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Israel Energy and Business Convention 2015

November 23-24, 2015 - Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv

Monday, November 23, 2015

08:00-09:00 Gathering, registration, breakfast and exhibition tour

09:00-11:15 Opening plenary session:

Chairman of plenary sessions:

Dr. Amit Mor Co-CEO, Eco Energy Financial & Strategic Consulting; a Lecturer in the
Schools of Government and Sustainability & Research Associate at the Institute of Policy
and Strategy (IPS) at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC)

Opening session:
Israel and the International Energy Market and impacts of the "Third
Intifada" and regional changes Strategic, geopolitical and economic

Global trends and their impact on energy sources and energy prices
The impact of wars and vicissitudes in the Muslim World and the removal of the boycott
on Iran over the energy market
Israel and the International Energy Market - the US, China, Russia, OPEC and Iran
Government policy in the Energy sector where to? Natural gas, electricity, energy
efficiency and renewable energy

Opening lecture: Dr. Amit Mor, Co-CEO, Eco Energy Financial & Strategic Consulting
and IDC Herzliya

Keynote presentation: Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy

and Water Resources

MK Ayoob Kara, Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation

Prof. Uzi Arad, IDC's Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, IDC
Herzliya, formerly served as Security Advisor to Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu and
Head of the Israeli NSC, Prime Minister Office

Mr. Gideon Tadmor, Chairman of Delek Drilling and Avner CEO

Man/Woman of the Year in the Energy Sector Ceremony

11:15-11:45 Coffee break

11:45-13:15 Concurrent Sessions A

Investments financing and risk How to Reignite Natural Gas Exploration

management in the Energy Sector & Production and the Regulatory
The energy sector - investments finance in Framework?
Oil and Gas Exploration and infrastructure The future of oil and gas exploration in
development programs, what will be the Israel will explorations resume?
share of foreign investors, the banks and the The Gas Regulatory Framework - will it be
local stock market? approved?
What is the required investment for energy Will gas supply to Israel become
infrastructure and oil & gas developments in competitive?
Israel? Natural gas for the domestic market -
Will foreign investors, international banks Natural Gas National security
and financial institutions be involved? Will the Leviathan gas field be developed
Is there a need for Governmental and when? How long until it will be
involvement in financing the development of connected to shore and how the development
the Energy Sector and where? will be financed?
At what costs will capital be raised to Who will purchase and develop Karish and
develop the energy sector? Tanin gas fields?
What do analysts think about leading energy
companies' stock prices? Opening lecture: Dr. Michael Gardosh,
Section Director for Geology & Geophysics,
Chairman: Mr. Shimon Seroussi,
Natural Resources Administration, Ministry
Co-CEO , Eco Energy Financial & Strategic
of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water
Discussion with entrepreneurs and
Mr. Yigal Landau, CEO of Ratio Oil
investors representatives:
Mr. Zahi Sultan, Chairman, Clal Finance
Mr. Bini Zomer, Director of Noble Energy in
Mr. Yossi Gvura, Deputy CEO - Finance,
Mr. Ron Maor, CEO, Modiin Energy
Delek Drilling and Avner Oil Exploration
Mr. Zvi Rome, Co-Founder, Petco
International Energy, Chairman of the Natural Gas Export and Regional Energy
Energy Committee, Israel-United States Cooperation (1) - Will East MED Gas be
Chamber of Commerce exported to Egypt? Will the Israeli and
Cypriots offshore resources be developed
Analysts dialogue: together?
Regional cooperation in the energy market -
Ms. Ella Freed, Senior Analyst, Bank
will natural gas be exported from Israel and if
so - when?
Ms. Gal Reiter, Energy Industry Consultant Will gas be exported to Jordan, Egypt,
and Energy Industry Analyst to Jerusalem Palestinian Authority, Turkey, Cyprus and
Bank Europe?
Mr. Eran Yunger, Senior Equity Analyst, Mr. Ron Adam, Special Envoy on Energy,
Meitav Dash Brokerage Permanent Representative of Israel to Irena,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Adv. Renelle Joffe, Partner, Head of Energy
Group Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal &
Co., Advocates
Mr. Yossi Abu, CEO of Delek Drilling
Dr. Eran Lerman, Senior Research
Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center and
member of faculty at Shalem College. Until
recently Deputy National Security Adviser
Dr. Charles Ellinas, CEO, E-C Natural
Hydrocarbons Company, Cyprus
Mr. George Papadopoulos, Oil & Gas
Consultant, East Med Specialist, U.S.

