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1. In the following question, select the correct 1. fuEufyf[kr iz'u esa] iwNs x;s iz'u ds lgh mkj dk p;u
option of the question asked, which symbol djsaA fpUg
X ds foifjr lrg ij dkSu lk fpUg gksxk\
will appear on the opposite surface to the
symbol X ?

= (ii)
(ii) (A) (B) =
(C) (D) O
(A) (B) =
2. 15 : 226 :: 20 : ?
(C) (D) O
(A) 400 (B) 401
2. 15 : 226 :: 20 : ? (C) 200 (D) 201
(A) 400 (B) 401
(C) 200 (D) 201
3. ia[kk ia[kqfM+;ksa ls lEcaf/r gS rks blh izdkj ifg;k fdlls
3. Fan is related to wings in the same way lEcaf/r gSa \
wheel is related to- (A) xksy (B) dkj
(A) Round (B) Cars (C) frYyh (D) gok
(C) Spokes (D) Air 4. ohfM;ks % dSlsV % % daI;wVj % \
4. Video : Cassette :: Computer :?
(A) jhy (B) fjdkfMZax
(A) Reel (B) Recordings
(C) File (D) Floppy (C) iQ+kby (D) ykWih
5. A man is facing North-West. He turns 90 5. ,d O;fDr dk eqg mkj&if'pe dh vksj gSA og ?kM+h dh
in the clock-wise direction, then 180 in the fn'kk esa
90 eqM+ tkrk gS] fiQj ?kM+h ds foijhr fn'kk esa
anticlockwise direction and then 90 in the 180 rFkk mlds ckn mlh fn'kk esaeqM+rk gSA vc
same direction. Which direction is he facing
mldk eqg fdl fn'kk esa gS\
now ?
(A) South (B) South-West (A) nf{k.k (B) nf{k.k&if'pe
(C) West (D) South-East (C) if'pe (D) nf{k.k&iwoZ
6. Find the odd one that does not belong to 6. buesa ls D;k lewg ls lacaf/r ugha gS\
the group. (A) L;kgh (B) dye
(A) Ink (B) Pen
(C) isafly (D) cz'k
(C) Pencil (D) Brush
7. The position of how many letters in the word 7. LOATHSOMENESS 'kCn ds vanj fdrus v{kjksa dh
LOATHSOMENESS will remain unchanged fLFkfr ;Fkkor jgsxh tc fn, x, 'kCn ds v{kjksa dks
when the letters within the word are o.kkZuqe esa O;ofLFkr fd;k tk, \
arranged alphabetically ? (A) ,d (B) nks
(A) One (B) Two
(C) rhu (D) dksbZ ugha
(C) Three (D) None
8. If + is , is +, is and is , 8. ;fn + dk rkRi;Z gS]
dk rkRi;Z
+ gS dk rkRi;Z
then answer the following question based gS rFkk
dk rkRi;Z gS rks bl lwpuk ds vk/kj ij
on this informations. fuEufyf[kr iz'uksa dk mkj nsaA
6 + 7 3 8 20 = ? 6 + 7 3 8 20 = ?
(A) 3 (B) 7 (A) 3 (B) 7
(C) 2 (D) 1 (C) 2 (D) 1
9. Looking at a woman sitting next to him, 9. vius vkxs cSBh efgyk dks ns[kdj jeu dgrk gS] og esjh
Raman said, she is the sister of the
iRuh ds ifr dh cgu gSA efgyk jeu ls dSls lacaf/r gS\
husband of my wife. How is the woman
related to Raman ? (A) csVh (B) cgu
(A) Daughter (B) Sister (C) iRuh (D) Hkrhth
(C) Wife (D) Niece 10. 17 twu] 1998 dks dkSu lk fnu Fkk\
10. What was the day on 17th June, 1998? (A) lkseokj (B) eaxyokj
(A) Monday (B) Tuesday
(C) cq/okj (D) c`gLifrokj
(C) Wednesday (D) Thursday
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Directions (Q.11-13) : In each question below funsZ'k
(iz-l-11-13) : uhps fn, x, izR;sd iz'u esa nks dFku
are two statements followed by two
rFkk mlds ckn nks fu"d"kZ
I rFkkII fn;s x;s gSaA vkidks nksuksa
conclusions numbered I and II. You have to
take the two given statements to be true even dFkuksa dks lp ekuuk gS Hkys gh ;s lkekU;r% Kkr rF;ksa ls
if they seem to be at variance from commonly fHkUu izrhr gksA fn;s x;s dFkuksa ds vk/kj ij fu.kZ; djsa fd
known facts and then decide which of the dkSu&lk fu"d"kZ dFkuksa dk vuqlj.k djrk gSA
given conclusions logically follows from the
mkj (A) nsa%
;fn dsoy fu"d"kZ I vuqlj.k djrk gSA
given statements disregarding commonly
known facts. mkj (B) nsa%
;fn dsoy fu"d"kZ II vuqlj.k djrk gSA
Give answer (A) if only conclusion I mkj (C) nsa%
;fn ;k rks fu"d"kZ
I ;k II vuqlj.k djrk gSA
follows. mkj (D) nsa%
;fn uk rks fu"d"kZ
I uk II vuqlj.k djrk gSA
Give answer (B) if only conclusion II
11. dFku %
Give answer (C) if either conclusion I or II lHkh cSx dsd gSA
follows. lHkh fpjkx dsd gSA
Give answer (D) if neither conclusion I nor fu"d"kZ %
II follows.
I. dqN fpjkx cSx gSA
11. Statements :
All bags are cakes. II. dksbZ fpjkx cSx ugha gSA
All lamps are cakes. 12. dFku %
Conclusions : lHkh V~;wc gSaMy gSA
I. Some lamps are bags.
II. No lamp is bag.
lHkh di gSaMy gSA
12. Statements: fu"d"kZ %
All tubes are handles. I. lHkh di V~;wc gSA
All cups are handles. II. dqN gSaMy di ugha gSA
I. All cups are tubes. 13. dFku %
II. Some handles are not cups. dqN vke ihyk gSA
13. Statements: dqN VSDlh vke gSA
Some mangoes are yellow.
fu"d"kZ %
Some taxies are mango.
Conclusions: I. dqN ihyk VSDlh gSA
I. Some yellow is taxi. II. VSDlh ihyk gSA
II. Taxi is yellow. 14. dkSu&lk vad fuEu rkfydk esa iz'u fpUg dh txg gksxk\
14. Which number should replace the question
6 6 6 258
mark in the following table ?
7 7 7 399
6 6 6 258
8 8 8 584
7 7 7 399
9 9 9 ?
8 8 8 584
(A) 758 (B) 729
9 9 9 ? (C) 856 (D) 819
(A) 758 (B) 729
15. ACEG : DFHJ :: QSUW : ?
(C) 856 (D) 819
15. ACEG : DFHJ :: QSUW : ?
(C) TVXZ (D) XVTZ 16. ,d fuf'pr dwV Hkk"kkcol esa]tip mot dk rkRi;Z
16. In a ceratain code language, col tip mot singing is appreciable gS_mot baj min dk
means singing is appreciable; mot baj min rkRi;Zdancing is good gS_tip mop baj dk
means dancing is good; tip mop baj means
rkRi;Zsinging and dancing gSA fuEu esa ls
singing and dancing. Which of the following
means appreciable ? appreciable dk rkRi;Z D;k gS\
(A) tip (B) mot (A) tip (B) mot
(C) mop (D) col (C) mop (D) col
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17. Arrange the given words in a meaningful 17. fn;s x, 'kCnksa dks ,d rkfdZd e esa O;ofLFkr djsa rFkk
logical order and then select the appropriate
sequence from the alternatives given below.
uhps fn;s x, fodYiksa esa ls mfpr vuqe dk p;u djsaA
1. Lung 2. Nostril 1. iQsaiQM+k 2. ukfldk
3. Wind Pipe 4. Blood 3. lkal dh uyh 4. jDr
(A) 1, 2, 3, 4 (B) 2, 3, 1, 4 (A) 1, 2, 3, 4 (B) 2, 3, 1, 4
(C) 1, 3, 4, 2 (D) 4, 3, 2, 1 (C) 1, 3, 4, 2 (D) 4, 3, 2, 1
18. A piece of paper is folded and cut as shown
below in the question figures. From the 18. uhps iz'u vkfr;ksas esa fn[kk, vuqlkj dkxt dks eksM+dj
given answer figures, indicate how it will dkVus rFkk [kksyus ds ckn og fdl mkj vkfr tSlk
appear when opened ? fn[kkbZ nsxk \

