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List of 50 Important Biological Questions and answer Download in PDF:

The List of 50 important Biological Questions and Answers is given here for Download
in PDF. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC CGL and all other Competitive
exams can use these questions.

1).Mendel observed 7 pairs of contrasting characters in Pisum sativum, One of the

Following is not a part of that, Find out.

a) Tall and Dwart

b) Yellow and Green seed colour

c) Terminal and Axial flower

d) Smooth and Rough stem

Answer is: d

2).Primitive men evolved in _________.

a) Africa

b) America

c) Australia

d) India

Answer is: a

3).Which of the following is inheritable?

a) An altered gene in sperm

b) An altered gene in testes

c) An altered gene in Zygote

d) An altered gene in udder cell

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Answer is: c

4).Theory of natural selection was proposed by_______.

a) Charles Darwin

b) Hugo de Vries

c) Gregor Johann Mendel

d) Jean Baptiste Lamarck

Answer is: a

5).Somatic gene therapy_______.

a) affects sperm

b) affects egg

c) affects progeny

d) affects body cell

Answer is: d

6).The paternal and maternal genetic material which influences the traits is_____.

a) RNA

b) m-RNA

c) DNA

d) t-RNA

Answer is: c

7).The first ever scientific experimental study on heredity was worked out between the

years ________.

a) 1801 - 1807

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b) 1812 - 1842

c) 1838 - 1871

d) 1822 - 1884

Answer is: d

8).The first experiment of Mendel considering the inheritance of a single trait is


a) Hybrid cross

b) Monohybrid cross

c) Polyhybrid cross

d) Dihybrid cross

Answer is: b

9)._______ is called as Father of Genetics.

a) Charles Darwin

b) Hugo de Vries

c) Gregor Johann Mendel

d) Jean Baptiste Lamarck

Answer is: c

10).The men like Hominids who walked into Eastern Africa were measured to be______.

a) Taller than four feet

b) Not taller than four feet

c) Three feet

d) Measured in Inches

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Answer is: b

11).The meat eaters who existed 1.5 million years ago were called ______.

a) Homo habilis

b) Hominids

c) Homo erectus

d) Homo sapiens

Answer is: c

12).The term vaccine was coined by______.

a) Dr. Ian Wilmut

b) Edward Jenner

c) Charles Darwin

d) Alexander Flemming

Answer is: b

13).Dolly was developed in the year _______.

a) August 1982

b) July 1996

c) July 1994

d) September 1974

Answer is: b

14).The nucleus of udder cell which was used to develop Dolly was taken from_______.

a) Six year old Finn Dorset white sheep

b) Seven year old white sheep

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c) Six year old goat

d) Five year old cow

Answer is: a

15).Vaccines are substances that confer immunity against________.

a) All kind of diseases

b) Communicable diseases

c) Specific diseases

d) Non communicable diseases

Answer is: c

16).Steroid drugs like prednisolone is produced from______.

a) Rhizopus

b) Penicillium

c) Aagaricus

d) Bacteria

Answer is: a

17).Antibiotics are chemical substances derived from microbes like_____.

a) Fungi, Algae

b) Fungi, Bacteria

c) Fungi, Virus

d) Bacteria, Algae

Answer is: b

18).Bio-technologically synthesized vitamin B12 is used to cure________.

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a) Anaemia

b) Tuberculosis

c) Pernicious anaemia

d) Cancer

Answer is: b

19).Biological computers will be developed using_______.

a) Bio sensor

b) Gene

c) Bio-Chips

d) Enzymes

Answer is: c

20).Gene therapy is the means to treat or even cure genetic and acquired diseases like


a) Cancer

b) Smallpox

c) Swine - flu

d) Common cold

Answer is: a

21).In Germ line gene therapy, __________.

a) Egg and sperm of the parents are changed

b) Sperm of the parent are changed

c) Egg of the parent are changed

d) Egg and sperm of the parents are not changed

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Answer is: a

22).Bio-chips will be useful in ___________.

a) Defence, Medicine

b) Theatre, Medicine

c) Defence, Air Force

d) Navy, Medicine

Answer is: a

23).________ are developed by employing techniques of bio-technology.

a) Micro chips

b) Macro chips

c) Auto chips

d) Glass chips

Answer is: a

24).Insulin dependent diabetes is caused by the degeneration of beta cells due to a


a) gene

b) alleles

c) defective gene

d) gene set

Answer is: c

25).Gene therapy is used to treat defects in__________.

