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towards 2010 elections

Bilal to partner JK
After twice failing to clinch nomination for the Zanzibar presidency, it’s third time lucky for former Isles
chief minister as Kikwete picks him as his running mate ahead of the October Union presidential poll

cable set
for launch
this month
By Al-amani Mutarubukwa

The East African Submarine Cable

System (EASSy) will be switched
on at the end of this month,
officials said yesterday.
The fibre-optic cable, which
serves as a conduit for Internet
and data traffic, arrived in the
country in April this year but was
yet to start operations
“We are now continuing with
recruiting potential clients, mainly
wholesalers and government
institutions, before going live at
the end of July,” said Mr Norman
Moyo, the Zantel chief commercial
Various eastern and southern
African telecommunication
companies have a stake in EASSy.
In Tanzania, TTCL and Zantel are
shareholders in the fibre-optic
When it goes live, the cable
CCM presidential candidate Jakaya Kikwete with running mate Mohamed Gharib Bilal (right) and Zanzibar presidential candidate Ali system is expected to provide a
Mohamed Shein in Dodoma last night. Mr Kikwete picked Dr Bilal as his running mate after CCM’s National Executive Committee cleared capacity transport option to other
him to vie for a second and final term in the October 31 General Election. More pictures on Page 2. network operators and Internet
Service Providers (ISPs).
The development is expected
By The Citizen Reporter, Dodoma 31 Union presidential election. candidate for the Zanzibar presidency. in October. By picking Dr Bilal, 65, to provide more alternative
The decision took the former CCM last week picked incumbent as his running mate, Mr Kikwete has Internet gateways to users in the

resident Jakaya Kikwete last Zanzibar chief minister a step Vice-President Ali Mohamed Shein as effectively appeased the former chief country and avoid dependency on
night named Dr Mohamed closer to becoming Tanzania’s next its candidate to succeed Mr Amani minister’s supporters, who were a single gateway, which becomes
Gharib Bilal as his CCM vice-president after unsuccessfully Abeid Karume, whose second and
running mate in the October seeking the party’s nomination as its final term as Zanzibar President ends ...continued on page 2 ...continued on page 3
2 special coverage The CITIZeN Monday, 12 July, 2010

CCM completes
its election team
From page 1
threatening to rock the boat
after the nuclear physicist lost
his latest bid for the Zanzibar
Dr Bilal’s selection
completed CCM’s lineup
for the Union and Zanzibar
Presidential elections.
While Mr Kikwete is
expected to face several
opposition challengers in
the Union election following
his nomination yesterday,
Dr Shein’s biggest adversary
in Zanzibar will be the Civic
United Front’s Seif Shariff
Hamad, who will be vying for
the Zanzibar presidency for
the fourth time after failed
attempts in 1995, 2000 and
The nomination of Mr
Kikwete and subsequent
selection of Dr Bilal as his “Rest assured that these
running mate was an elaborate machinations will fail, and we
affair at the Kizota Conference will prevail,” he said.
Hall. Dr Shein, for his part,
Hundreds of delegates said he was ready to serve
dressed in the party’s green Zanzibaris should they elect
and yellow colours thronged him in October to succeed Mr
the venue. Some blew Karume. “I accept the huge
vuvuzelas in keeping with the responsibility of carrying
spirit of the World Cup, whose CCM’s flag that my fellow
final was played last night in leaders in the party and our
Johannesburg. elders have bestowed on me.
Earlier, the NEC endorsed I promise you that I will not
Mr Kikwete as CCM’s candidate disappoint you, and will stop
after 1,893 of the delegates at nothing to assure victory
in attendance voted in his for our party,” declared Dr
favour, which is 99.16 per cent Shein, who has served as vice-
of the 1,909 votes cast. Sixteen president for nine years.
delegates voted ‘No’. He highlighted four
In his brief remarks before areas he would lay emphasis
delegates voted, Mr Kikwete on as Zanzibar President, Clockwise from top left: CCM vice-chairman (Zanzibar) Amani Abeid Karume confers with secretary-general
told the meeting of “CCM's and reiterated his earlier Yusuf Makamba after assuming temporary chairmanship of the party’s National Executive Committee meeting
enemies”, who were out to commitment to working with in Dodoma yesterday. CCM national chairman Jakaya Kikwete casts his vote to nominate the party’s candidate.
bring the party down. those he defeated in the race Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda reads Mr Kikwete’s profile before yesterday’s ballot. A jubilant delegate blows a
He said some diplomats in for CCM nomination, adding vuvuzela at the conference venue.
cahoots with individuals he that he would be firm on pHoToS/edwin mJwaHUzi