(X) (A) (B) (C) (D) (X) (A) (B) (C) (D)
(A) 2 (B) 1
(C) 4 (D) 3 (A) 2 (B) 1
19. A cube of side four inch is painted red, blue (C) 4 (D) 3
and black on the pairs of opposite faces. It 19. pkj bap Hkwtk okys ?ku ds foijhr iQyd yky] uhys rFkk
is cut into smaller cubes of side one inch dkys jax ls fpf=kr gSA bls rc ,d bap Hkwtk okys NksVs ?ku
each. esa dkVk tkrk gSA
How many cubes have one face red and all fdrus ?kuksa ds ,d iQyd yky rFkk vU; lHkh fcuk jaxs gq,
others unpainted ? gSa \
(A) 8 (B) 4
(A) 8 (B) 4
(C) 6 (D) 16
(C) 6 (D) 16
20. Find the odd one out from the given
20. fn;s x, fodYiksa esa ls fo"ke dk p;u djsaA
21. If A = 2, M = 26, Z = 52, then the sum of the 21. ;fn A = 2, M = 26, Z = 52, rksCAB esa v{kjksa dk
letters in CAB will be ;ksx gksxk&
(A) 624 (B) 12 (A) 624 (B) 12
(C) 312 (D) 325 (C) 312 (D) 325
22. What will come in place of the question 22. iz'u fpUg ds LFkku ij D;k vk,xk \
mark ? 21 37 14 25 16 81
21 37 14 25 16 81

