing has left the model without a solid wall (ie, one without any
ground unstable and susceptible to tremors and gaps that a model could see or move through)
earthquakes. between it and the slurry storms board edge is
Before the game, once both players have
deployed their forces, resolved any Recon effects The Slurry Storm rolls a
and Scout redeployments, roll a single dice and 3 dice 5+ test (x)
consult the following table:
Roll once to determine the strength of the storm
Dice Result Environmental Hazard for all affected models.
1-2 Gale Force Winds Each affected model rolls a
3-4 Unstable Ground 3 dice Survive test (x)
5-6 Slurry Storm Draw or Survive wins: No effect.
7-8 Frigid Cold Slurry storm wins: The difference in successes
is the potential damage suffered by the affected
Gale Force Winds model.
The wind whips through the battlefield, kicking
up dust and debris and chilling the fighters to Frigid Cold
the bone. All Shoot actions suffer a -1 penalty to The chilling temperatures and sudden blasts of
Shoot tests during this game. frozen winds blowing across the arid landscape
can often wreak havoc with biological organisms
Unstable Ground and technological constructs alike. Living things
The battlefield lies atop one of Exham IVs may freeze to death from prolonged exposure
treacherous patches of unstable ground under while sensitive electronic equipment and
the soldiers feet lies miles and miles of mine sensors are prone to malfunction in such an
tunnels propped up by bearers which didnt meet extreme environment.
safety codes even when they were new.
At the beginning of each turn, roll one dice and
At the start of each turn, roll two dice, one for add the turn number. If the result is 8 or higher,
a random column, one for a random row to give this is the turn on which the frigid cold reaches
a grid reference. All models in any cube in this its maximum intensity. For this turn only, short
stack must take a 3 dice Survive (2) test. actions count as long actions. If a model wants
to attempt to take a long action (such as Sprint
Success means the model keeps its footing, and or a Shoot action with a weapon with the Heavy
is unaffected. ability), it must take a 3 dice Survive test (2). If it
succeeds, it may take the long action.
Failure means that that the model is Pinned. In
addition, any items not held by a model in any After this turn, the models left in play acclimatize
cube in this stack will scatter one cube in a to the sudden drop in temperature, and the Frigid
random direction. Cold ceases to have any effect on play.

Introduction player represents the vanguard of the Veer-myn
This campaign outline presents a series of colony as they defend against the invaders and
five linked scenarios representing the conflict seek to secure their passage off-world.
between the Veer-myn colony of Exham IV and
the detachment of Pathfinders from P12 the Each player should create an Army as described
ThunderHeads sent to investigate the bleeding on page 46 of the Deadzone rulebook; one player
sickness outbreak and Veer-myn infestation. using a Veer-myn Army List or an Enforcer Army
List. Each player should feel free to use one of
The Pathfinders are cut off from their main the Elite Army Lists presented in this book; in any
supply lines and must live off the land while they case the Enforcer player (referred to throughout
infiltrate behind Veer-myn lines and assassinate the campaign as the Pathfinder player) should
the Brood Mothers that hold the colony together; weight their forces towards including Pathfinders
the Veer-myn, in turn, seek to secure passage off and away from Peacekeepers to better represent
the planet before the Containment Protocol is
enforced in earnest. The campaign concludes the forces deployed during the initial stages of
with a dramatic showdown in the maintenance the Exham IV Containment Protocol.
sectors of Priory Station in a last-ditch effort to Before and after each game, the players should
either contain the Veer-myn (and the bleeding follow the Pre-Game and Post-Game sequence
sickness) or for the Veer-myn to escape a dying for campaign games as per the Campaign rules
world and spread throughout the GCPS. in the Deadzone rulebook; we recommend using
Using These Scenarios the Exham IV Exploration table on page 48 of this
The Sack of Priory Station is a narrative book in place of the standard Exploration Table,
campaign for two players. One player takes the and the inclusion of the environmental effects on
role of the Pathfinder team sent to investigate page 40 during setup, to give the campaign the
the outbreak of the bleeding sickness; the other flavour of Exham IV.

