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Gavilan College Pathways

Needs Assessment

Rob Campbell

California State University, Monterey

IST 522

Professor Jeanne Farrington

October 12, 2016


TOPIC: Pathways in Computer Science at Gavilan College

CLIENT: Alex Stoykov, Career Pathway lead faculty

The idea for this project came from a friend at Gavilan College who suggested that

pathways are a focus right now in the CTE program and that this might be an avenue to pursue.

I contacted Sherrean Carr, Dean of Career Technical Education, who in turn put my in touch

with Alex Stoykov in the Compter Sciences department who is lead faculty for this particular

pathway, as well as Ellen Venable, grant Activity Director.

The assessment has thus far been conducted through dialog with Gavilan, research on

their website, and largely by email with Mr. Stoykov. Gavilan has a grant to create and clarify

pathways for careers. Currently there are three basic pathways in Computer Science, including

a degree pathway, a certificate of achievement pathway, and a certificate of proficiency

pathway. Each of these include emphasis in Business Computer Applications, Computer

Networking, Computer Programming, Programming for the Internet, Scientific Programming,

Unix Operating System, and Computer Hardware.

At this point the information is presented in several pages of the course catalog (100-

103), which are also available on the schools website. While there is mention of degree,

certificate of achievement, and certificate of proficiency on the web page, only the first two of

these is mentioned in the catalog. While some research may help a student understand how to

prepare for these pathways, or even careers that may follow, this information is not readily

available on the Gavilan web site.

Also absent is information on how to successfully complete these pathways and

matriculate on to a CSU or other institution. Some programs, such as nursing, have grade point

average requirements in some pathways; if this is true at any level in Computer Science, there
is no minimum established. For students seeking an Associates Degree or transfer to CSU/UC,

they must also navigate general education requirements (114-115).

According to Mr. Stoykov, the needs are as follows:

Show that there are multiple lucrative career paths in CIT

Increase students success rate of completion for certificates and degrees

Have students successfully transfer to university and complete a Bachelors

Reduce the number of unnecessary units students take

Help students get internships and acquire experience to get them employed

At this point, a training unit is warranted so that students considering or entering a

Computer Sciences pathway will have a clear understanding of pathway requirements. Training

will make them aware of options for moving between pathways or emphasis, as well as

consequences for such moves. Training will enable them to work smoothly through their

pathway, efficient in both time and money invested, while keeping a close eye on their eventual


The training should be online, but should have room for delivery in a classroom

environment so that instructors at the high school or college level can use the training as part of

a classroom unit. As such, materials will include a combination of video resources, interactive

online activities, and optional traditional paper materials for classroom usage.


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A. Stoykov (personal communication, October 9, 2016)