58 39 ?
58 39 ? (A) 41 (B) 91
(A) 41 (B) 91 (C) 65 (D) 97
(C) 65 (D) 97 23. fdlh fuf'pr dksM Hkk"kk esa] dksQNATRS
23. In a certain code language, ROBUST is esa dksfMr djrs gSaA mlh Hkk"kk
esadSls dksfMr
coded as QNATRS. In the same language djsaxs\
how ZXCMP will be coded ? (A) YWBLO (B) YYBNO
(C) AYDNQ (D) AWDLQ 24. A, B dk csVk gSA
C, A dk HkkbZD, gSA
C dk csVk gSA
24. A is the son of B. C is the brother of A. D is
D ls dSls lacaf/r gS \
the son of C. How is A related to D ?
(A) Grandfather (B) Father (A) nknk (B) firk
(C) Maternal Father (D) Uncle (C) ekek (D) pkpk
25. At what angle the hands of a clock are 25. 5 % 15 cts ?kM+h dh lqbZ fdrus dks.k ij >qdh gksxh\
inclined at 15 minutes past 5?
1 (A) 58 (B) 64
(A) 58 (B) 64 2
1 1
1 1 (C) 67 (D) 77
(C) 67 (D) 77 2 2
2 2
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26. A man can row upstream at 16 km/hr and 26. ,d O;fDr 16 fdeh@?kaVk dh pky ls /kjk ds izfrdwy rFkk
downstream at 22 km/hr. Find the mans
speed in still water in km/hr.
22 fdeh@?kaVk dh pky ls /kjk ds vuqdwy tkrk gSA 'kkar
(A) 19 (B) 14 ty esa O;fDr dh pky Kkr djsaA
(C) 17 (D) 18 (A) 19 (B) 14
27. The difference of simple interest on ` 1200 (C) 17 (D) 18
for 3 years and that on ` 800 for 4 years at 27. ` 1200 ij 3 o"kZ ds fy, rFkk
` 800 ij 4 o"kZ ds fy,a
some rate is ` 20. The rate percent per fdlh okf"kZd nj ij lk/kj.k C;kt dk varj
` 20 gSA izfr
annum is :
(A) 2.5% (B) 5 % o"kZ nj izfr'kr gS&
(C) 8 % (D) 10% (A) 2.5% (B) 5 %
28. A exceeds B by 40% and B is less than C (C) 8 % (D) 10%
by 20%, then A : C is : 28. A, B ls 40% vf/d gS rFkkB, C ls 20% de gS] rks
(A) 28 : 25 (B) 26 : 25 A : C gS&
(C) 3 : 2 (D) 3 : 1
(A) 28 : 25 (B) 26 : 25
29. The average of three numbers is 28. The
(C) 3 : 2 (D) 3 : 1
first number is half of the second and the
third number is twice the second. The third 29. rhu la[;kvksa dk vkSlr 28 gSA igyh la[;k nwljs dk vkkk
number is gS rFkk rhljh la[;k nwljs dk nksxquk gSA rhljh la[;k gS&
(A) 18 (B) 12 (A) 18 (B) 12
(C) 36 (D) 48 (C) 36 (D) 48
30. Find the value of
8.73 8.73 8.73 4.27 4.27 4.27
8.73 8.73 8.73 4.27 4.27 4.27 30. dk
8.73 4.27 8.73 4.27 4.27 4.27
8.73 4.27 8.73 4.27 4.27 4.27
(A) 11 (B) 13 eku Kkr djsaA
(A) 11 (B) 13
(C) (D) 12 11
7 (C) (D) 12
31. 8 3 =? 1

(A) 2 (B) 4
8 3 =?

(C) 2 (D) 2 2 (A) 2 (B) 4

32. A total of 324 coins of 20 paise and 25 paise (C) 2 (D) 2 2
make a sum of ` 71. The number of 25 paise 32. 20 iSls rFkk 25 iSls ds 324 flDdsa feydj
` 71 cukrs gSaA
coins is :
(A) 120 (B) 144 25 iSlksa ds flDdksa dh la[;k gS&
(C) 124 (D) 200 (A) 120 (B) 144
33. 8 men and 12 children can do a piece of (C) 124 (D) 200
work in 9 days. A child takes double the 33. 8 O;fDr rFkk 12 cPps fdlh dke dks 9 fnuksa esa djrs gaSAa
time to do the work than the man. In how ,d cPpk dke djus esa ,d O;fDr ls nksxquk le; ysrk gSA
many days 12 men can complete the work ?
fdrus fnuksa esa 12 O;fDr ml dke dks iwjk dj ldrs gSa\
(A) 10 days (B) 14 days 1
2 (A) 10 fnu (B) 14 fnu
(C) 18 days (D) 13 days 1
2 (C) 18 fnu (D) 13 fnu
34. Out of 100 students, 50 failed in English 2
and 30 in Mathematics. If 12 students fail 34. 100 Nk=kksa esa] 50 vaxzsth esa rFkk 30 esa iQsy g
in both English and Mathematics, then the
number of student who passed in both the gSaA ;fn 12 Nk=k vaxzsth rFkk nksuksa esa iQsy gk
subjects is : rks Nk=kksa dh la[;k] tks nksuksa fo"k;ksa esa ikl gq, gS
(A) 26 (B) 28 (A) 26 (B) 28
(C) 30 (D) 32 (C) 30 (D) 32
35. The area of a trapezium shaped field is 480 35. ,d leyac prqZHkqtkdkj ds eSnku dk {ks=kiQy 480 oxZ
sq. metre, if the height is 15 metre and one
of the parallel sides is 20 m. Find the other
ehVj gSa] ;fn mpkbZ 15 ehVj gS rFkk lekarj Hkqtkvksa
parallel side. ,d 20 ehVj gSA nwljh lekarj Hkqtk Kkr djsaA
(A) 44 metre (B) 20 metre (A) 44 ehVj (B) 20 ehVj
(C) 84 metre (D) 150 metre (C) 84 ehVj (D) 150 ehVj

