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Cases Is Applicable? Are we complaint?

Knowledge Articles for issue resolution are created /

signed-off and shared in common repository Yes Yes -Partial

Knowledge Articles are checked and re-certified at

regular frequencies Yes Yes -Partial

Knowledge Articles have clear steps with screen-

shots and validation steps Yes Yes - 100%

A process in place to raise any ambiguities in

Knowledge Articles and they are tracked to closure
immediately Yes Yes - Partial

Knowledge Articles are mapped to issues / tickets to

eliminate judgmental decisions Yes Yes - 100%

Any exceptions are clearly visible in Knowledge


Escalation procedure is clearly documented in

Knowledge Article Yes No

Use a standard template for the Knowledge Articles Yes Yes - 100%

Knowledge Articles are correctly tagged so that the

right ones are retrieved quickly during issue
resolution Yes Yes - 100%

Adopt the practice of using and updating Known

Error Database (KEDB) to maximum extent possible Yes No

knowledge sharing sessions are happening within

and across the teams and are recorded Yes Yes - 100%

Dependency on key associates with respect to

system/application knowledge is reviewed and
mitigated Yes Yes -100%

Application, System, Business and Technical

documentation is present and updated frequently Yes Yes - Partial
Process and Tools documentation and induction
manual is available and updated frequently Yes Yes -100%
Complaint - Remarks Non complaint - Remarks

The knowledge articles for major issues have been

created and placed in Actisure shared path. But so far
we have created articles only for major batch failures
and for some recurring issues in the form of SOP.

The knowledge articles created by TCS associates are

reviwed and updated regularly. But the user manuals
given by Activus has not been updated.

The knowledge articles are clear and precise with

screenshots wherever necessary

Currently there is no ambiguity in the knowldege

articles. But the user manuals are placed in different
folders. We need to consolidate them and place in a
defined path.

The existing each knowledge articles are mapped to

specific issue.

We are following the escalation procedure

but this has not yet been documented.

We are using standard AXA template for all the user

manuals created by us. Activus user manuals are in
their own template.

Each knowledge article is assigned right title and

placed in correct folder for easy and quick access.

Currently we dont have any form of KEDB

other the documentation of major recurring

All the formal KSS have a relevant PPT.

Complex issues are randomnly picked by every team

members and the required cross training is done.

There is no business related documents. We have only

system specific user manuals.
The induction manuals created by TCS are reviewed
and updated regularly.
Not applicable - Reason