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LASCIA CH’IO PIANGA. (HERE LET MY TEARS FLOW!) English version by 1 MILDARD.” Revit, et Avia nel Rinaldoda BG. HANDEL. At niin. ren eran _ ese SS a SSS k ote oe pope Oe Armi-da, dis-pie -ta-ta col-la forza da - bis-so api al ca-ro Armi- da, Mil-leid- To ge! inden Abgrind des deanmers versanken e-tig Arcmicday crus el. forctune with «po ~"human” withdraw my heart fem _=— = eo — ~ = eo = tf =— —— ~ = . —— = pe eT ee Sepa Ciel dimiei conten -ti, € qui con duoloe -ter -no - ya mi tie-ne in ‘mir des Lebens Preuden, und Mer mit eigen Qua-len hill mich ge -fes-vell die Hearn and my content-ment ‘And here with grief © - ter - nal Liv- ing ‘it holdsme in oe + + ug FF 4 t = o ——— t SF ¥s z 7 a = —— SSS == hh ont ee tee Henge tormento dinfer-no. gnar! Ah! per pe - th Jas-cia mi piangere, arease Nacht der Hille, ub’ Rr barmen rund lus mich twei~ nen. dorment mest in-fer-nal i= ty hear me tears will re - eve me. : __, ——_Ailante, Entered according to Act of Congress inthe year 1572, by (. Schirmer, inthe Office of the Librartan of Congress at Washington. Andante. (66= 6) ARIA p. lacsein pian - ga Ia du -ra_sor- te e che s0- Pei-ne cru - el - lef Dou-leur mor- tel - le! Mon cour tap ~ Lass mich mit = Thra - nen mein Loos be - kla - gen, Ket - ten au Here Tel my tears flow! Let hope my soul know, My heart is % SSS Ia oli - sober - ta; e@ che so- spi - ri, e che so- oO li - ee ee ee E par les tra - gen, welch’ har- tes Ge - sehiek! Ket-ten zu tra ~ gen, Ket- ter cay tong ing" For ty, iy heart te longing, My heart t : “nN j= es a8 _ je : ? + t es oe loq=e ot eo . t 7 + r ti Ce cour est bri - se! tra - gen, welel’ har-tes Ge = schick! Lass mich = mit. Thra - nen a r—C—Ss—OS Here let ‘my tears flow 2 ca a = ES : z ¥ (Paes : 44S yo Bezante. === p = .