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36. 55% of the population of a town are males. 36. ,d 'kgj dh tula[;k dk 55 izfr'kr iq#"k gSaA ;fn dqy
If the total population is 64100, the tula[;k 64100 gS] rks efgykvksa dh tula[;k gS&
population of females is : (A) 35255 (B) 28845
(A) 35255 (B) 28845 (C) 30295 (D) 29835
(C) 30295 (D) 29835
37. fiz;k ds }kjk r; dh x;h nwjh D;k gS] ;fn og 14 ehVj
37. What is the distance travelled by Priya, if
she takes three rounds of a circular park f=kT;k okys o`rkdkj mn~;ku ds pkjksa vksj rhu pDDj yxkr
with radius 14 metre ? gS\
(A) 88 metre (B) 250 metre (A) 88 ehVj (B) 250 ehVj
(C) 314 metre (D) 264 metre (C) 314 ehVj (D) 264 ehVj
2403 2403
is written in decimal form as : 38. n'keyo ds #i esa fy[kk tkrk gS&
(A) 612.25 (B) 600.75 (A) 612.25 (B) 600.75
(C) 800.25 (D) 650.75 (C) 800.25 (D) 650.75
39. A train is running at a speed of 90 km/hr. 39. ,d jsyxkM+h 90 fdeh@?kaVs dh pky ls py jgh gSA ;fn og
If it crosses a signal in 10 sec., then the
10 lsds.M es ,d flXuy dks ikj dj tkrh gS] rks jsyxkM+h
length of the train in metres is :
(A) 150 m (B) 324 m dh yackbZ ehVj es gS&
(C) 900 m (D) 250 m (A) 150 ehVj (B) 324 ehVj
40. If the numerator of a fraction be decreased (C) 900 ehVj (D) 250 ehVj
by 70% and the denominator be increased 40. ;fn fdlh fHkUu ds va'k esa ls 70 izfr'kr ?kVk fn;k tkrk
9 9
by 50%, the fraction becomes . Find the gS rFkk gj dks 50 izfr'kr c<+k fn;k tkrk gS] rks fHkUu
20 20
original fraction. gks tkrk gSA ewy fHkUu Kkr djsaA
3 9 3 9
(A) (B) (A) (B)
5 4 5 4
5 4 5 4
(C) (D) (C) (D)
9 5 9 5
41. The length of a rectangular hall is 5 times 41. ,d vk;rkdkj Hkou dh yackbZ bldh pkSM+kbZ ls 5 xquk gS
of its breadth. The area of the hall is 500
square metre. The length of the hall is :
Hkou dk {ks=kiQy 500 oxZ ehVj gSA Hkou dh yackbZ g
(A) 15 m (B) 22.5 m (A) 15 ehVj (B) 22.5 ehVj
(C) 25 m (D) 50 m (C) 25 ehVj (D) 50 ehVj
42. The L.C.M of two numbers a and b is 72 42. nks la[;k;sa
a rFkk
b dk y l e 72 rFkk72>a>b gSA
and 72>a>b. The biggest possible values of a rFkkb dk e'k% lcls cM+k eku gks ldrk gSA
a and b are respectively. (A) 24, 18 (B) 24, 9
(A) 24, 18 (B) 24, 9 (C) 36, 24 (D) 72, 48
(C) 36, 24 (D) 72, 48
43. Find the value of 1 1 1 1
43. 1 1 1 1 dk eku Kkr
x x 1 x 2 x 3
1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 djsaA
x x 1 x 2 x 3
1 (A) 1 (B) x + 4
(A) 1 (B) x + 4 x4
1 x4
1 x4 (C) (D)
(C) (D) x x
x x
44. izhrh viuh vk; dk 30 izfr'kr fdjkus ds lkeku ij [kpZ
44. Preeti spends 30% of his income on grocery
and 40% of remaining on travels. After this
djrh gS rFkk 'ks"k dk 40 izfr'kr ;k=kk ij [kpZ djrh gSA
she spends 25% on education. If his annual mlds ckn og 25 izfr'kr f'k{kk ij [kpZ djrh gSA ;fn
income is ` 2,00,000. Find his annual mldh okf"kZd vk;` 2]00]000 gSA mldh okf"kZd cpr
savings. Kkr djsaA
(A) ` 63,000 (2) ` 36,000 (A) ` 63,000 (2) ` 36,000
(C) ` 63,500 (D) ` 60,000 (C) ` 63,500 (D) ` 60,000
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45. Which succesive discount in the following 45. fuEu esa ls dkSu&lk ekxr NwV lcls cM+k gS\
is greatest? (A) 20%, 5%, 10% (B) 5%, 10%, 20%
(A) 20%, 5%, 10% (B) 5%, 10%, 20% (C) 10%, 20%, 5% (D) lHkh cjkcj
(C) 10%, 20%, 5% (D) all equals
46. ` 8000 ij 8 izfr'kr okf"kZd nj ls nks o"kksZa dk po`f
46. Find the compound interest on ` 8000 at
8% per annum for 2 years it is compounded C;kt D;k gksxk ;fn C;kt Nekgh la;ksftr gks\
half-yearly. (A) ` 1358 (B) ` 1358.86
(A) ` 1358 (B) ` 1358.86 (C) ` 1369.65 (D) ` 1465.32
(C) ` 1369.65 (D) ` 1465.32 47. 15 la[;kvksa dk ek; 25 gSA ;fn izR;sd la[;k ls 4 ?kVk;k
47. The mean of 15 numbers is 25. If 4 is tk, rks] u;k ek; D;k gksxk\
subtracted from every number, what will be (A) 29 (B) 11
new mean? (C) 21 (D) 19
(A) 29 (B) 11 funsZ'k (iz 48&50)% fuEufyf[kr ikbZ & pkVZ dks ;ku ls
(C) 21 (D) 19
Directions (Q. 48-50): Study the following Pie-
v;;u djsa rFkk bu iz'uksa ds mkj nsaA
chart carefully to answer these questions. dqy Nk=k= 6500
Total Students = 6500 fofHkUu ikB~;eksa esa Nk=kksa dk izfr'kr forj.k
Percentage distribution of Students in
different courses