Emerging Narrative this obviously isnt just any Stalker: Hes

Its all very well to talk about narrative Jarrat Kelkarn, veteran of a hundred battles,
wargaming, but what does that mean in with the scars to prove it; and every game in the
practice? Surely its just a game, with clear campaign after that, your opponent might make
rules, winners and losers, right? a point of trying to take him out as payback.
These moments will live on as anecdotes in
Tabletop Wargames (and their close cousin, your gaming group and grow in the telling; a
Tabletop Role-Playing Games) are played as story that you created, a unique experience for
much in the imagination as they are on the you alone.
table. Your playing pieces arent merely pawns
on a chessboard: They are heroes and villains Of course, this aspect of the hobby will have a
in a larger-than-life battle between disease- greater or lesser appeal to an individual gamer.
carrying alien vermin and the jackbooted thugs Some players find their enjoyment more in the
of a Capitalist oligarchy that spans the stars. tactical play of the game itself, or collecting and
painting their miniatures to a high standard, or
On one level, a game of Deadzone tells a story
of who wins and loses the battle; the scenarios anything else to enjoy about the game and
in this book will talk about the stakes of the thats fine. Theres no wrong way to have fun
conflict, and the consequences for each faction - unless your fun comes at the expense of the
should they win or lose. enjoyment of others, of course and if you find
yourself on the receiving end of a let me tell you
On another level, Deadzone gives rise to an about my character! story from your opponent
emergent narrative through play Maybe without any need to share one of your own, just
theres one Stalker in your strike team who, smile in appreciation of their enthusiasm for
through improbable luck, survived three turns in your shared hobby as you plan your devastating
combat with an Assault Enforcer, denying your pincer assault on her unsuspecting strike force.
opponent the VPs they needed to win the game Shell never see it coming.

Scoring These challenge scenarios should not be
The winner and loser of each mission will be considered fair or balanced, or suitable for
awarded Campaign points. Keep track of these tournament play, but they can offer a refreshing
on your Army Roster. At the end of the campaign, change in perspective or chance to stretch your
the player with the most campaign points is the tactical acumen in new directions.
overall winner of the campaign.

Force Composition & Terrain Considerations

This section of the scenario will set out the points Gaming Well With Others
value for the game, along with any restrictions Tabletop Wargames are a unique social
on model types. The forces available to each activity. On the one hand, they are a
player may be limited by terrain, logistics or the competitive game: A contest of skill and
results of previous games in the campaign. luck, with winners and losers. On the other
hand, they are a great excuse to spend time
It will also discuss whether a particular terrain with friends, or forge new friendships over
piece (such as a fortification or landing pad) is the clatter of dice. Usually, these aspects
required or recommended for the scenario, as work together to create a rewarding hobby
well as offer guidelines to use your existing experience for all involved; sometimes,
terrain collection to depict the type of battlefield however, the clash of miniatures on the table
envisioned in the scenario. can lead to a clash of personalities outside
the game.
If your terrain collection doesnt contain the More than half the time, these disputes
exact pieces required or recommended, dont arise because each player has a different
worry do your best with what you and your expectation of the game they are playing:
friend have. Anne might have been playing competitively,
while Bob thought he was in for a night of
Deployment tossing d8s and tossing back Mountain Dew.
This section will contain a map of the board Neither player is wrong and Deadzone is
showing the deployment zones for each side, designed to accommodate and enable both
and any cubes containing objectives. styles of play; the issue is that they didnt
hash out what they were after from the game
Victory Conditions beforehand, and so a simple rule dispute or
This section specifies the victory conditions for ruthless ploy can lead to hurt feelings.
each player. Each player may have the same
victory condition, or a unique condition to their Always check with your opponent to make
side to model the different strategic priorities of sure youre on the same page before playing
the two factions. a game. A simple Im bringing my power-
gamer list, do you want to try and break it?
Challenge Scenarios beforehand will go a long way to prevent
War is not fair. While Deadzone aims to be an misunderstandings and hurt feelings.
enjoyable game, balancing the various factions
available to players so that each player has a Remember: Deadzone is a game, and games
path to victory, in life this is quite often not the are about having fun! Good sportsmanship
case. and clear communication will go a long way
to making sure an evening spent around the
To represent this, the missions presented in the table is enjoyable for everyone.
Sack of Priory Station will have an optional,
Challenge scenario, which will unbalance the
mission on favour of one player or another. Consequences
Our intention in presenting these is to offer a This section will describe any ongoing effects
change of pace for players looking for something for the remainder of the narrative campaign. For
to challenge their mastery of the game. Try example: If the Pathfinders fail the first mission,
playing these scenarios turn-about, with one Infiltration, they will be unable to take Vehicle-
player playing the Pathfinders, and then using type models in scenario 3, as they will not have
his opponents list to see if he can do better than been able to secure a path through the Veer-
she did. myns territory for the bulky, noisy equipment.

