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Name: Ruoying Dong

Class: ELED 104A

Assignment: Assignment 2: SAMR/ISTE Paper

Instructor: Professor Michael Davola

Due Date: 11/18/17

Technology in Education

Nowadays, technology becomes an essential item in all kind of areas, without

technology, things will become much harder to be done. In order to catch up the current society,

teachers need to learn some skills of technology that can be used in class for educating their

students as well. It is a vital step to do in education.

Personal Goals

I am looking forward to learning more techniques in this class so that I can use those

methods in the future for creating a more interactive class. However, I am not really good at

computer or technology, so I may need more time for learning how to use a specific thing.


ISTE are standards that work together to offer support to educators, leaders, and students

with clear guidelines for knowledge and skills necessary to conform to technology and move

away from a model that is factory-like. The ISTE standards offer a framework that prepares a

student enters an increasingly global economy, for rethinking education, and adapt to the

technological landscape that is continuously changing.

ISTE Standards for Teachers

The Citizen-standard
This standard ensures that educators are in a position to contribute positively to and

participate responsibly in the digital world where technology has taken over the mechanical role.

In implementing the Citizen standard in the classroom, the following steps are undertaken:

a.) The educator has to come up with experience for learners to be able to make

contributions that are positive, socially responsible and able to exhibit an online behavior that is

considered emphatic and builds communities and relationships. Students are taught online

courtesy and ethics.

b). A teacher will have to develop a learning culture that can promote critical

examination of online resources and curiosity and foster media fluency and digital literacy.

c) The classroom is mentored in legal, safe and ethical practice with tools of digital

nature and intellectual rights and property protection to assist them to respect peoples work

online and quote them whenever they use their resources.

d). Come up with a model that ensures the promotion of personal data management,

digital identity and also protect the privacy of the students data. It helps students to mitigate

problems of data loss and unethical hacking in future.

The Designer Standard

This standard ensures that teachers design activities and create environments that are

learner driven and authentic and accommodates and recognizes learner variability. With this

standard, the teacher uses technology to come up with personalized and adapted learning

experiences that contribute to independent learning and be in a position to accommodate both the

needs and difference of learners. Learners are asked to do class assignments, customize them

with their names, create passwords and submit them through links.
To ensure maximized and deep learning, the tutor designs learning activities that use

digital tools like, PowerPoint and allow sharing on social education platforms like classroom

assignment, WhatsApp, and Telegram groups that align with the content area standards. The

teacher is expected to explore and be able to apply principles of instructional design to create

digital learning environments that are innovative and engages and supports students learning.

Why it is Important for Students to know about ISTE Standards.

It is essential for students to know about ISTE standards because t helps them become

global citizens and be empowered to carry out collaborations with other people living around the

world. The standards allow students to share and communicate with the worldwide audience

instantly. With the problems faced today being global, ISTE equips students with skills to

address this issue with an international and consensus-building perspective. Another benefit of

ISTE tools is that it enables students to incorporate technological tools into education. These

devices when carefully designed have the potential to amplify, accelerate, and expand impacts of

powerful learning principles. Also, ISTE empowers students and prepares them for the future in

their personal and educational pursuits by making them creative communicators and express

themselves creatively. Finally, the standards allow students be computational thinkers whereby

they can come up with and employ strategies for evaluating and solving problems in ways that

promote the ability of technological methods to make and test solutions.

SAMR Model

SAMR model is designed to help teachers infuse technology into learning and teaching.

The model supports and enables educators to create, develop and introduce learning experiences

of digital nature that uses technology (Shrock).

SAMR Lesson Session

Using a hypothetical lesson; students are divided into manageable groups of two

members each. They are directed to Work together on their MacBook while learning about Note-


Substitution- They are shown how and led to take notes by the use of IOS Notes.

Augmentation- They are taught how Evernote is used to categories and tag class notes.

Their assignment will include categorizing and tagging class note using Evernote.

Modification- The students are taught about Single Note application. They are shown

how to use it to curate online sources.

Redefinition- The students practically learns about Evernote; how to share notebooks and

collaborate using Evernote.

With skills in note-taking and having done practical, the students are assigned tasks that

will require them to write a short paper on American Presidents and submit it following the steps

learned in note-taking. Apart from note taking, other tasks that fall under SAMR model to

involve Researching, presentation, content distribution, authoring of documents and file



Conclusively, the use of both ISTE standards and SAMR models improves education

quality through technology hence preparing students in all aspects of life. The SAMR models

enable educators to design, develop and be able to apply digital learning experiences that rely on

technology. The ISTE standards offer a framework that prepares a student enters an increasingly

global economy, for rethinking education, and adapt to the technological landscape that is

continuously changing.