B.Ed, 18%
B.Sc, 30%
B.Ed, 18%
B.Sc, 30%
B.Tech, 7%
B.Tech, 7%
Ph ac
arm y,
6% 1 3%
ac S,
% 1 3% BB
S ,6 M
BB MBA, 26%
MBA, 26%

48. MBA rFkkMBBS ds Nk=kksa dh la[;k ds chp ds varj

48. What is the difference between the number
dk eku D;k gS\
of students in MBA and MBBS?
(A) 800 (B) 1600
(A) 800 (B) 1600
(C) 1300 (D) 650
(C) 1300 (D) 650
49. What percentage more (approximately) are 49. B.Ed. dh rqyuk esa
MBA ds Nk=kksa dk izfr'kr(yxHkx)
students in MBA as compared to students fdruk vf/d gS \
in B.Ed.? (A) 49 % (B) 53 %
(A) 49 % (B) 53 % (C) 59 % (D) 44 %
(C) 59 % (D) 44 % 50. B.Ed., Pharmacy rFkkMBBS ds dqy Nk=kksa dh
50. What is the total number of students in la[;k D;k gS\
B.Ed., Pharmacy and MBBS together? (A) 2465 (B) 2565
(A) 2465 (B) 2565 (C) 2405 (D) 2504
(C) 2405 (D) 2504
51. fdlds dkj.k ,d NM+h vkaf'kd :i ls ikuh esa Mwcdj
51. A stick partly immersed in water appears
bent due to
eqM+k gqvk izrhr gksrk gS \
(A) Reflection (B) Polarisation (A) ijkorZu (B) /zqohdj.k
(C) Scattering (D) Refraction (C) fc[kjko (D) viorZu
52. A method of growing plants on a liquid 52. [kfutksa ds rjy ?kksy ij c<+rs ikS/ks dh fof/ dks fdl :i
solution of minerals is known as -
esa tkuk tkrk gSa \
(A) Hydroponics (B) Herpetology
(A) gkbMksiksfuDl (B) gkbMksVksfit+e
(C) Hydrotropism (D) Symbiosis
(C) lgthou (D) ljhl`ifoKku
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53. Lack of hydrogen at high altitudes produces 53. vf/d mQpkbZ ij gkbMkstu dh deh D;k mRiUu djrk gS\
(A) Body bends
(B) Anoxemia
(A) 'kjhj dk >qduk
(C) Asthma (B) jDr dk lkekU; Lrj ls uhps gksuk
(D) Artificial respiration (C) nek
54. The gas used in extenguishing fire is
(A) Carbon monoxide (D) d`f=ke 'olu
(B) Carbon dioxide 54. vkx cq>kus esa dkSu&lk xSl iz;ksx fd;k tkrk gS \
(C) Sulpher dioxide (A) dkcZu eksuksvkWDlkbM
(B) dkcZu MkbZvkDlkbM
(D) Nitrogen
55. The watch dog of international trade is : (C) lyiQj MkbZvkDlkbM (D) ukbVkstu
(A) World Bank (B) IMF 55. varjjk"Vh; O;kikj ds izgjh gS&
(A) fo'o cSad (B) vUrjkZ"Vh; eqnzk dks"k
56. Who is the winner of present Wimbledon's
women championship ? (C) xSV (GATT) (D) vUrjkZ"Vh; foRr fu;kstu
(A) Martina Navaratilova 56. orZeku esa efgyk foacyMu pSfEi;uf'ki dh fotsrk dkSu
(B) Conchita Martina
(C) Steffi Graf gS \
(D) Gabriela Sebatina (A) ekfVZuk uojkfryksok
(B) dksfprk ekfVZuk
57. Man cannot surviv e without taking
(C) LVsiQh xzkiQ (D) xScfj;yk lsckfVuk
minimum amount of
(A) Minerals 57. fdld hU;wure ek=kk ds fcuk O;fDr thfor ugh jg ldrk \
(B) Fats (A) [kfut (B) olk
(C) Portein
(D) Carbohydrates (C) izksVhu (D) dkcksZgkbMsV
58. How many countries participated in the 58. fdrus ns'kksa us cklsZyksuk25 esaosa
vksyafid [ksyksa
25th Olympic Games held at Barcelona? esa Hkkx fy;k \
(A) 168 (B) 180
(C) 172 (D) 173 (A) 168 (B) 180
59. Which of the following is used for making (C) 172 (D) 173
Rat Poison? 59. fuEufyf[kr esa ls D;k pwgs ekjus dh nok cukus ds fy,
(A) Sodium phosphide
iz;ksx fd;k tkrk gS \
(B) Nitrogen Phosphide
(C) Potassium permanganate (A) lksfM;e iQkWLiQkbM(B) ukbVkstu iQkWLiQkbM
(D) Calcium Sulphate (C) iksVSf'k;e ijeSaxusV
(D) dSfY'k;e lYiQsV
60. Which of the following is the softest part of
body ? 60. fuEufyf[kr esa 'kjhj dk lcls ueZ fgLlk D;k gS \
(A) Enamel (A) naroYd (B) dku dh gM~Mh
(B) Malleus (C) jDr la;ksth mkd (D) bUdl
(C) Blood (Connective tissue)
(D) incus 61. nkrksa ds v;;u dks dgk tkrk gS &
61. Study of teeth is known as (A) xSLVks,aVjksykWth(B) vk;ksafifMDl
(A) Gastroenterology
(C) usizQksykWth (D) vksMksaVksyksth
(B) Orthopadics
(C) Nephrology 62. Mkmu flaMkse esa xq.klw=kksa dh la[;k gS \
(D) Odontology (A) 46 (B) 47
62. No of chromosomes in Down's Syndrome (C) 48 (D) 49
(A) 46 (B) 47 63. xyx.Mjksx fdl dkj.k gksrk gS \
(C) 48 (D) 49 (A) iQiQwn (B) thok.kq
63. Mumps is a disease caused by (C) fo"kk.kq (D) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(A) Fungus (B) Bacterium
(C) Virus (D) None of these 64. gok ds n~okjk ijkx.k dks dgk tkrk gS \
64. Pollination by wind is called (A) ,uehiQyh (B) gkbMskfiQyh
(A) Anemophily (B) Hydrophily
(C) Zoophily (D) Entomophily (C) tq&fiQyh (D) buVkWeksfiQyh
65. Which Vitamin is present in our body from 65. dkSu&lk foVkfeu cpiu ls gh gekjs 'kjhj esa ekStwn gksrk gS
childhood ? (A) foVkfeuB12 (B) foVkfeuB6
(A) Vitamin B12 (B) Vitamin B6
(C) Vitamin A (D) Vitamin C (C) foVkfeuA (D) foVkfeuC