Mission 1: Infiltration In this scenario, the Pathfinder players models
are considered to be using any scrap of cover
The Pathfinders must move through Veer-myn they can find to conceal themselves, and the
held territory to reach the site Recon unit P12-6- strike force as a whole is considered to be
12 identified as the heart of the infestation. Undiscovered.
Force Composition & Terrain While they are Undiscovered, the Veer-myn
150 points per side. The Pathfinder player may player may not target any model on the Pathfinder
not take any Vehicle models, representing a players strike team with Shoot actions, including
small, silent infiltration force. This battlefield
represents the outer edges of the Veer-myns from Indirect, Frag, or Grenade weapons.
territory; this might be a light industrial area At the end of either players activation, check
or exploited mine. To make best use of the to see if the activated model has LOS to any
scenarios special rule, ensure to use a moderate enemy model. If so, the Veer-myn player must
to high amount of LOS-blocking scatter terrain. roll to see if they Discover the intruders, rolling
Deployment 3 dice 5+ test (2). If successful, the Pathfinder
The Veer-myn player uses the Red deployment players forces have been Discovered, and the
zone. The Pathfinder player uses the blue Veer-myn player may freely target their enemy
deployment zone. in the normal way. Either player can move into
a cube containing an enemy model and Fight
them as usual; if the Veer-myn players model
lives through the Fight, they are able to raise the
alarm; the Pathfinder players strike team has
now been Discovered.
Challenge Scenario
The Veer-myn player may deploy four models as
if they had Scout to represent a roaming patrol.
Additionally, try using two battle mats stacked
one above the other. The deployment zones
remain the same but there will be a lot more
space between them.
The winning player will earn:
2 Campaign Points.
Victory Conditions
To win, the Pathfinder player must have 12VP The losing player will earn:
worth of his Strike Team leave the board from 1 Campaign Point
the Veer-myn players deployment zone. The
Veer-myn player must kill 16 VP worth of the If the Pathfinder player wins this mission,
enemy Strike Team. they will be able to include vehicles in their
strike force for Mission 3.
Special Rules: Stealth Mission
The Pathfinders are employing every tactic and If the Veer-myn player wins this mission,
trick drilled into them to avoid detection by the they will count as scoring seven successes
Veer-myn patrols, but the Veer-myns keen sense in the Recon roll for Mission 2.
of smell and sheer numbers mean that its not a
question of if theyll discover the intruders, but

Mission 2: Acquisition Victory Conditions
VPs are scored by:
P12-6-12s final transmission from her personal
nanodrone cloud was partially corrupted by an Killing enemy models (VP value of model)
unknown third party to the conflict. The original Claiming VP counters.
data remains in the memory banks of the cloud;
the Pathfinders need this crucial data to identify The first player to reach 16VP is the winner;

the location of the Veer-myn colonys Brood however a player must have earned at least one
Mother. 3VP token in order to declare victory.

In turn, the Maligni believe that they will be able Challenge Scenario
to use the data contained in the drone cloud to Killing enemy models is worth 0VP; VPs may only
reverse-engineer a transponder code that they be earned by claiming objective tokens. The first
can use to evade the Grounding Protocol. This player to 9VP is the winner.
data presents a crucial step towards saving the
lives of the entire colony. Consequences
The winning player earns:
Force Composition & Terrain 2 Campaign Points
150 points per side. The Pathfinder player may
not include any Vehicles in their strike force, as The losing player earns:
they have not yet secured a corridor into this 1 Campaign Point
sector of Veer-myn territory as yet.
If the Pathfinder player wins this mission,
This battlefield represents one of the typical they count as scoring seven successes in
abandoned industrial facilities that litter the the Recon roll for Mission 3.
surface of Exham IV. No special terrain is
required for this scenario. If the Veer-myn player wins this mission,
Deployment they count as scoring seven successes in
The Veer-myn player uses the Red deployment the Recon roll for Mission 4.
zone. The Pathfinder player uses the blue
deployment zone.
The Objective cube is yellow.