did not name were involved critical issues of national bent on fomenting chaos in elements,” declared the soft- he had amassed enough challenges when he came
in a clandestine campaign to importance. “I would like to Zanzibar will not feature in my spoken Shein amid cheers. experience working for over to power ten years ago, and
undermine the party. make it clear that whoever is plans. I won’t entertain such Dr Shein said he took heart four decades as a civil servant singled out the animosity
in knowing that he had the and politician in both Zanzibar between CCM and the
backing of Zanzibar leaders and the Mainland. opposition CUF.
who preceded him, and paid He thanked his relatives “There was a political
DiD you know? tribute to Mr Kikwete for his
unwavering support.
for their continued support
despite being away from them
standoff that was
impediment to economic

He said his priorities for a long time. “I thank my and development activities,

238 1995
included safeguarding the
1964 Revolution, strengthening
parents, my brothers and all
others who have supported
particularly in the health,
education and infrastructure
number of prisoners that have the union between Zanzibar me despite spending long sectors,” Mr Karume said.
year in which the last execution and Tanzania Mainland and periods without seeing them. Mr Karume said he
been executed in Tanzania since in Tanzania took place consolidating reconciliation It was the call of duty that kept strived for the successful
1961 among Zanzibaris. me away for many months,” implementation of the CCM
The CCM candidate he said. Dr Shein called for manifesto and its policies,
said he would continue peaceful campaigns ahead adding that this had improved
to steer Zanzibar along the of the elections and pledged the economic and political
development path devised by to “run a clean, civilised and situations in Zanzibar.
Mr Karume. issue-based campaign”. Earlier, veteran CCM
Dr Shein said the people Zanzibar President Karume politician and strategist, Mr
of Zanzibar had suffered for bade the delegates farewell, Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru,
too long as a result of political and thanked President went through the party’s
wrangling, adding that he would Kikwete and his predecessor, manifesto for the envisaged
work closely with Mr Kikwete Mr Benjamin Mkapa, for their ten years of the Fourth Phase
and other stakeholders to find support during his ten-year- government, with emphasis
more avenues through which tenure, which ends in October. on the five years from 2010
the local economy could be He also thanked Tanzanians to 2015.
boosted. for rallying behind him, and He said CCM would seek
Do you have any interesting facts? In what was apparently a promised to work closely to enhance economic growth
Send them to: remark to counter accusations with them after retiring from by broadening agricultural
that he had been imposed Zanzibar’s highest office. opportunities to create wealth
Compiled by: Uwazi-Twaweza- SoURCe: Tanzania HUman RigHTS RepoRT 2009 on Zanzibaris, Dr Shein said He said there were many and employment.
The CITIZeN Tuesday, 13 July, 2010
2 national news

Dar on alert after blasts

From page 1 terms,” Mr Hague said in a statement.
Bilal pledges loyalty
to Kikwete, Tanzania
“The UK will stand with Uganda in
confirmed that many foreigners, fighting such brutal acts of violence and
including an American humanitarian terror.” The Africa Union also issued
worker, were killed. a statement in Ethiopia condemning
The bomb attack at two crowded the assault on Uganda. Reports in the
clubs at night as patrons watched the evening indicated that the AU summit
finals of the World Cup game between that was scheduled for Kampala next By Florence Mugarula, Dodoma Dr Bilal. He added: “ I will work with all be successful if Tanzanians will not
my heart, skills, ability and courage to cooperate and join hands to support

