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Essay Rubric
Category 5 4-3 2-1 0
Based on the sources Based on the sources Based on the sources No sources were
used, all arguments used, most used, few arguments cited to support
for or against nuclear arguments for or for or against nuclear arguments for or
Support for energy are against nuclear energy are against nuclear
persuasive and the energy are persuasive and the energy and the
Topic (Evidence,
scientific language is persuasive and the scientific language is scientific language is
General, and/or explained in detail to scientific language is listed to the not used. There is no
Personal) the audience. Thesis mostly explained to audience. Thesis is thesis.
is well established. the audience. Thesis lost in the jungle.
is somewhat
Two supporting Two supporting One supporting One supporting
arguments for topic arguments for topic argument is listed argument for topic is
are discussed, pros or are listed and only and only pros for discussed, pros or
cons for nuclear pros for nuclear nuclear energy are cons for nuclear
Evidence and
energy are explained energy are discussed. discussed. Position is energy are missing.
Examples and a position is Position is not well undecided. The Position is
taken. One counter- established. The counterargument is undecided. No
argument to discredit counterargument is listed counterargument.
is explained. listed.
Essay meets/exceeds Essay is within 100 Essay is within 200 Essay is within 300
word count words of count words of count words of count
requirement, is well requirement, is requirement, is requirement, is not
organized, no somewhat poorly organized, organized, many
grammatical errors, organized, some many grammatical grammatical errors,
Sequencing and
and MLA format is grammatical errors, errors, and MLA and MLA format was
Format followed. Conclusion and MLA format has format has many not followed. The
reflects thesis. some errors. errors. Conclusion conclusion is lost in
Conclusion mentions doesnt mention the jungle.
some aspects of thesis.