Place five 3VP counters in the objective cube. A

player may claim one of these tokens at the end
of a round if they have the only models in that
cube; the token is treated as an Intel item worth
3VP. A player may claim only one token per turn
up to a total of 4 tokens.

Mission 3: Elimination
The Pathfinders have located the Veer-myns
nests, and have deployed an elimination detail to
several key locations throughout the Veer-myns
warren in order to eliminate the Brood Mothers.
The Veer-myn, warned of the intrusion by
the precognitive talents of their Tangles, are
prepared to put up a stiff resistance in the face
of the invasion of their home and hearth. For
them, this is a matter of life or death; for the
Enforcers, this is simply pest control.
Force Composition & Terrain
200 points per side. If the Pathfinder player won
the Infiltration mission, they may include Vehicle
models in their Strike Force. The Veer-myn player
must include (and pay for) a Brood Mother in
their Strike Team, even if their Army List does
not normally allow for one to be included in the
Strike Team. For this battle, the Brood Mother
acts as the Strike Teams Leader, using the Recon
value and Army Special ability from the core Victory Conditions
Deadzone Rulebook. VPs are scored by:
Killing enemy models (VP value of model)
This battlefield represents the warren of
the largest and most influential of the Veer- The Veer-myn player must reach 20VP to win.
myn Brood Mothers. As much as your terrain The Pathfinder player must reach 16 VP to win.
collection will allow, try to represent a maze However, the Pathfinder player must have killed
of corridors drilled from the rock and shored up the Brood Mother in order to declare victory if
they have reached 16VP but the Brood Mother
with scavenged habtainer slabs, or otherwise yet lives, continue to play until either the Veer-
give the impression of a dark, claustrophobic Myn player reaches 20VP or the Brood Mother
environment. is slain.
Deployment Challenge Scenario
The Veer-myn player uses the Red deployment The Veer-myn player receives 6 free Crawlers or
zone. The Pathfinder player uses the blue Stalkers (in any combination) in addition to their
deployment zone. regular Strike Force.
Additionally, the Veer-myn player has the option
of taking a second Brood Mother as well as the
first; in this case, the Pathfinder player must kill
both Brood Mothers in order to win.
The winning player earns:
2 Campaign Points
The losing player earns:
1 Campaign Point
In addition, the winner of this game will
receive +1 Command Dice each round for
the duration of Mission 4.

Mission 4: Elimination Victory Conditions
VPs are scored by:
After the Elimination Detail finishes its grisly Killing enemy models (VP value of model)
work, the Veer-myn decide to push towards the
last intact spaceport on Exham IV in a desperate The first player to reach 20VP is the winner;
attempt to leave the planet. however if at the end of any round, the Veer-myn
player is the sole occupant of all four objective

The Pathfinders, cut off from heavy support, cubes simultaneously, they win the game.
must try to stop them seizing the landing pad.
Challenge Scenario
Force Composition & Terrain The Veer-myn player receives 250 points with
200 points per side. The Pathfinder player may which to build their Strike Team. Additionally,
include vehicles, but not any Peacekeepers. consider using two battle mats:
The Pathfinder player receives two free Sentry
Guns, which may be deployed emplaced as if
they had one cubes worth of Scout movement.
This battlefield represents the last intact
spaceport on the planet.
You will need to represent a landing pad of at
least 2 x 2 x 1 size, and have a way of designating
which cubes are the objective cubes.
The Veer-myn player uses the Red deployment
zones. The Pathfinder player uses the blue and
yellow cubes as their deployment zone.
The Objective cubes are yellow.

The winning player earns:
2 campaign points
The losing player earns:
If your landing pad terrain piece is larger than 1 campaign point
2 x 2 x 1 cubes, this is perfectly acceptable;
simply ensure you and your opponent know If the Pathfinder player wins, the Veer-myn
which cubes are the objective cubes, and which player only has 225 points with which to
are not. choose their strike team for Mission 5.
Likewise, if the landing pad terrain piece If the Veer-myn player wins, they will have
overlaps with the Pathfinders deployment zones, 275 points with which to choose their Strike
this is also not an issue for the scenario. Team for Mission 5.

