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Lisa A. Fleck 1251 Marina Pt. Apt # 221 Cassel berry, FL 32707 716.531.5937

Lisa A. Fleck

1251 Marina Pt. Apt # 221 Cassel berry, FL 32707


www.lisafleckCG .com

PROFICIENCIES Environments &Props Modeling &Texturing Animation HUD & Menu Lighting

PROGRAMS USED Maya 08 ‐ 10 Zbrush 3.1 – 3.5 Photoshop CS3 ‐ CS5 Corel Painter 11 Unreal Engine Alienbrain Motionbuilder


Passionate 3D artist with a concentration in environment modeling and texturing

Goal‐driven individual who seeks to learn and grow from every experience

Loyal and determined team‐player who can adapt to any working environment

Strong traditional art background; studied 2D art for 6 years and 3D art for 2 years

EDUCATION Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL Bachelor of Science, Game Art – Sept 20 10

GPA: 3.73

Global Professionalism Standard: 104%

Perfect Attendance

EXPERIENCE Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL Intern, Sept 2010 ‐ Current

Self study program to better learn current texturing pipelines and practice skills acquired

In charge of lab equipment and students when instructors are not present

Responsible for helping students with class projects upon request of a tutor

Art Lead, Mar ‐ July 2010 “Cast Away”

5 artists, 7 programmers, and 2 producers completed a game in 5 months

Built the Artist pipeline by maintaining a direct relationship between art and code

Environment Lead – ensured a consistent style for all elements of the world by paying special attention to the textures and model silhouette of every asset

Assisted with props, animations, and visual effects where help was needed

Represented the art team for all meetings with Producers

In charge of doing a majority of the 2D artwork used in menus, HUD, marketing, & concepts

Material Artist , Dec 2009


4 artists completed a playable Deathmatch level for the Unreal Engine in one month

Set up and maintained the master material for the team to use as a base

Helped populate the level by creating several of the assets in a modular way

Ensured level had a unified look by tweakin g materials and textures

Constructed unique materials such as snow and ice

2D Artist, 2006 ‐ 2008 Artpark,

Taught the principles of art to children through self‐portraits and still life drawings

Responsible for the setup and takedown of art studios during live event days

Assisted with setup of activities during Art Camp


Full Sail University, Course Director’s Awards, 2009 ‐ 2010

Object Perspective, Principles of Design, 2D Animation, Character Animation, & Interpersonal Communication

Salutatorian of Full Sail University, 2010 Advanced Achiever’s Award, 2010 – 1 of 2 students nominated by Full Sail faculty Valedictorian of Lewiston‐Porter High School, 2008


Full Sail University, Behind the Scenes Tour

Shading and Effects for Games ‐ final project

Object Perspective & Principles of Design ‐ portfolios

Demo Reel Portfolio – compilation of work shown to prospective students