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Miss Sreng

Assessment Summary Solving Systems of Equations

Assessment Explanation
Review Quiz Before beginning the lesson, the students will be given a short
review quiz on solving simple equations. This quiz will be worth
no points as it is for the teacher to know where their students are
and how much they needs to review before moving on to solving
systems of equations.
Checking for During the lessons, the teacher will ask the students what their
Understanding number of understanding is, using their fingers, so that the
teacher knows if she needs to explain things again or if she can
move on.
Concept Map Students will create a concept map on the three methods of
solving systems of equations in order to compare and contrast the
differences. It will also allow them to have a visual representation
of all the methods side by side, helping them determine which
method they prefer.
Review Game Students will play a review game as a class to test their knowledge
on solving systems of equations. The class will be separated into
groups to increase engagement due to competition, but the
students will be called on randomly to answer questions. The
review should help them prepare for their quizzes and the unit
Group Quizzes Students will take a quiz with their groups on the three methods
of solving systems of equations in preparation for their exam.
This will allow them and the teacher to see what they know and
what they need to focus more on.
Reflection Students will explain, in words, how to solve systems of equations
and define each of the three methods. They will also have to
choose which of the three methods of solving systems of
equations was their favorite and explain why. Finally, they will
come up with their own example of a system of equations in the
form of a word problem.
Unit Test Students will have a test on solving systems of equations where
they will get to test their knowledge. On the exam, they will be
required to use the three methods at least once to show their
understanding of the content.