13:15-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:25 Concurrent Sessions B

Smart Energy - Changing the rules 14:30 16:30 Natural Gas Export and Regional
of the game the International and Energy Cooperation (2) -Will
Workshop: The Dutch experience
Israeli Electricity markets East MED gas be export to
in developing offshore resources
What is Smart Energy? Turkey, Jordan and the
and prosperous natural gas
Technological applications and Palestinian Authority?
their business impact on electricity
The Turkish Energy Market,
consumers and suppliers * In Association with the Netherland
supply sources and Gas demand
Applications in Israel: Programs, Embassy in Israel
opportunities and challenges Moderator: Mr. Orin Shefler, Bipol Will Gaza Marine gas field be
Energy developed?
Chair and opening lecture: Economic and business incentives
Mr. Elad Shaviv, CEO of The An international perspective on
Geopolitics and Strategy
Israeli Smart Energy Association; Israeli offshore developments
CEO NakiTech An insight in the relation between Mr. Hasan Selim Ozertem, Center
Israeli offshore developments and for Energy Security Studies,
Dr. Bracha Halaf , Chief Scientist, the international supply chain International Strategic Research
Ministry of National Infrastructures, A discussion on the key elements Organization, Ankara
Energy and Water Resources behind a successful offshore
Dr. Yael Parag , School of Mr. Matthew Bryza, Member of
Sustainability, IDC Herzliya the Board of Directors, Turcas
Mr. Fabrizio Giordano, Petrol; Former U.S Ambassador to
Mr. Yitzhak Balmas, Deputy CEO Sr. Business Advisor, Heerema Azerbaijan, Istanbul
& SVP Customers Group, IEC Marine Contractors
Mr. Tal Garih, Energy Specialist,
Mr. Sagi Dagan, Head, Corporate ALARKO Holding; a Faculty &
Making the seabed transparent:
Energy Business Unit, Rafael Board Member at Bahcesehir
Getting offshore site investigations
Advanced Defense Systems University's Graduate School of
The shallow subsurface is often the Business, Istanbul
biggest unknown in deepwater Mr. Tarek Awaad, Managing
offshore field developments Partner of Central Gas ventures,
Timely and well designed Jordan U.S.
geophysical and geotechnical site

investigations help reduce this
Dr. Alon Liel, Former Foreign
uncertainty and thus project risk
Ministry Director General and
See how state-of-the-art technology Israeli Counsel to Turkey
and data analysis can promote a Ms. Gina Cohen, Natural Gas
safer and more economic Consultant
Mr. Martin Galavazi, General
Manager, Fugro Engineers
Overview and Key Elements of
Floating Gas Production Projects
Overview of Floating Production
Key drivers in an offshore gas
High Level overview on Execution
of an EPC of Floating Gas
Production Unit
Mr. Martijn Elbers, Area Business
Development Director, SBM
Ms. Elfride Covarrubias Villegas,
Business Development Manager Italy
& MED Area, DNV-GL Oil & Gas
Panel Discussion and Q & A
Mr. Fabrizio Giordano, Heerema
Mr. Martin Galavazi, Fugro
Mr. Martijn Elbers, SBM Offshore
Ms. Elfride Covarrubias Villegas ,

