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Final Examination in CDI6 10.

Extinguishing fires by interrupting the production of flame with extinguishing

agents like dry chemical and halon.
Choose the letter which corresponds to your answer on the questions. Strictly no erasures a. Oxygen dilution
allowed. b. Temperature reduction
c. Chemical inhibition
Note: there are questions given 2 pts.,all the rest are one point only. The double point
d. Fuel removal
questions are the easiest and is intended to give you a better chance of passing the exam. GOD
11. Separating oxygen from the fuel is extinguishment by;
a. Oxygen dilution
1. The process of preventing fire from extending from one section to another of the b. Fuel removal
involved building.(2 pts) c. Chemical inhibition
a. Extinguishment c. Exposure d. None of the foregoing
b. Ventilation d. Confinement 12. It contains chemical powder intended to fight all classes of fires.(2 pts)
2. It refers to fire suppression activities. a. Foam extinguisher
a. Fire prevention c. Fire protection b. Carbon dioxide extinguisher
b. Fire planning d. Fire fighting operation c. Dry chemical extinguisher
3. The various methods used to stop, extinguish, and control destructive fires to d. Soda- acid fire extinguisher
prevent loss of life and property. 2pts 13. Which among the following exemplifies extinguishment by temperature
a. Fire prevention and suppression reduction?(2 pts)
b. Fire fighting operation a. preventing the flow of liquid fuel
c. Fire protection b. application of special extinguishment agent
d. Fire control c. cooling the temperature of the environment
4. Removing people and other livestock from the burning building and securing them d. both and c
to a secured place.(2 pts.) 14. extinguishment by oxygen dilution can be done in the following manner except; 2pts
a. Salvage c. Rescue a. allowing the fire to burn until the fuel is consumed
b. Extinguishment d. Extricate b. introduction of inert gas
5. In fighting a forest fire, this technique is to be undertaken.(2 pts) c. reduction of oxygen concentration at the burning area
a. Overhaul c. EMS system d. separating oxygen from fuel
b. Ventilation d. Fire break/ line 15. class A fires can be extinguished by; 2pts
6. The following involves fire protection and safety except; a. de-energizing
a. Inspection of public buildings b. oxygen exclusion
b. Fire rescue operation c. application of extinguishing agents
c. Fire safety programs d. none of the foregoing
d. Fire education 16. this type of fire extinguisher is effective against Class B and C fires.
7. Class B fires can be extinguished by; a. Vaporizing liquid c. carbon dioxide
a. Quenching and cooling b. Foam d. water
b. De- energizing 17. the application of extinguishing agent like dry chemical and halon is a process
c. Smothering or blanketing known as; 2pts
d. Special extinguishing agent a. fuel removal c. chemical inhibition
8. It is considered as the best agent in cooling burning solid materials.(2 pts) b. oxygen dilution d. temperature reduction
a. Foam c. acid 18. The process of displacing toxic gases in a heated atmosphere with normal air from.
b. Ice d. None of the foregoing 2pts
9. A mechanical device, usually containing chemicals, fluids or gasses for stopping a. Overhaul c. exposure
fires.(2 pts). b. Ventilation d. confinement
a. Smoke detector 19. The Fire Code of the Philippines is known as;(2 pts)
b. Fire hose a. P.D.1185
c. Sprinkler system b. P.D. 1096
d. None of the foregoing c. P.D. 6975
d. None of the foregoing
20. An enclosed vehicles which carries forcible entry tools including equipment of 10. ________________________________ This is intended/ effected to prevent the
additional rescues. rapid spread of grassland or forest fire and to keep it within the smallest area
a. Firefighting vehicles possible.
b. Hydraulic platforms
c. Rescue vehicles
d. Engine vehicles
21. The objective of providing first response service is an undertaking of;
Reminders :
a. Non- fire emergencies
b. Emergency rescue operation Final grade shall be based on;
c. Emergency medical operation
d. Fire safety programs Midterm and Final exams, recitation and attendance. In case of a failing grade, you may opt to
22. the following are objectives of public education program in fire fighting except; take a removal exam to pass the subject. At this point after knowing your final exam score,
a. Conducting fire safety courses you can make an assessment whether you probably passed or failed the subject.
b. Fire drills
Do study the following topics to guide you in your removal exam, just in case.
c. Inspection of buildings
d. Advise people to install smoke detectors : Fire fighting operations and extinguishment ( take note of the terms with highlights).
23. This is known as extinguishment by fuel removal. 2pts
a. Dilution = methods of extinguishment
b. Blanketing or smothering
c. Cooling =types of fire extinguisher and the corresponding label
d. None of the foregoing
=objectives of fire fighting operation
24. Extinguishment by the application of an extinguishing medium to reduce the
temperature of the burning solid fuel. 2pts = operating procedure in using fire extinguisher
a. Blanketing
b. Cooling :fire fighting equipments
c. Smothering
*arson investigation
d. Both b and c
=tell tale signs of arson

= color of smoke
= technical methods of arson investigation
1. ________________________________ The first known fire fighting unit in Rome.
2. ________________________________ The inventor of the first petrol-driven
3. ________________________________ It refers to condition that may increase or
may cause to increase the probability of fire occurrence.
4. ________________________________ It refers to any method used to stop,
extinguish, and control destructive fires.
5. ________________________________ The means of accessing or effecting the
burning structure.
6. ________________________________ It has a large pump that takes water from a
fire hydrant or other source.
7. ________________________________ A chemical that can deliver quick
smothering action to the flames.
8. ________________________________ A synthetic foam-forming liquid designed
for use with fresh water.
9. ________________________________ This type of extinguisher is intended to
fight all classes of fire.