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Digital Unit Plan Template

Unit Title: Drawing Name: Loured Laguna

Content Area: Art Grade Level: 9-12
CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):

1.5 Analyze the material used by a given artist and describe how its use influences the meaning of the work.
2.1 Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design.
4.4 Articulate the process and rationale for refining and reworking one of their own works of art.

Big Ideas/Unit Goals:

Students will analyze the use of media in Art and refine their drawing skills. They will learn to carefully observe photographs and able to draw them on paper,
using the elements of art and the principles of design.

Unit Summary:

In this Unit Plan, students will learn how to draw portraits by carefully observing photographs and using the Principles of
Design and Elements of Art which will help gain them with the technical skills and knowledge to improve their artistic
drawing skills and creative ideas. Students will learn about and use value, accurate proportion, various media use, and
organizing ideas.

Assessment Plan:

Entry-Level: Quiz:
Students will be Formative: MidwayCritique: On the Summative: FinalCritique: The final
given a small quiz on the halfway point of the lesson, critique will be held at the end of
Elements of Art and Principles of usually a week, I will hold a mini the lesson. We will put up
Design. The questions will be on critique where I have all the everyones work and talk about
the projector screen from the students put up their work so far the strength and the weakness of
Quizlet website and students will and to look at everyones work in the artwork. I will be hearing
need to write the questions and progress. After everyone has a everyones discussion in each
answer on a blank sheet of paper. chance to see the artworks I will artwork and see their level of
These questions will help me give each student two colored understanding about the art terms
determine the level of post it notes, a green and an and talking about art.
understanding from the class and orange colored one. I will direct
see what are important topics that the students to place the post it
needs to be discussed. notes on someones art work with
a couple of sentences, the green
means they are doing good so far
and explain whats working and an
orange means some suggestions
or ideas for the artist. Afterwards
we will talk about a couple as a
group and discuss what we all can
do to improve, get better, and not
make the same mistakes.

Lesson 1
Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence Lesson Activities: Students will be given a handout with a list of Vocabulary. The students will need to
Students should be able to (Assessments): Completing fully answer all questions and complete the Value scale.
understand and use the the Chapter 1: Basic
Basic Elements of Art Elements Handout
Lesson 2
Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities: Students will be tasked to create a comic using the tools that were given and to draw
Comic Artist Webercise Ability to draw and create a the finished product as reference to draw on paper using drawing pencils. They are required to create
story. their own comic story and characters and use proper value and texture.
Lesson 3
Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Able Lesson Activities: Students will be required to make a Concept map showing different artists and
Creating a Concept Map to correctly organize and significant information regarding on the artist.
find important artist and
their artwork using
Unit Resources:
This online encyclopedia includes information on everything from great artists to movements.
ArtDaily is an online newspaper that covers art events around the world.
The Art Studio Chalkboard assists artists with the technical fundamentals of painting and
drawing. Created specifically for art students, this online source teaches shading, color, and
Artchive is another great website for learning the history of Art from different time period and it
also comes with high quality images.
This is one of the programs we use for our photography class to edit our
This site gives many useful tips and tutorials to help you in your photography work. digital-
This site are for those who are completely new to the world of photography and need a better
understanding of exposure, how to use a camera, and composition.

Useful Websites:

This site will help students understand what they need to do in order to enter
A site for students to manage and discover academic resources.