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Student Name: Jaskiran Grewal Date: March 27, 2017 Age Group: 4-6 years

Purpose: Purpose:
Reason for developing learning
experience. This could be in response The purpose of todays activity is for the children to enhance their
to an observation, discussions with the creative abilities by painting from a sensory bag. The children love to
site supervisor, Ontario Curriculum paint with watercolors and mixing paint, so I have a really fun activity
Objective, etc. for them today. The children will be painting using their hands, but it
Observation: will be mess free. Not only is it a fun activity, but they will also be
learning more about colors and what colors mixed together will turn
- Document what you saw and heard
- Document non-verbal communication
(i.e., body language, facial expressions
and voice tone)
- Document in detail: who, what,
where and when
- Documentation should be written in
past tense, objective, and in anecdotal
Document the discussion between you
and your site supervisor that led to the
Curriculum Objective:
Describe the curriculum objective
youre aiming to meet/enhance
through this experience
Learning Experience: Objectives:
What are you planning in response to
your purpose? 1. The children will enhance their fine motor skills by using
- Label your experience (e.g. Painting their fingers to mix the colors around in the plastic bag
with cars). (Experts from Elect, 2014, p. 35).
- What are your 3 objectives for this 2. The children will use their (5.3) senses by feeling the paint
experience? (i.e. What interests are and moving it around with getting their hands dirty (Experts
you extending? What strengths and from Elect, 2014, p. 27).
opportunities for growth are you 3. The children will practice the skill (1.3) parallel play because
enhancing/supporting?) the sensory bags will be setup next to each other so it will be
Please Note: You should refer to 4 students per table and the students can talk to each other
about the activity and play (Experts from Elect, 2014, p. 29).
appropriate pedagogy to support your
discussion around strengths and
opportunities for growth (e.g. ELECT,
How Does Learning Happen, Ontario
FDK Curriculum, etc).
Describe the experience: Materials:
- Who will be involved in the -plastic bag
experience? -tape
- Where will the experience take place? -different colored paint
(e.g. indoors or outdoors? In the -plastic spoon
dramatic centre, the creative table, -white printer paper
etc). -scissors
- List the materials and resources you
will use Implementations:
- Describe the implementation of the -I will already have the activity set up on the table.
experience, with a step by step -The paint will be in there, 2 different colors and the bags will be
taped to the table to prevent leaking.
-The students can come and play with their own sensory bags.
- List and describe 2 teaching
-The will mix the paint with their fingers and will see the colors
strategies. How will you use them?
changing after mixing the 2 colors.
Why have you chosen these strategies? -Once they are done, if they want to take it home I will tape the top
for them if not they can throw out the sensory bags.

Teaching strategies:

Environmental cues: The activity will already be set up on the

tables. The students can come 4 at a time to come do the activity.

Questions: While the students are going the activity, I will ask them
questions like, what colors did you mix to make the color you have
right now? or do you know what color your paint will turn into?

Reflection: Reflection:
- What went well? Provide examples
for how you know it went well. I thought this activity went really great. I did not have to invite anyone
- What didnt go well? Provide to come do the activity, as soon as the students seen me working with
examples for how you know it didnt go paint they instantly came to me because they love doing activities with
well. paint. When I taped the sensory bags the students were eager to touch
- What did you learn? the paint, but I told them they had to take turns. The students had an
option of what color paint they wanted. Most of the students wanted to
- What might you do differently next
do this activity more then once and mix more colors to see what other
time you implement this same
colors they can make. Overall, this activity was a success and I am
experience and why? really happy the students enjoyed it. I will definitely do this activity in
- Did you have to make any the future too. Next time, I can improve this activity by adding more
adaptations or modifications? If so, things in the sensory bag such as glitter.
what were they?
- What type of experience might you
plan to extend on this one?
Field Supervisor Feedback:
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