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Greetings Caregivers!

Our names our Ms. Miranda Woodworth and Mr. Seth

Dills. We are Block C Students from KSU working in Mrs.
Carmodys 6th Grade classroom this semester - This means we
will be student teaching in the spring! We have been working
the last few weeks to get to know your students and have
really enjoyed working with them!

As future teachers, we have now begun working on direct instruction. We are getting ready to
start on our Egyptian Unit and want to let you know what will be happening over the next few weeks:
In English/ Language Arts, we will
be reading The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, the Egyptian
spinoff of The Percy Jackson Series by the same author.
explore linguistic expression through hieroglyphics and the
historical significance of the Rosetta Stone.
practice collaborating with our peers and practicing strategies
to better develop our ideas during group work.
explore what rules and regulations we would create if we were
in the position of a Pharaoh.
In Social Studies, we will
be analyzing the cultural context that Egyptian
history takes place in.
explore the significance of the mummification
process and how it relates to socio-cultural beliefs of
that time.
develop an understanding of the impact Egyptian
history and culture has on us in the here and now.
In Science, we will
practice making predictions, observations, and
conclusions about the mummification process
experience the mummification process ourselves (on
a much smaller level) using a hotdog!
In Math, we will
explore the use of Egyptian hieroglyphics in
mathematics and teach ourselves how to use the
hieroglyphics to deeper develop mathematical concepts.

We are super excited for this upcoming unit! There will be multiple opportunities for you to
engage with your students throughout this project and we hope to send home information about what is
going on and how you can help advance your students learning - We promise not to send home the
hotdogs! If you have any questions please send a note to class with your students and one of the three
teachers will get back to you ASAP! We look forward to working with your students during the rest of
this semester!

Mr. Dills & Ms. Woodworth