a) Somatic cell

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b) Organ

c) Tissue

d) Reproductive Cell

Answer is: a

26).The converts biological signal into an electrical signal.

a) Scanner

b) sensor

c) chips

d) traits

Answer is: b

27).Biological signals are converted into electrical signal by_________.

a) sensor

b) scanner

c) allele

d) gene

Answer is: a

28).Bio-sensor is used in__________.

a) Medicines and industry

b) Industry and technology

c) Medicine and aircraft

d) Industry and aircraft

Answer is: a

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29).Bio-sensor is a device consisting of immobilized layer of biological material such


a) Enzyme, antibody, hormone, nucleic acids

b) Enzyme, gene, antigen, hormone

c) Nucleic acid, formic acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid

d) Hormone, nucleic acid, enzyme, gene.

Answer is: a

30).Bio-chemically significant enzymes are derived from______.

a) microbes

b) macrobes

c) insulin

d) protein

Answer is: a

31).Amylase is derived from __________ of bacteria.

a) Proteins

b) Insulin
c) Amyloproteins

d) Hormones

Answer is: c

32).The theory of Use and Disuse was proposed by___________.

a) Lamarck

b) Mendel

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c) Darwin

d) Jenner

Answer is: a

33).Odour, freshness and taste of food can be measured by using ________.

a) Bio-Chips

b) Bio-sensor

c) Biotic signals

d) Bio-technology

Answer is: b

34).Production of any toxin in the body due to infection can be detected


a) Bio-sensor

b) Bio-signals

c) Bio-technology

d) Bio-chips

Answer is: a

35)._____________ is so vast and has great scope for different fields like agriculture,

medicine, food industry etc.

a) Microbiology

b) Embryology

c) Bio-technology

d) Cytology

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Answer is: c

36)._____________ are suspensions of killed or live germs which is employed to induce

the production of antibodies and bring forth immunity.

a) Vaccines

b) Medicines

c) Antibiotics

d) Antigens

Answer is: a

37)._____________ are employed to kill the infectious germs and cure a disease.

a) Antigens

b) Antibiotics

c) Vaccines

d) Vitamins

Answer is: b

38).The somatic stem cells are derived from source such as_________.

a) Bone marrow, embryos, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord

b) Embryos, bone, knee, foetus

c) Bone marrow, fluid, umbilical cord, joint cells

d) Embryo, foetus, umbilical cord, fluid.

Answer is: a

39)._________ vitamin is synthesized bio-technologically.

a) B12

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b) B6

c) B2

d) B

Answer is: a

40)._________ cell culture is similar to that of embryonic stem culture.

a) Somatic stem

b) Stem

c) Gene

d) Gametic

Answer is: a

41).Fertilization made artificially in the laboratory is called ___________.

a) Invitro fertilization

b) Cloning

c) External fertilization

d) Blastula

Answer is: a

42).The Embryonic stem cells can be derived from _______ which is developed by

invitro fertilization.

a) late embryo

b) early embryo

c) embryo

d) zygote

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Answer is: b

43).__________are the most unspecialized mass of cells.

a) Stem cells

b) Root cells

c) Hair cells

d) Cells

Answer is: a

44).The ________ clones are developed by nuclear transfer into the host cell.

a) Artificial

b) Natural

c) Identical

d) Dissimilar

Answer is: a

45).The induced clones are developed by ________ into the host cell.

a) Nuclear transfer

b) Gene transfer

c) Cell transfer

d) Antigen transfer

Answer is: a

46).________ clones include identical twins.

a) Natural
b) Artificial

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c) Induced

d) Stem

Answer is: a

47).The word _________ refers only to living species.

a) Clone

b) Gene

c) Allele

d) Vaccine

Answer is: a

48).Monoclonal anti-bodies are the anti-bodies produced by_______ cells.

a) cloned

b) fertilized

c) stem

d) embryo

Answer is: a

49).___________ anti-bodies are now used for treatment of cancer.

a) Monoclonal

b) Diclonal

c) Natural

d) Artificial

Answer is: a

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50).____________ are a type of derived lipids.

a) Steroids

b) Vaccines

c) Vitamins

d) Antibodies

Answer is: a

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