Spain and Netherlands in South Africa week has now been called off until
has attracted wide condemnation further notice. resident Jakaya Kikwete’s newly- make sure we collectively bring positive the leaders’ initiatives. “I am asking
by members of the international Yesterday in Kampala, President nominated presidential running changes to our people who have trusted for your support and cooperation as
community. It also heightened fears of Yoweri Museveni visited the scenes of mate, former Zanzibar chief us and given us this opportunity”. I embark on a very tough job for this
infiltration into the region of extremist attack and vowed the government will minister Dr Mohamed Gharib Dr Bilal added that his intention nation,” said Dr Bilal. Zanzibar’s newly-
elements from the war-torn Somalia. not rest until the masterminds of the Bilal, said yesterday he felt happy to be was to work for Tanzania without nominated presidential candidate Ali
One blast went off at the Ethiopian bombing and accomplices were hunted trusted by the head of state and CCM discriminating against any part of the Mohamed Shein said the nomination of
Village Restaurant in Kabalagala, down, arrested and prosecuted. members both in Tanzania mainland country. Dr Bilal will lead to CCM’s success in the
a Kampala suburb and another at Mr Museveni called the act and Zanzibar. According to Dr Bilal, Union matters coming General Election.
Kyaddondo rugby grounds. "dastardly" and said it will not deter the In his maiden acceptance speech and the Zanzibar revolution were other Dr Shein said, among other things,
Somalia's Shabaab insurgent East African country from playing its after President Kikwete had picked areas of concentration he intended to he intends to call on Zanzibaris who
group claimed responsibility for the role in bringing peace for the people of him his running mate for the country’s embark on if wananchi chose him and reside abroad to contribute towards the
blasts in Kampala. "We are behind the Somalia. He condoled with those who highest office, Dr Bilal told a rally in President Kikwete to lead the country. development of their country.
attacks because we are at war with lost their loved ones, saying it was a Dodoma that the President was a good He said the union between Zanzibar “I am looking forward to bringing
them," Ali Mohamoud Rage, the group's criminal aggression against innocent leader who has maintained peace and Tanganyika to form Tanzania cooperation and good relations with
top spokesman told reporters in football fans. and unity in Zanzibar by supporting was a credible idea that had led to members of the Diaspora… I will involve
Mogadishu. East African Community Secretary- and encouraging talks between the both political and social-economic them in the development strategies of
The al Qaeda-inspired movement's General Juma Mwapwachu expressed government and the Opposition party development between the two parts of their country,” said Dr Shein.
top leader had warned in an audio “shock and sadness” at the attacks. CUF. He promised to work closely with the Union. He added that his government would
message earlier this month that Uganda He said EAC was saddened by the Kikwete and help him spur development “I will work according to the only accept advice on development
would face retaliation for its role in despicable terrorist acts that have in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. Constitution of the United Rrepublic of that intends to bring both political and
supporting the western-backed Somali devastated the entire region. “I will work very closely with Tanzania and CCM’s constitution while social economic changes in the Isles.
transitional government. "We had A security analyst based in Arusha President Kikwete if wananchi will give always obeying President Kikwete’s President Jakaya Kikwete yesterday
warned the Ugandans to refrain from said the conflict in Somalia could spill us the mandate to lead this country directives,” promised Dr Bilal. told CCM members to nominate brave
their actions, we spoke to the leaders over the lawless country’s borders. for another term… I will make sure we Dr Bilal added that his efforts, and uncorrupted candidates so that the
and we spoke to the people and they "We are worried the entire region are on track regarding all strategies to together with President Kikwete’s and party can get a landslide victory in the
never listened to us," Mr Rage said. could turn into a battle zone involving bring development in this country,” said Dr Shein’s, to lead Tanzania will not coming elections.
Uganda was the first country to the Somali militants. We are seeing signs
deploy troops to Somalia in early 2007 of more dangers'', he said.
for the African Union mission meant He added that the Kampala attacks
to protect the transitional government were a clear indication that the East
from the Shabaab and their Islamist allies African region was still not safe from
in the insurgency. Alongside Burundi, terrorist attacks,12 years simultaneous
they have a total of 2,500 troops fighting bomb explosions in Nairobi and Dar es
on the side of the Western-backed Salaam killed over 250 people.
transitional government. "This is a tragedy not only to Uganda
Several world leaders who but the entire EA region and has raised
condemned the attacks included US more fears the al Shabaab fighters were
President Barrack Obama, UK’s Foreign extending their war from the troubled
Secretary William Hague, Somali Horn of Africa to EA,” he said.
President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Fifa In neighbouring Kenya, the
President Sepp Blatter. government heightened the level of
In a statement from the White surveillance along the borders.
House, National Security Council “We are much more vigilant and
spokesman Mike Hammer said that Mr have heightened surveillance and
Obama “is deeply saddened by the loss security along our borders and all
of life resulting from these deplorable entry points,” Kenya's deputy police
and cowardly attacks, and sends his spokesman Mr Charles Wahong’o said.
condolences to the people of Uganda He added that the country’s security
and the loved ones of those who have agents had stepped up surveillance
been killed or injured.” along its borders with Somalia, Uganda,
President Obama also indicated that Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania.
Washington was ready to help Uganda
in hunting down those responsible. Reported by Frank Kimboy, Dar;
“These were cowardly attacks Zephania Ubwani, Arusha; Emmanuel CCM’s candidate in the forthcoming Union presidential election, Mr Jakaya Kikwete, introduces his
during an event that was widely seen Gyezaho and Fredrick Kiyinji, Kampala, running mate, Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal, to the crowd during a public rally at Jamhuri Stadium in
as a celebration of African unity, and I and Dominick Wabala, Nairobi; related Dodoma yesterday.
condemn them in the strongest possible story on Page 7 PHOTO/edwin mjwaHuzi