Mission 5: Evacuation Victory Conditions
VPs are scored by:
While the ThunderHeads and the Veer-myn
have been battling on the surface of Exham IV, Killing enemy models (VP value of model)
a desperate guerrilla war has been raging in the
service corridors and maintenance ducts below The first player to reach 20VP is the winner;
Priory Station. Its objective: Control over the life however in order to declare victory, a player
support and docking control modules. must be the sole occupant of both objective
cubes, and have at least a 2 VP lead over the
If the Enforcers are able to seize these systems,
other player.
they can vent the entire station into the void,
sending passengers and vermin alike into hard Challenge Scenario
vacuum to freeze and die. Doing so, however,
will ensure that the bleeding sickness will Consider having both players deploy their entire
be contained, with the minimum necessary remaining Army, regardless of the relative points
damage to the station itself, preserving a vital values of each Army.
infrastructure and trade hub for the Council of
Seven to refurbish once the crisis is contained. Alternatively, the Pathfinder players Strike
Team might represent a different detachment of
For the Veer-myn, control of Priory is essential Enforcers sent to seize control of the station.
to their salvation. If they can seize enough of
the freight and passenger ships docked with If this is the case, both players should make a
it, they may yet be able to overwhelm the strike team worth 300 points. While the Veer-
ThunderHeads control cordon through sheer
myn player is free to use troops from their
strength of numbers and save at least some of
their society. regular Campaign Army Roster, the Pathfinder
player must choose a new Strike Force from
Force Composition & Terrain any Enforcer Army List. The troops chosen are
250 points per side. See the Consequences all Rank 0, but do not have any permanent
section for Mission 4 for more details.
injuries. The Pathfinder player will be eligible
The battlefield represents the maintenance for Underdog dice as described in the Deadzone
network that supports Priory Station. Space will Core Rulebook.
be cramped, and fixtures and structures are not
likely to be more than one or two cubes in height. Consequences
The winning player earns:
The Veer-myn player uses the Red deployment 2 Campaign Points
zone. The Pathfinder player uses the blue
The losing player earns:
deployment zone.
1 Campaign Point
The objective cubes are yellow.
If the Veer-myn player has the most
Campaign Points and has won Mission 5,
they win a Major Victory; otherwise, they
win a Minor Victory.
If the Enforcer player has the most Campaign
Points and has won Mission 3, they win a
Major Victory; otherwise, they win a Minor

