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1. Install IllustratorPortable.
2. Launch Illustrator_Language_Packs_19.0.paf.exe
- it should detect IllustratorPortable
- if not, navigate to IllustratorPortable and select directory
3. Select desired language packs. (multiple language packs are supported)
4. Install

Illustrator Portable supports portable fonts.
Simply place in: IllustratorPortable > Data > Fonts.

These fonts are cleaned up after exiting Illustrator Portable.

* too many fonts can hinder performance.

Supported: .fon, .fnt, .ttf, .ttc, .fot, .otf, .mmm, .pfb, .pfm.

FYI: before exiting, ensure no other application has fonts open.

i've associated .ai, .eps.
To add more is very easy.

1. Navigate to: App\AppInfo\Launcher

2. Open IllustratorPortable.ini with Notepad or any text editor

3. Scroll down to: [RegistryKeys] and add:


4. Under [RegistryValueWrite] add:


5. Replace *** with desired file type

6. Save .ini file

Additionally, the SendTo shortcut is also provided.

Useful for un-associated but supported filetypes.
ie. png, gif, bmp, etc.

Because Adobe has many products, all of which use the same directories, registry
keys, and file names.. the potential for collision is great.
Thus.. i've implemented sub-directories vs. directories.

ie. instead of backing up $APPDATA\Adobe

- i back up $APPDATA\Adobe\Illustrator, etc.

This is ideal..
But has it's pitfalls.

ie. i need to know all possible sub-directories that will be created.

- this is very hard unless Adobe Developers share their code (highly unlikely)
- the next best thing is to manually go through and use as many features as
possible to see what is created.
- this is exactly what i've done.. but im sure i've missed something.

Now.. what can you do?

Simply keep an eye on $APPDATA and $LOCALAPPDATA after usage.
If there are any sub-directories left behind.. simply add to Launcher under

ie. if a sub-directory is left behind in $APPDATA, simply add under


that's it.. from now on.. IllustratorPortable will backup & restore that sub-

1. Illlustrator tend to crash after saving .svg or .svgz under Windows 8.
* Affects both installed & portable versions.
* During testing.. it seems to only crash if the document contains
large amounts of sophisticated graphics.

ie. if i remove 90% of design then save, it does not crash.

- also.. it tends to happen if Illustrator is terminated right after saving.

More info:

1. Ensure desired language has been installed, or Illustrator will not launch.
2. Creative Cloud has been disabled. (for obvious reasons.. i hope)
3. Hebrew & Arabic are special languages.
Read here:
4. Ensure you understand PAF format, how to install, how to use properly, etc.
ie. "i get an error when i try to install in ProgramFiles" = NOOB.
More information:
5. If problems arise:
- try resetting by deleting: IllustratorPortable > Data.
- if your computer crash while using IllustratorPortable and you get an error
the next time you launch.. that means files are missing. Re-install with
installer. Your settings will be preserved.
6. Running in x86 (32-bit compatibility mode) is not recommended but supported.
Adobe did not design Illustrator to run in x86 compatibility mode, thus
performance is horrible. It is better to run in x64.
7. It is also not recommended to run from a Network or UNC path, although
supported. Illustrator has files it needs in $COMMONFILES and $COMMONFILES64,
which are large directories and take time to copy back & forth. For best
performance, run from a local drive, preferrably NTFS file system. Worst
case scenario, run on same drive as Operating System which will allow
IllustratorPortable to move directories vs. copying.