DiD you know? MPs protest PCCB raids in constituencies

From page 1 must be provided to the whole who have been providing gifts in
275 321 during campaigning and even the
community and not to an individual,
and the idea must not be meant to
their constituencies have been going
against this law. Commenting on the
number of Members of number of Members of handout of presents, prizes and convince people to vote for someone matter, Speaker Samwel Sitta advised
Parliament in 2004 Parliament in 2009 meals as a means to entice voters. in the coming general election or any the MPs to adhere to the law of
According to Mr Werema, there kind of election,” said Mr Werema. the land and avoid providing gifts to
were reports of MPs who have been He directed MPs to read article individuals.
supplying motorcycles, sewing 21 sub article one (a) which clarifies He said MPs must be honest and
machines and other gifts to people the situation that can lead MPs to open when performing activities in
in their constituencies. He cautioned be arrested for providing bribes and their constituencies, especially during
that they will have to clarify to PCCB other items of such nature. “I urge MPs this time when the country heads to
officers when time comes to do so. to read effectively and carefully this the General Election in October.
“We know some people have article because it contains important “I think we must be open
been providing gifts to people issues on the new law. We must read when doing our activities in the
in the constituencies. But if PCCB this law, interpret and understand it constituencies. I think MPs must
officers think the gifts were provided so as to avoid unnecessary problems provide these gifts openly; let the
illegally, then MPs must cooperate in with the PCCB,” the AG advised the gifts be provided during community
interrogation,” said Mr Werema. legislators. Mr Werema said the law meetings; prepare agendas and call
He said MPs who wish to provide declares that any person who directly the meetings and then hand over
gifts must conduct the exercise or indirectly gives, lends or agrees to those gifts to the community,” said
Do you have any interesting facts? openly and the gifts must be directed lend or give promises in order to Speaker Sitta. According to him,
Send them to: to the society and not to individuals. induce any voter to vote for him/her there was no need for an MP who
“These gifts, such as bicycles, will be convicted for going against has a good intention to donate gifts
COmPiled by: uwazi-Twaweza- SOuRCe: Tanzania Human RigHTS RePORT 2009 motorcycles and sewing machines the election law. He said some MPs to voters at night.