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SCENE # 1 (5 people)

Narator : Its 7 a.m. and cinderellas family has just woken up. They are in the sitting

Stepmother : CINDERELLA !!

Cinderella : Yes, mother.

Stepmother : Come here and make us breakfast.

Cinderella : Yes, mother.

Stepsister # 2 : Morning, Mom. Wheres my breakfast? Im really hungry.

Stepsister # 1 : Oh dear, sister. YOU feel hungry all the time. Anyway, have you heard about
the big party the King is throwing to find Prince Charming a wife? Everyone is invited.

Stepsister # 2 : Can we go there too, Mom? Please . can we?

Stepmother : Of course we are going to the ball. My daughters are the most beautiful
girls in the land.
Stepsister # 1 : I hope he picks me to be the princess.

Stepsister # 2 : No! I hope he picks me!

Cinderella : Heres your breakfast. Mother, may I go to the ball too?

Stepsister # 1 : YOU?

Stepmother : Of course you may go, Cinderella. IF you finish all your chores, IF you help
your sisters get ready, and IF you can find some decent clothes to wear instead of those rags!

Stepsister # 1 : The prince will think I am beautiful!

Stepsister # 2 : No, hell be amazed by my beautiful hair.

Stepmother : Dont be silly; the prince is known for liking older woman like me!

Stepsister # 1 & 2 : MOM !!!!!!

SCENE # 2 (6 people)

Narator : Cinderellas evil stepmother and ugly stepsisters are getting dressed for the

Stepmother : Be careful, Cinderella. Dont spoil my dress with your dirty hands.

Stepsister # 1 : Oh, Mom, be quick!

Stepmother : OK. Lets go. Bye Cinderella. Dont forget to sweep the kitchen!

Narator : After her stepmother and stepsisters go, Cinderella picks up the broom, but
begins crying to herself.

Cinderella : I wish I could go to the ball!

Fairy Godmother : What was that you just said?

Cinderella : Who are you?

Fairy Godmother : Im your fairy godmother! Now, what was that I heard you say?

Cinderella : Itsjujust that I wanted to go the ball.

Fairiy Godmother : Is that all? I can manage that.

Narrator : The fairy Godmother waves her hand. Cinderella looks at herself and sees
she is wearing a beautiful dress and beautiful glass slippers. Cinderella leaves for the ball in a
beautiful carriage. But she has to remember not to stay after midnight or the carriage will turn
back into a pumpkin.

SCENE # 3 (4 people)

Narator : At the ball, everyone begins dancing and having a good time. Suddenly,
Cinderella appears and the music stops.

Queen : Who is that girl?

King : I dont know. But she looks so beautiful, doesnt she?

Prince : May I dance with you?

Narrator : The music begins again and everyone is dancing. Time is running so fast and
then they hear the clock strike 12 midnight.

Cinderella : Oh, its midnight already. I have to go. No. I have to run. Goodbye. I realy had
a great time.

Prince : Wait! What is your name? Where do you live? Do I know your parents?

Narrator : As Cinderella is running, she loses one of her glass slippers. The prince picks
it up and decides to keep it so that he can find this beautiful lady again.

SCENE # 4 (7 people)

Narator : The next day, Cinderellas stepmother and stepsisters are talking. Cinderella
is sweeping the floor near to them.

Stepsister # 1 : A beautiful lady was at the ball. We really dont know her at all. Can you
believe that?

Stepsister # 2 : The Prince wants to marry her, I wonder..

Stepmother : Quiet! The Kings messengers are here!

Narrator : Two heralds enter the room

1st Herald : Please, try on this glass slipper.

Stepsister # 1 : Oh, no. Its too big.

Stepsister # 2 : Ouch, its to small for me.

2nd Herald : What about you, young lady with a broom?

Stepmother : Dont mind her. She didnt even go to the ball. She is Cinderella

Cinderella : Please, sir. Let me try it on.

Stepmother : Dont be silly, Cinderella.

Narrator : Cinderella tries on the shoe and everyone sees that it fits perfectly. They are
very surprised.

Stepsister # 1 : Impossible!

Stepsister # 2 : Thats unbelievable!

1st Herald : Please come with us, my lady. The Prince is waiting for you.

2sd Herald : Be quick. Lets go.

Stepmother : No!!!!! This can be happened. No Im just having a bad dream. Its a
nightmare. I just have to open my eyes and wake up. I.
Narrator : Cinderella then marries the prince and lives in the castle with him. They live
happily ever after.

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