15:30-17:30 Concurrent Sessions C
15:30-16:30 Water Energy Nexus regional initiative:
Oil and Natural Gas Prices Jordan-Israel The Palestinian Authority
Changes and trends in the international oil Presentation of a new Regional Water
prices Energy Nexus initiative
Oil and fuels price forecast First results of the feasibility study
How is natural gas price set and what are the
prices in the area? Chair: Mr. Gidon Bromberg, Israeli
Israeli natural gas prices forecast for the Director, Eco Peace Middle East
power, industry and transport sectors Dr. Shahar Dolev, Israel Energy Forum
Chair: Mr. Shimon Seroussi, Comments and Discussion -
Co-CEO , Eco Energy Financial & Strategic Interdependent mechanisms between Israel
Consulting and its neighbors in the form of a proposed
Dr. Amit Mor, Co-CEO, Eco Energy water-energy nexus
Financial & Strategic Consulting and IDC Dr. Yossi Beilin, President, Beilink
Herzliya Business Foreign Affairs; Former Minister
Dr. Charles Elinas, CEO, E-C Natural of Justice
Hydrocarbons Company, Cyprus Mr. Yosef Abramowitz, Founder and CEO
Mr. Amir Foster, Natural Gas Advisor Gigawatt Power, Founder Arava Power
Mr. Moty Kuperberg, Business Development Mr. Hashem Hussein, Director General,
Manager, Dynamic Shipping; Oil and LNG Ministry of Regional Cooperation
Specialist Dr. Amit Mor, Co-CEO, Eco Energy
Financial & Strategic Consulting and IDC
16:30-17:30 Herzliya
Israeli Innovation and Technology -
Creating Value in the Oil & Gas Industry
Natural gas as a lever for the development of
Technological developments in the fields of
exploration & production, water,
communications and security
Leading "Start-Ups and Exits"
Chair: Dr. Zvi (Kul) Karcz, VP Explortation,
Delek Drilling and Avner Oil Exploration
Mr. Gil Shaki, Office of Chief Scientist,
Ministry of Economy
Mr. Shahar Larry, Joint-CEO, Demaya
Insights in Action ltd.
Mr. Boaz Ur, CEO Co-Founder, Harbo
Mr. Uri Rapoport, Founder and CEO, Aspect
Imaging Ltd. Imaging Energy LLC
Mr. Dotan Borenstein, Business
Development Manager, Hutchinson Kinrot
17:30 End of day one

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
08:00-09:00 Gathering, registration and exhibition tour

Chairman of plenary sessions:

Dr. Amit Mor Co-CEO, Eco Energy Financial & Strategic Consulting; a Lecturer in the
Schools of Government and Sustainability & Research Associate at the Institute of Policy
and Strategy (IPS) at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC)

09:00-11:00 Opening Plenary Session:

New Lens Scenarios a Shift in Perspective for a World in Transitions
Dr. Ewald A. Breunesse, Manager Energy Transitions, Royal Dutch-Shell, Nederland

Global Warming and Climate Change in the Eastern Mediterranean Area - Energy
and Water Aspects
Prof. Yoav Yair, Dean, School of Sustainability, IDC Herzliya

Society and Energy in Renewable Israel

Dr. Michael Mero, Public Ideas

China the Energy Giant and its Energy Relations with Israel
Dr. Gal Luft, Senior Adviser, United States Energy Security Council; Senior Adviser,
China Energy Fund Committee; Co-Chairman, Global Forum on Energy Security

Development of Energy Industry and Operation of International companies in Israel

Mr. Adrian Hillel, CEO, Adris Eng. Co.

Where is Israel Electric Corporation Heading?

Major General (Res.) Yiftach Ron-Tal, Chairman of the Board of Directors, IEC One-
on-one discussion with Dr. Amit Mor

Challenges in Regulating Energy Sector Monopolies - Regulators Dialogue

Adv. Orit Farkash - HaCohen, Chairperson of the Electricity Authority
Mr. Shaul Meridor, Director General, Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy &
Water Resources
Mr. Udi Adiri, Deputy Director of Budget Department, Ministry of Finance

