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Candice Yu
Increasing your sales via strong brand awareness, brand equity, and customer
preferencebacked by expertise in strategic thinking, marketing planning,
Internet marketing, and problem solving.
Brand Statement

M arketing pro with experience working in start-ups and multinational companies.

Track record of generating sales, providing up-to-date intelligence, and fulfilling
projects as scheduled through skill sets in strategic thinking, market research,
marketing planning, Internet marketing, and project management supported by 10+
years of work experience. Possess sharp business acumen, able to help organizations to
identify possible opportunities to pivot and/or strengthen the business. Equipped with
high EQ, empathy, and friendly personalityand ability to work well with team or
Core Competencies
Market Research Strategic Thinking Concept Generation Event Management
Internet Marketing Google AdWords Website Planning Copywriting Skills
Customer Relationships Project Management Leadership Teamwork
Business Development Persuasion Skills Great Observation Skills Performance Analysis
Professional Experience
Contractor and Freelancer, Marketing /Project Planner 2016-2017
Come out and execute marketing strategies and cross-industry alliance to drive sales growth and improve
companys brand image in Taiwan market.

Marketing Manager, Cloudpe Corp., Taipei City 20122016

Invited to join as a marketing manager during start-up to direct market development of an innovative
product. Organized resources to build marketing and sales campaigns to broaden business opportunities.
Planned product, formulated pricing strategy, and demoed products on customer needs to help sales teams
to close deals. Observed market and trends to help the company pivot and bring in more business.
Marketing Planning: Challenge It was a new product concept
at that time. Thus, the market did NOT hear about the product and
did NOT know what it could do for them. Actions Clarified the markets wants
and possible competitors, determined suitable target market, and contacted key
persons referred by network. In addition, renovated and optimized website design
while building alliances as sales channels to enhance overall product awareness
and market reach. Results Successfully opened a market for the new productboosting sales from
ZERO to NT$10M in 2 years with a customer base of around 50.
Internet Marketing: Led 4-person team including art designer, UI designer, website engineer, and
marketer to reconstruct company website for better user experience and website search engine
optimization (SEO). Collaborated with agency to do content marketing and conduct Google AdWords
to generate leadsgrowing the traffic of the website by 50% in 18 months plus 250% remarkable boost
to call-in requests.
Product Communication: Invited key persons to attend workshops and seminars with more of a
focus on educational elements (rather than businesslike product promotion), on a quarterly basis due
to their industry (education industry)powerfully delivering our unique selling propositions to
attendeesalong with joining annual expo featuring digital education to promote productsgarnering
5% of market share from ZERO in 18 months.
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Professional Experience (Cont.)

Chief of Customer Service, Abigail Corp., Taipei City 20102012
Managed customer service-related work to maintainand even solidifycompany brand. Communicated
with vendors and on boarded products on the website to ensure consistent product quality and awareness.
Customer Satisfaction: Challenge Customer received a defective product and asked for a refund.
Actions Confirmed the defect; then, discussed solutions with GM and decided to adopt a beyond-
expectations solution, sending the customer a new product and FULL REFUNDin order to create an
extraordinary experience for hercausing her to remember our brandeven surpassing overall word-
of-mouth recommendations. Results The customer was excited and highly satisfied. We thus
established her loyalty to our brandcontributing recurring sales to the company.

Product Manager, Arima Communications Corp., New Taipei City 20062010

Served as product manager, focusing on innovative products. Collected market intelligence from multiple
channels to identify end users needs to help the company grab new business opportunities. Provided new
product concepts, presented them to brand customers, and convinced brand customers to adopt product
concepts to initiate more projects, further raising company sales.
Market Intelligence: Collected market intelligence from external (third party) and internal channels
i.e., Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute, industry researchers, brand customers, and thoughts
leaders to determine end users underlying needsenabling the management to make more-efficient,
accurate decisionswhile helping the company to secure additional new projects from Sony Ericsson,
leading to more sales.

Senior Project Manager, Compal Electronics Inc., Taipei City 20022005

Managed projects from start to the completion of successful test productionon average, working on 2-3
projects at the same time. Formulated product roadmap and decided on each milestone based on the
deadline; led and collaborated with 10-person team from Industrial Design, Electric Engineering, Sourcing,
Factory, etc., to troubleshoot and ensure projects ran as expected. Assigned to take care of HPKEY
ACCOUNTdue to proven experience and performance, accounting for 5% of the entire sales.

Education & Languages

Digital Marketing Course 2016
(SEO, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media)
CYCDA Entrepreneurship School, Taipei City

Creative Thinking Marketing Program 2014

School of Continuing Education, Chinese Culture University, Taipei City
MBA, major in Marketing 2001
Chinese Culture University, Taipei City

BBA, major in Shipping and Transportation Management 1999

National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung City

Fluent in English (TOEIC 755)

Native Speaker in Mandarin

Familiar with Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese

Candice Yu +886-958-911-580