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The Ergonomic Photo (EPH) system

The EPH system is both Waist-pack + Backpack configuration

modular and versatile. You can
The EPH system enables you to
connect a bag or pack that is attach the W-92/4 to R-101/2/3
part of the EPH system to ,RL-302 backpacks.
another bag or link 2-3 bags This configuration lets you create a
larger backpack that provides better
weight distribution between the
shoulders and the hips. The waist
packs main compartments stays
accessible - no need to detach the

Connect the slik-clip buckles on the

bottom of the backpack to the
designated tabs on the W-92/4 waist
Note: You can disassemble the hip
b e l t b e f o r e a t ta c h i n g t h e W- 9 2 / 4 .
BP-502 HB-205/7 RL-302 R-101/2/3 T-212/214 W-92/4
KT BP-502 KT HB-205/7 KT RL-302 KT R-101/2/3 KT T-212/214 KT W-92/4

Torso-pack + Backpack configuration Waist-pack + Torso-pack configuration

The torso pack T-212/214 enables frontal

carrying for quick access to your Camera This configuration can be carried with a
and essential gear, while the backpack back pack or by itself, using the provided
stores all additional equipment. back mesh harness.

Attachment stages:

Find and disconnect the 3 straps supplied A Connect the 3 slik clip
1 with the T-212/214. buckles to the designated
On one side of the strap you will find a slik- B tabs on the T-212/214 Torso-
clip buckle (A) and on the other side a side pack a n d t h e W - 9 2 / 4 .
release buckle (B).
Connect the slik-clip buckle to the
2 backpacks left shoulder strap.

Connect the remaining 2 slik-clip

3 buckles to the loops on the lower left
a n d r i g h t s i d e s o f t h e b a c k pa c k .

Reconnect the side 3 release buckles

(A, B and C) to the T-212/214.
Adjust the height by setting the upper strap (A)
Slik clip
and then tightening the 2 straps (B and C) to
secure the T-212/214 in a convenient position. buckle
Development & production by KATA Ltd.
Now you are all set. All you
POB 45078 Jerusalem , Israel 91450
have to do is open the right
Tel: +972-2-5911000
side release buckle (B),
Fax: + 972-2-5400504
and you can put on and take
off the whole system without Info: KATA. A SIMPLE CASE
changing the adjustments. DS260307 Sales: OF BETTER DESIGN.