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:20 Concurrent Sessions A

The Future of the Israeli electricity Sector (1) Transmission, distribution, storage and
IEC, IPPs, co-generation facilities, system marketing of Natural Gas
administration and "Smart Energies" - how will the Is there enough capacity in high pressure
future of the electricity market look like? transportation pipelines?
Is it worth investing in IPPs in Israel? Distribution companies: When will gas reach
Will the reform of the electricity sector in Israel Kiryat-Shmona and Jerusalem?
materialize? How will it impact the profitability of IEC When will factories receive gas?
and IPPs? Constructing marine and on-shore storage
Electricity tariffs - Trends and devolvement reservoirs when will it happen and who will pay
What needs to be done in order to help the IEC the costs?
recover from its financial crisis? Business opportunities in infrastructure and
Chair: Dr. Amit Mor, Co-CEO, Eco Energy Moderator: Adv. Alon Gellert, Senior Partner,
Financial & Strategic Consulting and IDC Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal
Mr. Alexander Varshavsky, Director, Natural
Adv. Moshe Shachal, M. Shachal Law Office, Former Gas Authority, Ministry of National
Minister of Energy & Infrastructure Infrastructures, Energy & Water Resources
Dr. Yehuda Niv, Commissioner, Electricity Ms. Adi Hachmon, Energy Coordinator,
Administration, Ministry of National Infrastructures, Budget Dept., Ministry of Finance
Energy and Water Resources
Mr. Jay Epstein, Manager of Commerce and
Ms. Nurit Gal, Director, Electricity & Regulation Business Development, Israel Natural Gas Lines
Division, Electricity Authority
Mr. Shay Ezra, CEO, Dor Alon gas
Mr. Giora Almogi, CEO OPC - Rotem
Mr. Moshe Shpitzer, CEO, Negev Natural Gas
Mr. Amos Lasker, Director, Amrav Investments,
former President & CEO of IEC Mr. Gabriel Bitton, Chairman, Energy
Committee of the Industrialist Association;`
Mr. Udi Adiri, Deputy Director, Budget Dept., Managing Director, Oxygen & Argon Works
Ministry of Finance

12:25-13:15 Concurrent Sessions B

The Future of the Israeli electricity Sector (2) - Natural Gas for the Negev and the Periphery -
Continuation Economic opportunities for Agriculture,
Industry and Government
Is it worth investing in IPPs in Israel? Natural gas for greenhouses in the Gaza envelope
Electricity tariffs - Trends and devolvement region, Ramat HaNegev and Arava communities
Will gas save Agriculture in Israel?
What needs to be done in order to help the IEC
Supplying gas to IDF camps, prisons, Dead Sea
recover from its financial crisis? hotels and Mekorot facilities
Benefits to consumers and the economy what are
Ms. Nurit Gal, Director, Electricity & Regulation the costs and how will the infrastructure be
Division, Electricity Authority financed?
Business opportunities for entrepreneurs
Mr. Giora Almogi, CEO OPC - Rotem
Chair: Mr. Shimon Seroussi, Co-CEO , Eco
Mr. Amos Lasker, Director, Amrav Investments, Energy Financial & Strategic Consulting
former President & CEO of IEC
Mr. Udi Adiri, Deputy Director, Budget Dept., MK Issawi Frej, Member of the Economic
Ministry of Finance Committee, Meretz Party
Mr. Moshe Shpitzer, CEO, Negev Natural Gas
Mr. Shmuel
Mr. Shmuel Rifman, Mayor, Ramat HaNegev
Regional Council and Chairman of the Board of the
Regional Councils Association
Ms. Adi Hachmon, Energy Coordinator, Budget
Dept., Ministry of Finance
Mr. Uzi Havshush, CEO of the Economic
Company, Ramat HaNegev Regional Council

13:15-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:20 Concurrent Sessions C

Co-generation and local Marine Program for Israel - Alternative Fuels for Transport
electricity production in industry Energy, Security and the
What will be the future
Are investments in co-generation transportation fuel mix and how
and small-medium scale power Marine planning and energy will Gas Stations look like?
plants in industry economically How to prepare for environmental Is it possible to convert half of the
viable? risks? vehicles in Israel to natural gas
What are the costs and what are propulsion technologies?
Chair: Ms. Maya Yacobs, CEO,
the business models? CNG and LNG for heavy
Zalul environmental Organization
Obstacles and impediments and transport and private vehicles
required merits Professor Shamay Assif, Head, the Electric vehicles and Hybrid
Center of Urban and Regional vehicles - can they compete with
Chair and opening lecture: Mr.
Studies and the Spatial Planning and internal combustion engines
Ido Rosolio, CEO Telemenia
Design Laboratory, the Faculty of without fiscal incentives?
Mr. Oded Agmon, Director, Architecture and Town Planning,
Chair: Mr. Israel Yaniv, Chairman
Regulation Department, Electricity Technion, Israel Institute of
of the Board of Directors, Dor Alon
Authority Technology
Mr. Doron Brenmmiler, Mr. Ken Fucik, Manager, Health-
Mr. Eran Yaacov, First Deputy
Executive VP, Brenmmiler Energy Environment-Safety, Noble Energy
Director General Economic
Adv. Nadav Olgan, Partner, Department, Israel Tax Authority
Erdinast, Ben Nathan & Co., Ms. Elfride Covarrubias Villegas,
Mr. Moshe Weizmann, Senior
Advocates Business Development Manager
Director, Vehicle Department,
Italy & MED Area, DNV-GL Oil
Mr. Carmel Yogev, Deputy CEO,
& Gas Ministry of Transportation
Mr. Avri Shefler, CEO, Bipol Mr. Guy Silberman, Business
Mr. Avraham Zavdi, Managing
Energy Consulting and Enterprising
Director, United Technologies
Mr. Uri Aldubi, Chairman, Israel Mr. Nir Frogel, Manager, Project
Oil & Gas Exploration Industry & Engineering Division, Colmobil
Mr. Nissan Caspi. CEO Global Association Mercedes
Power Mr. Saar Shafir, Deputy Managing
Director, Fuel Choice Initiative,
Prime Minister Office

