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Name: Aisha Ali Alowais

Course: EPC 3403 Practicum 3a

Instructor: Antoinette Wiseman

Task Title: Titch Lesson Plan

Titch Lesson Plan

Name: Aisha Ali Alowais

Personal Aims: To have students understand the concept of sizes and colors, as mentioned
in the storybook.
Grade Level: KG2-2 Subject: English Learning outcome:
- Differentiating sizes
and colors.
Resources: Preparation
Long cushion chairs in the morning Ensuring that the book had all the
circle pages available and none were
Teaches short chair ripped
The Titch Storybook I informed my MST beforehand that
I would be reading a story
Key Vocabulary
Whole group All the students will sit down in the morning circle area and I will
(15 mins) introduce the book general concept of the book to them, and state the
name of the book, writer, and illustrator. I will introduce Titch and tell
them that he is just like them, so that they can relate to the character
more. Ill make sure that all the students can see the book and are
understanding by making the book visible to all students and by speaking
in a loud clear voice and in multiple tones for each character. Ill ask
them questions about each page such as Oh what color is the house?

Who has a yellow house? and more, so that students can feel involved
and engaged.
Closing (5 I will go over a summary of the story and have each student discuss what
mins) they liked about the story, and have a discussion through the classroom, I
will ask them what they understood or if they could summarize and end
the lesson by having them line up.
I will assess the students by asking each student to tell me what they
liked about the story, and by asking them questions whilst reading such
as, Is titchs tricycle big or small? What color is it?