Exham IV Exploration Table
D88 Result Event

11 Terminal Intervention - Your Strike Team finds some wreckage from the dropship
released by the Terminal Intervention, a Drakon-class Enforcer warship. Your team finds
large quantities of high-grade military gear. Add 3 AP Ammo and 2 frag grenades to your
12-13 Pandoras Box - While searching for Intel in the vault of a comms station, your team
discovers something extremely valuable encrypted logs from the CSS Sloveshy Vassily,
transferred upon its docking with Priory Station. Your superiors will be extremely interested
in decrypting and analyzing the contents, to discover what really happened on Exham IV,
and why Mi-Gan attempted to keep it secret for so long Add +2d8 RP to your roster.
14-15 Verminium Ingot - While searching through the detritus inside a local mining depot your
team finds something extremely valuable. Perhaps this explains why Exham IV was mined
so thoroughly. Roll 2d8, and discard one result. Add this number of RP to your roster.
16-18 Mi-Gan Outpost - The GCPS troops stationed on Exham IV were well equipped by corporate
standards, but ultimately unprepared for the waves of Veer-myn that overran them. Your
team recovers what they can from the dismembered, half-eaten bodies. Add 1 Ammo and 1
AP Ammo to your stores.
21-23 Slurry Pit - Your Strike Team notices an intact weapons depot, sure to be filled with useful
munitions. Unfortunately for your team, it is half-submerged in thick chemical slurry, leaked
from the extensive abandoned mines. If you choose to retrieve the munitions, pick one
member of your Strike Team to make a 3-dice Survive (2) test. If they succeed, add 3 Ammo,
2 AP Ammo and 2 Frag grenades to your stores. If they fail, gain nothing and the model
must roll on the injury table.
24-26 Survival of the Weakest - While searching the tunnels, your team becomes aware of the
presence of hundreds of lifeforms lurking in the shadows. Fearing the worst your team
retreats to a safe distance and takes another route. As they press further, the scent of
roasted meat leads them to a chamber filled with the charred bones of Mi-Gan troops and
Veer-myn alike. In the distance a small figure darts away into a crack in the tunnel wall.
Your team instantly realizes what many of the children orphaned by the bleeding sickness
are doing to survive. They notice some useful gear amongst the discarded clothes and
armour and hastily retrieve it before leaving. Gain 1d4+1 RP.
27-32 Research Lab - Your team finds a medical lab, filled with victims of the bleeding sickness
floating in stasis fluids, hooked up to various tubes and monitors. The scientists that once
worked here must have been searching for a cure. While there is an abundance of medical
supplies here, their experimental nature may yield unpredictable results. Add 2 Experimental
Surgical Kits to your stores.
During the Resolve Casualties phase of the post-game sequence, you can use these items
to try to heal a Permanent Injury instead of spending a Medi-pack to re-roll the result.
Discard an Experimental Surgical Kit and roll on the following table:
1: The Experimental Surgical Kit has no effect. The model suffers the permanent injury you
originally rolled.
2-4: The Experimental Surgical Kit works, but the model will need some time to recover
from the surgery. They must miss the next game (as if they had rolled a 4-7 on the Casualty
5-7: The Experimental Surgical Kit works as intended. The model makes a full recovery (as
if they had rolled an 8 on the injury table).
8: The kit contains some highly advanced (and effective) nanotechnology. The model makes a
full recovery (as if they had rolled an 8 on the Casualty Table, and the
model may heal one previous Permanent Injury which had reduced its stats.
33-36 Spaceport - STRATEGIC ASSET: Your Strike Team finds and secures a spaceport. The
frozen bodies of those attempting to board the last ships off-world are strewn everywhere,
some with laser burns puncturing through them, others with gashes and gnawed limbs.
While there are no shuttles remaining here, automated drones ferrying supplies from Priory
Station still arrive on schedule, although some of the cargo they deliver is dangerous and
unexpected. Gain 3 extra RP post-battle during the exploration phase after every game
you play, and roll a d8. On a roll of 1, choose one member of your Strike Team to roll on the
injury table.

37-42 Abandoned Hab-block - Your team searches some of the many cramped civilian quarters
that cover the surface of Exham IV, all of them are now either abandoned or filled with
corpses, the walls slick with frost. While signs of life are non-existent, there are still items
of value to be found here. Gain +1d4 RP.
43-46 Mi-Gan HQ - STRATEGIC ASSET: Your strike team stumbles upon the local headquarters
of the Mi-Gan corporation, its doors burnt open with acid. Claw marks and bloodstains coat
the interior. Your strike team is able to repair the HQ to set up as a forward base of
operations, and hacking the core database yields a wealth of information about hidden
caches and assets to use in the event of outbreak. Before each battle you may place an
additional item crate in any cube of your choice within the limits defined by the mission.
Rolling this result has no further effect if you already have a Mi-Gan HQ.
47-52 Frozen Corpse - You discover the dead body of a Mi-Gan security officer, stiff and frozen,
with most of his face nibbled off. Roll a d8 to see what you find:
1: The officer died of the bleeding sickness. You leave the corpse alone.
2: +2 RP
3-4: 1 Ammo
5-6: 1 AP ammo
7: Intel: Treat this result as a roll of 81-83 (The Hive) instead.
8: Mi-Gan master key: Treat this result as a roll of 43-46 (Mi-Gan HQ) instead.
53-56 Industrial Complex - STRATEGIC ASSET: You find a functioning Industrial Complex, fully
fitted with manufacturing capabilities. With some modifications, you are able to produce
military-grade munitions. After each battle during the exploration phase, gain 1 Ammo.
Rolling this result has no further effect if you already have an Industrial Complex.
57-62 The Sickness - Your team finds a group of survivors infected with the bleeding sickness.
VEER-MYN: The survivors will make excellent test subjects for the Maligni, new and
virulent strains of the sickness may be present in their blood. Gain +d8 RP and choose a
model from your strike team to gain +1 XP.
REBS: Your team takes pity on the survivors and provides them with supplies and medicine
to ease their suffering. They reveal the location of some of their surviving relatives, some
too old or young to be infected, others simply lucky enough to have survived or avoided
infection. You locate the survivors and offer them refuge. Some of them are good fighters,
too. Deduct 3 RP from your roster if possible (or as much as you have if you have less than
3 RP), and add 1 Rebs Trooper or 1 Rebs Specialist (your choice) to your army.
ENFORCERS: Interrogation techniques approved directly by the Council of Seven are highly
effective, even on the dying. Your team uses the information gained to locate and eliminate
elements of the native population, securing valuable resources in the process. Gain +d8 RP.
OTHERS: Your team gives the survivors a quick death, either out of mercy, or simply to
eliminate the threat. You find some supplies in their hideout. Add +1d4 RP to your roster.
63-66 Hypertunnel Network - STRATEGIC ASSET: Your strike team finds and secures an
underground transport hub. This will allow you to rapidly explore the vast honeycombed
interior of Exham IV, if you are willing to risk disturbing the dangers that lie within After
each battle, during the exploration phase you may choose to make an extra roll on the
exploration table which cannot be modified by Scout/Scavenger or any other means. If you
do so, roll a d8, on a roll of 4+ choose a member of your strike team to roll on the injury
table as the creatures lurking underground attack. Rolling this result has no further effect if
you already have a Hypertunnel Network.
67-72 Lost in the Caverns - A member of your strike team goes missing while exploring the
underground caverns of Exham IV. You assume they are dead, either devoured by the many
creatures lurking within the planets crust or simply killed by exposure. When they return
much later, they bear the scars of their ordeal, but have become adept at surviving the many
dangers the underground holds. A random, non-leader model from your Strike Team must
miss the next game. At the end of your next game, they return and gain +5XP, but must also
roll on the injury table.

