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Answer these questions below. This exercise is an individual one. It is strongly suggested
to present those answers as completely as possible. Type the answers in a good format
and try to minimize unnecessasy mistakes or errorness. It is extremely prohibited for
you to imitate or cheat other students work by citing directly SIMILAR sentences of
others. If I find out your work is demonstrably similar, your work will automatically be
written off. The answer of this exercise must be handed over to me prior to the next
course, on Thursday.

Exercise 1:
Objective: Upon completion this exercise you are expected to be able: to well understand
the basic theory of strategic management.
1. Why is it important for student in the Department of Management/Business to study
strategic management since most students will never become a chief executive officer
nor even top manager in a larger company ?
2. What aspect of strategy formulation do you think requires the most time ? Why ?
3. Why is strategy implementation often considered the most difficult stage in the
strategic management process ?
4. Why is it important to integrate intuition and analysis in strategic management ?
5. How can strategists best ensure that stategies will be effectively implemented ?
6. Give some examples of e recent political and economic development in Indonesia that
might change the overall strategy of an organization ?
7. How can a firm best achieve sustained competitive adventage?
8. Discuss relationship among objectives, strategies, and policies!
9. Explain the importance of a vision and a mission statement ! and what are the 9
dimensions of the mission? Why are these useful in writing a mission statement?
10. Explain whats the meaning of: corporate level strategy, business level strategy nd
functional strategy.

Exercise 2:
Objective: After doing this exercise, you are expected to be able to understand at least in
theory the ways by which you can do an analysis on external and internal environment
of the firm.
1. Explain how to conduct an external strategic-management audit (external
scanning) and internal audit (internal scanning). What are the tools commonly used to
analysing external and internal scanning?
2. Discuss the following statement : Majors opportunities and threats usually result from
an interaction among key environmental trends rather than from a single external
event or factor.
3. Explain what do you know about: resource-based view, SPACE matrix, Boston
Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix, Core competence
4. Use Porters Five-Forces Model to evaluate competitiveness one of the following
companies within :
- the Indonesian plantation industry (e.g. Bakri Plantation, etc)
- the Indonesia retail industry (e.g. Ramayana, Matahari Putra Prima, etc)
- the Indonesian food and beverage industry (e.g. Mayora Indah, Indofood,
Ades, Aqua, etc)
(Choose one of the companies in the related industry and try to search for
information on companies listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange according to its
sector by the companys website or google. Recent Annual Report of the firm is
required to know some developments of the firm under investigation)