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66. Which of the following is use to kill cancer 66. fuEu esa ls dSalj dksf'kdk dks ekjus ds fy, D;k iz;ksx
cell ? fd;k tkrk gS \
(A) Cobalt 60 (B) Copper (A) dksckYV60 (B) rkack
(C) Sodium nitrite (D) Sodium
67. Which is the highest Literacy award of the (C) lksfM;e ukbVsV (D) lksfM;e
world ? 67. nqfu;k dk lcls mPpre lk{kjrk iqjLdkj dkSu&lk gS \
(A) Nobel Prize (B) Booker Prize (A) ukscsy iqjLdkj (B) cqdj iqjLdkj
(C) Pulitzer Prize (D) Magsaysay award
(C) iqfyRtj iqjLdkj (D) eSaxlsls iqjLdkj
68. The famous dialogue between Nachiketa
and Yama is mentioned in the 68. ufpdsrk vkSj ;e ds chp izfl ckrphr dk mYys[k
(A) Chhandogyopanishad fdlesa fd;k x;k gS \
(B) Mundakopanishad (A) NaMksX;ksifu"kn~ (B) eqaMkdksifu"kn~
(C) Kathopanishad
(D) Kenopanishad (C) dkBksifu"kn~ (D) fduksifu"kn~
69. When was Lord Buddha Born ? 69. Hkxoku cq dk tUe dc gqvk Fkk\
(A) 586 BC (B) 1000 BC (A) 586 bZ-iw- (B) 1000 bZ-iw-
(C) 560 BC (D) 623 BC (C) 560 bZ-iw- (D) 623 bZ-iw-
70. In India, Inflation measured by the
(A) Wholesale price Index number 70. Hkkjr esa egaxkbZ nj dks dSls ekik tkrk gS \
(B) Consumers price Index for urban non- (A) Fkksd ewY; lwpdkad la[;k
manual workers (B) 'kgjh vfu;fer Jfedksa ds fy, miHkksDRkk ewY;
(C) National income Deflation
(D) Consumers price Index for agriculture
workers (C) jk"Vh; vk; viLiQhfrdkjd
71. How many banks were nationalized in (D) d`f"k Jfedksa ds fu, miHkksDrk ewY; lwpdkad
1969? 71. fdrus cSadks1969
dks esa jk"Vh;d`r fd;k x;k \
(A) 16 (B) 14
(A) 16 (B) 14
(C) 15 (D) 20
(C) 15 (D) 20
72. Identify the vector quantity from the
following 72. fuEufyf[kr esa ls lnf'k jkf'k dks igpkusA
(A) Heat (A) m"ek (B); laosx
(B) Angular momentum (C) le; (D) dk;Z
(C) Time
(D) Work
73. yDl fdldk ,lvkbZ bZdkbZ gS \
73. Lux is the SI unit of (A) izdk'k dh rhozrk (B) izdk'k;qDr n{krk
(A) Intensity of illumination (C) izdk'k;qDr izokg (D) izdk'k;qDr rhozrk
(B) Luminous efficiency 74. fuEufyf[kr esa ls vfn'k jkf'k igpkusaA
(C) Luminous flux
(D) Luminous intensity (A) cy (B) ncko
74. Pick out the scalar Quantity (C) osx (D) Roj.k
(A) Force (B) pressure 75. /krq fctyh dk vPNk lqpkyd gS D;ksafd
(C) Velocity (D) acceleration
(A) muesa Lora=k bysDVkWu 'kkfey gSa A
75. Metals are good conductor of electricity
because (B) ijek.kq gYds tqM+s gksrs gSA
(A) They contain free electrons (C) buds xyukad mPp gSA
(B) The atoms are lightly packed (D) mijksDr lHkh
(C) They have high melting point
(D) All of the above
76. dkSu lk /krq tyfefJr gkbMksDykfjd vEy ds lkFk izfrf;k
76. The metal that does not give H2 on reaction dj H2 gkbMkstu ugh cukrk gS \
with Dilute HCL is: (A) Zn (B) Fe
(A) Zn (B) Fe (C) Ag (D) Ca
(C) Ag (D) Ca 77. tksu fjiQkbZfuax fdldh 'kqf ds fy, iz;ksx fd;k tkrk
77. Zone refining is used for the purification
(A) Au (B) Ge (A) Au (B) Ge
(C) Ag (D) Cu (C) Ag (D) Cu
78. The Mineral Containing both Magnesium 78. og [kfut ftlesa eSXuhf'k;e vkSj dSfY'k;e nksuksa gS \
and calcium is : (A) eSXuslkbV (B) dsYlkbV
(A) Magnesite (B) Calcite
(C) MksyksekbV (D) dkjusykbV
(C) Dolomite (D) Carnallite