73-75 Acid Cloud - While searching some industrial ruins, your strike team hears the screeching
of metal as a pipe breaks, spilling acidic vapour into their midst. Choose one model from
your strike team to roll on the injury table. If you have a model with Engineer in your strike

team, ignore this result as they recognize the structural instability in advance.
76-78 Drone Swarm - Some of the Recon drones released by P12-6-12 are still active on Exham
IV, their emergency programming activated by the containment protocol. Their primary
directive is to identify and report threats to pathfinders still active in the deadzone.
ENFORCERS: In the next game you play, the enemy leader counts as being Tagged for the
entire game (Tag rifles gain +1 dice when making a shoot action against the model).
OTHERS: You may shoot down the drones in an effort to disable the drones and learn
valuable intel from them. If you choose to do this, spend 1 Ammo, and add +1d8 RP to your
roster. If you do not or cannot spend 1 Ammo, you do not get the +1d8 RP.
81-83 The Hive - Your team finds a map detailing a mass of 3-dimensional tunnels known locally
as The Hive due to their honeycombed structure. You can use this to your advantage, if
you want to risk attention from the dangers that lurk below. An extra 4 of your models may
deploy as if they had the Scout rule in your next game. If you choose to do this, roll a d8,
on a 4+ one of the models that you would have deployed as if they have the Scout ability is
instead removed as a casualty before the game begins. This does not grant your opponent
VPs, roll for injury after the battle as usual.
84-85 The Horror - Your strike team heads deep underground, following a path one of them saw
in an incredibly lucid dream.
VEER-MYN: Visions of glory and greatness enter the minds of your underlings as they
burrow deep into the heart of the world and emerge with an oracle of your people. Add a
Tangle to your Army for no cost.
OTHERS: Pain and terror pierces the minds of one of your squad, driving them insane.
Choose one model in your strike team to receive a 2 result on the injury table as their
brain becomes permanently damaged. You may discard 1 Medi-Pack from your stores to
sedate the victim before the seizures consume them and ignore this result.
86-87 Cave-in - While exploring some of the more unstable tunnels underneath the surface, a
cave-in traps a member of your team. In the time it takes to clear the rubble by hand and
extract them, their injuries become severe. Choose one model to roll on the injury table. You
may discard 1 frag grenade from your stores to breach through a tunnel wall and ignore this
88 Frostbite - A member of your squad becomes isolated amidst the freezing gales that scour
the surface of Exham IV. When they return, they are in dire need of medical attention.
Choose one model to roll on the injury table. You may discard 1 Medi-Pack from your stores
to administer timely first aid and ignore this result.