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Flinders University AFL 9S

For fun, safe and inclusive footy



The purpose of social media pages produced by Flinders University and its staff/students is
purely for promotional purposes of the AFL 9s Football Carnival.
This policy applies to staff and patrons involved in the AFL 9s carnival event on October 28


Flinders University aims to uphold the privacy and integrity of the staff, students and guests in order
to maintain the image of the university. In order to maintain this, social media policies have been
put into place. These policies are aimed to:

Protect the reputation of Flinders University and professional reputation of the staff
Remain respectful of the views and privacy of the individual(s)
Within the social media standards and guidelines of the communities and the social media

(Flinders University, 2017)


Flinders University and its staff are responsible for the publishing of posts but not for
comments or posts made by visitors on these sites.
If any posts made by visitors of the social media site are deemed offensive, defamatory,
threatening, bullying, harassment, racist, sexist, discriminating or hateful, appropriate action
by the AFL 9s staff will be taken.
Photo permission must be given before photos are taken and published by staff of the event.
Personal details are not to be shared through social media
Employees are not to post any material that is offensive, defamatory, threatening,
bullying/harassment, racist, sexist, illegal, discriminating or hateful.
Any posts will ensure patron image and personal information/details are protected.
Patrons, young people and staff must understand the rules put in place for social media use.
Roles and Responsibilities of Staff

Employees must understand and be respectful of the views and feelings that could be
associated as a result of a post via social media site.
Employees are expected to post accurate information and eliminate deceptive information
Employees must receive approval by the Event Director before publishing a post
Employees are required to act as quickly as possible if/when an issue occurs in order to
support staff and patrons during this.
Employees are required to keep their personal views separate and not use social media as
an avenue to express said views.
Posts made through social media must protect Flinders University reputation
All employees are to comply with the policies in this document and will be aware and
responsible for actions taken through social media.


Flinders University. (2017). Retrieved 12th August 2017, from