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79. The Nobel Prize was given to for 79. U;wVkWu dh [kkst ds fy, ukscsy iqjLdkj fdls fn;k x;k
discovering Neutron Fkk \
(A) Chedwick (B) Rurherford
(A) pSMfod (B) jnjiQksMZZ
(C) Neil Boar (D) Rontgen
80. Which film has won the Golden conch award (C) uhy cksj (D) jks,aVtu
for the best documentary at Mumbai 80. fdl fiQYe us eqcbZ baVjus'kuy fiQYe2016 iQsfLVoy
International Film Festival 2016 ? dk loZJs"B o`Rrfp=k ds fy, xksYMu 'ak[k iqjLdkj thrk
(A) Chhaya (B) My Name is salt gS \
(C) Phum Shang (D) Placebo
(A) Nk;k (B) esjk uke ued gS
81. Which Country has topped the Global Go
To Think Tank Index Report (GGTTI) 2015 ? (C) g~;we 'kkax (D) Iyslcks
(A) France (B) USA 81. oSf'od xks Vw fFkad VSad lwpdkad fjiksVZ
(CGTTI) 2015 esa
(C) China (D) India dkSu&lk ns'k lcls mQij gSa \
82. The oldest oil Refinery in India is at (A) izQkal (B) ;w-,l-,
(A) Digboi, Assam
(C) phu (D) bafM;k
(B) Haldia, near Kolkata
(C) Koyali, near baroda 82. Hkkjr esa lcls izkphu rsy fjiQkbujh dgk gSa \
(D) Noonmati, Assam (A) fMxcksbZ] vle (B) gfYn;k] dydkk
83. The water shed between India and (C) dks;kyh] cM+kSnk (D) uwuekh] vle
MYANMAR is formed by 83. Hkkjr vkSj E;akekj ds chp ty foHkktu fdlds n~okjk cuk;k
(A) Naga Hills (B) The Garo Hills x;k gS \
(C) Khasi Hills (D) Jaintia Hills
(A) ukxk igkfM+;k (B) xkjks igkfM+;k
84. The smell of urine is due to
(A) Trimethylamine(B) Sulphur (C) [kkjh igkfM+;k (D) t;afr;k igkfM+;k
(C) Ammonia (D) Butonic acid 84. ew=k ds xa/ dh otg gS&
85. How is the sound waves in the air? (A) VkbZfeFkbysfeu (B) lYiQj
(A) transverse (B) longitudinal (C) veksfu;k (D) C;wVksuksbd vEy
(C) electromagnetic field 85. gok esa ofu dh rjaxs dSlh gksrh gS \
(D) polarization
(A) fr;Zd~ (B) yacor
86. In which unit atomic size is expressed?
(A) fermi (B) angstrom (C) fon~;qr pqEcdh; (D) /zqohd`r ;k rjafxr djuk
(C) newton (D) tesla 86. ijek.kq dk vkdkj fdl bdkbZ esa O;Dr fd;k tkrk gS \
87. Light year is the unit of - (A) iQehZ (B) ,axLVkse
(A) time (B) distance (C) U;wVu (D) VsLyk
(C) light (D) light intensity
87. izdk'k o"kkZ dh bZdkbZ D;k gS \
88. In which of the following article "Right to
equality" is provision. (A) le; (B) nwjh
(A) article-14 (C) izdk'k (D) izdk'k dh rhozrk
(B) article-19 88. fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu&ls vuqPNsn esa] lerk dk vfkdkj
(C) article-20 izko/ku gS \
(D) article-21 (A) vuqPNsn14 & (B) vuqPNsn19 &
89. Who is the prophet of new India ?
(C) vuqPNsn20 & (D) vuqPNsn21 &
(A) Dayananda Saraswati
(B) Shri Ramkrishan 89. ^u, Hkkjr dk iSxacj* fdls dgk tkrk gS \
(C) Raja Rammohan Rai (A) n;kuan ljLorh (B) Jh jked`".k
(D) Swami Vivekananda (C) jktk jkeeksgu jk;(D) Lokeh foosdkjan
90. The minimum age for members of the 90. jkT; lHkk ds lnL; ds fy, U;wure vk;q--------- gSA
council is ..
(A) 25 o"kZ (B) 21 o"kZ
(A) 25 years (B) 21 years
(C) 30 years (D) 35 years (C) 30 o"kZ (D) 35 o"kZ
91. Judicial review of the constitution is based 91. Hkkjrh; lafo/ku esa U;kf;d iqujh{k.k vk/kfjr gS&
on (A) fof/ lEer 'kklu ij
(A) on the rule of law (B) fof/ dh lE;d izf;k ij
(B) Due process of law (C) fof/ }kjk LFkkfir izf;k ij
(C) On the procedure established by law
(D) iwoZ fu.kZ;ksa rFkk ifjikfV;ksa ij
(D) Former decision on practice.