15:20-15:25 break

15:25-16:15 Concurrent Sessions D

Is it worth investing in Renewable Israel's Preparations Towards Fuel Economy - Investment

Energy in Israel? the 2015 United Nations Opportunities and Development
Climate Change Convention in
Can renewable sources provide Are Oil companies a profitable
Paris - Challenges and Business
50% of electricity? business in Israel?
Solar Energy: Is it Just PV? Is there What is the betterment potential of
a future for CSP? Will international agreements to refineries?
Where to invest in PV - In Israel or reduce Greenhouse Gas Will complementary industries for
in other countries? Emissions be signed and how will natural gas be established and
What is the investment profitability they affect the Energy Sector? manufacture Ammonia, Urea,
of wind power in Israel? The Significance of signing such Methanol and Distillates?
Investments in Biomass - are they international agreements for the The future Gas Station How will
economic for the nation and Israeli economy and energy sector it look like?
profitable for investors? Reducing greenhouse gas Challenges and business
Opportunities in utilizing Kinetic emissions: Technologies and opportunities in the Storage and
Energy Energetic Efficiency transportation of crude oil and
Chair: Mr. Eitan Parnas, CEO and Chair: Mr. Naor Yerushalmi,
Founder of Green Energy CEO Life & Environment Chair: Mr. Israel Yaniv Chairman
Association of Israel Umbrella Organization of Israels of the Board of Directors, Dor Alon
Environmental NGOs Energy
Mr. Alon Tamari, Co-CEO Solar
Power Mr. Yechezkel Lifshitz, Deputy Mr. Chen Bar-Yosef, Oil and Gas
General Director, Energy & Director, Ministry of National
Mr. Avraham Brenmmiler,
Water Infrastructure, Ministry of Infrastructures, Energy and Water
President & CEO, Brenmmiler
Infrastructure, Energy & Water Resources
Mr. Yona Fogel, CEO Paz
Mr. Honi Kabalo, Director of
Ms. Yael Cohen Faran, CEO,
Renewanle Energy Dept., Electricity Mr. Rafi Tatarka , CEO PEI
Israel Energy Forum
Dr. Eli Barnea, CEO, Sigma Epsilon
Dr. Karni Lotan Marcus ,
Mr. Snir Niv , Energy Referent, Power Engineering
School of Sustainability , IDC
Budget Department, Ministry of
Herzliya Ms. Norden Shalabana, Head of
Natural Gas & Fuels Sector, Budget
Mr. Yuval Zohar, Ministry of Department, Ministry of Finance
National Infrastructures, Energy and
Water Resources

16:15-16:20 Break

16:20-17:30 Final Plenary Session

The Sea as a National Resource: Defense, Energy & Strategy

Vice Admiral (Ret.) David Ben Bashat, Former Commander in Chief of the Israeli Navy

Economy, Society, Energy & Democracy

MK Shelly Yacimovich, Labor Party

Energetic Vision and Closing Remarks

17:30 Conference closing

The Program is subject to changes

Foreign lectors will speak in English (simultaneous translation will be available)