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92. Which of the following is the organic method 92. fuEufyf[kr esa ls D;k e`nk laj{k.k dh tSo ifr gS \
of soil conservation.
(A) contour farming (A) leksPp d`f"k (B) leksPp osfndkdj.k
(B) contour railing (C) vofukfydk fu;a=k.k(D) csflu fyfLaVx
(C) Gully Control
(D) Basin Lastings 93. vEyh; o"kkZ esa D;k gksrk gS] ftlls ojLifr;ka u"V gks tkrh
93. Acid rain cont ains, which destr oys gSa \
mangroves ?
(A) Nitrate (A) ukbVsV (B) vkstksu
(B) Ozone (C) dkcZu eksuksvWkDlkbM
(D) lY;wjfd vEy
(C) Carbonmonoxide
(D) Sulphuric acid
94. dkcZu ds6.023 10 ijek.kqvksa dk Hkkj fdruk gksrk

94. What is the weight of 6.023 1022 Carbon gSa \

atoms ?
(A) 12 xzke (B) 120 xzke
(A) 12 gm. (B) 120 gm.
(C) 1.2 gm. (D) 0.12 gm. (C) 1.2 xzke (D) 0.12 xzke
95. Colloidal particles hanging in the water 95. ikuh esa yVds gq, dksykbMh d.k] fdl izf;k ls gVk, tk
which can be removed from the process of?
(A) Clotting (B) Filtration ldrs gSa \
(C) Absorbing (D) Absorption (A) Ldanu (B) fuL;anu
96. What type metal alloy is used in printing
press ? (C) vf/'kks"k.k (D) vo'kks"k.k
(A) Lead and copper 96. eqnz.kky; esa iz;qDr Vkbi /krq fdlds ,sykW; gS \
(B) Lead and antimony
(C) Lead and bismuth (A) lhlk vkSj rkack (B) lhlk vkSj ,aVheuh
(D) Lead and Zinc (C) lhlk vkSj fcLeFk(D) lhlk vkSj ftad
97. What is the percentage of pure gold in 18
carat gold ? 97. 18 dSjsV lskus esa 'kq Lo.kZ dk vuqikr gksrk gS &
(A) 100% (B) 80% (A) 100% (B) 80%
(C) 75% (D) 60% (C) 75% (D) 60%
98. Who of the following Aurangzeb sent to
defeat chhatrapati Shivaji ?
98. N=kifr f'kokth dks gjkus ds fy, vkSjaxtsc us fuEu esa ls
(A) Raja Jaswant Singh fdldks Hkstk Fkk \
(B) Raja Maan Singh (A) jktk tloar flag (B) jktk eku flag
(C) Raja Bhagwan Das
(D) Raja Jai Singh (C) jktk Hkkxoku nkl (D) jktk t; flag
99. Who was the ruller at the times of Nadir 99. ukfnj'kkg ds vke.k ds le; fnYyh dk 'kkld dkSu Fkk\
Shah's invasion of Delhi ?
(A) Muhammdshah (A) eqgEen'kkg (B) cgknqj 'kkg
(B) Bahadur Shah (C) vkyexhj f}rh; (D) 'kkg vkye f}rh;
(C) Alamgir II
(D) Shah Alam-II 100. fczfV'k esa jktLo nkSjku] rRdkyhu enzkl izslhMaslh esa ^jS
100. Who was supposed to start 'Ryotwari iz.kkyh* dh 'kq:vkr djus okyk dkSu Fkk \
System' in the Madras presidency during
the British rule ? (A) eSdkVZuh (B) ,fYaiQlVksu
(A) Makartoni (B) Elinfston (C) FkkWel equjks (D) tkWu ykWjsal
(C) Thomas Munro (D) John Lawrence

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